Room:Seminar room 14-15

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Part of venue CCL
Located on level 2
Size (in m²) 66
Seats 20
Seating banquette seating
  • projector
  • tables
Notes Lecture room 14/15 combined are one of the smaller workshop rooms in the CCL, has tables and is best suited for smaller workshops or hands-ons.
Further information
This room is avaliable for Static:Self-organized_Sessions


SessionEvent TitleStartDuration
C3autiC3auti - Teammeeting Tag 026 December 2019 14:00:00120 min
Signal Angel Meeting Day 0Signal Angel Meeting Day 026 December 2019 20:00:0045 min
Subtitles AngelmeetingSubtitles Angelmeeting26 December 2019 22:00:0060 min
Subtitles AngelmeetingSubtitles Angelmeeting27 December 2019 11:00:0060 min
Japanese (Reading) Beginner to ExpertJapanese (Reading) Beginner to Expert27 December 2019 12:30:0090 min
Nachhaltige Mobilitätsplanung mit offenen DatenNachhaltige Mobilitätsplanung mit offenen Daten - Sustainable urban mobility planning with open data27 December 2019 14:00:00150 min
Sprechtraining für FNTISprechtraining für FNTI27 December 2019 16:30:0090 min
Improv Theater/ Applied ImprovisationImprov Theater/ Applied Improvisation - 10 ways of anything27 December 2019 18:00:0090 min
Numerical Weather PredictionNumerical Weather Prediction - A gentle introduction to numerical weather prediction, running WRF, and visualizing results27 December 2019 19:30:00180 min
Mobile App Entwicklung für totale AnfängerMobile App Entwicklung für totale Anfänger - Interaktive Live-Programmierung (also possible in English if desired)27 December 2019 22:30:0090 min
Parkour - des Nerds Lieblingssport?Parkour - des Nerds Lieblingssport?28 December 2019 10:00:0060 min
Monitor anything you want.Monitor anything you want. - Intro into prometheus-client libs and writing your first exporter.28 December 2019 11:00:00120 min
Exploring sustainability in a playful way with improvExploring sustainability in a playful way with improv - Sustainable Improv28 December 2019 13:00:0090 min
Conceptual Models of SustainabilityConceptual Models of Sustainability28 December 2019 14:30:0030 min
Sexuelle Belästigung am ArbeitsplatzSexuelle Belästigung am Arbeitsplatz28 December 2019 15:00:00120 min
Spielleitung von Pen&Paper für Anfänger/Pen&Paper Game Mastering for BeginnersSpielleitung von Pen&Paper für Anfänger/Pen&Paper Game Mastering for Beginners28 December 2019 17:00:0060 min
Structural Gaps in Networks as a Source of InsightStructural Gaps in Networks as a Source of Insight28 December 2019 18:00:00120 min
XMPP User MeetupXMPP User Meetup28 December 2019 20:00:0090 min
Video Editing for Absolute BeginnersVideo Editing for Absolute Beginners28 December 2019 21:30:0030 min
EsperantoEsperanto - a planned nerd language actually spoken28 December 2019 22:00:00119 min
Wissen vs. MachtWissen vs. Macht - Talk + Discussion29 December 2019 00:00:0060 min
Binäre Zahlen und Montessori - Wiederholung!!Binäre Zahlen und Montessori - Wiederholung!!29 December 2019 10:00:0060 min
Introduction to Natural Language ProcessingIntroduction to Natural Language Processing29 December 2019 11:00:00120 min
Repair for FutureRepair for Future29 December 2019 13:30:0060 min
Mobbing an der SchuleMobbing an der Schule29 December 2019 15:00:0060 min
A:f meetupA:f meetup29 December 2019 16:00:0090 min
Radiation Detection WorkshopRadiation Detection Workshop29 December 2019 17:30:0030 min
AG KRITISAG KRITIS29 December 2019 18:00:00120 min
Community AccountabilityCommunity Accountability29 December 2019 20:00:0060 min
Pen&Paper RPGPen&Paper RPG29 December 2019 21:00:00360 min
Video Gaming Addiction - A Real Psychological Disorder?Video Gaming Addiction - A Real Psychological Disorder?30 December 2019 10:00:0060 min
Getting to know JuliaGetting to know Julia30 December 2019 11:00:00120 min
Kritical - Kubernetes in Critical InfrastructureKritical - Kubernetes in Critical Infrastructure - Upcoming challenges to move from cloud native to a security aware mindset30 December 2019 13:00:0090 min
Kritical - Kubernetes in Critigal InfrastructureKritical - Kubernetes in Critigal Infrastructure - Upcoming challenges to move from cloud native to a security aware mindset30 December 2019 13:00:0090 min
Was macht Bambuszahnbürsten so viel besser, außer dass du Plastik sparst?Was macht Bambuszahnbürsten so viel besser, außer dass du Plastik sparst?30 December 2019 14:30:0030 min
Translation Team MeetingTranslation Team Meeting - Final Meeting Day 430 December 2019 15:00:0060 min
Behavioural change and changing habitsBehavioural change and changing habits - Follow Up: People who want to continue the talk can meet30 December 2019 16:00:00120 min
Stagemanagement Feedback GatheringStagemanagement Feedback Gathering30 December 2019 18:15:0090 min

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