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If you work on some project on 35C3 or just want to show on what you are usually working, you're encouraged to tell others about your presence and what you're doing.

So, if you like, create a page containing information about you and your project using the project form. You can also add a project section to your Assemblies page.

Reserving seats and table space for your project

This time there a lot will be different, as we want you to bring more of that Camp feeling to the Congress! There is this assemblies thing, that should work much like Villages on the Camp, but not exactly the same way. So your project page will be for your project, but not for reserving seats.

But you feel your work will be interesting for others to come around and have a look at it or talk to you? Set up an Assembly as a home base for you and your fellow hackers and maybe even more of your projects.

List of projects

List of Projects

900 WS2812B LED Video WallSelfmade Videowall (Dispaly) with 30x30 Pixel, WS2812B LED'sChaostreff Flensburg
AAA Pödelwitz – skillsharinga skillsharing camp near Leipzig (Pödelwitz) from 3. - 6. of Janurary \o/
Afeefa.denetworking platform for refugees and volunteers
Bepastybepasty is like a pastebin for all kinds of files (text, image, audio, video, documents, ..., binary).Python
Bewegungsappar.atElectric vehicles for funHacKNology
Bitlair-LED-BannerA giant LED-banner consisting of 16 5-meter long 30 LEDs/meter strips.
BlinKNlightsblinKNlights model 1:118HacKNology
BorgBackupDeduplicating archiver with compression and authenticated encryption.Python
C3Pod @35c3Podcast vom c3, der Assemblies, Self-Organized Session, Projekte und anderes interessantes vom Kongress vorstellt!
C3TrOC - Train Operation CenterA model train built after the Trainquilizer Feldbahn at CCCamp15Aaaaaaaaaaaa
C3navMap and Navigation for the 35c3
C3questa source of things to do if boredom (or lack of creativity) sets in
C3sustainabilityWe want to form a team working towards sustainable c3 events in terms of environment and climate impact
Cabala peer-to-peer, off-grid, community-first, hackable chat platform
Chaos PostPostal services within 35C3 and towards the default worldC3 Post Office
Chaos Post UnionSteht für die Rechte aller im Rahmen der Chaos Post Beschäftigten einC3 Post Office
Church of MoneroThe Church of Monero is the world's first decentralized, open source Religion. The evolutionary purpose of Religion is to propagate distilled memetic information efficiently through stories. Our vibrant community of 30 members meet twice a week and use the Monero technology together.Monero
Digital poetrywe are interested in poetry that's more than words on a page
Distributed Privacy GuardStarted at 34C3 we will still work on "Distributed Privacy Guard" (DKGPG) to improve its quality and usability.
DomTermterminal emulator with HTML support
Driving MatecrateA driving bottle crate.Chaospott
ESPUI A simple Webinterface using espressif chipscreate supersimple webinterfaces using esp8266 and esp32Aaaaaaaaaaaa
Elastipasssearch for passwords and create your own stats!Vatican Embassy
Emologembedded monitor and logging toolTAMI
FemLENSfemLENS teaches documentary photography to women from diverse backgrounds using mobile phone cameras and other cheaper alternatives
Field telephone networkSetup and operate a field telephone system for 35C3Chaosvermittlung
Flosslassenpeople constructed a raft in summer 2018, used to travel from Dresden to Hamburg
Fully AUTO-MATEd(Remote) controlled drivable Mate crate with a ton of lights and 5kW of electric motorsAaaaaaaaaaaa
Funding-fossBrainstorming project about how more money could be pumped into the free software eco system.
HackOxModular, fully customizable web-based pentesting interface.Innsecure 🛰️🐔
HackerfleetHacking the seven seas since 2011C-base
Horizon EDAHorizon is a free EDA packageSelfnet e.V.
HoverhackingHacking hoverboard hardware to create awesome moving objects.Chaos West
Next to the racing Track. Look/Ask for the "Otters"
Hunt ZuckerbergHunt Zuckerberg: 35c3 treasure hunt game!Social Dist0rtion Protocol
Indoor Localization Game ControllerWe're experimenting with immersive games that utilize an indoor localization system
Intergalactic PassportsThe intergalactic Passport offering you all possibilities to travel through our galaxy.Toppoint
IsomerIsomer is a new distributed application frameworkC-base
JunghackertagJunghackertag, der Tag für die kommenden Generationen!
KendoLet's Kendo!FuWar
KlampfinatorAn arduino driven campfire guitar with no strings attachedChurch of Emacs
Kollektivnew IT collective from Dresden, building individual websites and other stuff
LED-SternEin Lötprojekt für alle, die mit dem Löten beginnen wollen.Chaospott
LED-Tisch14x20 LED MatrixCCCP
LXC ProvisioningModify PowerDNS Records while spawning or removing LXC containers, automagically!
LabelprinterPrinting labels with an industrial label printer. Printing labels on demand (and if I have time), if you want/need labels, just ask me. :3Chaos West
Next to the racing Track. Look/Ask for the "Otters"
Large number contestsubmit a description of a large number in 4096 bytes or less and win a prizeCurry Club Augsburg
Lightning scooter - an electric scooter whose electrical support can be booked and paid with bitcoin lightningAn electric scooter whose electrical support can be booked and paid with bitcoin lightningBitcoin
Lightning-talks -editable-overviewFork from the Page Static:Lightning_Talks, such that any registered user can edit.
ListlingWeb app for collaboratively composing lists.ICMP
Lsmounta simple formatter for /proc/mountsICMP
Mastering Monero BookMastering Monero is a book by Serhack and the Monero Community.Monero
Memorieslist of memories (Schreine, Tempel) for women, who have contributed to modern technologyHaecksen
MischkonsumFree virtual machines.FuWar
MoinMoinMoinMoin is an advanced, easy to use and extensible WikiEngine with a large community of users. Said in a few words, it is about collaboration on easily editable web pages.Python
MonerujoAn Android Wallet for MoneroMonero
Music from trashCreate ways to produce sounds from lots of old objects and selfmade MIDI interfaces with us!T.R.A.S.H.: The Real Anarchic Sound Hub
NEED FORDie Plattform, auf der sich Programmierer*innen und Designer*innen für die Arbeit an Gemeinwohl orientierten Projekten vernetzen können // Status: Coming soon!/dev/tal
Neonious one / low.js // Node.JS on microcontrollerslow.js=Node.JS port which runs right on microcontrollers / neonious one=microcontroller board with special featuresNot decided yet — the Dynamic DNS service you waited for.Python
Oatmeal station (also sporting bread with Nutella-derivatives)Hungry and don't feel like eating out or turning to the delicious proper food stands? Come here and enjoy a bowl of cereal, fruits, or a bread with some Nutella derivative. You pay exactly the cost of the items you consume, and are invited to grab the money in the cash box to buy replenishments.Curry Club Augsburg
Open-source BuchscannerWir bauen einen offenen Buchscanner.CCCP
OpenLieroXopen-source realtime worms 2D shooter game
Owaspowasp project projectOWASP
Pam panicA PAM module that protects sensitive data and provides a panic function for emergency situations. Authentication through passwords or removable media.Chaospott
PeekabooAVPeekaboo Extended Email Attachment Behavior Observation OwlNarwhals
PiticliPiticli es la mascota definitiva. Piticli nunca muere.Chaos Choteo Club
PlutoPluto is a programmable digital watch that re-uses case and LCD panel of the Casio® F-91W.Selfnet e.V.
PoesieInteractive installation about changing poems on the spotSocial Fiction Society
Powerplant hackathondevelopment (intro) to companion planting webapp powerplantEco Hacker Farm
PyneoThe pyneo project collects many different aproaches for developing software for mobile devices. In the end it's a learning projects for the members. It started on the greenphone, jumped over to the openmoko when that arrived and is currently using android as a platform to develop some helpful add-ons and concepts. While Android gives opportunities to some degree we still wait for an open platform like the Librem5 or similar.
QutebrowserA keyboard-driven, vim-like browser based on PyQt5.!decentral
RC-CarsDriving remote controlled cars of our past selves.Aaaaaaaaaaaa
RETURNNThe RWTH extensible training framework for universal recurrent neural networks
Random Ftp GrabberRandom FTP grabber - downloads all the interesting stuff
SUSI.AIOpen Source Artificial Intelligence for Personal Assistants, Robots, Help Desks and Chatbots.
ScavengerBot for harvesting credentials leaked on "paste sites" (written in Python)
Seed ExchangeLets swap seeds at the seed exchange station!Eco Hacker Farm
SeidenstrasseSeidenstrasse is a pneumatic tube system made using vacuum cleaners and drainage pipeKomona
SuperKarussellThe SuperKarussel from Schneiders Büro is located in the Art&Play area.Art&Play
TeckidsThe free software youth organisation
Telnet Challenge: Help the Cat to wave againPlease help the cat to wave again. First 42 to succeed will win a free T-Shirt. Start by looking at the cat in our assembly, she'll give you a hint.Telnet
TelnetsnakeA telnet-based multiplayer snake game inspired by tetrinet.ICMP
TestProjectJust a test
Theremin Game ControllerTheremin as usb gamepad controller, controlling a game made with open source engine GodotAssembly:MOiN - Mehrere Orte im Norden
UltraschallUltraschall ist eine Open Source Erweiterung der Aufnahmesoftware REAPER um professionelles Podcasting so einfach wie möglich zu machen.Sendezentrum - Podcasting
Vintage Radio JukeboxA tube radio from 1959 playing only songs from the era when rock´n roll started :-)Aaaaaaaaaaaa
Vortarobilingual dictionary lookup
WiFi SatelliteMonitoring and logging traffic of all 14 2.4GHz WiFi channels!Innsecure 🛰️🐔
Wireless-ify a mech keyboardConvert USB mechanical kb to a Bluetooth wireless one
Wobbler - A 1-dimensional Dungeon Crawler gameA 1-dimensional dungeon exploration game played with a shoetree.Aaaaaaaaaaaa

There are 91 announced projects.

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