Session:No satisfaction without penetration

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Description Lecture/Hands-on combined security workshop
Type Workshop
Kids session No
Keyword(s) hacking, coding, security
Tags Security, Pentest, Lecture, Hackit, Workshop
Person organizing Mike
Language en - English
en - English
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Duration 120 minutes
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Update 28.12.2019: Workshop date was changed to 30.12/10:00 due to travel problems. We try to be there in time but this can't be guaranteed :/ Sorry for the inconvenience!

Update 29.12.2019: Workshop has to be cancelled. Sorry again :/

This workshop is a mix of a lecture about the basic principles of vulnerabilities and security-hackits. You'll learn about the problem behind vulnerabilities in the first step and you can try to exploit those vulnerabilities afterwards (hands on!). The hacks could be applied to various topic fields like embedded/automotive, web etc. It's all about the fun of pentesting.

Please note: You need some average knowledge in Python scripting or alterantivelly you can just attend the lecture (but won't be able to do the practical parts).

Requirements (Please read carefully):

-> Minimum average knowledge in Python scripting. You'll be given some code snippets to begin with and create your hacks. Optionally you can use your own language but support is not guaranteed!

-> Hardware: Your own Laptop/PC with network connection

-> Software: Linux based OS with Python installed. The following libraries have to be installed:

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