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Self-organized sessions used to be called "workshops", but we changed the naming to include everything - even if it's not hands-on or about making things - as long as it's done by YOU!

Such an event can be...

  • ... a gathering of a project group or on a special topic,
  • ... a contest or a game
  • ... something happening outside of the building
  • ... a small talk or lecture
  • ... a screening of a movie
  • ... something with music, literature and art
  • ... a follow-up-discussion on one ob the "big talks" or another topic that happened rencently
  • ... everything else you think that needs to take place at the congress!

Your Self-organized Session goes 36C3

On this page you can find a list of planned self-organized sessions by participants of the 36C3 and you'll find the necessary information to create your own one.

The idea is to provide a global workshop and talk calendar: Everyone being at the 36C3 can look at this calendar to find out what self-organized sessions are currently running besides the "big" talks in the halls.

Registering own workshops or talks

To register your self-organized sessions just use the self-organized session form.[1]

For now, the crucial information are

  • Name of the self-organized session (which will be used as the site name)
  • A short description
  • A valid email address that might be used by the orga team to contact you

It might even be great, if you give some information about the person and assembly performing the self-organized session and a rough start- and end-time for the schedule, as well as a location. You can always update this information later.

For a detailed description, you can use the Free text field. This field allows the usual mediawiki syntax, and it will be the body of your page at the end.


You can also select a location for your self-organized. Please book a room with tables only if you really need tables for your session!

You can find a list of all valid locations here.

At the moment valid locations are all assemblies that have selected yes in their local lectures field, as well as the the following locations:

in CCL

  • Lecture room 11, FCFS – with 125 square meters and 100 seats (classroom seating) – projector, tables
  • Seminar room 13, FCFS – with 33 square meters and 12 seats (banquette seating) – projector, tables
  • Seminar room 14-15, FCFS – with 66 square meters and 20 seats (banquette seating) - projector, tables

in "Messehaus"

  • Lecture room M1, FCFS – with 118 square meters and 48 seats (classroom seating) – projector, tables
  • Lecture room M2, FCFS – with 118 square meters and 48 seats (classroom seating) – projector, tables
  • Lecture room M3, FCFS – with 324 square meters and 330 seats (classroom seating) – projector, tables, microphone

Space provided by assemblies

  • c-base, FCFS – 40 seats (circular) – tables, projector
  • Roter Salon, ask first – 70 seats (theater seating) – projector, audio, light

Important note: To which extent these areas are bookable via this wiki, has to be clarified with the individual assembly/cluster.

Further information

Planning self-organized sessions within the workshop rooms and other areas marked with "FCFS" works on a "fair use policy":

  • You can plan any time slot that is still free – first come, first served. Take a look into our Calendar or the timelines on the workshop location pages. FCFS stand for 1st come, 1st served.
  • You may register self-organized sessions in one of the workshop rooms with a maximum duration of 3 hours. If you need more time, you might kindly want to ask one of the Static:Assemblies that provide space for workshops, if you can perform your workshop there.
  • Give a valid contact on your self-organized session page. If no name given, we are not able to contact you in case of questions.
  • In case you have any further questions, please contact the self organized sessions orga via DECT 1SOS (1767).

Planing self-organized sessions within space provided by assemblies marked with "ask first" works on stricter model than "fcfs":

  • Before planning a session in one of this spaces contact the assembly providing the space.
  • Get the permit from the assembly before creating the session.

Registered Self-organized Sessions

Already registered self-organized sessions are available as list or calendar. You can use the existing self-organized sessions as a reference, if you do not yet know where to start.

The calendar is updated using the semantics feature of the self-organized sessions form and template. This may take some time, so be patient …


There are 530 registered self-organized sessions.

 descriptionorganized by
"Join us now and ..." sing together the Free Software songEveryday at 20:00 at the Assembly of the Free Software Foundation Europe we invite you to sing together the Free Software song; We have the lyrics and a conductor. Simply come, bring your hacker buddies and your voice and maybe an instrument and we form an ad-hoc choir and sing out loud our love for Free Software! Sing-along sessions will happen everyday at 20:00.Dreirik
'Natur und Nachhaltigkeit'Nachhaltigkeit gehört auf unsere Agenda. Von der Forschung in die Praxis #actionsforfutureKreatur
'audio-tanzperformance: ObstKabelKörperDeine datsche
'performanceworkshop: robotic nail art studioDeine datsche
3.8 Billion users' future: Email 3.0What formula made email outlive it's contenders until now? What recent innovations are making it hip again? And what economic model could bring a renaissance of decentralised, Free Software messaging on the multi-billion user scale?Dreirik
30. Geburtstagdie Haecksen feiern ihren 30stenZitro
36C3 Fahrplan AppSession for people who want to join the projectTbsprs
36c3-PlottereiTaschen mit eigenen Logos bedrucken.Goldwaage
36c3fiveKJog from Hbf to CCLHudson
36i3 - what's in your config?Storys from the config: The i3 Window ManagerElcorto
42birds: BewegungspauseHier trifft sich jung und alt für eine bewegte PauseBirdy1976
42birds: Hacker’s DigestWe'll talk about fiction and non-fiction books.Birdy1976
42birds: Hacking E-AssessmentLösungshinweise in Multiple-Choice-Fragen exploitenBirdy1976
42birds: Hitchhiker's Towel-YogaWe'll do some Yoga to calm our minds and move them bodies. Bring along comfortable clothes – and a towel to lie on ;-)Birdy1976
42birds: Nerd Game Show🙈 🙉 🙊 You Know Stuff ☐ ☒ ☑ Answer nerdy questions on your notebook / smartphone and win a (small) price 😸 😹 😻Birdy1976
42birds: Tipp des Tages – CalibreCalibre dient der Verarbeitung, Konvertierung und Verwaltung von E-BooksBirdy1976
A capella workshop!Wir singen a capellaZitro
A journey through the Solar System: Planets and moonsEvery planet and moon has crazy mysteries to unveil. We will make a journey through the Solar System discussing about unique landscapes like on Iapetus and mechanisms like the formation of Saturn's rings as well as the possibility of alien life inside the icy moons. In the funnier moments we will see two moons that looks like the Death Star (I bet you don't know the second one), get to know one that is even more laughable than Uranus and think about a totally awesome fun fact about mercury, basically the queen of fun facts about the Solar System.Samuel Antz
A quick tour through some of Haskell's crazy featuresHaskell is the language of choice of our assembly. It is also weird. In this session, experience a quick guided tour through some of Haskell's features.Iblech
A trip down the memory l̶a̶n̶e̶ dumpThis workshop covers the fundamentals of memory internals and then dive into hands-on analysis with volatility. Newbie or seasoned, professional or hobbyist, this session is for you!November
A/V Angel MeetingDaily Meetup for A/V Angels
A:f meetupthis session is an internal meeting for all organisations inside about:freedom and about:future to discuss our current state and where we like to go - content-wise and geographically. shall we move into hall 3 or stay in CCL? shall we run our own stage or have other kinds of installations? Who are we and what do we like to achieve? let's discuss our goals and resources we have for 37C3 so we can prepare in advance.
ADHD & me - ... and you?I was diagnosed with ADHD just two years ago. I want to share what I learned so far and provide a space to exchange stories, tools, strategies and support.Stormwind
ADHS - Emotionen & ProblemeADHS Treffen um Probleme und Lösungen auszutauschenRebecca
AKTIV, KREATIV, REAKTIV MIT DIGITALE FREIHEITIn this workshop we will produce tactics and materials to sensitize people for topics such as facial recognition and surveillance.Dfkreativ
ATX Breakoutboard Workshop - Solder your own Power SupplyBuild your own 3.3-12V power supply (moderate soldering experience helpful)Marove
Abdocccecwencen - eine einfu:hrung in c-langc-lang ist die geschriebene sprache der c-base. dieser talk gibt einen generellen überblick zur letzten rechtschreibreform.Nerdbeere
Absolute Sicherheit? - Gesänge zur Stärkung der digitalen KampfmoralMusikerin Silvia Seitz präsentiert ihre CD „Absolute Sicherheit? - Gesänge zur Stärkung der digitalen Kampfmoral“Davlee
Accessibility and InclusionHacking everyday communication practices to change the world (en+de)

Advanced Probiotic BrewingIf you are into the brewing and you have been "in" already for some time this workshop is here for you, however if you are really interested and it seems like there are some spots left well pop in too. You should already know a bit what is going on, sugars are being broken down by microbes on different compounds like lactic acid, carbon dioxide, alcohol and so on.Algoldor
Air Quality Particulate Matter Sensor WorkshopMeasure local pollution levels by building your own particle matter sensor system. This DIY setup allowed everyone to measure air quality. Join thousands around the world by contributing the data to citizen science projects with open data. The system uses off the shelf parts (design by OK Lab Stuttgart as part of the  project).
Cost of the kit will be €50

This workshop will be given twice(both identical):
Max 10 places per session
Day 2: 28-Dec, 4pm - 5:30pm
Day 3: 29-Dec, 6pm - 7:30pm
(This is one of many cool things happening throughout 36C3 in the huge Hardware Hacking Area!)
Akrobatik & Animal WalksLittle funny Warmups & Basic Acrobatic Tricks with partnerAlibi
Alles ganz anders!Wie kann man eigentlich sein Smartphone bedienen, wenn man nichts sehen kann? Wir gucken uns an, wie das geht!Nwng
Alternative Ansätze - Pilotprojekte zum Thema 'Umwelt, Natur & Nachhaltigkeit'Kreatur
Alternatives to Google Apps on AndroidI will go over my experience with finding and implementing alternatives. I go over how I used different tools, protocols, and software such as OwnCloud, CardDAV, CalDAV,, RSS, FreeOTP. and OpenVPN to decentralize my digital life and the pros and cons of doing such.Dreirik
An introduction to AnarchismAbcdd
An introduction to Smalltalk (The programming language)We will get to know the almost forgotten mother of OO Programming environments. For beginners and intermediate/experts alike.Ckeen
An introduction to the post-apocalyptic skill of spinning yarnWe will show you and explain how to make your own yarn from wool and other fibres.Trinn
Android's build system is messier than your distro'sAndroid Open Source Project (AOSP)'s build system differs greatly from other GNU/Linux based distribution: software components are built and bundled together into a single image without using any package manager during the build process; external software components are also tasked with maintaining support for AOSP build system themselves. Theses differences creates some extremely serious issues that also affect Replicant, a fully free software Android distribution. To solve that, we aim to foster a discussion with other projects and the community on sustainable ways to achieve an AOSP build that properly incorporates GNU/Linux projects such as Linux and Mesa. This talk might also be interesting to people packaging Android utilities like adb in GNU/Linux distributions, as they also have to deal with some of the issues created by the Android build system.RicardoGrimCabrita
Angelmeeting: Hall Angel CoordinatorIntroduction for Hall Angel Coordinators (HAC)Zaurak
Angelmeeting: Stage Support & Stage ManagerIntroduction and Refresher for StageSupporter and StageManagerKatzazi
Anti-governmental protests in ChilePresentation on the recent protests in Chile from the anarchist perspectiveAbcdd
Arch Linux MeetupMeetup for users and people interested in the Arch Linux projectFoxboron
ArduTouch Music Synthesizer WorkshopLearn to solder together a cool, powerful music synthesizer,
       and learn to make cool music, sound, and noise!

(This is one of many cool things happening throughout 36C3 in the huge Hardware Hacking Area!)

This workshop will be given:
   Day 4: 30-Dec, 12pm - 2pm
Arduino For Total NewbiesLearn Arduino using TV-B-Gone as an example project

You've probably heard lots about Arduino. But if you don't know what it is, or how you can use it to do all sorts of cool things, then this fun and easy workshop is for you. As an example project, we'll be creating a TV-B-Gone remote control out of an Arduino you can take home with you.

(This is one of many cool things happening throughout 36C3 in the huge Hardware Hacking Area!)

This workshop will be given twice
(both identical):
   Day 2: 28-Dec, 1pm - 4:30pm
   Day 3: 29-Dec, 1pm - 4:30pm
Are You ready to sustain IT?Discussion: In Lightning Talk ⚡ "Are You ready to sustain IT?" on day 2, I propose to refuse exponentially increasing resource
Art Inspired by Assange and WikileaksA collection of art projects inspired by Julian Assange and WikileaksCrickets
Ask the Electronic Frontier Foundation"Ask the EFF" will be a panel presentation and question-and-answer session with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, featuring Kurt Opsahl, Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel; and Staff Technologists Alexis Hancock and Mona WangDreirik
Auti-Ruhe-RaumAusweichmöglichkeit MeltdownroomBenjaminwand
Awarenessteam Introduction and Q&AIn this session, the Awarenessteam will answer the following questions and more: What is the CCC Awarenessteam and how can it help me? What does it do and what does it not currently do? There will be room for your questions and for discussion.Theresa
BEAM LIKE THE MAYA DID: With cacao to inner and outer beautyAlibi
BODILY CHATROOM: Contact Improvisation Dance WorkshopGet in Reallife Touch! A very special dancing lesson that aims to get you closer: with yourself and with others.Alibi
Badgelife MeetupInformal gathering of people interested in artistic, electronic conference badges and PCB design in generalTf
Beekeeping presentationLearn about beekeeping.0x378
Beer TastingTaste a variety of franconian beersJur
Beer tastingThe Legendary foodhackingbase beer tasting.0x378
Beewax SheetsBienenwachstücher DIYLaugenschneiderin
Beginner's guide to anal stretchingAnal stretching for beginnersSquack
Behavioural change and changing habitsLet’s discuss the power of habits and what it takes to change behaviour.Andru
Bildet Katzen (z.kollektiv)Bildet Katzen (z.kollektiv)Dj-spock
Binäre Zahlen mit Montessori – Mathe kann jeder!Ich stelle am Beispiel von binären Zahlen vor, wie Montessorimaterial funktioniert.Schnuppi
Binäre Zahlen und Montessori - Wiederholung!!Wiederholung vom Vortrag am Tag 1Schnuppi
Binärgewitter HörertreffenHörertreffen des Binärgewitter PodcastsMakefu
Bitcoin to the Post-Quantum EraCan we transition Bitcoin to a Post-Quantum World? In this talk, I present the basic principles Quantum Computers rely on to perform certain calculations much faster than classical computers. I will give a beginner’s explanation to some quantum algorithms that can undermine Bitcoin’s security and show how they can be used to hijack transactions. Finally, I describe a protocol that can be deployed in Bitcoin to allow users to securely transition their funds to quantum resistance even in the presence of a quantum computer!Dragos
Bits und Bäume konkret: Was man selber tun kannSammeln und evaluieren von Vorschlägen für konkretes individuelles Handeln mit dem Ziel der VeröffentlichungCark
Blackhoodie MeetupWaldwesen
Blind Navigation workshopSaizai
Blinkenpoi Assembly PartyWe build BlinkenpoisOverflo
Blockchain Interoperability: NIPoPoWs & SidechainsMoving value between chainsGtklocker
Blue Teamers Unite!Meetup, discussion and shenanigans of blue teamersMat
Blåhaj MeetupAll fishes welcome!SpaceLena
Board Games etc.Just playin'Penta
Body intelligence for authentic connection / Tantric speed datingLearning Somatic safety, feel what you want, playfully meet people with honestyGwfung
Book club for grown-up victimsI am proposing to share information, thoughts, likes, dislikes... about useful books for victimsProcrastinator
BorgbackupBorgBackup: Meeting and Q&A sessionTW
Bridging the silicon gap in open hardwareParadigms from the open source / free software community are increasingly being applied in the hardware domain, but at the moment everyone relies strongly on proprietary chips. Open source chip design is a challenge and opportunity. I will give an overview about previous and current related projects, explain how the chip development cycle works, what the barriers to open source chips are, why we need open source chips, who will benefit, and how you can get involved. There will also be room for discussion and connecting.Morn
Bug Bounty MeetupA meetup with lightning-talks for Bug Bounty hunters.Xdavidhu
Building a Synth for the web in C++ and WASMHow to use modern web technologies to build a synthesizer (at the Social Dist0rtion Protocol assembly!)TimDaub
Burner MeetupBurner Meetup at Discotheque NouveauancienDatenpate2
Butoh Performance: JatobaDeine datsche
Bypassing the Suprema BIOStar Fingerprint Access ControlI'll show you how you can bypass a biometric access control (fingerprint reader) from Suprema. This device is broken AFC
Bäume pflanzen mit QGIS und RBäume pflanzen kann sehr lange dauern. Mit interaktiven Karten können Orte in der Landschaft erkundet werden, welche bei einer Aufforstung als Multiplikatoren dienen. Wir schauen uns gemeinsam zwei interaktive Kartenbeispiele (mit QGIS und R) an und können bei Interesse ein kleines Kärtchen programmieren. Geodaten können stehen hier zum download bereit: (ca. 230Mb, bitte rechtzeitig herunterladen falls ihr an den Karten basteln möchtet) Für weitere Informationen zum Projekt, bzw. falls ihr euch am Projekt beteiligen möchtet, schickt bitte ein Mail an oder schaut bei vorbei.Bella
Bügelperlen-Ohrringe/Perler Beads EarringsMache dir selbst coole Pixelart-Ohrringe aus Bügelperlen. / Creat cool pixelart earrings from perler beads yourself.Contenna
C3blind community meetupLet's get to know each other and discuss c3blind's future!Nwng
C3lingo techc3lingo tech meeting about improvements for next yearKatti
C3sus public meetingan invitation to join c3sus orga teamAimeejulia
CCC und European Digital RightsShort presentation and discussion by and with EDRi and CCC people. #uploadfilter #cryptowar #netzdg #softwarepatentsKantorkel
CCChoirCome and sing with us! Even if you think you didn't sing for years: All Creatures Welcome. We sing Heaven Can't Wait by Thies MyntherPiko
CO2-neutral Live Interviews: Back to NatureKreatur
CTF EinführungEinführung in das 36C3 Capture the Flag für NeulingeZitro
CV DAZZLE: Facial Treatment against Facial RecognitionTry out a CV Dazzle to hack your face to recognition tech. Break up the lines of your face and get a make-up of extremes. Never hide! Always dazzle!Alibi
Calliopespielerisch und kreativ die Welt der Computer kennenlernenBate
Calliope Games WorkshopSpiele mit dem Calliope programmierenDerMicha
Captain SonarCaptain SonarAnkylotech
Carbon.txt - what would a robots.txt for green infrastructure look like?We all know computers run on electricity, and that we need to, as responsible professionals, get our infrastructure off fossil fuels to stand a chance of avoiding the worst of climate change. But how can you know if organisations in a digital project’s supply chain really are running on renewable power? After spending ten years building an open database to make this easy to check at the The Green Web Foundation, we are proposing a convention called carbon.txt, to decentralise this process.
Card10: Using the pressure sensor and accelerometer with MicroPythonSchneider
Cecilia Tosh (SEV)Cecilia Tosh (SEV)Dj-spock
ChameleonMini WorkshopDetails about using and programming ChameleonMini from the makersTimo
Chaoszone Junghacker CTFEinfaches CTFKlObs
Chaoszone Junghackertagfor all kids who like soldering and controlling robot cars etc.R2d2data
Cheese Rendez-vousIf you love cheese this event is a must !0x378
Chili seeds exchangeChili seeds exchangeAlgoldor
Chill time for Japanese talkThis is a placeholder for the previous two sessions to push the Q&A to this timeslot or to dynamically start with the IT talk a bit later.Taulex
ChilliWe will prepare and eat chilis in many ways: in the oven, deepfried or raw
Chinese Characters and Tones - An interactive introductionLet's dive into the fascinating world of the Chinese language. We'll talk about the meaning of characters, pronounce the four tones and learn how words and sentences are createdAndru
Cidre FlowsThe legendary foodhackingbase Cidre tasting!Algoldor
Cidre MakingThis workshop is heavily hands on (and also shoulders, arms and so on) with some demonstrations and of course product tasting. The idea is to share knowledge about cider making.Algoldor
CoderDojo Neopixel HackingATTiny+Neopixel hackingDerMicha
Cohousing projects meetingan annual meeting of existing cohousing projectsAimeejulia
Commie Curiousa safe place for those who think they might be a little commieBaruch
Community AccountabilityCommunity AccountabilityBuecherwurm
Community Visual Storytelling: A Practical Q&AA Q&A about documentary photographyK8
Conceptual Models of SustainabilityThis talk is about a set of (mainly european) conceptions of sustainability which I came across during my research. As more and more parts in an economy seem to become quantified and qualified, a new monitoring system for sustainable development will be installed. But how do people thought to measure sustainability?
Consequence Scanning: Hacking Online MisogynyWe will use consequence scanning as a method to think through building tools against online harassmentOpt Out Tools
Continuous Security TestingSee
Coreboot workshopsbuild your toolchain, compile coreboot for QEMUDepate
Crashkurs SoziokratieEntscheidungen als Organisation (von einer Person bis zu einigen Millionen) per Konsent, gleichgestellt, verantwortlich, kontinuierlich verbessernd, transparent, effektiv und empirisch treffenMichaelStruwe
Creating Z-Wave controllers and devicesHacking around Z-Wave smart home protocolPoltoS
Critical Mass LeipzigCritical Mass bicycle ride through LeipzigMalte Hübner
CryptoParty: Digital Self-Defense WorkshopCryptoParties are free and open for everyone, but especially those without prior knowledge, who haven't yet attended one. CryptoParty is a decentralized movement with events happening all over the world. The goal is to pass on knowledge about protecting yourself in the digital space. This can include encrypted communication, preventing being tracked while browsing the web, and general security advice regarding computers and smartphones. To try the tools and apps directly at the CryptoParty, bring your laptop or smartphone.Dawning Sun
Curtisannes Cake CenterBringing curtisannes cantine from OpenLab Augsburg to 36C3!0x378
Cyber4EDUNachhaltig gute Software, Lernmaterialien und Hardware für SchulenDerMicha
DIYBio MeetupLet’s come together, connect and talk about
DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOMEWhat not to do when the shit hits the fanMikeTango
Daniel Domscheit Berg - Verstehbahnhof FürstenbergEinfach mal mitgedacht. Offene Prozessentwicklung anhand anschaulicher Beispiele wie dem Verstehbahnhof erklärt.Kreatur
Das Freie Software 1 x 1Der Talk ist ein "Foundation Talk" vom Präsident der FSFE und dazu gedacht den Zuhörenden einen leichten Einstieg in die Welt Freier Software zu ermöglichen.Dreirik
Das Gutachten der Datenethikkommission - eine praktische DiskussionWir werden das Gutachten der Datenethikkommission aus einem praktischen Blickwinkel betrachten und diskutieren.Kaplannie
Das Günther (PEP - Punkt Elektro Performance)Das Günther (PEP - Punkt Elektro Performance)Dj-spock
Dat project devs & community meetupDat protocol & surroundings gathering for devs and people interestedFrando
Data and tools for investigative workMeetup to discuss tools and ideas around investigative work (OSINT, journalism, forensics, etc.)Pdow
Datenschutz-Sprechstunde mit den AufsichtsbehördenMitarbeiter der Datenschutz-Aufsichtsbehörden stehen Rede und AntwortAlvar Freude
Debrief on e-voting in EstoniaIs it worth to be constructive in a flawed policy debate?Tramm
DebugYourBackWalking and sitting all day long makes your body ache? Find some release here.0rmeli
Decentralized and centralized control: global trends in network censorshipLet's review the proliferation of network censorship in countries around the world in the past two years, and talk about the areas where we can continue to push back, including current battles being fought to fix Internet privacy leaks.
DeliberativeDemocracyDo not miss this co-creative workshop on citizens’ assemblies and why deliberative democracy may pave the way for a just and sustainable transition in a green future. Come and experience a deliberative session by yourself which will follow an introduction into the concept by activists of Extinction Rebellion Germany.Andre
Delta Chat Hands On: Development Status iOS, Android, & DesktopLearn more about the development approach of Delta Chat, an encrypted E-Mail messenger.Compl4xx
Demystifying DeepfakesI wanted to know what the fuzz is all about in the newspapers and tried to understand some details in deepfake video generation. This talk aims to be slightly more technical than a youtube introduction on deepfakes and slightly less useful for creating your own deepfake video.A0b1
Detox Seaweed BibimbabHands on workshop on detox seaweed Bibimbap0x378
Die Hysterischen MILFsDie Hysterischen MILFsDj-spock
Digital nomads / itinerant hackers meet-upA meet-up for digital nomads / itinerant hackers.Countermeasure
Digitale Freiheit ZündschnurtreffenDigitale Freiheit Kick-Off TreffenDfkreativ
Digitale GewaltDigitale Gewalt gegen Frauen hat viele Formen. Dieser Workshop hat das Ziel, sich darüber auszutauschen, was die Hacker- und Netz-Community(s) dagegen tun können. Sonst wird es bald Vorschläge vom Innen- oder Justizministerium geben.Anne
Dining CryptographersDining Cryptographers MeetupBenBE
Diskussionsrunde MenstruationsbeschwerdenMein Ziel ist es eine grosse Masse damit zu erreichen, dass Periodenschmerzen nicht psychisch sind.Sakara
Diy lip care cosmeticsHumidity in the halls of Leipzig is low and your lips are cracking? Make your own refillable lip care in just a few minutes.Zornem
Documentary Photography WorkshopStory development workshop - idea, conceptualisation, planning, shooting, editingK8
Drachenlord AutogrammstundeAutogrammstunde mit Rainer WinklerCB6BOB
Dragonbox Pyra handheld PC/phone(?) demoPyra handheldKingu1
Dream Journey & Cacao CeremonyDeine Augen fangen an zu flimmern? Deine Batterien sind alle? Klingt als bräuchtest du eine Portion analoge Realitätsfluchtbespassung in der Kuschelmaschine. Geniesse leckeren Rohkakao und drifte mit entspannenden Traumreisen in andere Dimensionen ab.Alibi
ESAeScooterMeetup for owners of DocGreen ESA 5000, 1919 or 1950 eScootersM4GNV5
Edu-StammtischStammtisch für Menschen aus dem BildungsbereichWi-wissen
EightOS Bodymind Operating SystemIn this session we will explore the notions used in hacking through interactive physical exercises. Creating the body-based code for the software, based on systemic thinking and non-equilibrium dynamics. Physical practice workshop + interactive exercises. No prior experience needed. Total refresh.Aerodynamika
EightOS Improv Sound + Body + Software Movement SessionTaking on the movement principles of EightOS practice, we will combine them with sound and music to create an interactive open immersive improvisational space for everyone to take part and join in. Physically or otherwise.Aerodynamika
Einführung - vielfältiger Protest als ErfahrungKreatur
Einführung SchneidplotterPlottern der Ergebnisse von Tag 1E-punc
ElektrobasteleiTinkering with wires, magnets and batteries, Elektrobastelei mit Draht, Magneten und BatterienAram
Elfaux. (Radio Antishanti)Elfaux. (Radio Antishanti)Dj-spock
Ende Gelände – peaceful climate activism (civil disobedience) for people like usPeacefully blocking coal infrastructure – a tutorialIblech
EsperantoA short introduction into the international language Esperanto. A planned language actually spoken by nerds all over the worldJohmue
Exploring sustainability in a playful way with improvGet to know a workshop design that uses improvisational theater methods to explore the topic of sustainability, called 'Sustainable Improv'. The idea is to deal with serious topics like the climate crisis in a playful way and share knowledge and ideas for change in the process.IChr
F-Droid MeetupF-Droid Community MeetupBubu
FFF-Demo„$password=saveForFuture“: Peaceful “Fridays for Future” protest for climate justice (better climate politics) in the city. Officially registered at the relevant government agency, legal to attend for citizens of any country.Deteils:Angemeldete Demonstration im Rahmen von Fridays for Future in der Stadt; Termin am Vormittag, damit 36c3-Besuchende direkt morgens von der Schlafgelegenheit zur Demo können und nach der Demo weiter zum Messegelände.E1mo
Factorio10 Rechner zum Factorio spielen, Leute die das Spiel erklärenCisz
Fahrräder zeichnen und analysierenFahrräder zeichnen und analysierenRuru4143
Fairphone Workshop and MeetupA meetup for Fairphoners and an occasion to see the modular Fairphone modelsHnms
Fancy RGB-LED Cube Workshop (Junghacker Edition)A very simple but fancy RGB LED Cube especially made for learning how to solder.Marove
Fediverse Meetupget together of our fediverse communityCkeen
Feministischer BuchclubFeministischer Buchclub: Wir reden über BücherMelzai
Film "Deckname Jenny"Movie on activism and it's challenges in the modern German stateAbcdd
Finding your new home: Canadian Immigration systemOptions to make Canada your new home from obtaining visa to immigration.
Firmware development meetupmeetup for firmware developers no2IzidorMakuc
Follow-up meeting to the Netzpolitik in der Schweiz talkNach dem Vortrag «Schweiz: Netzpolitik zwischen Bodensee und Matterhorn» sind alle interessierten Personen eingeladen, die Diskussion an diesem Workshop der Digitalen Gesellschaft fortzusetzen. Es werden Aktivisten von verschiedenen aktiven Organisationen der Netzpolitik in der Schweiz anwesend sein (Digitale Gesellschaft, CCC-CH, CCCZH, Piratenpartei Schweiz, Digitale Allmend).Kire
FomuFomu, the FPGA in your USB PortMithro
Formalizing mathematics in the proof assistant Agdafor students of mathematics, computer science or a related subjectIblech
Forschungsinfrastrukturen als öffentliches GutRupi
Foundation workshop: Fun with fractals and programming for absolute beginners of fractals and programmingExperience a guided tour through the first steps of programming. Simultaneously, you learn about imaginary numbers which, unlike any number you learn about in school, square to negative numbers. The end result will be a basic fractal viewer.Iblech
Foundation workshop: Hands-on, how does the Internet work?This workshop is for all who only have a vague idea or might not know at all what an "IP address" is. We'll learn how the Internet works by making Internet traffic visible. This is a beginner's workshop. If you toyed with Wireshark before, you will be bored to hell in this workshop.Iblech
Foundation worshop: Git, a version control system to solve filename chaos and collaborative editing – a tutorial for absolute beginnersTired of filename chaos such as "report_final_really_v2_corrected.txt"? There is a technological solution to this problem, a version control system such as Git. Learn in this hands-on workshop how to use it. Git is useful both for personal files and for files which are edited by teams.Iblech
Free Software for Open ScienceIn this session we will discuss the state of FOSS within the various European scientific communities.Purine.bitter
Free Software for Qualitative Social ResearchDiscussing Free Software tools for social researchDreirik
Free software for minorities of Turkey with their own languagesFree software and freedom philosophy gives a ray of hope to Anatolian minorities. With free documentation and free software, with using their devices in their own language, people may keep their language alive by contributing projects like Wiktionary and Wikisource.Dreirik
Freedom to goYou like an Android withough Google? This is an interactive workshop to present the Free Software App repository called F-Droid and the outstanding functionalities of its clients called F-Droid and G-Droid. After that we discover the best (imho!) Android-based Free Software apps including anonymization, encryption and syncronization - and you have the possibility to present your personal favorite Free Software app as well.Dreirik
From growing Mushrooms to a open Microbiology LaboratoryA story on how I build a mushroom lab from zero to the first
FrühstücksrevivalFür alle, die das Haecksen-Frühstück am Tag 2 verpasst haben oder mehr davon brauchen.Zitro
Fuzzing Round TableOpen discussion about recent trends and advancements in fuzzing.Domenukk
Game Over SocietyGame Over SocietyClaudius
Gameboy Tetris TournamentGameboys! Link Cables! Tetris! Competition!Michaelem
Gazelle Horn (Monis Rache/Eclectic)Gazelle Horn (Monis Rache/Eclectic)Dj-spock
Gefragt - Gejagt: Junghacker*innen EditionRasante Quiz-Show für JugendlicheNwng
Gemeinsam sind wir mehr - in Gespräch und AktionÜber kollektives Entscheiden und HandelnKreatur
Gemeinsam sind wir mehr!Über kollektives Entscheiden und HandelnKreatur
General Angel meeting day -1 / Introduction meeting for new angelsGeneral Angel meeting day -1 / Introduction meeting for new angelsDLange
General Angel meeting day 0 / Introduction meetingGeneral Angel meeting day 0 / Introduction meeting for new angelsDLange
General Angel meeting day 1 / Introduction meetingGeneral Angel meeting day 1 / Introduction meeting for new angelsDLange
General Angel meeting day 3General Angel meeting day 3DLange
General Angel meeting day 4 / Teardown infoGeneral Angel meeting day 4 / Teardown infoDLange
General Relativity - why it's necessaryWhat rather simple failures and contradictions in the physics of the early 20th century made Einstein create General Relativity? What problems did he face and why? How to unify two theories - like electromagnetism - is crucial in modern physics. It's a problem we are facing again.Samuel Antz
Germany stands with HongkongGermany stands with Hongkong! What is necessary, what can be done to support Hongkong?J0
Getting to know JuliaThis workshop is for everyone who wants to get an idea and some first look at the programming language Julia, which was originally designed for data analysis or scientific computingMfh
Gettogether des CCC-CHAs every year, the CCC-CH (Chaos Computer Club Switzerland) holds its last Gettogether of the year at the congress. Everyone is welcomeJenix
Git bottom upever wanted to how git internals look?Wtjerry
GledShort introduction and Q&A for the light installation at the wall behind !decentralElwerene
Google-Sensei and Contract Work - IT in JapanJapan is especially known for its technology among other things. Games and hardware of all kinds from Japan are everywhere but does anyone know good Japanese software? What IT in Japan looks like from inside and if Japan really is as high-tech as it is made out to be is the topic of this talk as experienced by a young German.Mona144
Google-sensei und Leiharbeit - IT in JapanJapan ist neben vielen Dingen auch als Land der Technik bekannt. Vor allem Games aller Art und Hardware aus Japan sind weltweit verbreitet, aber kennt irgendwer gute japanische Software? Wie IT in Japan von innen aussieht, und ob das Land wirklich so hightech ist wie man vielleicht denken mag, berichtet eine zurückgekehrte Deutsche.Mona144
Google-sensei und Leiharbeit - IT in Japan (Zugabe 1)this session is obsolete. See description or delete this session if you are an admin.Mona144
Google-sensei und Leiharbeit - IT in Japan (Zugabe)Japan ist neben vielen Dingen auch als Land der Technik bekannt. Vor allem Games aller Art und Hardware aus Japan sind weltweit verbreitet, aber kennt irgendwer gute japanische Software? Wie IT in Japan von innen aussieht, und ob das Land wirklich so hightech ist wie man vielleicht denken mag, berichtet eine zurückgekehrte Deutsche.Mona144
HAKETwe will discuss the Haket roadmap and prioritiesBaruch
HTTC - Hacker Trip To China MEET-UPTo Quote the Great M/Altman
       "For the Hacker Trip To China (HTTC):
        the only requirements are curiosity and showing up.
And we all did :)
Mx Power
Hackbases or BarbarianismHackbases are several different types of hackerspaces where people can also live at. The 6th yearly self-org session will be a common presentation of the existing and planned bases, tools to organize new ones, etc. Come if you're interested in different ways of living and doing work.Dcht00
Hacker BoardgamesWe willl play nice hacker boardgamesDerMicha
Hacker Workflows: Tools for X (v3.0)Collecting all the tools for all the things you can do with computersDcht00
Hackerfleet's Isomer/HFOSA short introduction into Isomer and the Hackerfleet Operating SystemRiot
Hackerfleet's Maritime Hacker MeetupThe Maritime Hackers Meetup!Riot
Hackers against Climate Change (HACC) Meeting"Hackers against Climate Change" is a preliminary name for a variety of working groups/action groups that gathered during the "Hackers against Climate Change" session at the 35th Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig. We'd like to meet up again at 36c3Moep
Hackerspace ErlangenLatest news, open discussions and meet-and-greet.Codemonk meetupan opportunity to get involved and catch up with the communityAimeejulia
Hacking BCILet us gather and to do some BCI hackingWasabiWasabi
Hacking LicenceYour daily basic hacking learning lesson.Chpietsch
Haecksen für NichtHaecksenDie Haecksen für Nicht-Haecksen - eine FragerundeMelzai
HaecksenfrühstückGemeinsames Frühstück für Frauen und NTI*, die Haecksen werden möchtenZitro
HaecksenplenumPleeeenum! Ple-he-he-num, Plenum ist wichtig für die Revolution!Janepie
Hands-on with Wi-Fi hackingHands-on with Wi-Fi hackingSkickar
Helfe mit der modernisierung der Webseite noch mehr gegen Lebensmittelverschwendung unternehmen zu könnenWir von foodsharing sind eine Initiative, mit dem Ziel sich gegen Lebensmittelverschwendung einzusetzen: Unsere Homepage ist seit vielen Jahren das zentrale Werkzeug unserer Initiative. Die gesamte Vernetzung untereinander, die gemeinsame Arbeit an verschiedensten Themen und zu guter Letzt die Organisation all unserer Lebensmittelrettungen sind dank dieser Plattform möglich.Jo
Heralds MeetingAnnual Refresher and Updates for the HeraldsIjon
Hilfe, ich muss mein Türschloss tauschenDu hast deinen Schlüssel verloren? Du willst ehemalige Mitbewohner von deiner Wohnung fernhalten? Wir schauen uns an, wie einfach so ein Schloss zu tauschen ist!Janepie
Hitchhiking MeetupA meetup for anyone interested in Hitchhiking and other forms of low-cost spontaneous travelTjg
Hodographs matter: a skewed perspective on the gravitational n-body problemShort improvised lecture/talk about a recent perspective change in studying the problem of n masses in the planeJuliusCaesar
Home Assistant AlternativenAustausch zu alternativen Home AssistantsGeiddlyne
Hoodie & Shannon Soundquist (ProZecco)Hoodie & Shannon Soundquist (ProZecco)Dj-spock
Hoola HoophoophoopHoola Hoop Hands On Workshop for beginnersAlibi
How to (re)start a hackerspaceWe explain how to run a do-ocracy and the lessons we learned from 6 years of hacking our own community.Galgalesh
How to deal with any Git situation using three basic commands(for people who already know Git)MichaelStruwe
How to make politics more transparentContact We present our project politicindex after that lets discuss about transparency in politicsPoliticindex
How we built a zero-knowledge calendarUnfortunately, this session was cancelledDreirik
Human Punishment Day 1Lasst uns eine Runde Human Punishment spielenEchsenkoenig
Human Punishment Day 2 and beyondHuman Punishment, kann man auch an zwei Tagen spielen. Oder drei...Echsenkoenig
Hygienebelehrung / Frikadellendiplomfür alle Engel, die etwas mit Essen zu tun haben (wollen)Waldwesen
I am a Kernel Dev - Ask me anything!Reddit style Q&A, where you can ask all the questions you wanted to know about the life of a kernel programmer.Chrysh
I am a feminist cyborg mushrOOm shaman and that is ok-lecture by S. PoxyDeine datsche
I got 99 problems but being a feminist listening to rap ain't one"I got 99 problems but being a feminist listening to rap ain't one" mit Lena Grehl und Miriam DavoudvandiDj-spock
ICEBreaker FPGA WorkshopiCEBreaker FPGA WorkshopEsden
Ideen-/Erfahrungsaustausch Linux Install CaféWir wollen in unserem Hackerspace ein Linux Install Café auf die Beine stellen.S3lph
Ikea Tradfri HackingReplace Ikea Tradfri device firmware with MicroPythonHudson
Improtheater 2.0Bewegte Emotionen im Rahmen vom ImprotheaterToni
Improv Theater/ Applied ImprovisationCome join us for a joyful session with some improvisational theater training activities and games! Topic: '10 ways of anything' • Improv theater is basically theater without a script, with characters and stories created in teamwork between the actors. • You do not need to know anything about improv to attend, and we will try to make everyone feel safe and welcome.IChr
Insulin hackers meetupType 1 diabetes meetup. Lets discuss experiences and learnings with Continuos glucose monitoring (CGM), the open artificial pancreas system (OpenAPS) and looping in general. Bring your T1D hardware!InsulinJunkieDe
Interactive lecture: Why can't we just have fun? - exploring boundariesDeine datsche
Intro to Arduino Shield Soldering and ProgrammingIn this 2-3 hour workshop I teach you how to solder and program an Arduino!Hammes Hacks
Intro to CTFs and binary ExploitationPart I: Intro to CTFs with the example of picoCTF. Can be used as guided preparation for junior (and/or main) C3 CTF. Part II: Binary exploitation with Stack Based Buffer Overflows. Workshop VM provided (please download before)Chiliz
Intro to binary exploitation (FTI only)binary exploitation - same as yesterday - this time women (FNIT) onlyZitro
Introduction for Soldering AngelsIntroduction for angels helping at the soldering workshop organized by "Chaos macht Schule"Hbr
Introduction to Beef Jerky Drying BoxesThis workshop is an introduction to a cheap and simple beef jerky drying box. It will take you through making the box from provided materials.0x378
Introduction to Effective AltruismIntroduction workshop to effective altruismChaotika
Introduction to Natural Language ProcessingThis workshop will introduce you to the basics of natural language processing in Python.Ingo
Introduction to Tempeh MakingWorkshop as an introduction to soybean fermentation. It will take you through the preparation of the soybeans or other legumes.0x378
Introduction to Voltage GlitchingVoltage glitching for beginners, with fun and faultsNoopwafel
Irgendwas mit Holz.Brandschutz, siehe unten.MikeTango
JHT: Beweise ohne Worte(für Kinder und Erwachsene) In der Schule besteht Mathematik zu einem großen Teil aus Rechnungen. Das ist aber nicht das, was Mathematik wirklich ausmacht! Mathematik ist die Kunst, das Verborgene auf das Offensichtliche zurückzuführen, und dazu gehören ergreifende emotionale Aha-Momente beim Verstehen von Zusammenhängen. In diesem Workshop behandeln wir grafische Beweise.Iblech
JHT: Cosmic Call, eine Botschaft an Außerirdische(für Kinder und Erwachsene) Vor etwa 15 Jahren schickte die Menschheit eine Radiobotschaft an ausgewählte Sterne, in der Hoffnung, dass die Nachricht Außerirdische erreicht, diese die Nachricht verstehen und uns antworten. Die Nachricht ist nicht auf Deutsch oder Englisch verfasst, sondern bedient sich einer eigens entwickelten Symbolsprache. Schaffen wenigstens wir Menschen, die Botschaft zu entziffern? Das wollen wir in dem Workshop an uns selbst testen und herausfinden!Iblech
JHT: Rubik's Cube Workshop (Zauberwürfelworkshop)(for kids and adults) Learn how to solve the Rubik's cube! Lerne, wie man den Zauberwürfel löst!Iblech
JHT: Spiel und Spaß mit der vierten Dimension(für Kinder) In unserer Welt können wir uns nach links und rechts, nach hinten und vorne sowie nach unten und oben bewegen. Weitere Richtungen gibt es nicht. Das muss aber nicht so sein! In der Mathematik ist auch eine weitere Dimension vorstellbar. In diesem Workshop lernen wir diese vierte Dimension spielerisch und anschaulich kennen.Iblech
JHT: Spiel und Spaß mit unendlichen Zahlen und unendlichen Spielen(für Kinder) Irgendwann lernt man, dass das Spiel „wer kann die größere Zahl sagen?“ langweilig wird. Oder stimmt das gar nicht?Iblech
Jakob Sisterz (Sachsentrance/ Zur Klappe)Jakob Sisterz (Sachsentrance/ Zur Klappe)Dj-spock
Japanese (Reading) Beginner to ExpertAn overview to writing and studying Japanese from zero to native comprehension.Taulex
Japanese (Reading) Beginner to Expert (Encore)An overview to writing and studying Japanese from zero to native comprehension.Taulex
Jenever tasting (Belgian gins)We'll taste over 10 different kinds of jenever.Qwaxys
JuliaLang meetupUser and contributor meetupWallnuss
Junghackertag EröffnungEröffnung des JunghackertagsHbr
JunghaecksentagSchülerinnen fragen HaecksenZitro
KLAK Moviemiento Fahrradkino - Teil IBring your BIKES ! <3<3<3Kreatur
KLAK Moviemiento Fahrradkino - Teil IIKreatur
KNX / OpenHAB SelbsthilfegruppeKNX / OpenHAB IdeenaustauschMelle
Kapitalismus und seine FolgenKapitalismus, seine Folgen und mögliche Alternativen im GesprächKreatur
Karaoke nightKaraoke night!Qwaxys
Kefir MakingAt this workshop you will learn how to make your own kefir ferments using the kefir grain culture.0x378
Kernel HackingWrite a simple kernel driver, debug and trace it remotely with gdb.Vtec
Kidspace Standup meetingShort kidspace standup meetingAram
KinkyGeeks - Bondage für Anfänger WorkshopBondage and Safety lesson for beginnerLil-Missy
KinkyGeeks - Bondage für Fortgeschrittene WorkshopAdvanced bondage lesson - not for beginnersLil-Missy
KinkyGeeks - Erste Hilfe - Kinky EditionFirst aid lesson for kinky peopleLil-Missy
KinkyGeeks - Hypnose für Anfänger WorkshopHypnosis lesson for beginnerLil-Missy
KinkyGeeks - Playfight Bondage Workshophow to: playful overpowering and bondage someoneLil-Missy
Knitting workshop (Strick- und Häkelworkshop)Learn how to knit/how to crochet. Lerne stricken/häkeln.Iblech
Krawalle & Liebe (non+ultras)Krawalle & Liebe (non+ultras)Dj-spock
Kreislaufwirtschaft fuer Hacker*innen und Aktivist*innenKreislaufwirtschaft ist eine Idee fuer eine nachhaltige Zukunft, die bei der Gestaltung unserer Produkte und unseres Konsums ansetzt. Worum geht es da genau und wie kann ich als Hacker*in oder Aktivist*in damit spielen, diese Idee nutzen und mit voranbringen?Kreatur
Kritical - Kubernetes in Critical InfrastructureThe meeting is to exchange ideas and opinions about the upcoming use of K8S in critical infrastructureThomas
Kritical - Kubernetes in Critigal InfrastructureThe meeting is to exchange ideas and opinions about the upcoming use of K8S in critical infrastructureThomas
LUKi Meetupcome together for people interested in LUKi e. V.A-mo-rex
La potéeWe cook soup (French)0x378
Learn To SolderLearn to Solder! A large variety of way cool kits are available, all designed for total beginners to complete successfully -- and intriguing enough for the total hardware geek.

This ongoing workshop will be happening concurrently with lots of other way cool workshops at the Hardware Hacking Area! Throughout all of 36C3.
Please come by any time to learn to solder!
Lebensdauer von Computern und warum sie so kurz istEin Workshop darüber, warum unsere technischen Geräte häufig durch neue ersetzt werden und wie wir das ändern könnten.Tropf
Lecture: agroforestryDeine datsche
Lectures: Analog StrategiesDeine datsche
LessWrong Congress MeetupMeetup for everyone interested or part of the Rationality/LessWrong movementFkarg
Lesswrong Rationality WorkshopWorkshop for improving rationality skillsMtijanic
Let's Watch JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Phantom BloodWe will watch the first 3 episodes of the most recent anime adaption of the first part of THE BEST MANGA IN THE WORLD: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (JJBA) by Hirohiko Araki and talk a bit.Taulex
Let's build our own congress for realThe Tinkerings now yearly rallying to start open sourcing enough (architectural) technology to start to build our own congress building. #0c3Louisfabu
Let's hack words!Let's hack words is a workshop for everyone, who wants to explore creative writing, build worlds and lets characters dive into adventures.Jinxx
Letter writing to prisoners, sitting in jail for hackingGetting together and writing letters and postcards to hackers in prisonAbcdd
Libre software translationLibre software translationKingu1
LibrePCB and Horizon EDA meetupLet's meet to talk about LibrePCB and Horzion EDA, two up-and-coming PCB design applicatios.Karotte
Lightningtalks bei den HaecksenWe present cool ideas and projects to each otherZitro
Loeten fuer Kinder und Einsteiger: Wir Bauen ein LED-SpielzeugEin 1-2 Stunden langer Lötunterricht (Durchsteckmontage), in dem wir ein einfaches Spielzeug bauenHammes Hacks
Love is Destruction, Love is Hope - Polyamory
Lö LötrouletteChrisC
MAKERbuino Building Session 1 @ JunghackertagBau deine eigene Spielekonsole! (ausgebucht)Micha
MAKERbuino Building Session 2 @ Hardware Hacking AreaBuild your own game console!Micha
MAKERbuino Programming SessionLet's make a game for the MAKERbuino!Micha
Mad LinnMad LinnDj-spock
Make peace not warcraftIntroduction, discussion and networking about peace-orientated technology development and assessment in hacker- & makerspacesSun
Makeup against surveillanceExplore how makeup can be used to look awesome and to prevent face detection!MartiniMoe
Mate MakingMorning Mate to wake you up and keep you Alert for the Day!!!Meta Mate
Matrix Python Chatbot WorkshopLet's use Python to make a chatbotBenpa
Matrix The GatheringCentralising the decentralisation fansBenpa
Matthias Lintner im InterviewDas Interview entfaellt zu der angekuendigten Zeit leider, da der Filmemacher auf Reisen ist.Kreatur
Mead making presentationA presentation on how to make Mead0x378
Mechanical Keyboard MeetupTry out a mechanical keyboard or show off your collection and chat with like-minded keyclackers.Rot13
Media art meetupart ∩ computers.Alg
Meet and solder the Bill BadgeLearn how to solder and play the Bill Badge game!Deantonious
Meetup of aerial performance artists and friendsMeetup of aerial aerial performance artists & friendsPazmil
Memorizing pi for fun (not for profit)Using a simple non-technique, we will memorize digits of pi. It's fun. No prerequisites needed. In English and German. Bring your kids! (all sessions are independent from each other)Iblech
MicroG User MeetupGathering of people that use microG on their phone (or plan to do so)Larma
MicroPython on the card10 for complete beginnersLearn MicroPython on the card10Schneider
Microachitectural Attacks: Round TableAn open discussion of microarchitectural attacks: Spectre, Meltdown, side channels, and so on. What can we do and what should we do about them?TheAlex
MicroraveMinimal space maximal entertainmentPiko
MindFuckHScome make your own hallucinogenic eyewearYair99
Minecraft for 36c3 KiddiesWir spielen MINECRAFT zusammen / We are playing MINECRAFT togetherPaul
Mini-Hackathon: Hacking EcologyMini-HackathonSperlea
Mobbing an der SchuleWorkshop zum Thema Mobbing/Gewalt an unseren SchulenToBeHH
Mobile App Entwicklung für totale AnfängerWir entwicklen gemeinsam eine kleine App für iPhones und Android Smartphones - und erklären dabei jeden einzelnen Schritt (We'll develop a simple mobile app - and explain each and every step along the way)Andru
Monitor anything you want.Monitor anything you want with Prometheus or Graphite using Grafana.Cellebyte
Monsoon Traxx (vir.go/Input x Stamia)Monsoon Traxx (vir.go/Input x Stamia)Dj-spock
Multigeiger bauenGeigerzähler– Hardwarebasteln mit LoRaWAN & WiFi Wir sind die Ecocurious-Initiative und haben einen LoRaWAN- und WiFi-fähigen Geigerzähler entwickelt. Diesen Low-Cost-Multigeiger mit gutem Zählrohr kannst Du bei uns löten, im Tausch gegen Materialkosten von 75 Euro mitnehmen und damit Teil unseres wunderbaren Messnetzes werden, das wir gerade aufbauen. Die Bauteile und unsere selbstentwickelte Platine bringen wir für Dich mit. Du findest uns in der Hardware Hacking Area, im Hamsterspace. Wir bieten 2 Workshop-Zeiten an: Am 29.12. von 14-17 Uhr und am 30.12. von 10-13 Uhr. Wir freuen uns auf Dich, mach mit!Ecocurious
My first kernel module: A keyloggerIntroduction to writing kernel modulesChrysh
NIFTI-MeetupNetzwerktreffen aller FNIT-GruppenJanepie
NO Unitary Software PatentsEU Software Patents v3.0Zoobab
Nachhaltige Mobilitätsplanung mit offenen DatenLotet mit uns zusammen aus, wie offene Daten zu einer nachhaltigen Entwicklung des städtischen Verkehrs und der Mobilität in Leipzig beitragen können!TilmanSchenk
NailmagicI will provide products and help you with making your nails beautiful and shiny using stamps, different colors, different techniques, etc. It will be at the Miniassembly (Hall 3,409.58,178.83,5)Vv
Nerfgun BattleTired of egoshooters? Feeling the need for better graphics, realistic physics and surround sound? Join the big Nerf-Gun Battle at 36c3! Come around - bring your own device - get shot!Troll
NetzDG-Reform - VernetzungDas BMJV hat einen bedenklichen Referententwurf für ein Gesetz zur Bekämpfung des Rechtsextremismus und der Hasskriminalität vorgelegt. Enthalten sind Verschärfung des NetzDG, des TMG, der STPO, des StGB und des BKAG. Wir wollen uns gern mit allen treffen, die an dem Thema arbeiten oder interessiert sind.Elisabethdigiges
Neues vom Datenschutz und der DSGVOKurz-Vorträge und Diskussion über Datenschutz, Datenpannen, Datensicherheit, Bußgelder und die Aktivitäten der Aufsichtsbehörden mit Mitarbeitern dieserAlvar Freude
Nibble++ - A very (!) hard Soldering ChallengeA simple PCB to test your SMD hand-soldering skills. Going down to sand grain sized 01005 SMD parts, this button is a challenge for experienced "soldiers" and those who want to become one.Marove
NixOS Install PartyLet’s install NixOS!Lassulus
No satisfaction without penetrationLecture/Hands-on combined security workshopMike
Nothing to Hide - Dokumentarfilm 2017Überwachte digitale WeltKreatur
Nudeln hacken - Wettbewerb für Junghacker von 5 Jahren bis ∞ (Session A)Wettbewerb für Junghacker von 5 Jahren bis ∞Stefan
Nudeln hacken - Wettbewerb für Junghacker von 5 Jahren bis ∞ (Session B)Wettbewerb für Junghacker von 5 Jahren bis ∞Stefan
Numerical Weather PredictionAn introduction to Numerical Weather Prediction systemsTecer
OPS erzählen vom KriegTherapiegruppe Sysadmins. Tales from the trenchesFuero
Offene Bühne für Wissenstransfer / Bandenbildung / AktionenKreatur
Oliotronix + der WarstOliotronix + der WarstDj-spock
Open Source SiliconUpdate on new advances in the area of open source silicon, including interesting new announcements.Mithro
Open Thinking Sustainable TechcancelledDreirik
Open and trustworthy point of sale!Open and trustworthy point of sale solution.DerMicha
Open dataopen dataVavoida
OpenStreetMap workshop - getting started, tools and route engine hackingIntroduction to the OpenStreetMap ecosystem + OsmAnd route engine hackingPietervdvn
OpenStreetMap workshop - introductionBasic introduction to OpenStreetMap mappingXamanu
Opening ceremony for 1000 piecesDeine datsche
Organspende und HirntodFindet nicht statt (Raumprobleme)Duddles
OrigamiOrigami for beginnersCyberpilot
POSTDIGITAL RELAXATION: AcupressureIt's a combination of acupressure and breathing techniques. How much pain do you carry? Can you imagine to make yourself perceptible? Can you imagine potential behind pain?Alibi
POSTDIGITALE RELAXATION: MassageGet a massage by professional therapists. In 20-Minutes-Slots you can reboot your head, shoulders and back.Alibi
PROPERTY - TRÄUME VON RÄUMEN - Dokumentarfilm 2019A dreamy big city atmosphere from a haven in the middle of Berlin, where a motley community of eccentric people have created their own world.Kreatur
PSLab, Pocket Science Lab Self guided exploratory workshopLearn about the open hardware pocket science labMarioB
Panel: How to grab and archive knowledge about plants?Deine datsche
Panel: body as interface?Deine datsche
Panel: how to raise voice against populist bananas?Deine datsche
Parkour - des Nerds LieblingssportEin einsteigerfreundlicher Einblick in alles rund um Parkour.Taulex
Parkour - des Nerds Lieblingssport?Ein einsteigerfreundlicher Einblick in alles rund um Parkour.Taulex
Passwordsafe für AnfängerDu wolltest schon immer einen Passwortsafe nutzen? In diesem Workshop richten wir uns einen Passwortsafe ein!Tjal
Pen&Paper RPGRound of Pen and Paper RPGShantalya
Pen&Paper RPG - DeponiaPen&Paper Session - Deponia - beginner-friendlyBraiins
Pen&Paper RPG - T.E.A.R.S.A Round of the P&P T.E.A.R.S. "Quest of Chaos"Dolonnen
Pentagame DojoJust playing PentagamePenta
Pentagame TheoryPentagame is a new abstract board game. We talk about some fundamental insights.Penta
Pentagame TurnierWir spielen ein Pentagame Turnier.Penta
Performance tentacular mappingDeine datsche
Performance: Artefact ExcursionDeine datsche
Physics for JungHacker*innenIn this guided tour you find out about the beauty of science. We have 6 tech-related installations designed for science communication,Xstageandi
Planet AHackers gathering to kickoff a social revolution project - Planet A. Updated description. Join #planet-a chat ! We have matrix server too (, chat name: 36c3).Zap
Polizeidatenbanken: Wer ist drin, wer will raus?Polizeidatenbanken: Was, wer, warum, wohin?Demi
Ponys auf PumpPolys auf PumpDj-spock
Powerplant TeammeetingTeam meeting for developers of/for powerplantAimeejulia
Proejction Mapping with the PiWelcome to Pi Mapper - a free and open source tool for projection mapping on the Raspberry PiKriwkrow
Projection Mapping with the Pi: AdvancedBased on the session the day before. Bring your Pi and let's try out advanced mapping tricks together!Kriwkrow
Protestformen im Gespräch - ein offener ErfahrungsaustauschKreatur
Pseudo-Yogafast wie echtes YogaPiko
Punani (non+ultras/Mensch Meier, Berlin)Punani (non+ultras/Mensch Meier, Berlin)Dj-spock
Python Programming for Absolute BeginnersIn this workshop, addressed at (absolute) beginners, you will get your feet wet in (Python) programming. Don't worry, everyone who wants to have a (first?) look at programming is welcome independently of their skills or background.Ingo
Python mit dem Lego EVO3 RoboterWir zeigen Schul-Projekte und bieten Einsteigern Hilfe an.DerMicha
Qi GongongongongongongQigong (chinesisch 氣功 / 气功, Pinyin qìgōng, W.-G. ch'i-kung), in geläufiger deutscher Schreibweise auch Chigong, ist eine chinesische Meditations-, Konzentrations- und Bewegungsform zur Kultivierung von Körper und Geist. (Quelle: Wikipedia)Alibi
Qubes OS Translation MeetupMeetup for people interested in translating Qubes OS website, docs and the system itself.Marmarta
QueerFeministGeeks - MeetUpQueerFeministGeeks - Meetup0range
Queeres-Nerd-TreffenMeetup für Queere MenschenFirstdorsal
Queerfeminist Families Plus Friends MeetupMeetup to meet other queer people who live with or care for kidsLila
QuietQube - AusweichmöglichkeitAusweichmöglichkeit QuietQubeBenjaminwand
REBOOT THAI STYLE: Learn how to thai massage your nerdy cramps awayIn our reactor you will learn how to reprogram a body with Thai massage.Alibi
REBOOT: Learn how to massage your nerdy cramps awayAlibi
RNGed marriageWe choose your partner at random and tape you together at the wrist.Li0n
Radiation Detection WorkshopWe'll present a number of different detectors for radiation.Thasti
Reclaim your (fitness) dataDiskuss how to reclaim the data of your fitness trackers.Magomi
Refugee-datathon-munichWe collect open data to inform better about asylum and migrationYnux
Repair for FutureHow Hackers and Repair Initiatives are coming togetherFraxinas
Robotron K8917robotron K8917 GKS Graphics Terminal - How does it work?Dkt
Rrrrrr (kuko)rrrrrr (kuko)Dj-spock
Rubik's Cube - Learn to SolveRubik's Cube - Understanding the cubeKmkkmk
Rum TastingLet's come together and have a rum tasting event.DenkBrettl
Running for CongressSemi-traditional gathering of running enthusiastsPhako
S.ra (IfZ/Rillendisco)s.ra (IfZ/Rillendisco)Dj-spock
S6/skaware MeetupMeetup for users of s6 and related software. Come ask questions!Profpatsch
SSG MeetupMeetup of people working on SSGKrawuzikapuzi
SSG Meetup 2A meeting of SSG devsKrawuzikapuzi
SUSI.AI Personal AssistantLet's do stuff with your real personal assistant - Create a bot, install SUSI.AI on your Desktop and moreMario
SUSI.AI Personal Assistant for Creators and ArtistsMarioB
SYSTEM ERROR - Dokumentarfilm 2018Ewiges Wachstum - Wie endet der Kapitalismus?Kreatur
Save the world! by creating a zineWhat are the most important problems you want to see solved in the world? Let's create a bunch of zines and do some story telling around it.Ghostrich
Scheitern als Chance - im GesprächEver tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.Kreatur
SearchWing - Rettungsdrohne im Mittelmeer - ReloadedWir haben die Gruppe SearchWing Augsburg im Mai 2017 gegründet - inspiriert vom Talk auf dem 33C3 von Steini, Ruben Neugebauer und benthor. An der Zielsetzung hat sich nichts geändert - wir helfen zivilen Rettungsorganisationen im Mittelmeer bei der Suche nach Schiffbrüchigen. Die sich verschärfende Klimakrise trägt ihren Teil dazu bei, das mehr Menschen eine lebensgefährliche Überfahrt über das Mittelmeer wagen und auf ihrem Weg in Lebensgefahr geraten. In diesem Talk berichten wir von den Schwierigkeiten und Herausforderungen beim Bau einer autonomen Drohne, die für den robusten Search-And-Resque (SAR) Einsatz im Mittelmeer geeignet ist. Wenn beispielsweise die Akkus auf dem Flughafen Hamburg im sicheren Schrank verbleiben, weil einer vergessen hat die Akkus für den Flug anzumelden... Wir erläutern den technischen Aufbau mit PixRacer Hardware, Mini Talon EPO Rumpf und den anderen Komponenten. Ungewöhnlich im Vergleich zum klassischen Modellflug ist der Long Range Telemetrie Funk, der große Akku (10000 mAh bei 2kg Fluggewicht) und das ganze Salzwasser :-(. Im Februar 2019 waren wir für Tests auf Malta und im Mai 2019 hat Björn dann den ersten Einsatz im Mittelmeer in Zusammenarbeit mit ResQShip e.V. gemacht. Deshalb können wir auch die Einsatzerfahrungen schildern - wie man das Flugzeug auf dem Schiff startet und landet. Zum Einstieg geben wir auch eine Zusammenfassung der Situation der Seenotrettung im Mittelmeer. Unser Flugzeug sammelt im Flug Bilder, die im Anschluss vom Flugzeug geladen und analysiert werden. Um diese manuelle Bildanalyse zu beschleunigen oder diese zukünftig bereits im Flug auf der Hardware auszuführen, entwickeln wir auch Computer Vision Algorithmen - auch davon werden wir auf dem Talk einen Überblick geben.KingBBQ
Selbstgebaute MusikMusik aus und mit modifizierten, selbstgebauten KlangerzeugernManu
Self-Organization with Getting Things Done, Bullet Journaling and CoOpen exchange for people who enjoy the tidy way of organizing oneself or who want to meet people who do so. Take your favorite todo list tool, self-orga methology or $thing and tell us how it helps you stay organized, well-informed or otherwise helps you living a well life. Remember: There's no method or tool that suits everyone and everyone has different priorities!Saxnot
Sensor.Community - Platform for Environmental DataCommunity driven network of over 10.000 sensors in 71 countries that enables citizens to measure Air Quality.Dreirik
Seweable electronics with the card10 badgeSchneider
Sexuelle Belästigung am ArbeitsplatzPrävention und InterventionNachdemsturm
Siebdruck / Screen printingprint the Haecksen-Logo on a fabric of your choiceZitro
Signal Angel Meeting Day 0Introduction Meeting for new and returning Signal AngelsTrilader
SingerundeWe are singing using analog instruments and our very own voices. Bring some instruments and songbooks if at hand.Hoechst
Smartcandymake your own sugar encased electronicsYair99
Smelly FamilySmelly FamilyDj-spock
Solare Stromversorgung UtopiastadtcampusDabei geht es auch um Leistungsdaten jedoch mehr um die Voraussetzungen die wir da haben, wie Sonnenstunden und Strahlungsleistung aus der die Solaranlage die Energie bezieht. Weiter habe ich mir dann noch Gedanken zur längeren Speicherung der Energie gemacht.Kreatur
Soldering Workshop (Chaos macht Schule)Learn how to solder. For beginners and moderately experienced kids (age < 18)Hbr
Soldering for Beginners: making an LED toyA 1-2 hour through hole soldering class where we build a simple toyHammes Hacks
Soldering for Children and Beginners: Making an LED ToyA 1-2 hour through hole soldering class where we build a simple toyHammes Hacks
Solidarity By Design: Technology for organising the GrassrootsLet's have a brainstorm about how technology can help the grassroots and labor organizing. Can we make it possible for gig economy workers to organize? Can we make it easier for people who've never been activists to get started? What are the needs, and what are the risks? We've been talking to labor unions big and small, and we have a lot of experience about the logistics of social movements. So we'll start by outlining what we've learned. If there's time, we'll tell you about an app we're making that will have several functionalities we believe to be helpful - but most of all, we want this to be a collaborative discussion.Evainfeld
SpaceAPIMeetup to discuss the SpaceAPI projectRnestler
Spielleitung von Pen&Paper für Anfänger/Pen&Paper Game Mastering for BeginnersAll you need to know if you want to become a Pen&Paper Game Master!Britt
Sprechtraining für FNTIEin kleiner Sprech- und Rhetorik-Kurs, primär für Frauen und nichtbinäre Personen.Piko
Stagemanagement Feedback GatheringStagemanagement Feedback GatheringKatzazi
Storytelling with handcrafted DiafilmDIY DiafilmRyo
Structural Gaps in Networks as a Source of InsightExploring a method for generating insight based on identifying structural gaps in networksAerodynamika
Subtitles AngelmeetingSubtitles AngelmeetingCube
Surface mount electronics assembly for terrified beginnersSurface mount electronics for terrified beginners. Learn to assemble tiny parts on circuit boards by building an electronic touch-activated purring kitten. Anyone can do it. Yes, even you who never touched anything electronic before. 120mins, 20€/kit, avoid caffeine immediately before. Max 20 participants per session, there is a PAPER!!1! signup list in the hardware hacking area.Kliment
Sweater Theory for BeginnersLearn how to make a very simple knitted sweater using basic arithmaticZitro
Systems design: Transparent persistence vs crash-onlyIntroduction to two properties of operating systems/programming languages/any software and their relationshipMichaelStruwe
T-Shirt Druckprint your own t-shirt, Bedruckt eure T-ShirtsPloenne
THC or how we built a decentralized treasure hunt for 36c3An overview of the framework we have built for our decentralized treasure hunt and a deep dive into our cheap zero knowledge proof protocolSirnicolaz
TacTacLights Nano Colour Reflow SolderingReflow soldering of the TicTacLights Nano Colour kitArne
Tantra YogaWhen is your time to breathe? Inhale. What makes you breathless? Exhale. Stop. Inhale. More. And more. What do you feel? Let go. Overcome your limits. Breathe.Alibi
Tape Set: Dj ShluchtDeine datsche
Tech-Coops MeetupA meetup for everyone interested in workers'-owned tech-coops or already involved in one. Just drop by!It-kollektiv
Technological Narratives: Solarpunk, Cyberpunk, PopcultureThe western culture offers a very distilled narrative on what technology is and who builds, owns and profits from it. Most non-technical audiences are unaware of how subjective this perspective is - and how strongly it favours well-marketed multinational corporations over local solutions. This talk will explore most problematic themes and how they relate to the hacker approach.Alxd
Teepunsch TastingWe are tasting a classic north german drink called Teepunsch (alcoholic).Scammo
Telekommunikationsüberwachung in DeutschlandFrage-Antwort-Runde mit einem InsiderMozilla
Tentacular Mapping:Mikroben. Mikroorganismen. Pilze die im Mensch leben. Mensch der in Pilzen lebt. Ineinander leben. Eins werden, mehrere sein. Bewusstsein im Körper. Materie als Bewusstsein. Unsichtbar. Verloren in unseren Begrenzungen. Einander auffressen. In Bruchstücke spalten. Sich gegenseitig zersetzen. Verbindungen reißen um gleich darauf neu zu zerfließen. Vermehren, sich verdichten, verschmelzen um sich dann explosionsartig zu entfalten und die Grenzen zerbersten, die Hüllen zerplatzen.Deine datsche
Test 2TestNexus
The Bisq DAO: A New Model for Sustainable Free SoftwareThis talk covers the primary mechanisms by which this is possible, offering a completely new paradigm for funding free software...that could maybe one day be applied to make consumer services, government, and business more sustainable and more accountable.
The Brain Computer InterfaceOverview on BCI technology and speculation of what will happen in the FutureWasabiWasabi
The Creative Potential of Software (Mis)UseOpen session to discuss interesting use cases of creative software misuse.Aerodynamika
The Power of Participation: Akteursbasierte StadtplanungNeue Ansätze sind gefragt, die Top-Down-Planung und Bottom-Up-Initiativen miteinander zu verknüpfen, um nachhaltige und zukunftsfähige Lebensräume zu gestalten.Kreatur
The Secret Truecrypt Audit from the BSIIn 2010 the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) created a security audit of the encryption software Truecrypt - and didn't publish it. The talk will present some of these findings and discuss the questionable role of the BSI.Dreirik
The chromium mess meets AndroidWebView is one of the core components of the Android system, used and abused by apps to render web content (HTML, CSS, JS). WebView is nowadays built out of the Chromium source tree which has been plagued by privacy and freedom issues. As a fully free-software Android distribution, Replicant is exploring different paths to create a WebView build that respects user's privacy and freedom. Our tentative approaches go all the way from further cleaning the Chromium source after projects like ungoogled-chromium, to fully replacing WebView by a shim built around GeckoView. We will present our approaches on this lightning talk, on the hopes of getting feedback from the community and engaging other projects to collaborate with us.Dllud
The mysterious simplicity of FORTHIntroduction to FORTH – a very unusual, weird programming language.MichaelStruwe
The state of secure messaging: the case of OTROn this talk, we will talk about the state of different secure messaging applications: from MLS, Signal, Wire to OTR. We will talk around what impact they have as a technology used to resist mass surveillance and why they are needed in the current ever oppressive world. We will look at the challenges they face and what need ideas come with the 4th version of OTR.Dreirik
Tor Organizations MeetupKantorkel
Tor relay operator meetupTor operator meetup, discussion and partly moderatedUtzer
Traditional Kimchi MakingThis workshop is dedicated to the traditional Korean 김치 (kimchi) making. You will learn the bases by preparing at least one or two type of kimchies based on wild style fermentation.0x378
Translation Team MeetingThe c3lingo team meets twice a day. Join us to help us doing live interpretations of all talks.Katti
Treffen chaos.jetztWir wollen junge Leute im Chaos-Umfeld vernetzen und die Jugendarbeit in den einzelnen Spaces stärken. Komm vorbei, trink eine Mate und lass die Welt verändern.Scammo
TrickmischTrickfilme selber machen, make your own stop-motionsSilvio
Trotz Schule die Zukunft meistern?Mitmach-Workshop für Menschen von 10-100 JahreStefan
TwinkMeetupTwink Geeks Gathering - Flausch für Jungs 🏳️🌈C3twinks
Ultraschall BetatestStart des Betatests der neuen Ultraschall-VersionRstockm
Unixporn PartyLive out and share your unixporn passion with others, or just try yourself out at styling your desktop-environment.Avocadoom
Using Arduino to control sensors and servosIntroduction into Arduino, Sensors and Servomotors. Hands on how to get things moving depending on the sensor output.Fm
VCFB 2020 planningcollecting ideas for the Vintage Computing Festival Berlin 2020Zeltophil
VULCRAmeetupVULCA - MeetupXro
Valeska (TRIP/L1CK)Valeska (TRIP/L1CK)Dj-spock
Vaporizer user MeetupVaporizer Enthusiasts Meetup
Vektorgrafiken mit InkscapeGrundlegendes zu Pixel vs Vektoren ür den PlotterE-punc
VelomobilesResearched for next car, ended up with velomobile.TW
Video Editing for Absolute BeginnersAll the fundamental basics of editing videos to get you started editing your own masterpieces.Taulex
Video Gaming Addiction - A Real Psychological Disorder?Is there such a thing as "Gaming Addiction" and is there a cure?Britt
Vorstellung Thema des Tages: Back to NatureHeute sollen alternative Ansätze zum Thema 'Umwelt, Natur & Nachhaltigkeit' sowie 'Leben und Arbeiten unter einem Dach im ländlichen Raum' vorgestellt werden. Im Im Anschluss Workshop zur Konsensdemokratie plus Fahrradkino.Kreatur
WELCOME TO SODOM - Dokumentarfilm 2018Die Rückseite deines KonsumsKreatur
WORKSHOP: Konsensdemokratie6 Gruppen 1 Workshop richtig gut!Kreatur
Warm-up und BreiSport and PorridgeDeine datsche
Was hat es mit der Wohnungsfrage auf sich und wie stellt sie sich in Leipzig?Beschreibung der Wohnungsfrage in Deutschland, spezifisch in Leipzig samt der sich daraus ergebenden aktuellen Konflikte.Kreatur
Was kann ich tun, um umweltbewusster und klimaneutraler zu leben?Wie kann ich meine Welt verbessern?! – Niederschwellige HandlungsanweisungenAtoll
Was macht Bambuszahnbürsten so viel besser, außer dass du Plastik sparst?Hast du dich schonmal gefragt, was Bambuszahnbürsten überhaupt bringen, wenn sie über die ganze Welt zu uns fliegen?Toni
Wein : OfflineEin Reise durch Bioweine von unabhängige QuellenGnomus
WerewolfWerewolf, the (roleplaying)(card)gameHaurane
Werwölfe von Düsterwaldwir wollen Werwölfe spielen (auf deutsch) und dafür einen dedicated Raum haben.Kmille
What is the Tinkering To Come?The Secretary of the Tinkering To Come explains the MissionLouisfabu
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