Vintage Computing Cluster

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Part of venue Hall 2
Located on level 1
Size (in m²)
Seats 10
Seating workshop tables
  • tables
  • maybe shared projector
Notes Please get in contact with the Vintage Computing Cluster to coordinate your session with them.
This room is avaliable for Static:Self-organized_Sessions


SessionEvent TitleStartDuration
Significant PlaythingsSignificant Playthings - Hands-on workshop with your favorite toys/objects28 December 2018 14:30:0040
Im Dialog mit dem Terminal - das robotron K8912Im Dialog mit dem Terminal - das robotron K891228 December 2018 16:00:0060
Vereinsgründung Vintage Computing Festival Berlin e.V.Vereinsgründung Vintage Computing Festival Berlin e.V.29 December 2018 14:00:0060
Hege und Aufzucht kleiner technischer VereineHege und Aufzucht kleiner technischer Vereine29 December 2018 16:00:0060
Datentransfer von 8- zu 16-BitternDatentransfer von 8- zu 16-Bittern30 December 2018 13:00:0060
Vintage Computing: Back to the FutureVintage Computing: Back to the Future30 December 2018 14:00:0060

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