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Description Refreshing Memories of Tim C. May, Cypherpunks co-founder
Website(s) https://www.facebook.com/lucky.green.73/posts/10155498914786706
Type Meeting
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Subtitle Remembrance event for Tim C. May, Cypherpunks co-founder & Cryptoanarchist who passed away earlier this month.
Starts at 2018/12/29 21:30
Ends at 2018/12/29 22:30
Duration 60 minutes
Location Room:Seminar room 14-15

Tim May co-founded the Cypherpunks, an effective pro-cryptography grassroots organization, together with Eric Hughes and John Gilmore in 1992.

Throughout the 1990s, governments, and in particular the United States government, attempted to restrict cryptography through export controls, key escrow proposals, crippled algorithms, and other means. The Cypherpunks countered this through research, community, free software, activism, litigation, publicity, and educating the debate worldwide.

The Cypherpunks email mailing list held detailed discussions and debates among about a thousand people, averaging 100 messages per day. Tim and the Cypherpunks held online public discussions of the technologies and social and political aspects of privacy, anonymity, computer security, cryptography, anonymous digital currency, unregulated cryptographic markets, smart self-enforcing contracts, and anonymous communications networks.

Monthly Cypherpunks physical meetings occurred in the San Francisco Bay Area and other cities for many years, inspiring many Cypherpunks to learn, teach, write, and code about cryptography.

Tim passed away in early December, 2018. This event will enable his friends and those influenced by his many writings to share in a remembrance and celebration of Tim's life and work.

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