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Description meetup for firmware developers no2
Type Meeting
Kids session No
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Person organizing IzidorMakuc
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Subtitle part 2
Starts at 2019/12/28 18:00
Ends at 2019/12/28 19:30
Duration 90 minutes

UPDATE: For all additional info you can contact me on twitter: @IMakuc

Hi, 27.12 was the first firmware developers meetup. We had great fun talking about how we develop firmware, so we decided to do the meetup also on 28.12 so more firmware developers can join the meetup.

Here is the original description of the event:

the plan is to organize a meetup for all the firmware developers attending the C3. Ill announce the final meetup location when Ill arrive to the conference and figure out how things will be set up this year...

We will talk about firmware development in general, problems that we are facing.... So everybody should just think what they are interested in and we can talk about it...

Some topics I find interesting and we will talk about are:

  • opensource and licensing in fw development
  • general talk about development tools we are using when developing fw, best practices, benefits of using opensource tools vs buying commercial tools
  • benefits from using opensource libs vs buying commercial libs vs writting your own libs
  • freelancing, remote work and why companies employing fw devs are not so interested in acquiring remote firmware developers compared to normal software dev compaines
  • HALs mania, why is every mcu vendor writing its own hal and why isnt there a standard HAL api shared between different mcu manufacturers
  • most bizarre or interesting bugs you encountered in your career
  • debugging hw from firmware perspective. What do you expect from hw enginners when getting new pcb design
  • best practices in debugging firmware
  • testing firmware
  • ...

Think about topics you are interested in and write them down so you wont forget them when you attend the meetup. Check regulary this wiki page for future updates on time/place...

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