Session:Demystifying Deepfakes

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Description I wanted to know what the fuzz is all about in the newspapers and tried to understand some details in deepfake video generation. This talk aims to be slightly more technical than a youtube introduction on deepfakes and slightly less useful for creating your own deepfake video.
Type Talk
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Keyword(s) political, software, science
Tags deepfakes, faceswap, educational
Person organizing A0b1
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Duration 60 minutes
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Newspaper articles on deepfakes are usually titled something like "The very serious dangers of deepfakes", "How the internet will be destroyed in 5 seconds" or, at best, "Deepfakes - should we be concerned? Spoiler: yes". This is the talk of a concerned citizen with not enough computing power wanting to find out what we are actually talking about when we are talking deepfakes. I will go through the steps involved when creating a deepfake including some technical details and some common sense. Deep learning knowledge is not required, but some deep learning may appear.

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