Seminar room 13

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Part of venue CCL
Located on level 2
Size (in m²) 33
Seats 12
Seating banquette seating
  • projector
  • tables
Notes Lecture room 12 is one of the smaller workshop room in the CCL, has no tables and is best suited for smaller lecturing sessions or meetings.
Further information
This room is avaliable for Static:Self-organized_Sessions


SessionEvent TitleStartDuration
42birds: Hitchhiker's Towel-Yoga42birds: Hitchhiker's Towel-Yoga27 December 2018 09:30:0060
Digital Health and Patient DataDigital Health and Patient Data27 December 2018 13:00:0060
F-Droid MeetupF-Droid Meetup27 December 2018 14:00:0060
42birds: Hacker’s Digest42birds: Hacker’s Digest27 December 2018 15:15:0045
Artificial intelligence: bridging the chasmArtificial intelligence: bridging the chasm27 December 2018 16:00:0060
Random hackingRandom hacking27 December 2018 17:00:0060
Herald Angel IntroductionHerald Angel Introduction - for the small group of new Heralds27 December 2018 18:00:00120
SSG MeetingSSG Meeting27 December 2018 20:00:00120
WerwolfWerwolf - Werwolf Meetup27 December 2018 22:00:00120
42birds: Hitchhiker's Towel-Yoga42birds: Hitchhiker's Towel-Yoga28 December 2018 10:15:0060
EPrivacy: Call to action!EPrivacy: Call to action! - Get active and fight for ePrivacy!28 December 2018 11:15:0045
42birds: Your First Steps with WebExtensions42birds: Your First Steps with WebExtensions28 December 2018 12:00:0045
Numerical Weather PredictionNumerical Weather Prediction - A gentle introduction to numerical weather prediction, running WRF, and visualizing results28 December 2018 13:00:00120
Blender Artists and Developer MeetupBlender Artists and Developer Meetup28 December 2018 15:30:0090
ComputerForensikfuerAnfaengerinnenComputerForensikfuerAnfaengerinnen28 December 2018 17:00:0060
Sparen am Aktienmarkt - Eine Zeitserienanalyse mit PythonSparen am Aktienmarkt - Eine Zeitserienanalyse mit Python28 December 2018 18:00:0090
Ein Tor-Verein für HamburgEin Tor-Verein für Hamburg - Der Stand der Dinge28 December 2018 19:30:0060
(Python) Programming for Absolute Beginners(Python) Programming for Absolute Beginners28 December 2018 20:30:0090
AcroYogaAcroYoga28 December 2018 22:00:0090
Applied electronic musicApplied electronic music29 December 2018 00:30:00180
Upload filters: Call to action!Upload filters: Call to action! - Help defend our freedom of speech on-line!29 December 2018 11:00:0060
SailfishOS (SFOS) MeetupSailfishOS (SFOS) Meetup - SFOS sailors on 35C329 December 2018 12:00:0060
EmacsEmacs29 December 2018 13:00:0060
IntrotoprogramminglanguagesforbeginnersIntrotoprogramminglanguagesforbeginners29 December 2018 14:00:0060
Structure and Content of the Visible DarknetStructure and Content of the Visible Darknet29 December 2018 15:30:0030
Commie curiousCommie curious - Session #2 follow-up discusssion29 December 2018 16:00:0060
Tuwat AG KritisTuwat AG Kritis29 December 2018 17:00:00120
Demarchy meetupDemarchy meetup - Demarchy / Sortition / Elections by random selection - interested?29 December 2018 19:15:0030
42birds: Nerd Game Show42birds: Nerd Game Show29 December 2018 20:00:0060
Esperanto – a planned nerd language actually spokenEsperanto – a planned nerd language actually spoken29 December 2018 21:00:0090
WerwolfWerwolf - Come and play Werwolf29 December 2018 22:30:0089
Formalizing mathematics in the proof assistant AgdaFormalizing mathematics in the proof assistant Agda30 December 2018 11:00:0090
WerwolfWerwolf - Come and play Werwolf30 December 2018 12:30:0090
Pädagog*innen denunzieren – oder wie die AfD Neutralität mit Kontroversität verwechselte.Pädagog*innen denunzieren – oder wie die AfD Neutralität mit Kontroversität verwechselte.30 December 2018 14:00:0060
42birds: Powerful Writing? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart.42birds: Powerful Writing? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart.30 December 2018 15:15:0045
Ev0 - a new political party concept to restore faith in democracyEv0 - a new political party concept to restore faith in democracy - Let’s hack the political system from within.30 December 2018 17:00:0060
IPhone Qualcomm Baseband AnalysisIPhone Qualcomm Baseband Analysis30 December 2018 19:00:0030

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