Zouk Dancing Meetup

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Description Let's meet, exchange, and possibly find a space for dancing Brazilian Zouk
Type Meeting
Kids session No
Keyword(s) music
Tags music, dance
Person organizing
Language de - German, en - English, fr - French
de - German, en - English, fr - French
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Starts at 2018/12/30 15:30
Ends at 2018/12/30 16:00
Duration 30 minutes

Reaching out to people at 35c3 dancing Brazilian Zouk ( http://zouktheworld.com/brazilianzouk ). Let's meet at the musical lounge in the glass house, next to the entrance ( https://35c3.c3nav.de/l/c:0:348.48:278.34/ ) to exchange and maybe find a place for dancing. Looking forward to meet you! DM to @lupeliam on twitter or @lupeliam@chaos.social on mastodon if you are interested to come.

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