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Self-organized sessions used to be called "workshops", but we changed the naming to include everything - even if it's not hands-on or about making things - as long as it's done by YOU!

Such an event can be...

  • ... a gathering of a project group or on a special topic,
  • ... a contest or a game
  • ... something happening outside of the building
  • ... a small talk or lecture
  • ... a screening of a movie
  • ... something with music, literature and art
  • ... a follow-up-discussion on one ob the "big talks" or another topic that happened rencently
  • ... everything else you think that needs to take place at the congress!

Your Self-organized Session goes 35C3

On this page you can find a list of planned self-organized sessions by participants of the 35C3 and you'll find the necessary information to create your own one.

The idea is to provide a global workshop and talk calendar: Everyone being at the 35C3 can look at this calendar to find out what self-organized sessions are currently running besides the "big" talks in the halls.

Registering own workshops or talks

To register your self-organized sessions just use the self-organized session form.

For now, the crucial information are

  • Name of the self-organized session (which will be used as the site name)
  • A short description
  • A valid email address that might be used by the orga team to contact you

It might even be great, if you give some information about the person and assembly performing the self-organized session and a rough start- and end-time for the schedule, as well as a location. You can always update this information later.

For a detailed description, you can use the Free text field. This field allows the usual mediawiki syntax, and it will be the body of your page at the end.


You can also select a location for your self-organized. Please book a room with tables only if you really need tables for your session!

At the moment valid locations are all assemblies that have selected maybe or yes in their local lectures field, as well as the the following locations:

in CCL

  • Lecture room 11, FCFS – with 125 square meters and 100 seats (classroom seating) – projector, tables
  • Seminar room 13, FCFS – with 33 square meters and 12 seats (banquette seating) – projector, tables
  • Seminar room 14-15, FCFS – with 66 square meters and 20 seats (banquette seating) - projector, tables

in "Messehaus"

  • Lecture room M1, FCFS – with 118 square meters and 48 seats (classroom seating) – projector, tables
  • Lecture room M2, FCFS – with 118 square meters and 48 seats (classroom seating) – projector, tables
  • Lecture room M3, FCFS – with 324 square meters and 330 seats (classroom seating) – projector, tables, microphone

Space provided by assemblies

  • c-base, FCFS – 10 seats (circular) – tables, no projector
  • Komona Thunderdome, ask first – 30 seats (classroom seating (flexible)) – projector, tables, sound, microphone
  • Komona Kuppel 3, ask first – 50 seats (large cushion, benches, chairs) – projector, 360° sound, microphone
  • Komona Zelt, ask first – 40 seats (banquet seating) – projector, tables, sound, microphone

Important note: To which extent these areas are bookable via this wiki, has to be clarified with the individual assembly/cluster.

Further information

Planning self-organized sessions within the workshop rooms and other areas marked with "FCFS" works on a "fair use policy":

  • You can plan any time slot that is still free – first come, first served. Take a look into our Calendar or the timelines on the workshop location pages. FCFS stand for 1st come, 1st served.
  • You may register self-organized sessions in one of the workshop rooms with a maximum duration of 3 hours. If you need more time, you might kindly want to ask one of the Static:Assemblies that provide space for workshops, if you can perform your workshop there.
  • Give a valid contact on your self-organized session page. If no name given, we are not able to contact you in case of questions.
  • In case you have any further questions, please contact the self organized sessions orga via DECT 1SOS (1767).

Planing self-organized sessions within space provided by assemblies marked with "ask first" works on stricter model than "fcfs":

  • Before planning a session in one of this spaces contact the assembly providing the space.
  • Get the permit from the assembly before creating the session.

Registered Self-organized Sessions

Already registered self-organized sessions are available as list or calendar. You can use the existing self-organized sessions as a reference, if you do not yet know where to start.

The calendar is updated using the semantics feature of the self-organized sessions form and template. This may take some time, so be patient …


There are 393 registered self-organized sessions.

 descriptionorganized by
"How To Survive 35C3" CryptoPartyPrivacy is the space in which ideas are developed, to retreat into whenever you want. This space is not only physical but digital as well. Governments and companies don't want to respect that so we become active ourselves. The goal of this hands-on session is to pass on knowledge about protecting yourself in the digital space. This can include encrypted communication, preventing being tracked while browsing the web and general security advice for computers and smartphones.Dawning-sun
"Join us now and ..." sing together the Free Software songEveryday at 20:00 at the Assembly of the Free Software Foundation Europe we invite you to sing together the Free Software song; We have the lyrics and a conductor. Simply come, bring your hacker buddies and your voice and maybe an instrument and we form an ad-hoc choir and sing out loud our love for Free Software! Sing-along sessions will happen everyday at 20:00.Eal
(Python) Programming for Absolute BeginnersIn this workshop, addressed at (absolute) beginners, you will get your feet wet in (Python) programming. Don't worry, everyone who wants to have a (first?) look at programming is welcome independently of their skills or background! (Orga.: Ingo Kleiber)Ingo
(Python) Programming for Absolute Beginners 2Ingo
10 Journeys of an Asian Open Source CommunityThis talk is about the story of FOSSASIA - one of the biggest open source community from Asia. How did we begin, what have we achieved in the last 10 years. Our lessons learned, our challenges and our next 10 year vision.
12 Characters in search of an apocalypse - gathering and readingHow does climate change affects us, our families and our communities? Hearing 12 different perspectives connects us to our own through intermediate pair-discussions.Niccokunzmann
3D Modeling with Blender for BeginnersIntroduction to 3D modeling
42birds: Hacker’s DigestWe'll talk about fiction and non-fiction books.Birdy1976
42birds: Hitchhiker's Towel-Yoga!!!Now in Lecture room M3!!! We'll do some Yoga to calm our minds and move them bodies. Bring along comfortable clothes – and a towel to lie on ;-)Birdy1976
42birds: Nerd Game Show🙈 🙉 🙊 You Know Stuff ☐ ☒ ☑ Answer nerdy questions on your notebook / smartphone and win a (small) price 😸 😹 😻Birdy1976
42birds: Powerful Writing? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart.Once upon a time, George Orwell said, ”Good writing is like a windowpane.” That’s why I decided to reveal to you the secrets of how to use the windows of the 21st century in order to prevent writer’s blockage. To do this, we embark on a virtual journey to various free of charge writing tools on the web.Birdy1976
42birds: Your First Steps with WebExtensionsExtensions are small software programs that customize the browsing experience. They enable users to tailor browser functionality and behaviour to individual needs or preferences. They are built on web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. (Source: I've built a few basic extensions and want to assist you with your first steps to ease the steep learning curve. It helps if you know some HTML, JavaScript, or CSS – but if you don't join us anyway! Install a recent version of Chrome and Firefox before the workshop so we can start right away. PS: If you're a pro show up and help us newbies ;-)Birdy1976
A Conversation on Blockchains, Cryptography & PrivacyA conversation on the latest development in blockchains, cryptography and privacy tech with a panel of researchers, developers and entrepreneurs.
A Conversation on PrivacyA conversation on the latest development in privacytech with a panel of researchers, developers and entrepreneurs.
A/V Angel MeetingDaily Meetup for A/V AngelsJwacalex
ARM ROP Exploitation IntroExploiting stack based buffer overflows using ROP on ARM
Aaron's Law and Other Unfinished BusinessThe criminalisation of unauthorised access is the original sin of computer crimes law. The free software community has long understood this but now everyone else is catching up. In the years following Aaron Swartz's death, the wider public has become increasingly aware of the importance of security research for the protection of their personal data. The role of hackers in journalism, as whistleblowers and journalistic sources, is increasingly visible. And free societies will always need protest and civil disobedience to raise awkward questions. While attempts to introduce "Aaron's Law" in the US ultimately failed, in this talk I'll talk about the developments in a number of jurisdictions that make Aarons Law-type reforms a realistic project in the next few years. In particular, I'll discuss the important implications of the EU draft whistleblowing directive for the free software community, the work I'll be doing through 2019 and the coalition we need to build in order to make Aaron's Law a reality.
AcroYogaAcroYoga is a physical practice which combines yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage.
Advanced Bondage WorkshopAdvanced Bondage WorkshopRaven
Aenigma: The state-of-the-art, secure-by-default, one-touch-deployed XMPP server for everyone.After a short dive into the current state of instant messaging, we'll see how to take back our communications with aenigma, a fully standard-compliant and secure out-of-the-box xmpp server automation project.
After the A/V Angel Meeting: Voctomix / Voctoknopf DiscussionVoctomix / Voctoknopf discussion after the daily meetup for A/V angels (day 3)Pivot
Alltags-Experimente mit KindernLuft, Wasser und Lebensmittel - entdecke einige interessante Eigenschaften der Stoffe aus deiner Umgebung.
Amiga! Amigaaa! Disksalvation & Scene GatheringSocialize with other Demosceners and rescue your old Amiga Floppy Disks as adf/SDLord
Analoge SelbstverteidigungIch werde euch eine Ideensammlung an die Hand geben, wie ihr euch bei bestimmten Situationen verteidigen könnt. Der Workshop ist praxisorientiert. Es wird Schlag/Tritt und Würge-Abwehr trainiert. Als Bonus gibt es dieses mal Befreiung aus mit Kabelbindern gefesselten Händen.
Anki: software for long-time learning (even programming stuff)16H10, M1. Rescheduled from 14h to 16h10. Sorry for the inconvenienceArthur Rainbow
Applied electronic musicWe party and invite all creatures to party with us and explore the different genres of electronic musicGehaxelt
Arch Linux MeetupArch Linux user meetupFoxboron
ArduTouch Music Synthesizer WorkshopLearn to solder together a cool, powerful music synthesizer,
       and learn to make cool music, sound, and noise!

(This is one of many cool things happening throughout 35C3 in the huge Hardware Hacking Area!)

This workshop will be given:
   Day 4: 30-Dec, 12pm - 2pm
Arduino For Total NewbiesLearn Arduino using TV-B-Gone as an example project

You've probably heard lots about Arduino. But if you don't know what it is, or how you can use it to do all sorts of cool things, then this fun and easy workshop is for you. As an example project, we'll be creating a TV-B-Gone remote control out of an Arduino you can take home with you.

(This is one of many cool things happening throughout 35C3 in the huge Hardware Hacking Area!)

This workshop will be given twice
(both identical):
   Day 2: 28-Dec, 1pm - 4:30pm
   Day 3: 29-Dec, 1pm - 4:30pm
Artificial intelligence: bridging the chasm“People worry that computers will get too smart and take over the world, but the real problem is that they're too stupid and they've already taken over the world.”ChrisKelvin
Audio Angel IntroductionAudio Angel IntroductionJwacalex
Audio Recording SetupsThe idea of this workshop is to share experiences with audio recording hardware and software.KarlaByrinth
Audiovisuelles instrument entwickeln Workshop imPulse
Auti Angel MeetingIntroduction Meeting for Auti Support Angel and Auti AngelFairsein
Autistic MeetupAutistic MeetupFairsein
Autistic Meetup - Nummer ZweiAutistic Meetup - zweites Treffen aller interessierten Autistinnen und Autisten
Awareness Team MeetingPlease write us an e-mail to register / Bitte schreibt uns eine Mail zum Anmelden -- Awarenessteam-Treffen, für interessierte Personen die auf zukünfigen Events gerne das Team bereichern wollen. Awareness Team meeting, for interested people who like to join the team in the future,Leandra
Backspace JeopardyDaily jeopardy sessions at Backspace assemblyLuca
Bare-Metal-CampMetaldays Group Camping meetupRabenkind
Beef jerky BoxesWe create a box for making beef jerky together. Each participant (10 spots available) gets to take their box home!
BeerTastingBeer tasting at the FoodHackingBase. Taste some beers which are not very typical in german. Donations at your will, or bring at least 2 liters of unusual beer
Berlin Scholarship Program: Empowering Journalists in the Digital FieldFinal Workshop with participatns of the fellowship program by Reporters Without Borders Germany
BigTrakBigTrak is a vintage programmable electric vehicle toy. Let's play!Bebo
Binärgewitter HörertreffenHörertreffen vom Binärgewitter Podcast
Blender Artists and Developer MeetupAnyone interested in 3D stuff is welcome c: (Person organizing: betalars, but I can't put my name there for some reason :c)
Blind Navigation WorkshopsLearn to see the world without your eyes: hands on, with blindfold and guide cane! Learn to use your everyday senses in ways you don't know you don't know, from Sai, who navigates blind all the time.Saizai
Blockchain, the basicsThe word blockchain has become incredibly overhyped in recent years, and even mentioning the word is enough to earn eye rolls from people in hacker culture. Diego is looking to break down the grandiose claims to look at what blockchain actually is, while giving a light-hearted, joke-filled take on blockchain culture, hacker culture, and the technology itself. Laugh and learn at the same time!Parasew
Blockchain: The BasicsDiego "rehrar" Salazar helps the scrubs navigate through the very complicated blockchain technology. After this talk, you will move from "scrub" status to "enlightened" status. All people will receive a certificate of completion after they've finished the talk.
Bodymind Operating System: Adaptation, Infiltration and Vulnerability.In this session we will explore the notions used in hacking through interactive physical exercises. Creating the body-based code for the software, based on systemic thinking and non-equilibrium dynamics.

Physical practice workshop + interactive exercises. No experience needed, but get ready to work out.
Bondage WorkshopWe will teach you some foundations on doing rope bondage safe, sane and consentual.Jamalaka
Bondage-Workshop für AnfängerBeginner's Bondage WorkshopMrCode
BorgBackup MeetupBorgBackup Meetup for users and contributorsTW
Brennstoffzelle, Elektroliseur und Wasserstoff - Modellvorführung und DiskussionWolltest Du schon immer mal sehen wie man Wasserstoff herstellt oder wie eine Brennstoffzelle funktioniert? Ich habe ein kleines Modell dabei, das einen Propeller antreibt.Flysch
Briar party (the messenger which ticks most of the boxes)Briar is a free (GPLv3), decentralized (using Tor or bluetooth meshing), end-to-end encrypted messenger which is not tied to phone numbers. We are fans who want to present it and create a congress-wide group.Iblech
Bristlebots for kidsDE/EN/Fi Build a little electronic insect robot from a toothbrush and a motorKliment
Brot im Spiegel mit Pastor leumund (reflecting bread with pastor leumund)realdadaistische neujahrsandacht
Build your own Yub!KeyBuild your own yubikey-like personal USB-authentication-stick.
Burner MeetupBurner Meetup at Discodrama BarDatenpate
CCC-CH GettogetherDas Gettogether des CCC-CH am 35c3
CCCChoirGemeinsames Chorsingen. Singing in a choir. All creatures welcome.
CMS LöthelferworkshopEinweisung der Lötengel die beim Junghacker-Tag (28.12.18/Tag 2) den Junghackern beim Löten helfen. Du kannst Dich auf dem Lötengel-Meeting als Lötengel freischalten lassen. Das Meeting findet am 27.12.18 um 18 Uhr statt.Djim
CRYPTO Currency Assembly SessionsTalks and come togethers related to the CRYPTO Currency Assembly
Calliope WorkshopCalliope Workshops für Kinder und JugendlicheDermicha
Cartoon-Workshop: TrickmischTrickfilm-Workshop: Mach deinen eigenen Trickfilm! Du kannst dafür eigene Zeichnungen, Scherenschnitte und Bildhintergründe erstellen und am Computer animieren. Die Filme könnt ihr später auf sehen und herunterladen. Auf kann jeder eigene Trickfilme online erstellen. Alle Zeichungen aus dem kollektiv erstellten Bildwörterbuch können dafür verwenden.
Cashdesk Angel IntroductionWant to try being a cashdesk angel? You'll need this introduction first.Rixx
Catdrawing CompetitionDraw a Cat, bring it to our Assembly, win the prize pool!
Chaos Bug Bounty MeetupA meetup for bug hunters to network and discuss the current issues in the bug bounty spaceJerh17
Chaos als Außerschulischer LernortWir als Chaostreff Flensburg machen (Technik) Jugend Bildung außerhalb von Schulen und wollen darüber reden und wissen wie das andere machen.Scammo
Church of Monero Live MassThe Church of Monero holds weekly "Masses" where other disciples of privacy send each other a small amount of Monero in a circle-of-trust "Ring Ritual".
Church of Monero TalkWhat inspired the Church of Monero? What is the purpose of the Church of Monero?
Cidre FlowsWe will taste variety of cidres.Algoldor
Cidre MakingMaking of cidre/cider.Algoldor
Circom and snarkjs. Create a zero knowlage appiclation.Create a zero knowlage circuit and verify it onchain.
CoderDojoLearn programming, Lerne ProgrammierenNiccokunzmann
Cognitive Stimulation Interfaces: How to Circumvent the ObviousLet's talk about creating the software that stimulates imagination and creative thinking, not consumerism and dopamine addiction. I will also demonstrate a text network analysis tool called InfraNodus that helps visualize a text as a network to generate insight about a discourse.
Collective Dementia on the Web: Distorted facts are changing our perception of History. Solutions?A meet-up session bringing together journalists, scientists & developers passionate about community-driven approaches to battle misinformation.
Commie curiousA warm and welcoming place for people who think they might be a little communist.
ComputerForensikfuerAnfaengerinnenEinführung in ComputerforensikAnna
Concert -- DOMU
Concert -- Full Moon Orchestra
Concert -- KosmosklangSilicon, raw material for the digital world, creates as an object real sound worlds in the music project kosmosklang.
Concert -- TIBSLC
Concert -- Wisp Kollektiv
Concert -- Луноход (Lunochod)noisy power free kraut music
Concert Franzi Klimpel & Julia AndreasTango Nuevo von Astor Piazzolla, Eigenes und Anderes...
Couching Textile SpeakersHands on workshop to create a flexible textile speaker by embroidering an electromagnetic coil with conductive thread
Crypto Renaissance: Back to the cryptoanarchist rootsWhy we should come back to the cryptoanarchist roots in order to achieve more freedom, and at the same time refuse using of crypto technologies to improve the centralized authoritarian society.
DAM: Debian Assembly Meet-upA meet-up at assembly place.
DAppNodeA quick overview on dappnode, a project which helps to run home nodes of various decentralized technologies in a easy way
DIY Ductace WalletsWe will buld wallets made of ductape (or german Gaffer). This will take you around 2h. We will have some examples walltets and a lot of ductape. You need todo the rest by yourself and the help of the other people. Here is an example:
DJ -- Laika Jona & IxelonkoordinateLaika Jona & Ixelonkoordinate are experimental loving Djs for the interzones of sonic & sensory perception.
DJ -- popticumcrewhappybirthdaysongs
DJ -- the happiest couple on earth lonely
DJchenKids DJ-Workshop
Dancing or Algorithms & Bodies or Physical AlgorithmsMeet at Komona Thunderdome
Dat project and community meetupA informal meetup for Dat developers & community
Data Office: Club Culture and Urban Transformation Processes - Opening Hourswe will run during the congress a research office where we are collecting and analyzing public and personal data on the social and economic situation of club culture
Data Science NerdsJust a gathering of Data Science Enthusiasts and a discussion about security in data science
Datenschleuder-TreffenTreffen der Datenschleuder-RedaktionRince
Datenschutz, Datenschützer und DatenkrakenWas tun für mehr Datenschutz? Bericht aus dem Alltag einer Datenschutz-Aufsichtsbehörde, Workshop und Meetup von Datenschützern für Datenschützer, Hacker und andere Interessierte.
Datentransfer von 8- zu 16-BitternDatenaustausch zwischen Retro und Moderne; und Ersatz-Lösungen für heulende FestplattenGoetz
DeNation - Ein social fiction gameplay the game - building temporary micronations at 35c3 (english & deutsch)Frauhue
Debug your backDoes your back hurt after four days of congress? Here you find some relief.0rmeli
Decentralized Digital IdentityIden3 is an open source protocol and reference software to define digital idantities, claims and proofs. The system is designed taking in account privacy by design and by default.
Demarchy meetupDemarchy / Sortition / Elections by random selection - interested?Equinox
Demo + Walkthrough: Namecoin as a Decentralized Alternative to Certificate Authorities for TLSJeremy Rand
Digital Health and Patient DataEven in healthcare, the analogous age is almost over (even though some of us still have to carry DVDs with X-ray images from one doc to the next). But where will our health data be stored and processed in the future? On Apple's and Amazon's servers? Or is it possible to have independent and privacy-friendly projects in Europe? Do we need the government to take action or will grassroot solutions be successful? Let's meet + share views and experiences.Christina
Dining Cryptographers' PartyRelaxed get-together of conscious entities interested in creating / working with / analyzing / breaking cryptography.BenBE
Document forensics: How to still dox spyware suppliers.Doxxing spyware suppliers by using FOIA and leaked material together to dox suppliers.DrWhax
E-textiles in upcycled fashionSew LEDs into clothing and learn about design thinking.Anina
EPrivacy: Call to action!Call to action to organise a campaign around ePrivacy in 2019Pab
Easy iotM5stack is a modular programmable prototyping device which has the esp32 at its core. M5stack can be programmed with the arduino IDE, esp-idf, micropython and more. In this workshop however we will be focusing on using block programming to control the light, sound, images on the screen, sensors etc. This workshop is suited for kids or anyone who is taking their first steps in coding, and maybe are put off by thinking they have to learn lots of typed commands to do even the most basic of things. The Uiflow interface for M5stack ( is designed to lower the creative barrier so that anyone without prior knowledge can get setup making their first IoT application in minutes.Lukasmaximus
Eco Hacker Farmcovering cohabitation projects that mix permaculture with hackerculture, an online & onsite communityAimeejulia
Ein Käfig voller DruckwellensitticheFrickelzwang für Sessionschwänzer
Ein Tor-Verein für HamburgAuf dem letzten Tor Meetup in Hamburg wurde beschlossen, dass ein Tor-Verein gegründet werden soll. Der aktuelle Stand und die nächsten Schritte werden in dieser Session vorgestellt.Kantorkel
Eine Brille für die Ohrenfrickelzwang für sessionschwänzer
Electric cars, use it, hack it, talk about itLet talk about electric cars - computers on wheels.
Elektrobastelei - electric tinkeringWie wird ein Nagel zum Magneten und warum dreht sich ein Elektromotor? Aus Kupferdraht, Nägeln, Magneten und kleinen Lämpchen könnt ihr Stromkreise, Elektromagnete und kleine Motoren bauen und verstehen, was es damit auf sich hat.
EmacsCoding and text editing with GNU Emacs for beginners
Energy and Environment – An Open DiscussionDiscussion was canceled because of too little space. Feel free to come by and talk personally with us about this topic.
Esperanto – a planned nerd language actually spokenA short introduction into the international language Esperanto. A planned language actually spoken by nerds all over the worldJohmue
Ethereum Magicians gatheringGathering of Ethereum MagiciansLigi
Ev0 - a new political party concept to restore faith in democracyDiscussion about a new party concept, setting out to make politics great again.
Everybody hates MIMEs - Challenges in keeping p≡p engine development freeThis talk discusses some of the particular challenges we've faced in terms of supporting development of a free software core whose customers (app developers and users) live in the world of seamless, proprietary software. The lessons learned may not be new to anyone who has tried to produce a complex solution using only non-proprietary software libraries, but the specific discussion of the challenges of MIME and encryption in a free software context where the goal is maximum usability, cross-platform compatibility, and extensibility provides interesting use cases for further discussion.
Extinction Rebellion - NOT shutting down the internet - civil disobedience (non violent direct action) on a massive scaleClimate change is for real and we are sending a message to influence the government. Even better - setting the foundation to become the government 🔥🔥🔥Mars
F-Droid MeetupF-Droid Community Meetup
FAQin congress presentationWe will present FAQin congress and its CTF to anyone willing to get some nice time in March in Madrid
Face detection : how to camouflage in public space ?Is now a good time to care about camouflage in public spaces ?
Factorio - Workshop für Einsteiger
FediverseMeetupMeeting all these nice avatars from the fediverse! Thank your admins, spread love to your users, friends and bots!Ckeen
Feedback Session for the Arbitration BoardThe Workshop provides the official place to give feedback on the newly established arbitration board for handling conflicts at the Xc3
Feminist Perspectives on Inclusive and Diverse Spaces and CommunitiesWorkshop Area1: This is a follow-up of discussion of this talk
Feminist hackers & makers meetupA meetup for anyone who identifies as feminist: hardware hackers, software hackers, society hackers, all welcome! At the FOSSASIA assembly, after the Feminist Perspectives panelFreakatoms
Film -- Algo-RhythmRap Musical against Automated Propaganda Convenience, not choice.
Film -- Aus den Trümmern das Paradies
Film -- Base at Bowl
Film -- C2X: The television will not be revolutionized.
Film -- E97Sometimes I like to stand back and have a look. Eisenbahnstraße, Leipzig East.
Film -- Global HomeThe film explores a thrilling new way of travelling and reveals a longing for more authentic forms of human interaction.
Film -- Herdtz (Part 1)
Film -- I can´t control myselfI can‘t control myself contains both the fantasy and fear of the loss of self control.
Film -- Ikonen
Film -- Illegale FilmIf everything really does become a product – art, ideas, colours, the pictures of our surroundings and even our ‘selfies’ – then who do the pictures we take of ourselves, and our world belong to?
Film -- KabelAls Kabel wird ein mit Isolierstoffen umman- telter Verbund von Adern bezeichnet.
Film -- MEMORYHow do people translate into language what they have just experienced?
Film -- One Million StepsA tap dancer performs, while elsewhere people run from the tear gas of the police
Film -- Sollbruchstelle / Devil hides in DoubtA film about the emotional push and pull of work, its demands and absurdities, and the struggle for fulfilment.
Film -- Stare into the lights my pretties
Film -- Testgelände
Film -- Warm water out of the wall
Film -- Welcome to the first worldWelcome to the first world, a promise shining on the horizon.
Film -- When the Undead Dream of Living - Celine Keller
Film -- fair groundsThe film documents the deconstruction of the Ferris Wheel at Augustusplatz, Leipzig in December 2017
Fische rückwärts (backwards fishing)frickelzwang für sessionschwänzer
Flunkyball Day 1We're going to play some rounds of the german drinking game "Flunkyball"
Flunkyball Day 2 Session 1We're going to play some rounds of the german drinking game "Flunkyball" right outside the main entrance
Flunkyball Day 3We're going to play some rounds of the german drinking game "Flunkyball" right outside the main entrance
Follow-up meeting to the Netzpolitik in der Schweiz talkNach dem Vortrag «Schweiz: Netzpolitik zwischen Bodensee und Matterhorn» sind alle interessierten Personen eingeladen, die Diskussion an diesem Workshop der Digitalen Gesellschaft fortzusetzen. Es werden Aktivisten von verschiedenen aktiven Organisationen der Netzpolitik in der Schweiz anwesend sein (Digitale Gesellschaft, CCC-CH, CCCZH, Piratenpartei Schweiz, Digitale Allmend).
Fomu: An FPGA in your USB PortFPGAs and CPUs in your USB port. They're here, and they're open source. But what good are they? Come and share your ideas. We'll give out free USB Tomu boards to people who ask good questions! We'll cover the basics of how Fomu is set up, as well as some of the cool and very open technology you can use today to develop on some very usable FPGAs. call for web, a voluntary driven platform to coordinate foodsaving with more than 20000 volunteers is looking for people helping out with the development. Join us to get an overview of what we do and how you can help.
Formalizing mathematics in the proof assistant AgdaFor students of mathematics, computer science or a related subject.Iblech
Foundation workshop: Hands-on, how does the Internet work?This workshop is for all who only have a vague idea or might not know at all what an "IP address" is. We'll learn how the Internet works by making Internet traffic visible. This is a beginner's workshop. If you toyed with Wireshark before, you will be bored to hell in this workshop.Iblech
Foundation workshop: Vim for beginnersVim is one of the two editors for adults. A distinguishing feature is that it has a perverse user-unfriendly charm. Learn how to use Vim in this workshop.Iblech
FragDenStaat-User-TreffenAlle Leute, die FragDenStaat und Informationsfreiheitsgesetze bereits nutzen oder nutzen wollen, sind herzlich eingeladen. Wir sprechen über Neuerungen und Pläner für und nehmen Kritik und Anregungen auf.
From * import pythonImport your python code from everywhere and from everythingOverflo
Fund-Raising for Free Software - Thinking BigWhile looking at Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) products for end-users, three major observations can be made: 1. There exist amazing products, 2. nevertheless FOSS has only a small market share and 3. many projects suffer from lacking resources.In this session we want to discuss an idea to generate significant funding for Free Software and distribute it among the projects with the overall aim of increasing the spread and the quality of Free Software.We first review existing business models and then propose the sale of *FOSS-support-certificates* as a feasible combination of some of those.With that money, FOSS projects would have more resources for development, design, marketing, documentation, etc. A rough estimate of the funding potential yields up to 1000 full time positions. Due to increased publicity and improved user experience, the market share of FOSS is likely to rise - to the benefit of the whole society. Contact: kontakt<ät>fsfw-dresden.deCarsten
Fundamentals of Laser PhysicsTalk was canceled because of too little space. Feel free to come by and talk personally with us about this topic.
GNU Radio Users & Devs MeetupGNU Radio Users & devs meeting. We talk applications, ways to go, and problems and how to solve them.Funkylab
Game over
Gamma Radiation MonitoringInsights from 40 years of civic gamma radiation measurement networks and DIY sensor development How to pick the fission plant signatures out of atmospheric dose readingsCapo
Gathering: Open Source Projects & Communities around the worldBringing together open source projects and communities around the world to share & collaborate! Everyone is welcome.
General Angel MeetingAngel Meeting
Get out of your Bubble!
Gänseblümchen auf Penicillinfrickelzwang für sessionschwänzer
HIP Orga TreffenOrgameeting der Hack im Pott 2019Telegnom
HPI-MeetupMeetup for everyone from or related to the HPINiccokunzmann
Hacker Workflows: Tools for X (v2.0)Collecting all the tools for all the things you can do with computers
Hackerfleet's Maritime Hacker MeetupJoin us for a nice hour (or two) of open discussion around the topics of maritime hacking. Meet&Greet included.Riot
Hackers Against Climate ChangeMeetup/Discussion for Hackers concerned with Climate ChangeSeth
Hackerspaces.orgWe will discuss about how to make better!
Hacking through the Body: Systema and Aerodynamics of Cognitive DanceWe will practice the concepts of vulnerability, infiltration and disruption through physical interactive exercises in order to gain additional insights into their operation.

Physical practice workshop + interactive exercises. No prior experience needed. Total refresh.
Hacks/Hackers Meet-Up“Hacks” (journalists) and “hackers” (technologists) work together to create physical and digital spaces for exploring new ways to tell stories.
HaeckseSpeakUp!How would offer a talk at 36C3 or at Camp? What other events are there where I could give my first talk? An Introduction
HaecksenBreakfastFrühstück für Haeckerinnen (Haecksen) und alle, die es werden wollen
Hands-on introduction to self-Hosting with YunoHostDid you always dream to have your very own server instead of relying on surveillance capitalism services, but don't know where to start ? Then this hands-on workshop is for you ! YunoHost makes it easy to setup your own server with mail and apps with limited technical knowledge.
Hege und Aufzucht kleiner technischer VereineAlltägliche Probleme, der Vorteil zusammen zu arbeiten und die Frage nach der richtigen FormCh
Herald Angel IntroductionIjon
Herb Vaporizer MeetupThis is a meetup for (not only cannabis) vaporisation enthusiasts.
Horst Herold Hacks - der Mann, der die Gesellschaft mit dem Polizeicomputer revolutionieren wollteWir lesen und diskutieren Texte von Horst HeroldUlif
How false data is influencing our world perspectiveAn introduction of wrong or missleading facts that we know in our expert fields, and following discussion how to handle them with the perspective to help others to recognise false facts.
How to run your life, your non-profit or your business on cryptoThe case study of Paralelná Polis Bratislava
HowToConflictein Überblick mit Übungen zu verschiedenen Modellen der Konflikttheorie
Human Rights and SurveillanceIn the talk we want to shed light on the current global situation and focus on how we can stand together with human rights defenders affected by hacking. How is digital persecution working? Who is involved? What can Amnesty, other NGOs and every person do about it, together and individually?
IPhone Qualcomm Baseband AnalysisDissecting iPhone's Qualcomm Baseband firmware
IT-Security-Unternehmen ohne ChefsInfoveranstaltung für Interessierte eines Kollektiv-IT-Unternehmens
Ice swimmingWe go ice swimming in a nearby lake!Iblech
Im Dialog mit dem Terminal - das robotron K8912Im Dialog mit dem Terminal - das robotron K8912Dkt
Imperfect VRImperfect VR is based on the idea that everyone can create their own Virtual Reality experiences.Crcdng
Indoor Localization Game ControllerPlay video games using an indoor localization as a controller, so that you (physically) are the player! The installation is quite retro-ish and the open source game engine Godot was used, among other things.
Inter/dependence: the gameDeveloped by artists Christine Wong Yap and Sarrita Hunn, Inter/de-pend-ence is a non-competitive board game that encourages deep conversation around questions of empowerment and support. Players share how they practice autonomy and relatedness via questions, examples, tactics, and listening. Inter/de-pend-ence emerged from the artists’ shared interests in mutualism, agency, and artists’ roles. Let’s play
Introduction into anarchism
Introduction to GrinMeet GrinParasew
Introduction to Qubes OSIntroduction of Qubes OS, for beginners to intermediates
Introduction to Tempeh MakingAlgoldor
Introduction to ZeronetHelping people instll Zeronet and understanding how it works
Introduction to beekeeping.Introduction to beekeeping, short presentation on how to keep 2-10 hives for honey and for fun. Good for the environment, too...Lefrog
IntrotoprogramminglanguagesforbeginnersIntroduction to programming languages for beginners
Is That Password Long Enough?Is my 8-character long password secure? Why or why not? This talk looks into how passwords are threatened by brute-forcing and credential stuffing and what this means for password length - or not.Tjal
JHT: Beweise ohne Worte(für Kinder und Erwachsene) In der Schule besteht Mathematik zu einem großen Teil aus Rechnungen. Das ist aber nicht das, was Mathematik wirklich ausmacht! Mathematik ist die Kunst, das Verborgene auf das Offensichtliche zurückzuführen, und dazu gehören ergreifende emotionale Aha-Momente beim Verstehen von Zusammenhängen. In diesem Workshop behandeln wir grafische Beweise.Iblech
JHT: Cosmic Call, eine Botschaft an Außerirdische(für Kinder und Erwachsene) Vor etwa 15 Jahren schickte die Menschheit eine Radiobotschaft an ausgewählte Sterne, in der Hoffnung, dass die Nachricht Außerirdische erreicht, diese die Nachricht verstehen und uns antworten. Die Nachricht ist nicht auf Deutsch oder Englisch verfasst, sondern bedient sich einer eigens entwickelten Symbolsprache. Schaffen wenigstens wir Menschen, die Botschaft zu entziffern? Das wollen wir in dem Workshop an uns selbst testen und herausfinden!Iblech
JHT: Rubik's Cube Workshop (Zauberwürfelworkshop)(for kids and adults) Learn how to solve the Rubik's cube! Lerne, wie man den Zauberwürfel löst!Iblech
JHT: Spiel und Spaß mit der vierten Dimension(für Kinder) In unserer Welt können wir uns nach links und rechts, nach hinten und vorne sowie nach unten und oben bewegen. Weitere Richtungen gibt es nicht. Das muss aber nicht so sein! In der Mathematik ist auch eine weitere Dimension vorstellbar. In diesem Workshop lernen wir diese vierte Dimension spielerisch und anschaulich kennen.Iblech
JHT: Spiel und Spaß mit unendlichen Zahlen und unendlichen Spielen(für Kinder) Irgendwann lernt man, dass das Spiel „wer kann die größere Zahl sagen?“ langweilig wird. Oder stimmt das gar nicht?Iblech
Jam SessionJam session with the weird self-built instruments at the T.R.A.S.H. space
Juggling and poi meetuplets meetup for joggling, poi and other artistic things. Ever wanted to learn how to juggle? now is the chance.
JuliaLang -- A first introduction and why *I* am excited about (let's talk compiler's and GPUs)A first introduction to Julia and why I am exited about it.
Junghackertag EröffnungPräsentation des Junghackertags und seiner Angebote für Junghacker und BegleitpersonenWaldvogel
KG Orga MeetingClosed Orga MeetingRaven
KYC & Crypto AML toolsWorkshop area 1: We will have on stage different people from the crypto-currency community to discuss the current state of KYC & AML obligation and tools. We will discuss what does not satisfy us in the current state of such toolset and how would we like to see this space. We will discuss how ZKP technology and other cryptographic protocols can provide a better toolset providing more economic freedom in a privacy preserving way.
Kefir MakingWe will learn how to work with kefir culture making variety of delicious products.Algoldor
Kerbal Space Program MeetupMeetup of Kerbal Space Program Players. Show off your contraptions, Mods. Find likeminded people.VITAS
KiCad Beginner WorkshopFor all creatures who want to learn KiCadCpresser
KinkyGeeks-Workshop: Überwältigung mit Seil und SchmerzbondageEinführung in Überwältigung mit Seil und SchmerzbondageLil-Missy
Knitting workshop (Strickworkshop)Learn how to knit. Lerne stricken.Iblech
Konsens-WorkshopLearn with me the basics of our collectives consensus driven decision making process, a process the premium collective uses for 17 years so far.
Koordinierungstreffen JunghackertagAbstimmungs- und Vorbereitungstreffen für den JunghackertagWaldvogel
Learn To SolderLearn to Solder! A large variety of way cool kits are available, all designed for total beginners to complete successfully -- and intriguing enough for the total hardware geek.

This ongoing workshop will be happening concurrently with lots of other way cool workshops at the Hardware Hacking Area! Throughout all of 35C3.
Legal Documents HackMit haben wir sämtliche Bundesgesetzblätter seit 1949 frei veröffentlicht. Jetzt sollten wir die Dokumente auch angemessen nutzen. Hier besprechen wir, was man mit den Daten machen kann und was wir als nächstes befreien sollten.
LessWrong MeetupLessWrong Open Space: Bring your own topic or join others for open ended discussions on rationality related topicsKvas
LessWrong meetupMeetup for everyone interested or part of the Rationality/LessWrong movement
Let's hack words!The hacker's journey - there and back again. How to make struggling stories work and write new ones with the hero's journey in mind.Jinxx
Linux Improved Kickoff DiscussionSecuring Linux by defining a new Userland, How hard can it be, lets have a discussion and propably kick off a project.
Locale Presse-/ÖffentlichkeitsarbeitVernetzung zur dezentralen ÖffentlichkeitsarbeitAtdotde
Makey-Makey für Kids - Bastel einen eigenen Controller und steuere Programme damitBeim Makey-Makey handelt es sich um einen Minicontroller, an dem leitfähige Materialien angeschlossen werden können, um Programme, Spiele usw. zu steuern. Max. 8 Kids
Mate Drinking CircleMate Making and drinking non-stop at the Tea Tent from Day 1-3 @ 35c3Meta Mate
Mate Making DIYLearn how to make your own mate and host a circle.Meta Mate
Mathematicians acting amorally - how they harm societyMathematicians work at the heart of most emerging technologies. Their work is re-shaping the world, and yet they have little knowledge, appreciation or training in ethical awareness. I am working to change this, and bring about a serious discussion in the mathematical community about the social impact mathematicians can have. My name is Maurice Chiodo, and I am a postdoctoral researcher in mathematics at the University of Cambridge. You can contact me at: mcc56 AT cam DOT ac DOT uk , or on twitter: @mauricechiodo
Mead making presentationHow to make mead (honey wine)Lefrog
Mechanical Keyboard MeetupTry out a mechanical keyboard or show off your collection.Rot13
Medienkompetenz kann man nicht downloaden - DiskussionSuche nach Methoden zur Förderung von kritischem Bewusstsein zu Medien- und TechnikkompetenzMoelles
Memorizing pi for fun (not for profit)Using a simple non-technique, we will memorize digits of pi. It's fun. No prerequisites needed. In English and German. Bring your kids! (all sessions are independent from each other)Iblech
Mentalverschiebung gegen ZentralverrieglungFrickelzwang für Sessionschwänzer
Mietshäuser SyndikatMietshäuser Syndikat + CCC = Synergien? Raum für Nachfragen zum Vortrag im Dijkstra am 29.12. 17.10 Uhr
Mietshäuser Syndikat HausbesichtigungBesichtigung Syndikatsprojekt SchönerHausen
Mix-networking to Anonymize Messaging and CryptocurrencyNYMTech's first step in anonymizing everything
Modulare synthesizer for kidsA chaotic introduction to the world of modular synthesis. For children from 12 years old.
Moin-Orga TreffenEin Treffen der Moin AssembliesFpfle
Monero Q&ACome ask anything!
Moving Objects SelbsthilfegruppeTreffen von Leuten, die gerne fahrende Dinge bauen. Hier gibts support und tipps für alles mit elektrischem Antrieb, insbesondere mit Hoverboard-Teilen. Hauptsächlich Elektronik-und Firmware-patching, aber auch vorort-Grobmechanik ist wohl möglich.JanHenrik
Muster-/Polizeigesetz(e)Letztes Jahr haben sich ein paar Leute zum Thema "Musterpolizeigesetz" getroffen. So ein hierarchiefreies und wenig strukturiertes Treffen soll auch dieses Jahr möglich sein. Gerne können auch Leute dazukommen, die sich gegen die derzeit wuchernden Polizeigesetzreformen zur Wehr setzen.
Namecoin as a Decentralized Alternative to Certificate Authorities for TLS: The Next GenerationHow we improved the attack surface, compatibility, and scalability of Namecoin's replacement for the Certificate Authority systemParasew
Nerfgun BattleTired of egoshooters? Feeling the need for better graphics, realistic physics and surround sound? Join the big Nerf-Gun Battle at 35c3! Come around - bring your own device - get shot!
Neurodiversity meetupLet's meet up and talk about neurodiversity, and how to navigate being "different in more than one way"!Pixie
New police law in Saxony - police state attacks?
Nextcloud Install PartyGet back control over your data - learn how to install your own Nextcloud instance!
Nibbleklammer - Nibble PegSolder a blinking nibble peg with 4 LEDs
NixOS HelpdeskIf you want to try out NixOS doing a guided Installation then this workshop is the right one for you!Mic92
NixOS: Pratical Introduction into Cross-CompilingA introduction into cross-compiling with nix and nixpkgsMic92
Not quite Free and Open Source
Numerical Weather PredictionAn introduction to Numerical Weather Prediction systemsTecer
OParl: ein Datenstandard, um politische Entscheidungen transparent zu machenOParl ist ein Datenstandard für kommunale Entscheidungen, welche in Ratsinformationssystemen gespeichert werden. Mit den Daten kann man Transparenz und Beteiligung vor Ort fördern. Auf dem 33C3 stand der Standard in den Kinderschuhen, nun findet er zunehmend Verbreitung, und Version 1.1 ist auch veröffentlicht. Wir - ein Team der Open Knowledge Foundation - wollen den Stand der Dinge präsentieren gemeinsam über die Zukunft reden: Anwendungen, Standard-Weiterentwicklung, weitere Verbreitung.
OWASP meetupSpyros
Obai Brause: Mix your own caffeinated sherbet powderMix your own caffeinated sherbet powder (German: „Brausepulver“). We provide tools and ingredients, you mix.Schmittlauch
Open Hardware Book Scanner MeetupWe are building different kinds of book scanners. The session is about the current state and open for everyone who wants to join.Mavo
Open Knowledge Management: Let's build an ecosystem of interoperable tools.A gathering for knowledge management enthusiasts & developers dreaming of tools made for the individual, not for the masses; Knowledge Management & productivity applications and our data in it are notoriously isolated. It prevents us from having our tools match our workflows perfectly. How can we build our tools with interoperable, privacy focussed and open-source philosophies that enable everyone to get the perfect tools for their workflows? #beyondbookmarks #interoperability
Open Rope Jam2Open Rope Jam (Bondage)Raven
Open Source Event Management with Eventyay
Open Source Laser Cutter - Made in Singapore!This project is started by Kee Wee Teng - a Singaporean ex-fighter pilot trainer of the national air force, who is also a member of FOSSASIA Org. Kee Wee's motivation is to turn Singapore to a making nation and foster local production with open technologies.
Open scienceAfter several sessions on #OpenScience and related topics we want to get together to get to know each other and discuss further
Open source LasercutterPresentation of an opensource laser
Open-Science-AG/de-RSE MeetUpMeet Up of the Open Science and de-RSE (Research Software Engineers) community. Everybody how is interested in open science and software engineering in research in general is interested to join. Come by and get to know us! :D
OrigamiLearn to fold easy Origami objects and decorate your environment with paper - Pocket Science LabThe pocket science lab is a tiny Free/Open Source device and software that provides an array of test and measurement instruments for doing science and engineering experiments by simply plugging it into a phone or PC. It can be easily extended with various types of sensors and also controlled by our Android app or Linux desktop app. The talk will outline the project goals and achievements and showcase some of its functionalities. Furthermore, I will introduce the team and collaboration process and talk about the roadmap to make free and open miniaturized science labs a reality.
Peer-Inventing Assistive TechnologiesCurrently different projects worldwide aim to support collaborative development, fabrication, and distribution, of assistive technologies (AT). Putting the potentials of maker culture to use in the process of peer-inventing individualized health care solutions looks promising, but distributed invention and development needs skills, roles, and organization. How do we actually make it work?
Pen&paper mini "Game Jam“pen&paper mini "Game Jam“Lydia
People who write codeWhy do you write code? How does it influence you that you write code? How does it influence others that you write code?
An artistic research project on the motivation, self-perception and sense of responsibility of people who write code.
Come to reflect and discuss!
Personal Assistants By People for the PeopleAlexa, Cortana, Siri: Where is the FOSS Personal Assistant? We do the “Wikipedia for AI” with the project
Personal airgapped networkComo crear una red portable sin conexión externa para proteger tu privacidad
Pharisäer tastingWe are tasting a classic north german drink called "Pharisäer" and other drings.Fpfle
Pocket Science Lab Workshop: Making science experiment with open source hardwareMake science experiment with Pocket Science Lab and explore how you can use it at home, classroom, research lab etc. Download PSLab Android App for the workshop
Poetry Slam WorkshopEine kurze Einführung in den humoristischen DichterwettstreitRoikiermedia
Politik Index - Eine OpenSource Plattform für mehr belastbare Fakten und Transparenz in der PolitikVorstellung des Projektes und Diskussion über das Thema Allgemein für weitere Fragen schreibt mir gerne eine Email
PolyamoryPolyamory - Rethinking Love, Rethinking Relationships
Postapokalyptisches zeug - schrottbasteln / postapocalyptic stuff handicraftpostapokalyptisches schrottbasteln aus überresten der menschlichen zivilisation. making postapocalyptic art things from from (electronic) scrap and other leftovers from human civilisation. upcycling workshop
Powerplant hackathon coding sessioncome and code on powerplant!Aimeejulia
Powerplant hackathon intro sessionpowerplant is an open source software that allows anyone planning a garden to utilize companion planting and other permaculture practices. It provides intelligent suggestions to help the gardener by advising the best planting schedules and combinations of crops to maximize the garden's yield.Aimeejulia
Privacy Meetup. Stammtisch Bündnis Privatsphäre LeipzigMeetup organized by the local privacy group in Leipzig
Private Key management with a hardware wallet.Using HD capable hardware wallet for SSH and PGP.
Probiotic Drinks MakingWe will brew and taste variety of probioitic beverages sharing also the cultures.Algoldor
Procrastination horror storiesAn informal gathering of procrastinators. Let's trade horror stories. We'll start the session with everybody disclosing the number of mails marked as unread in their inbox.Iblech
Prometheus BoFPrometheus BoF: Prometheus, OpenMetrics, Observability, and all the things monitoring
Pussy WriteFrauhue
Pädagog*innen denunzieren – oder wie die AfD Neutralität mit Kontroversität verwechselte.Gesprächsrunde über die aktuellen Denunzierungsseiten der AfD.
QueerFeministGeeks - MeetUpMeetup for everyone who identifies as queer and/or feminist and/or trans* or otherwise non-{white+male+straight+cis}. We will network with each other, exchange projects and ideas and talk about the QueerFeministGeeks assembly. This meetup is open to people of all genders, but please be mindful of how much space you are taking up and let those this meeting is intended for take priority. We try to be newbie- and introvert-friendly, so please do come even if you don't know anybody yet! See our Code of Conduct below.Wieueberall
Quit Google - avoid using google servicesAlternative for Google Services, Android Phone without GApps
R5Meetup and Kick-Off for the CCC R5 Task force: Reuse, Repair, Recycle, Rethink, RedesignFraxinas
Random hackingjust random hacking
RegiotreffenRegiotreffen auf dem 35c3Telegnom
Relationship AnarchyA nice & cozy relationship anarchy ( gathering.Wieueberall
Rubik's Cube Lösen LernenRubik's Cube - Learn to SolveKmkkmk
Rust 2025An open minded discussion about the Rust programming language.Mwarning
SSG MeetingSSG developers meeting
SUSI.AI: An Open Source Platform for Conversational WebThis talk is about SUSI.AI - an open source conversational framework developed by FOSSASIA developer community. The session will begin with a landscape of the world’s voice interfaces; follow by an introduction to current development of SUSI project including the overview of SUSI’s technology stack and the recent released hardware prototype; and end with a short demo on how to create a SUSI skill. A skill is an ability that allows a user to communicate with a device and demand it to perform an action by speaking a command.
SUSIbian - Debian with Open Source Conversational Assistant SUSI.AIThe SUSIbian project aims at creating an implementation of SUSI.AI capable to run on Linux Devices in a headless mode. It will enable you to bring SUSI.AI intelligence to all devices you may think like a Speaker, Car etc.
SailfishOS (SFOS) MeetupSailfishOS User MeetupPolybos
Saving Ecology with Data - First StepsWe are interested in forming a community to analyse data and hopefully learn something helpful about how to stop the next mass extinction
ScaCheapierPower Side Channel Analysis on the cheapiest
Scrappy circuitsInspired by Scrappy Circuits, come design some fun electronics materials, then donate the results to local educators!
Scratch - Programmieren mit der Maus
Sewing with ElectricitySewing electricity with Helen Leigh
ShadowrunAn introductory session to the cyberpunk pen&paper role-playing game Shadowrun
ShowComposer - Next Generation FOSS Lightning Control - Brainstorming & Kick-OffDie bisherigen Lösungen für Lichtsteuerung sind in der Regel teuer oder sehr kompliziert/nutzerunfreundlich. Ziel ist es, eine neue Lichtsteuerung zu entwickeln, die auf FOSS-Basis ein gutes Werkzeug für kreative wird.
Sign Language User GatheringWe want to meet and connect with sign language using humans. Wir wollen uns mit anderen Gebärdensprachlern treffen und vernetzen.
Significant Playthings
Sing- und TanzspieleSing- und Tanzspiele für Kinder von "kann selber laufen" bis 4 JahreTanja
Smart Contract HackingHack your first solidity smart contracts
Social Construct HackingIt's not so much that code is law, it's more like law is code and that it runs on people.
Social Media Design & the chances of social linked dataHow should a social network work? What is the Solid technology and how will it improve the current social network situation? (Spoiler: a lot)
Solder a blinky tardigradeRESCHEDULED DUE TO WORKSHOP CONFLICTI designed some simple pcbs of a tardigrade with a focus on art rather than technicality. The pcb is a simple circuit which contains both smd and through hole components only 4 in total: cr2032 coin cell battery holder, smd switch, multicolour flashing led (through hole) and an smd resistor.Lukasmaximus
Soldering for Kids! (ages 4 to 6)Mitch teaches how to solder to young kids of 4 to 6 years! They will solder a nifty Trippy RGB Waves Kit.Maltman23
Solidarity photo for RojavaWe want to make a photo to show our solidarity with the people in Rojava.
SpaceAPI - Status UpdateStatus update of the SpaceAPI project and dicussions about its future
Sparen am Aktienmarkt - Eine Zeitserienanalyse mit PythonIn diesem Workshop geht es um Finanzbildung mit Fokus auf Aktienmarkt und Fonds. Ich möchte einen Einblick in das Sparen am Aktienmarkt und die damit verbundenen Chancen und Risiken geben. Mit Rücksicht auf das Verständnis nähern wir uns dem Thema graphisch und analysieren Zeitserien bzw. Aktienkurse mit Python und jupyter-notebooks.Franz
Squarelet - Kooperativ lernen mit Open Source-PinboardsWir entwickeln, ein Open-Source-Pinboard für kooperatives Lernen und Arbeiten. In dem Workshop stellen wir die Alpha-Version vor, erstellen Use Cases und freuen uns über eure Ideen und Anregungen.NMarkus
Stage Manager Angel IntroductionIjon
Stickertauschwe gather to exchange our stickers
Structure and Content of the Visible DarknetWe analyzed the topology and the content found on the "darknet", the set of websites accessible via Tor. We created a darknet spider and crawled the darknet starting from a bootstrap list by recursively following links.Jogli5er
Subtitles AngelmeetingAngel introduction meeting for Subtitles Angels. All Subtitles Angels are required to attend at least once.Cube
SumoRobot Programming WorkshopThe SumoRobot programming can only be done late in the evening or early in the morning. Network overload!Silbo
SumoRobot Soldering WorkshopSoldering SumoRobots for every age and skill level. No previous experience required!


Dec 27, 14.00 - 15.30
Dec 28, 14.00 - 15.30
Dec 29, 14.00 - 15.30
Dec 30, 14.00 - 15.30
Surface mount electronics assembly for terrified beginnersSurface mount electronics for terrified beginners. Learn to assemble tiny parts on circuit boards by building a working power supply. Anyone can do it. Yes, even you who never touched anything electronic before. 90-100mins, 20€/kit, avoid caffeine immediately before. Max 21 participants per session, there is a PAPER!!1! signup list in the hardware hacking area.Kliment
Systemfeels: hacking mental healthwhat can we do to systemically improve mental health etc in our communities?
TNC assembly workshopReflow soldering workshop for the TicTacLights Nano Colour kits sold at BlinkenArea
Tantra IntimacyFrom the opening of the heart, aware of the body, while recognizing the Divine, you will experience Tantric energy in a safe and loving environment.
Tech-Coops MeetupA space for tech-coops and people that are interested in tech-coops to get to know each other and socialize. Plan next steps and make plans to stay in touch after congress.
Teckids-TeamleitertreffenOrga-Meeting für Teckids-TeamleiterMagu
Tetrapix - Lichterkunst mit Saftkartons
Text Network Analysis for Bias Detection in DiscourseA quick intro on how text network analysis can be used to detect bias in discourse and to generate insight from any text.
The Advent of Digital PersonsWhy software-based agents shall gain personhood
The Klingon Civil WarSmash the opposition, neutralize threats to the empire, protect your specie's way of life, in the Matrix Game The Klingon Civil War
Theremin Game ControllerPlay a video game using a theremin as controller, that's the instrument from Big Bang Theory! The installation is quite retro-ish and an the open source game engine Godot was used.
Through the sky, small journey in the UniverseCreating and using paper star wheel with walkthrough through sky with Stellarium app.
Tim May MemorialRefreshing Memories of Tim C. May, Cypherpunks co-founder
TinkerbotsTinkerbots ist was du daraus machst – Nimm das Powerbrain in die Hand und baue deinen eigenen Roboter. Mit verschiedenen Modulen, die sich einfach zusammenstecken lassen und Daten und Energie automatisch übertragen, sind deinen vielen kreativen Möglichkeiten keine Grenzen gesetzt.
Tontechnic 101
Tor relay operators meetupConnecting people who run Tor relays, people who would like to run Tor relays, and people generally interested in what we are doing.
Towards a Fair Data SocietyThe talk will present Fair Data Society initiative and give an overview of the protocol with a call-to-action to build projects in an ethical way on fair data principles.
TranslationThe Translation teams meets twice a day during the breaks to distribute shifts and self-organise.
Translation second channelThe Translation teams for the second channel meets twice a day during the breaks to distribute shifts and self-organise.
Tuwat AG KritisDie aus tuwat resultierende Gruppe AG Kritis trifft sich.Ijon
TwinkMeetupTwink Geeks Gathering - Flausch für Jungs 🏳️🌈Contact: c3twinks at
Ultraschall für EinsteigerInnenEinsteiger- und Fortgeschrittenen Workshop zur Bediehnung von Ultraschall, jeweils 90 Minuten und aufeinander aufbauend.Rstockm
Ultraschall und Reaper-ProgrammierungProgrammierung der Audiosoftware ReaperRstockm
Unitary Software Patents UrgencyUnitary Software Patents Urgency, or how to install software patents via the Unitary Patent Court (UPC)
Update für die Fahrradwege deiner StadtDie Radwege in deiner Stadt sind marode und gefährlich? Hier zeigen wir ein Tool, dass das ändert, den Radentscheid.
Upload filters: Call to action!Call for action to remove upload filters from proposed EU legislationPab
User-testing the post-Tor Katzenpost mix-networkCan you get it working on your laptop or phone?
Vereinsgründung Vintage Computing Festival Berlin e.V.Gründung des Vintage Computing Festival Berlin (VCFB) e.V.Zeltophil
Verhaltenserkennung stoppen! Aktionsbrainstorming gegen analysierende Videoüberwachung in DeutschlandAktionsbrainstorming: Wir suchen nach Protestideen und Aktionen gegen Verhaltenserkennung/Gesichtserkennung
Verschickung, falsch frankiertfrickelzwang für sessionschwänzer
Verteilte Schlüsselerzeugung für OpenPGP mit DKGPGIn diesem Vortrag wird gezeigt, wie ihr mit der freien Software "Distributed Privacy Guard" (DKGPG) verteilte OpenPGP-Schlüssel erzeugt und welche Anwendungsszenarien es dafür gibt. Auf die komplizierten kryptografischen Grundlagen wird lediglich am Rande eingegangen, so dass nur allgemeine OpenPGP-Vorkenntnisse hilfreich sind.HS
Verteilte Schlüsselerzeugung für OpenPGP mit DKGPG (2)In diesem Vortrag wird gezeigt, wie ihr mit der freien Software "Distributed Privacy Guard" (DKGPG) verteilte OpenPGP-Schlüssel erzeugt und welche Anwendungsszenarien es dafür gibt. Auf die komplizierten kryptografischen Grundlagen wird lediglich am Rande eingegangen, so dass nur allgemeine OpenPGP-Vorkenntnisse hilfreich sind.HS
Vintage Computing: Back to the FutureMaking plans for the vintage computing community for the coming yearZeltophil
Visual programming LED bagProgram a flexible LED board to put into a bagAnina
WTFpga: An Introduction to FPGA Development2 hour crash course in FPGAs and Verilog
Wargaming NetzpolitikAn introductory session to policy analysis or prediction via serious games - example game about national IT security strategies
Ways of Talking about IoT for CryptoPartiesA facilitated conversation on IoT for people involved in the CryptoParty community. The current IoT landscape presents many security and privacy issues, plus most of the projects currently on the market are inseparable from major corporations who make their money from data harvesting. Alternatively, there are self-made alternatives and self-hosting, but are there inherent concerns to the expanding network of connected sensors? How do we balance possible benefits of IoT, the inevitability of this technology, and our desires for a freer and more compassionate future?
We record 1 Trapsong (Autotune4Kids)In der Zeit die wir zur Verfügung haben, versuchen wir 1 Song aufzunehmen. Wir lernen mit dem Mikrofon umzugehen, überlegen uns einen Rap-Aka und recorden 1 kleinen Song. Thema: Fresh Fruits & Superheroes. Mit Schmutzige Teenager (Yung Poltergeist 2 & Thigh Gap Boi &&&)
WerwolfPlaying Werwolf togetherHetti
Wetten, dass nicht ?Frickelzwang für Sessionschwänzer
What happens with your cryptos if you die?
WhiskyThis is the eigth incarnation of the popular whisky evening. It's fairly simple: If you enjoy good whisky with nice people, or are planing to do so, join us. We'll have the virtual chimney fire going.Blackspear
WhiskyTastingWhisky tasting at the FoodHackingBase. Taste some whiskys and Scottish or other snacks. Donations at your will, or bring your own bottle!Bigmac
WhiskyleaksWe leak whiskyMikeTango
Why Does War Happen?An examination of the Thucydides TrapAestetix
WieHelfenGegenCyberStalkingWie helfen wir Menschen, die von Cyberstalking betroffen sind? Technische Kompetenz gerne gesehen.
WikiTechHow does Wikimedia serve a hundred thousand Wikipedia pages second?Duesentrieb
Wondrous Mathematics: Fun with infinitely large numbersIs infinity plus one bigger than infinity? Or is it still just infinity? If you were bothered by this question at some point in your life, this talk is for you. It gives you the graphical tools to decide this question for yourself without any remaining doubt. Absolutely no mathematical prerequisites needed.Iblech
Wondrous Mathematics: Fun with transfinite gamesWhat's better than ordinary finite games? Transfinite games! Learn how these work, and how you win at them, in this hands-on workshop.Iblech
Wondrous Mathematics: Fundamental limits of mathematical reasoning(NOT a talk, but a conversation) One can mathematically rigorously prove that there are certain fundamental limits to mathematical reasoning. This talk explains what these limits are, how we know about them and how we deal with them.Iblech
Wondrous Mathematics: Large numbers, very large numbers and very very large numbersThis talk is for all who enjoyed the game "who can name the larger number?" as a kid.Iblech
Wondrous Mathematics: The curious world of four-dimensional geometry(NOT in M3, but in 14/15) You couldn't tie your shoelaces if we lived in four dimensions! And spheres would be much smaller and spikier. We'll take you on a visual tour of these and other curious phenomena unfolding in four dimensions.Iblech
Work Hard, Work Hard
Workshop on prison and justice system (de)
Workshop with Le RESET: Writing interactive speculative fiction with TwineWe will write together new utopian, situated, fun, anti-capitalist narratives and will question imaginaries around feminist, ancestral, autonomous, emancipatory, anti-capitalist technologies. We will use Twine, a free software that allows fast creation of interactive narratives
Write your own OSWe'll show an self-written operating system and explain how to write your own one.Caylee
XMPP MeetupXMPP developer and user meetup. We'll discuss recent improvements and challenges.Link Mauve
Zouk Dancing MeetupLet's meet, exchange, and possibly find a space for dancing Brazilian Zouk
Zwischen Hysterie und TopfpflanzenFrickelzwang für Sessionschwänzer


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