Solidarity photo for Rojava

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Description We want to make a photo to show our solidarity with the people in Rojava.
Type Hands-On
Kids session No
Keyword(s) social, political, inside
Tags solidarity, diy
Processing assembly Assembly:Komona
Person organizing
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Starts at 2018/12/29 20:00
Ends at TBD
Duration TBD
Location Assembly:Komona

After the US troops pull out of Syria, the democratic self-organization in Rojava will be under the imminent treat of war. They fear that Turkey will annex their territory and put it under Turkish rule. Let's show our solidarity with the people living in Rojava and against the imminent threat of an upcoming war. We want to take a picture with as many hackers as possible. We meet at 08:00 pm at the Komona tree.

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