Session:Structural Gaps in Networks as a Source of Insight

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Description Exploring a method for generating insight based on identifying structural gaps in networks
Type Hands-On
Kids session No
Keyword(s) social, political, hardware, software, science, art, music, game, inside, network, web, hacking, coding, security, safety
Tags networks, analysis, science, art
Person organizing Aerodynamika
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Starts at 2019/12/28 18:00
Ends at 2019/12/28 20:00
Duration 120 minutes
Location Room:Seminar room 14-15

In this session we will share a method for generating insight using network analysis.

We will use open-source software InfraNodus, which you can install using — or get your own preferred network visualization and analysis tool (e.g. Gephi, Pajek or others).

Using the example of text network analysis we will demonstrate a method for generating insight and understanding how any discourse can be developed in an interesting way. We will then try to apply the same method and approach to other datasets and your own examples that you will hopefully bring with you.

    • UPDATE**

It turned out there was a scheduling bug, so if anyone is interested in talking about this topic and trying out the approach with text networks, please, send me a message on Telegram @noduslabs or Signal @aerodynamika and we can schedule a session on the 29th or the 30th when it's convenient for you. I apologize if you were affected by this and if it disrupted your plans.

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