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If you work on some project on 36C3 or just want to show on what you are usually working, you're encouraged to tell others about your presence and what you're doing.

So, if you like, create a page containing information about you and your project using the project form. You can also add a project section to your Assemblies page.

Reserving seats and table space for your project

This time there a lot will be different, as we want you to bring more of that Camp feeling to the Congress! There is this assemblies thing, that should work much like Villages on the Camp, but not exactly the same way. So your project page will be for your project, but not for reserving seats.

But you feel your work will be interesting for others to come around and have a look at it or talk to you? Set up an Assembly as a home base for you and your fellow hackers and maybe even more of your projects.

List of projects

List of Projects

// foss.eventsFOSS, FLOSS, Free, Libre and/or Open Source Software Events in Europe: Unity in diversity!About:freedom
Anger Exchange PointAre you bored by your anger and want a new one? Exchange it!Haecksen
Arch LinuxArch Linux Distro ProjectSigsegv
Arduino SpätiArduino SpätiTelnet
AuthorizerTurn your (old) smartphone into a Hardware Password Manager! Authorizer emulates an HID keyboard over USB and enters your credentials on your target device. Additionally it supports OTP.Telnet
BBS RevivalBBS (Bulletin Board System) RevivalRetronetworking / BBS-Revival
BildschirmtextProviding Bildschirmtext to the 36c3Vintage Computing
Bill BadgeMultiplayer game badge using IR communication!MysteryHack
BorgBackupBorgBackup backup softwarePython
Browsers on PhosphorA JS graphicsdriver for oscilloscopeChaosZone
Bureau for Intergalactic AffairsThe intergalactic Passport offering you all possibilities to travel through our galaxy.Toppoint
CCC wishesCome to the Wishtisch and tell us your wish/idea for the #36c3. We'll collect it, twitter it @c3wishes and fulfill the wish (if possible) or help you to fulfill it yourself.
CalliopeCalliope Mini hacken.C-base / CCC-B / xHain
Camping Mattress RepairSleeping on a camping mattress during congress and it's loosing air? I have several meters of patches to help you out.C3sus
CocktailTDIAn Automatic Cocktail MixerScience Communication Center
CodepongPong with barcode readers/dev/lol
CoderDojo@c-baseCoderDojo auf der c-baseC-base / CCC-B / xHain
Computational CookbookThis was a small project to collect the recipes from to a structured form.Eco Hacker Farm
Continuous security testingI do a lot of things a whole lot, so why not automate these things? What thing? Things like portscans, masscans, vulnscans, bruteforces, sqlmaps, etc...HSBE
CyBarCooled tschunk making bot called "fusion core".C3pb
DinoDino is a modern open-source chat client for the desktop.XMPP
E2ELWe discuss various radical benefits of decentralized systems from a left perspectiveTelekommunisten
ElectronicsExchangeC3Sustainability provides a collection and exchange of batteries, old devices and small pieces of electronic waste.C3sus
EmptyEpsilonEmptyEpsilon is a spaceship bridge simulator game/dev/lol
Encrypted DNSRunning a DoH/DoT/DNSCrypt resolver on the Congress
Fediverse and DemocracyTrying to have some qualitative interviews about the fediverse, social media and the influence of communication structure on democracy. It's planed to use them as material for a book about the Fediverse and Democracy.
Feminist LibraryThe start of a feminist libraryHaecksen
FilamentExchangeWe provide a filament exchange for 3D printing nerds.ChaosZone
FomuFomu - the FPGA in your USB PortHardware Hacking Area
Free virtual machinesproviding free vmsMischkonsum
Gledgled: gled is an application for creating animations and effects on light installations.
HAKETa labour theory of value cryptocurrencyTelekommunisten
HFOSHFOS is the opensource vessel computer systemC-base / CCC-B / xHain
Hacking LicenceYour daily basic hacking learning lesson.Digitalcourage
Holy Printerself printing, code retrieving service
Horizon EDAFree EDA package for PCB designSelfnet e.V.
HubbleMultitool for SFP transceiversSelfnet e.V.
Inquiry IncAn in(ter)dependent nomadic art program based on free knowledge, contemporary artistic experiment and collaborative new media (co)production.
IsomerIsomer is a new distributed application frameworkC-base / CCC-B / xHain
JuliaLangJulia programming languageJuliaLang
JunghackertagJunghacker*innentag, der Tag für die kommenden Generationen!
LernOS Podcasting GuideUpdating the lernOS Podcasting Guide to a new versionSendezentrum - Podcasting
LibgtkflowFlow Graphs in Gtk+3NATO - Nerdy Augspurgian Technomant's Organization
ListlingWeb app to make and edit lists collaboratively.ICMP
LoRaWAN Energy Harvester NodeCreating a Enerty Harvesting node for LoRaWANThe Things Freewaves
Lsmounta simple formatter for /proc/mountsICMP
Malware Sample ExchangeAn airgapped box to share samples with other attending researchers. Also looking forward to interesting discussions.MysteryHack
MemorialLet's celebrate famous women in tech!Haecksen
Metalab DomeThe 9m Aluminium dome from Metalab, standing at Chaos West LoungeChaos West
MicroGA free-as-in-freedom re-implementation of Google’s proprietary Android user space apps and libraries.About:freedom
MicroRaveMinimal space maximal power
Minecraft ChallengeMinecraft ChallengeTelnet
MovimResponsive web-based cross-platform XMPP clientXMPP
NamecoinNamecoin is a cryptocurrency (first project forked from Bitcoin) that implements a decentralized DNS and PKI, which is resistant to censorship, hijacking, and other tampering.Monero
Netizen index of e-voting requirementsCreating an index of requirements for electronic voting systems
Nibble KlammerWe are bringing 3000 Pegs and 14000 LEDs. Come by and solder your own Nibble Peg!Nibble Area
Nsupdate.infonsupdate,info dyndns software and servicePython
OpenappstackOpenAppStack is a free and open source platform that will offer self-managed, click-and-play provisioning of online applications.Anarchist Village
OsmocomOpen Source Mobile CommunicationsRetronetworking / BBS-Revival
Osmocom E1 USB AdapterOpen Source E1 (ISDN PRI) USB AdapterRetronetworking / BBS-Revival
PentagameAbstract pentagram shaped board gameC-base / CCC-B / xHain
Phone Recycle BinOld smartphones needed for GSM
Pi MapperProject that summarizes Pi Mapper related activities at the 36C3Milliways
PoezioXMPP console clientXMPP
PoliticindexA new Way to keep track of Politics
RC RacetrackRacetrackAaaaaaaaaaaa
Radiation DetectorsWe'll bring different kinds of radiation detectors! And lasers!Loetlabor Jena
RejisutaOpen, easy and trustworthy point of sale solution!C-base / CCC-B / xHain
ReplicantReplicant is a fully free software Android distribution that puts emphasis on freedom, privacy and security.Replicant
Restrting Development AidSearching for better ways to foster social and economic transformation
Satoshi SquarePerson-to-person cryptocurrency (Bitcoin...) exchange
Scavenger Leak BotCrawler (Bot) searching for credential leaks on different paste sites.
SchallKreis24 channel circular sound investigation
Secure Bootloader for Insecure FirmwaresGoal is to create a secure flashing mechanism for a microcontroller with the assumption that the firmware running on it can be compromised. It's an Automotive Security project. Let's discuss the design and implementation; or Automotive Security in general!Binary kitchen
SeedexchangeSwap seeds at the seedexchange and grow some new resources!Haecksen
SeidenstrasseSeidenstrasse is a pneumatic tube system made using vacuum cleaners and drainage pipeChaos West
SerpenteA Tiny CircuitPython Prototyping
SerpentguardHunting Malware in the Python Package IndexNATO - Nerdy Augspurgian Technomant's Organization
Sporksc3sus is selling stainless steel sporks for sustainability-minded people that don't want to use single-use cutlery and forgot to bring their own cutleryC3sus
Sticker tablelong table for sticker exchangeChaosZone
SuperkarussellThe SuperKarussel from Schneiders Büro is once again located in the Art&Play areaArt-and-Play
THC - Treasure Hunt CreatorA tool to create treasure hunts as DApps on EthereumSocial Dist0rtion Protocol
TWANGInteractive One-Dimensional dungeon crawler gameAaaaaaaaaaaa
Telnet ChallengeTelnet-Challenge a.k.a. Winkekatzen-ChallengeTelnet
The Holy Printer of the Vatican Embassyself printing service
Toot My T-shirt!tshirt photos collection, add yours!
TorBoxTorBox is an easy to use, anonymizing router based on a Raspberry Pi.

We need feedback - and we are willing to gift something in return.

More information:
UltraschallPodcasting Open Source Aufsatz für die DAW REAPERSendezentrum - Podcasting
WASM SYNTHWASM SYNTH is a synthesizer built from scratch in C++ and made available on the web through WebAssembly and emscripten.Social Dist0rtion Protocol
Xmpp-rsRust XMPP libraryXMPP

There are 91 announced projects.

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