Session:Makeup against surveillance

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Description Explore how makeup can be used to look awesome and to prevent face detection!
Type Workshop
Kids session Yes
Keyword(s) social, political, art, inside, hacking, safety
Tags Makeup, surveillance, face detection, adam harvey
Processing assembly Assembly:HerzSi
Person organizing MartiniMoe
Language de - German, en - English
de - German, en - English
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Starts at 2019/12/28 12:00
Ends at 2019/12/28 16:00
Duration 240 minutes
Location Assembly:Chaos West

Following Adam Harveys CV Dazzle ( we want to find out how to use makeup to not only look awesome, but also prevent face detection!

We bring makeup, hair extensions, jewelry, etc and a webcam with a simple face detection algorithm (of course nothing gets recorded).

Join us in exploring the limits of face detection! Bring friends, own makeup etc if you want! :)

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