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Description You like an Android withough Google? This is an interactive workshop to present the Free Software App repository called F-Droid and the outstanding functionalities of its clients called F-Droid and G-Droid. After that we discover the best (imho!) Android-based Free Software apps including anonymization, encryption and syncronization - and you have the possibility to present your personal favorite Free Software app as well.
Type Workshop
Kids session No
Keyword(s) software
Tags android, fdroid, gdroid, surveillance, anonymity, encryption, openstreetmap, tor, pgp, omemo, offline, xmpp, nocloud, google, foss, floss
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Person organizing Dreirik
Language en - English
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Subtitle Android without Google
Starts at 2019/12/28 21:00
Ends at 2019/12/28 23:00
Duration 120 minutes
Location Room:Lecture room M2

After a short introduction about (non-existing) freedoms in Android & its Custom ROMs, we will discover F-Droid, the Free Software app repository and explore the functionalities and possible usage of its client with the same name.

This F-Droid client is characterized by an anarchic design, it is resistant to censorship and surveillance and comes with a lot of emancipating features for its users. Unfortunately, it can be also a bit confusing in the beginning. This is where G-Droid comes in, a fork of the F-Droid client that can access the very same repository of Free Software apps while offering completely new qualities in information management. Getting to know both of them and their respective benefits is first part of the workshop.

To make the first steps of discovering freedom on mobile phones a pleasant experience, some of the best (imho!) Free Software apps from F-Droid (the repository) will be presented in the second part of the workshop, including anonymization, encryption and syncronzation.

This is an interactive session for everyone! You can ask any question at any time and if I cannot help you someone else from the audience usually can. During and after the workshop all participants are invited to introduce their personal favorite apps from F-Droid. Sharing is caring and this way we will all know more in the end.

So if you are up for F- and G-Droid or feel like discovering the good side of Free Software on mobile phones then come and join the session!

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