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Subtitle Hands-on workshop with your favorite toys/objects
Starts at 2018/12/28 14:30
Ends at 2018/12/28 15:10
Duration 40 minutes
Location Room:Vintage Computing Cluster

This interdisciplinary workshop and experiment is an open invitation for the child within you to share stories about the objects you once held dear. Together we will explore these as catalysts for affect—triggers for imaginative adventures and subjects of play—through the prism of theatre games, storytelling, design and engineering. We’ll embark on a playful journey to discover what role did the objects we used as children have in forming the adults we’ve become, and how we could re-engineer them in order to create new futures for the generations to come.

These stories will be displayed in an online catalogue of collective narratives and emotional becomings. The museum of the past future self, shaped through play and storytelling.

The format was devised in prototypal form by Stefania Druga, founder of Cognimates and Hackidemia, and Diana Serbanescu, AI researcher at Weizenbaum Institute and creative director && co-founder of REPLICA.

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