Session:Badgelife Meetup

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Description Informal gathering of people interested in artistic, electronic conference badges and PCB design in general
Type Meeting
Kids session No
Keyword(s) social, hardware, art, game
Tags hardware, pcb, badgelife, design, art
Processing assembly Assembly:Labitat
Person organizing Tf
Language en - English
en - English
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Starts at 2019/12/29 16:00
Ends at 2019/12/29 17:00
Duration 60 minutes
Location Assembly:Labitat

This is an informal gathering of all people interested in the artform that is electronic badges and creative usage of printed circuit boards. If you have either made a badge (official or not, this event or other events) to show off or are interested to see and talk about badges that other people have made, come by and hang out at this meetup.

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