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Please note that assembly registration is on Read more about this year's registration on this year's blog post. Feel free to add a page here with more details about your Assembly.

We do not monitor this page here and entries here are NOT a registration for an assembly!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate and contact the assemblies Team via 36C3 {at}

Over the last years we've seen a shift in focus away from group meetings and discussing topics at hand towards lectures and workshops. For many groups it was hard to find a decent home base to store their equipment and to get new folks interested in their community. On the other hand, for new hackers it became harder to find someone to talk to, as everybody was wandering around. At the Chaos Communication Camp, we had a solution for that: Villages. Groups of people sharing ideas, from hackerspaces or projects come together in what is called an Assembly.

So, if you're a group of hackers that likes to work and hang out together, bring your toys, work on projects, have fun, let others participate in what you're doing, and present yourself to new hackers! See also the blog post from 29C3 on this, and especially the update from this year's blogpost.

We want to have workshops or talks at our Assembly!

This is great! The Assemblies are an integral part of the congress and make up a lot of the program: Sharing knowledge and presenting your projects is central for the conference. If your Assembly also wants to offer workshops, sessions and other activities like lectures on a small scale, state that in your Assembly registration page.

If you want to have a separate place in your Assembly for ongoing sessions, tell us what your plans are and how many people you want to accommodate. Please be as specific as possible. We will probably not allocate extra workshop space for your Assembly if your registration doesn't really show the requirement for large space. Publishing a schedule in advance, topics and speakers will definitely help to convince us.

For bigger self-organized sessions there will be separate smaller and larger workshop rooms you can register for on-site. If you are not planning to have many events, please use them instead of requiring extra space at your Assembly.

What should we consider when registering?

Read the Blogpost!

The more you tell us about your plans, the better your chances are that you'll actually get what you want and need. Please let us know what you are planning to do, how much space you'll need, what you'll like to bring with you, how much power your gear will consume, etc. You should also mention what kind of space you want. If you only want to hang out with a few friends, you might be ambiguous about your space, but if you want to present your Assembly and discuss with people passing-by, you might want a public space. Be as specific and realistic with your plans and requirements as possible. Please note that we won't allocate space for every Assembly this year: We will reserve space for the Assemblies actively adding value to our community on site and leave it to you to share the rest of the space. Also consider organizing yourselves in chaos competence centers.

What should we bring, what will be there?

The only infrastructure provided by the congress will be:

  • tables and chairs,
  • a power line
  • network access on location.

Though there will be a large number of power outlets and switches, you cannot rely on them being available to you. This means that you have to bring all equipment yourself, which is:

  • power multipliers and strips,
  • switches and network cables,
  • projectors and hackerspace/project swag.

Assemblies are invited to bring their toys and also to decorate their spots on the congress and its environment, as long as whatever you bring is not inflammable or blocks exit paths (This is required! Otherwise we are forced to remove them!). If you want to bring bigger things or other uncommon stuff, please contact us. There is also a special wiki site for large things you bring but cannot maintain yourself, so somebody else might take care of it during the congress.

Shared Spaces

Shared Spaces are tables that must not be permanently occupied. They are intended for those who don't have an Assembly, but want to sit down for a moment, and for workshops of the surrounding Assemblies. If you plan a workshop at a shared space, be fair and let the people sitting there know in advance (easiest is to place a sign). Workshops do have prio, if they have been announced before.

List of Assembly pages

The list below is automatically filled using semantic information on the Assembly pages. If you want to add your Assembly to the list, just create it using the Assembly form. If you like to update the corresponding information below, head to your Assembly page and update it using the edit button. Note that it might take some time until the information below gets updated as the list contains cached information.

Be aware that this is only the list of registered Assemblies - some of them might not have an allocated spot in the house!

List of Assemblies

Name Description Tags Center Website
3D Printing Assembly 3D print service 3d printer
402 Payment Required A place for all Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and alike - feel free to join if you interested in open-source payment solutions. bitcoin, blockchain, lightning
About:freedom about:freedom is a cluster with a focus on digital (human) rights politics, freedom of information and Free Software. At this camp we extend our focus with the struggle for a social-ecological transformation. advocacy, civil society, copyleft, data protection, digital rights, diversity, free software, freedom, human rights, law, policy, politics, privacy, public, rights, sustainability, user rights
About:future about:future is a cluster with a focus on sustainability and social-ecological transformation. We are a union of initiatives and non-profits who advocate for political change and develop solutions for a sustainable and fair society. The core defining principles of our cluster are the realisation that the climate crisis we are facing is human-made, and that we need large-scale systemic change in our economies and societies to limit its impact as fast as possible. climate, climate change, climate crisis, climate justice, digital sustainability, policy, politics, sustainability,
About:social about:social is an assembly for socialworkers and nerds with social responsibility digitalemündigkeit, digitalesoa, social responsibility, socialwork, sozialearbeit,,
Anarchist Black Cross Anarchist Black Cross is a solidarity organization activism, anarchism, politics, prison, repressions, solidarity,
Anarchist Village Anarchist meeting spot and hacking place anarchism, ftp, hacking, politics
Backspace assembly:backspace - hackerspace, makerspace and CCC Erfa from Bamberg, Germany. Part of the Franconian. bavaria, beer, ccc, erfa, franconia, hackerspace, makerspace
Bstly The Tinkering To Come The Tinkering To Come annually invites to The Congress of The Tinkering To Come. digital sustainability, sustainability, tinkering
C3blind Assembly for the blind & visually impaired community at 36c3 blindness, disability, diversity, vision
CCC-CH Der schweizer CCC hardware, hardware hacking, schweiz
ChaosZone We are ChaosZone, mostly hackers from eastern countries, but all creatures are welcome. c3d2, cccp, chaoschemnitz, chaoszone, desinformationstisch, ebk, filament exchange
Chaospott Chaospott - Erfa Essen linux, pam, snes, soldering, vr
Chaostreff Chemnitz hackspace in Chemnitz chaostreff, hackspace
Coffeenerds A place to brew delicous filter coffee. beverages, coffee, food
CriticalDecentralisationCluster Cluster to critically discuss the future of decentralisation, privacy & anonymity, crypto and Open Hardware. Hosting a recording/community stage (own frab system) & workshops. anonymity, decentralisation, ohw, openhardware, privacy,,
Diaspora* Gathering for members and developers of the federated social network diaspora* and related projects decentralisation, federated, free software, social-network
Digitale Gesellschaft Schweiz The Digitale Gesellschaft Schweiz (Digital Society) is a charitable organization that is committed to fundamental and human rights, an open knowledge culture, as well as transparency and participation in social decision-making processes. censorship, digital rights, freedom of communication, freedom of information, fundamental rights, human rights, net neutrality, privacy, surveillance
Eco Hacker Farm mixing permaculture with hackerculture for sustainable living coliving, community, ecocommunity, ecohackerfarm, hackerspace, permaculture, sustainability
Elektroglitzer Group of happy friends working on LEDs, glitter, music, electronics, home automation, 3D-Printer projects. 3d printer, arduino, blinking, challenges, electronics, fun, hardware, makes, programming, retrogaming, robot, security, soldering, wargames
FeM Forschungsgemeinschaft elektronische Medien e.V. broadcast, student network, students, television
Forum Informatik fuer Frieden & gesellschaftliche Verantwortung (FIfF) Das Forum InformatikerInnen fuer Frieden und gesellschaftliche Verantwortung (FIfF) e. V. ist ein deutschlandweiter Zusammenschluss von gut 700 Menschen, die sich kritisch mit Auswirkungen des Einsatzes der Informatik und Informationstechnik auf die Gesellschaft auseinandersetzen. bitsundbäume, civil society, cyberpeace, peace, social responsibility
Free Software Foundation Europe All you need is software freedom! We do lobbying & public relations and we offer legal guidance and interest representation in favor of Free Software. Let's put the hacking back into politics! copyleft, drm, europe, foss4smes, free society, free software, free your android, gnu, gpl, ilovefs, linux, open source, open standards, pmpc, policy, politics, privacy, publiccode, reuse, user rights
Golang Welcome for all Golang interested people. golang, programming
HSBE HSBE is the yearly gathering of all Belgian hackerspaces in one assembly at Congress beer, hacking, hardware hacking, security
HSNL Dutch Hackerspaces Assembly
Habibti-Dome 1komona Workshopdome der freien Klasse* in Kooperation mit Habibi-Domes.,
Hackertours Your provider of sightseeing tours for technical enthusiasts! hackertours
Haecksen We are a group of female and non-binary Hackers, called Haecksen*, mostly from German speaking areas. Our assembly is open for everyone who is interested in having a more divers tech scene. diversity, feminism
Hardware Hacking Area The Hardware Hacking Area is a huge area for people of all ages and skill levels to come together and play, teach, learn, and share in many and diverse realms of making all sorts of physical things. 36c3 hardware hacker badge, arduino, beginners, classes, eeg, electronics, esp, fpga, hammes hacks, hardware, hardware hacking, intro to arduino, kits, leds, microcontrollers, newbies, noobs, smd, solder, soldering, synthesizers, tv-b-gone, workshops
Helferlein A gathering place for people connected in past congresses and camps, who are interested in RFID, contactless payments, network, Internet of Things (IoT) and of course coffee. You can find us here: cleancode, coffee, esp, esp32, led, lorawan, magnetic-stripe-card, maker, nfc, proxmark, rfid
ICMP Intergalaktische Club Mate Party - Every two years the ICMP takes place at the source of all Mate and we have a great time :-)
IT-Syndikat Hackerspace from Innsbruck, Austria hackerspace Nürnbergs Hackspaces k4cg und Nerdberg. Come to our side, we have good Lebkuchen.
Milliways The resaurant at the end of the universe
Origasmi – 紙の変態 Come here for bad dating advice or to have fun consentical, dating, durian, lego, magic the gathering, origami, plate spinning, polyamory, safer sex
Raum fuer Mutation Part of Komona. By: freie Klasse* Offenbach; Frauen Und Computer Kram Offenbach (F.U.C.K Off.) art, celluloid, design, synthesizer, tea, zine
Replicant Replicant is a fully free software Android distribution that puts emphasis on freedom, privacy and security. android, free software, fsdg, linux, mesa3d, mobile, modem, privacy, smartphone, tablet
Schaffenburg Kehret ein in die Abtei der Schwestern und Brüder der perpetuellen Prokrastination! aschaffenburg, chaostreff, makerspace, schaffen, teilen, treffen
Sendezentrum - Podcasting Das Sendezentrum auf dem 36C3 ist die Andockstelle für alle Podcast- und Audiobegeisterten audio, podcasting
Test lorem ipsum
UAVP-NG This is a community-driven open source project building a modern autonomously flying multicopter. diy, flying, multicopter, quadcopter
Virtual Outlaws All the gud™ stuff. uwu! breaking, hacking, linux, making hackerspace located in malmö

There are 44 assemblies.

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