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Starts at 2018/12/28 15:00
Ends at 2018/12/28 16:00
Duration 60 minutes
Location Room:ChaosFilmSociety Art-and-Play

Get out of your Bubble! How to bring hacker-ethics to a broader audience? through art or other ways? Please participate

Which role do we want technology to have and not have, and how to reach a broader public? Arts can be a way to show a story and to interact with deaf, handicapped, refugees, kids, elder people, etc We need to do this one together! And we need your help, participations, ideas and experience.

Stf will give a short introduction about Hacker-ethics.

One of the festivals in the Netherlands around the topic of Which Role We Want Technology to Have is Manifestations - Will the Future Design Us? It is part of Dutch Design Week and was last year supported by 5 hackerspaces + regular connections with Bits of Freedom, Bruce Sterling, High Tech Campus Eindhoven, Universities, Academies, TNO, Sioux, GBO, MyTenga and others. Artworks play here a role in playfully telling appealing and easy-to-understand stories about Whistleblowing, Tails, Phishing, Social Media, BioHacking, Different Ways of Perceptions, E-fashion, Jewelry-for-the deaf and technology that "cares", Internet of Women Things, Biologic User Interfaces, CRISPR Cas9 product design, Robotics, Autonomous Weapon-discussions, recycling old bread in food-printers, Cyber-bullying, spectacle and more.

We are probably not the only ones who realized we were moving a lot in the same circles and need to spread and learn more with other circles. Please join the workshop and share your ideas, experiences and participation. So we don't all have to invent the wheel ourselves.

This workshop will start with a Powerpoint of 10 minutes introducing what we did, please prepare with a website or slideshow or Powerpoint too if you want.

About Hacker Ethics: Introduction by Stef: Stef is a long-time member of the european hacker-scene, free software and digital rights activist scene. He co-founded and co-organizes a couple of hackerspaces and a hackercamp. He spends considerable spare time on reverse-engineering "stuff" and fiddles with cryptographic things, while pentesting and code auditing during the day, and sometimes he helps out NGOs to fight corruption, or other injustice. Sometimes you can hear him lament about the loss of values and principles in the wider hacker scene. website: Website Art&Technology Foundation:

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