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Please note that assembly registration is on Read more about this year's registration on this year's blog post. Feel free to add a page here with more details about your Assembly.

We do not monitor this page here and entries here are NOT a registration for an assembly!

Also there is no sync between Assembly registration and this Wiki here. If you want to have an Assemblypage here, feel free to add one.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate and contact the assemblies Team via 36C3 {at}

Over the last years we've seen a shift in focus away from group meetings and discussing topics at hand towards lectures and workshops. For many groups it was hard to find a decent home base to store their equipment and to get new folks interested in their community. On the other hand, for new hackers it became harder to find someone to talk to, as everybody was wandering around. At the Chaos Communication Camp, we had a solution for that: Villages. Groups of people sharing ideas, from hackerspaces or projects come together in what is called an Assembly.

So, if you're a group of hackers that likes to work and hang out together, bring your toys, work on projects, have fun, let others participate in what you're doing, and present yourself to new hackers! See also the blog post from 29C3 on this, and especially the update from this year's blogpost.

We want to have workshops or talks at our Assembly!

This is great! The Assemblies are an integral part of the congress and make up a lot of the program: Sharing knowledge and presenting your projects is central for the conference. If your Assembly also wants to offer workshops, sessions and other activities like lectures on a small scale, state that in your Assembly registration page.

If you want to have a separate place in your Assembly for ongoing sessions, tell us what your plans are and how many people you want to accommodate. Please be as specific as possible. We will probably not allocate extra workshop space for your Assembly if your registration doesn't really show the requirement for large space. Publishing a schedule in advance, topics and speakers will definitely help to convince us.

For bigger self-organized sessions there will be separate smaller and larger workshop rooms you can register for on-site. If you are not planning to have many events, please use them instead of requiring extra space at your Assembly.

What should we consider when registering?

Read the Blogpost!

The more you tell us about your plans, the better your chances are that you'll actually get what you want and need. Please let us know what you are planning to do, how much space you'll need, what you'll like to bring with you, how much power your gear will consume, etc. You should also mention what kind of space you want. If you only want to hang out with a few friends, you might be ambiguous about your space, but if you want to present your Assembly and discuss with people passing-by, you might want a public space. Be as specific and realistic with your plans and requirements as possible. Please note that we won't allocate space for every Assembly this year: We will reserve space for the Assemblies actively adding value to our community on site and leave it to you to share the rest of the space. Also consider organizing yourselves in chaos competence centers.

What should we bring, what will be there?

The only infrastructure provided by the congress will be:

  • tables and chairs,
  • a power line
  • network access on location.

Though there will be a large number of power outlets and switches, you cannot rely on them being available to you. This means that you have to bring all equipment yourself, which is:

  • power multipliers and strips,
  • switches and network cables,
  • projectors and hackerspace/project swag.

Assemblies are invited to bring their toys and also to decorate their spots on the congress and its environment, as long as whatever you bring is not inflammable or blocks exit paths (This is required! Otherwise we are forced to remove them!). If you want to bring bigger things or other uncommon stuff, please contact us. There is also a special wiki site for large things you bring but cannot maintain yourself, so somebody else might take care of it during the congress.

Shared Spaces

Shared Spaces are tables that must not be permanently occupied. They are intended for those who don't have an Assembly, but want to sit down for a moment, and for workshops of the surrounding Assemblies. If you plan a workshop at a shared space, be fair and let the people sitting there know in advance (easiest is to place a sign). Workshops do have prio, if they have been announced before.

List of Assembly pages

The list below is automatically filled using semantic information on the Assembly pages. If you want to add your Assembly to the list, just create it using the Assembly form. If you like to update the corresponding information below, head to your Assembly page and update it using the edit button. Note that it might take some time until the information below gets updated as the list contains cached information.

Be aware that this is only the list of registered Assemblies - some of them might not have an allocated spot in the house!

List of Assemblies

Name Description Tags Center Website
'bim·seln Bunch of family and friends minecraft, olga, rocket, slush
/dev/lol Hackerspace from Linz Austria blender, ham radio, mqtt, winkekatze a small hacker collective doing mostly nothing education, fare dodging, lineageos, linux, python, sousveillance, ticketfrei
36C3 CTF This years iteration of the C3 CTF with a space for all CTF teams playing. ctf, hacking, hxp
36C3 CTF Orga Separate assembly for the C3 CTF organization and challenge authors ctf, hacking, hxp
3D Printing Assembly 3D print service 3d printer
402 Payment Required A place for all Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and alike - feel free to join if you interested in open-source payment solutions. bitcoin, lightning, payments
Aaaaaaaaaaaa Amalgamut assembly of Austrian and Hungarian Hackspaces /usr/space, arduino, bsd, bsdstammtisch, c3troc, c3w, dungeon crawler, gleisdorf, graz, kaffee, kritzler, leobersdorf, linewobbler, machquadrat, metalab, post office, postkarten, rc-cars, realraum, segvault, st. pölten, wien, wobbler
Abanu Operating System written in C# c#, development, dotnet, kernel, os, osdev
About:freedom about:freedom is a cluster with a focus on digital (human) rights and Free Software advocacy. Since this year we extend our focus with the struggle for a social-ecological transformation. advocacy, civil society, copyleft, data protection, digital rights, diversity, free software, freedom, human rights, law, policy, politics, privacy, public, rights, sustainability, user rights, freedom, freedom
About:future about:future is a cluster with a focus on sustainability and social-ecological transformation. We are a union of initiatives and non-profits who advocate for political change and develop solutions for a sustainable and fair society. The core defining principles of our cluster are the realisation that the climate crisis we are facing is human-made, and that we need large-scale systemic change in our economies and societies to limit its impact as fast as possible. climate, climate change, climate crisis, climate justice, digital sustainability, policy, politics, sustainability,, freedom, freedom
About:social about:social is an assembly for socialworkers and nerds with social responsibility digitalemündigkeit, digitalesoa, social responsibility, socialwork, sozialearbeit,,
AfRA Nur 03h01m vom Alexanderplatz – die ganze Nacht lang! Berlin's famous whale watching tour agency. afra, berlin, hackerspace, whale-watching-tour-agency
Amnesty International – Menschenrechte im digitalen Zeitalter,
Anarchist Black Cross Anarchist Black Cross is a solidarity organization activism, anarchism, politics, prison, repressions, solidarity,
Anarchist Village Anarchist meeting spot and hacking place anarchism, ftp, hacking, politics
Art-and-Play The place for art installation, perfomance, films, workshops and talks art, beauty, culture, installation, performance, theatre
Ass-embly The name is program pile-of-poo
Assembly der Kuscheltiere Die Assembly der Kuscheltiere ist ein Platz für alle Kuscheltiere und ihre menschlichen Zeitgenoss:innen. Menschliche Wesen sind nur unter Aufsicht ihres Kuscheltieres erlaubt, es gibt Flauschtee und Plüschplätzchen.
Backspace assembly:backspace - hackerspace, makerspace and CCC Erfa from Bamberg, Germany. Part of the Franconian Cluster. bamberg, bavaria, beer, ccc, erfa, franconia, hackerspace, makerspace
BalCCon Balkan Computer Congress is an annual three days gathering of the international hacker community in the organization of LUGoNS – Linux Users Group of Novi Sad. community, congress, hacking, hardware, security
Berlin Vs Amazon We are a coalition of activists, local initiatives, tech workers and artists who want to mobilize against Amazon and the so-called Amazon Tower in Berlin, Germany. amazon, digital sustainability, environment, human rights, tech
BerndCon coreboot, gnu, hass, kinder, linux, sex-toys
BiPoC* Meetup ;-) Black, indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) meet up anti-racism, bipoc, chill, community
Binary kitchen Regensburger Hackspace hackerspace, regensburg, salzburg
Bits & Bäume (B&B) Die Bewegung für Hackos und Ökos // The movement for hackos and ecos. ;) ccc, climate, climate justice, ecology, technology
BlinkenArea Blinking Projects, Electronics Kits and Soldering Workshops blinking, electronics, hardware hacking, leds, smd, soldering
Bogonauten Studentische Exkursion der Goethe-Uni und Umgebung bembel, bogonauten, c64, commodore, frankfurt, goethe-uni, kif, retro, retrogaming, students, university
BornHack The official assembly of BornHackers: People attending the annual Danish summer hacker camp BornHack:
Bundjugend BUNDjugend - Young friends of the earth germany - environmental NGO bitsundbäume, digital sustainability, environmental protection, ngo, non commercial, sustainability
C-base / CCC-B / xHain Berlins crashed spacestation in cooperation with CCC-B and xHain art_and_beauty, coderdojo, lectures, workshops,,
C3RE Chaostreff Recklinghausen
C3blind Assembly for the blind & visually impaired community at 36c3 blindness, disability, diversity, vision
C3pb Paderborner Hackerspace c64, cocktailbot, dodekaeder
C3sus c3sus is an orga team helping with sustainability at C3 events. climate crisis, sustainability,,
CCC Darmstadt Der Darmstädter ErfA des CCC darmstadt
CCC-CH Der schweizer CCC hardware, hardware hacking, schweiz
CCC-HH Assembly of CCC-HH, CCCHH-CTF and friends. c3h2, ccc-hh, ccchh, cyclopropenylidene, hamburg
CCCP ChaosTreff Potsdam
CLUG - Sniff the air and hack he display Sniff the air on 70 cm and hack the display air, clug, cracow linux users group, display, led, radio
CTJB Czech and Slovak hackerspaces assembly (next to Milliways assembly) chipwhisperer, lockpicking, nfc, proxmark, side channels, smartcard, trezor
Card10 Assembly for the card10 badge badge, card10, card10badge, cccamp2019
Chaos Communication Coven Chaos Computer Coven: A small group of folks interested in hacking and being gay. community, coven, lgbt, uk, witches
Chaos Post Chaos Post. Delivering at the speed of chaos post office, postkarten
Chaos West Cluster of hacking spaces in NRW and then some
Chaos-consulting c2is, Hackspace in Iserlohn am Rande des Sauerlandes ads-b flugzeugkarte, chaostreff, hackerspace, hardware, linux, openstreetmap, raspberry, smarthome, soldering
ChaosZone We are ChaosZone, mostly hackers from eastern countries, but all creatures are welcome. c3d2, cccp, chaoschemnitz, chaoszone, desinformationstisch, dezentrale, ebk, filament exchange
Chaospatinnen Hi! We are the Chaos mentors. We support newcomers by teaming them up with mentors.,
Chaospott Chaospott - Erfa Essen linux, pam, snes, soldering, vr
Chaostreff Chemnitz hackspace in Chemnitz chaostreff, hackspace
Chaostreff Nürnberg Chaostreff der Hackerspaces im Großraum Nürnberg
Chaosvermittlung As we have seen on the CCCamp2015, power cuts can happen. Therefore a power independent communication channel is a must have. Furthermore would it be nice to have a way to communicate from one Seidenstraßen Node to another one. All of this and a lot more is the Chaosvermittlung. feldtelefon, retro, tech
City center Placeholder assembly to mark where the Fridays for Future demonstration will take place
Coffeenerds A place to brew delicous filter coffee. beverages, coffee, food
Computerwerk Public charity dedicated to help people who can't afford computers through reuse and recycling. digital sustainability, equal access, free software, hardware, non commercial, social, sustainability
Crazy Scientists and Stranger Friends A group of physicists, electrical engineer and computer scientist make, makerspace, scicomm, science
CriticalDecentralisationCluster Cluster to critically discuss the future of decentralisation, privacy & anonymity, crypto and Open Hardware. Hosting a recording/community stage (own frab system) & workshops. anonymity, decentralisation, ohw, openhardware, privacy,,
CryptoParty CryptoParties are free and open for everyone, but especially those without prior knowledge, who haven't yet attended one. CryptoParty is a decentralized movement with events happening all over the world. The goal is to pass on knowledge about protecting yourself in the digital space. This can include encrypted communication, preventing being tracked while browsing the web, and general security advice regarding computers and smartphones. To try the tools and apps directly at the CryptoParty, bring your laptop or smartphone. cloud, crypto, empowerment, gpg, learn, omemo, otr, politics, privacy, tor
Curry Club Augsburg Functional meeting group from Augsburg. Es ist Haskell! haskell, mathematics, programming, type-theory
Cyberia Café & Club A comfy place to share and discuss your technology adventures. Known from 33c3 and 34c3. /cyb/, community, cyberpunk, friends, lain, privacy, quiet, security, tor
DFSG: Debian Folks Social Group 🍥 The universal assembly for the universal operating system debian, dfsg, free software, linux, os
Datenschmutz Datenbanken der Polizei und Kram drumrum
Deep cyber The deepest of all cybers cyber, deep learning, lorawan
Dessert operation center There will be pudding. custard, dessert, food, pudding
Developers for Future Developers supporting the Fridays for Future movement activism, development, digital sustainability, free software, freedom of communication
Dezentrale hackspace Leipzig, Chaostreff chaostreff, hackspace
Diaspora* Gathering for members and developers of the federated social network diaspora* and related projects decentralisation, federated, free software, social-network
Digitalcourage Coming together, exchanging, hacking and discussing - with Digitalcourage. advocacy, bigbrotherawards, digitalcourage, hacking licence, hacking-führerschein, lichtbildausweise, printer
Digitale Freiheit Get cosy with Digitale Freiheit
Digitale Gesellschaft Schweiz The Digitale Gesellschaft Schweiz (Digital Society) is a charitable organization that is committed to fundamental and human rights, an open knowledge culture, as well as transparency and participation in social decision-making processes. censorship, digital rights, freedom of communication, freedom of information, fundamental rights, human rights, net neutrality, privacy, surveillance
Eco Hacker Farm mixing permaculture with hackerculture for sustainable living coliving, community, ecocommunity, ecohackerfarm, hackerspace, permaculture, sustainability
Electronic Frontier Foundation The EFF is an international non-profit digital rights group based in San Francisco, California. We work to ensure that technology supports freedom, justice, and innovation for all the people of the world. advocacy, digital civil liberties, digital rights, freedom, freedom of expression, innovation, law, privacy, public, security, transparency
Elektroglitzer Group of happy friends working on LEDs, glitter, music, electronics, home automation, 3D-Printer projects. 3d printer, arduino, blinking, challenges, electronics, fun, hardware, makes, programming, retrogaming, robot, security, soldering, wargames
Emulation Assembly Developers and friends of the game console emulators Dolphin, XQEMU, Orbital, Mikage, Play!, and more,,,
End Summer Camp Hacking, Free Software & DIY in Venice (Italy) -since 2005 diy, free software, hacking
Entropolis CCC Karlsruhe ccc, erfa, hackerspace, karlsruhe We are digital rights NGO based in Vienna working on privacy and freedom of speech online. If you want to talk about Net Neutrality or Austrian politics, come find us. 5g, austria, bundestrojaner, data retention, digital rights, fundermental rights, net neutrality, staatstrojaner, state trojan, survaillance, vorratsdatenspeicherung
Esperanto Esperanto at C3 esperanto, language, linguism
Extinction Rebellion Extinction Rebellion ist eine Bewegung, die in UK entstanden ist und sich für 3 zentrale Forderungen einsetzt, die letztendlich radikale Systemveränderung erfordern: 1. Sagt die Wahrheit, und handelt im Einklang damit 2. Netto 0 CO2 Emissionen bis 2025 3. Einsetzen von Bürgerversammlungen um die Planung und Überwachung der nötigen Maßnahmen umzusetzen Kommt vorbei und lernt Menschen aus XR Deutschland und vielleicht auch international kennen activism, climate, climate crisis
FOSSASIA Open Source Community from Asia asia, fossasia, open hardware, open source, talks, workshops,
FeM Forschungsgemeinschaft elektronische Medien e.V. broadcast, student network, students, television
Floating Location for self-organized sessions without a location
Foodhackingbase We are group of hackers from all around the world who are into food, drink and bio stuff. beef jerky, beer, bio, cider, cidre, drinks, fermentation, food, foodhackingbase, kefir, kimchi, kombucha
Foodhackingbase2 This is the second table of foodhackingbase beef jerky, beer, bio, cider, cidre, drinks, fermentation, food, foodhackingbase, kefir, kimchi, kombucha
Foodsharing We are a bunch of activists who are working on reducing food waste by setting up collections and distributions of leftover food. We're looking for support! activists, food, waste, EN.html
Forth-Gesellschaft Hacking in the language Forth blinkenlight, embedded, programming, robot
Forum Informatik fuer Frieden & gesellschaftliche Verantwortung (FIfF) Das Forum InformatikerInnen für Frieden und gesellschaftliche Verantwortung (FIfF) e. V. ist ein deutschlandweiter Zusammenschluss von gut 700 Menschen, die sich kritisch mit Auswirkungen des Einsatzes der Informatik und Informationstechnik auf die Gesellschaft auseinandersetzen. bitsundbäume, civil society, cyberpeace, peace, social responsibility
FraMa Gemeinschaftliche Assembly der Erfas Mannheim und Frankfurt,
Free Software Foundation Europe All you need is software freedom! We do lobbying & public relations and we offer legal guidance and interest representation in favor of Free Software. Let's put the hacking back into politics! copyleft, drm, europe, foss4smes, free society, free software, free your android, gnu, gpl, ilovefs, linux, open source, open standards, pmpc, policy, politics, privacy, publiccode, reuse, user rights
Freeside international cyberpunk irc village
Fridays For Future (FFF) Why should I be studying for a future that soon may be no more
Förderqreis Heimorgel (former: the yoghurt assembly) A loose group of yoghurt enthusiasts, organ lovers and underachievers from Dresden, Berlin, Jena, Würzburg, Dessau and other places...
Geheimorganisation geheim
Gentoo A highly flexible, source-based Linux distribution freesoftware, gentoo, linux, opensource
Golang Welcome for all Golang interested people. golang, programming
HACC Starting at 35c3, HACC is a series of self-org sessions. Hackers discuss "climate change", and try to figure out how to organize around the issue.
HSBE HSBE is the yearly gathering of all Belgian hackerspaces in one assembly at Congress beer, belgium, hacking, hardware hacking, security
HSNL Dutch Hackerspaces Assembly
HaSi Birthplace and epicenter of everything Chaos in and around Siegen
HackThisSite HackThisSite @ 36C3 - One of the oldest CTF/wargame websites still around! ctf, hackthissite, hts, wargames,
Hackerfleet Hacking the seven seas since 2011! free software, hacking, maritime, open hardware, sailing
Hackers Beauty Palace Welcome to the powerhouse of physicality. In Hackers Beauty Palace you will find spaces to experiment. On the ruins of an old power plant we are turning the ticking human machine back into a feeling human. beauty, body intelligence, cacao, massage, playful, relaxation, retreat, safety, social, yoga
Hackertours Your provider of sightseeing tours for technical enthusiasts! hackertours
Hackzogtum coburg, franconia
Haecksen We are a group of female and non-binary Hackers, called Haecksen*, mostly from German speaking areas. Our assembly is open for everyone who is interested in having a more divers tech scene. code, diversity, feminism, hardware
Haquium Marburgensis Ancient hackspace in Marburg - called hsmr - with Freifunk, an associated Chaostreff, and (at least) one of our university research groups. chaostreff, freifunk, hackspace,,
Hardware Hacking Area The Hardware Hacking Area is a huge area for people of all ages and skill levels to come together and play, teach, learn, and share in many and diverse realms of making all sorts of physical things. 36c3 hardware hacker badge, arduino, beginners, classes, eeg, electronics, esp, fpga, hammes hacks, hardware, hardware hacking, intro to arduino, kits, leds, microcontrollers, newbies, noobs, smd, solder, soldering, synthesizers, tv-b-gone, workshops
Hardware Slackers Breaking hardware with minimal effort
Headnut- or Habibti-Dome 1komona Workshopdome der freien Klasse* in Kooperation mit Habibi-Domes.,
Helferlein A gathering place for people connected in past congresses and camps, who are interested in RFID, contactless payments, network, Internet of Things (IoT) and of course coffee. You can find us here: cleancode, coffee, esp, esp32, led, lorawan, magnetic-stripe-card, maker, nfc, overengineering, proxmark, rfid, ttn
HerzSi CCC Siegen => C3Si => <3Si => HerzSi
ICMP Intergalaktische Club Mate Party - Every two years the ICMP takes place at the source of all Mate and we have a great time :-)
IT-Kollektiv Assembly of IT collectives cooperatives, coops, fair economy, tech-coops
IT-Syndikat Hackerspace from Innsbruck, Austria hackerspace
Imaginaerraum bayreuth, franconia
Infuanfu Free tea and dried stuff! berlin, c-base, food, geraffel, hangout, stuttgart, tea
Irish Embassy This is a place for people with a connection to Ireland can hang out during CCC. Some of us are from Irish Hackerspaces, we will bring projects and LEDs, Green of course.
JuliaLang JuliaLang; a space to hangout and talk about Julia. julia, open source, programming language,
Kerbal Space Program (KSP) Meet others who play this great game about building rockets, planes and rovers. game, kerbal, ksp, meetup, play, program, space
KinkyGeeks Kinky geeks meet here. We do stuff like bondage workshops, reverse engineering sex toys, making our own toys and talking about all stuff BDSM related. bdsm, bondage, hypnosis, kink, reverse-engineering, sex-positive, sex-toys
Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie (KNOE) Wir stehen für eine neue Wirtschaft. Von allen, für alle. Ökologisch und sozial.
Labitat We are the hackerspace from Copenhagen, Denmark hardware hacking
Labor23 franconia, würzburg Nürnbergs Hackspaces k4cg und Nerdberg. Come to our side, we have good Lebkuchen.
Lockpicking Area a place to open locks and talk about it lockpicking
Loetlabor Jena A bunch of friendly nerds, formerly collimated in Jena, nowadays all over the globe. asic, balloons, bexus, cern, detector, dlr, electronics, esa, fpga, free software, geiger counter, laser, radiation, rexus, space
MISChaufen Small Community around Wob, which are interested in hacking hardware like Arduino, Raspberry, BananaPi, Odriod and other cool stuff like WS2812 LED strips, robot cars ... We want to work on our "Ente zu Ente-Sicherheit" project with Rubber-DUCKs: - Duck-Net - Duck-Chain - Mine-Duck - Chat-Duck - Leak-Duck arduino, banana-pi, led, odriod, raspberry, soldering
MOiN Mehrere Orte im Norden,,,
Magrathea Laboratories (maglab) We are some random hackers from Fulda, Germany. Here to meet, learn, teach, share, drink
Mainframe assembly:Mainframe - hackerspace, makerspace from Oldenburg, Germany. ccc, hackerspace, makerspace, oldenburg
Maschinendeck Trier e.V. Hacker- und Makerspace located in Trier, RLP, Germany 3d druck, arduino, calliope, elektronik, itsec, leds, pixelflut, thinktank
Maschinenraum hackspace from weimar art, space, weimar
Matrix The Assembly, with workshops and meetups decentralisation
Milliways The resaurant at the end of the universe
Mischkonsum loose bunch of hackers from black forest beer, virtual machine
Monero Monero is a decentralized cryptocurrency, meaning it is secure digital cash operated by a network of users. The core values of Monero are privacy and fungibility. This assembly continues the tradition from the past years at C3. anonymity, bitcoin, crypto, cryptocurrency, monero, privacy
MudByte Der MudByte ist der Hackspace in Gießen, in dem die Chaostreffler sich zu hause fühlen. Wir werden im ZSH Cluster Vorträge halten, auch kleine Workshops. clean, offgrid, raspi, solar
Muffinstuffin we stuff muffins and 0DayExchange fuckthatshit, muffin, muffinstuffin, stuffin, unittestc++
MysteryHack We are an international collective of engineers, makers and security researchers with lots of different skills sets and experience on questions regarding security. badge, badgelife, bill cipher, deauther, deauther watch, fox hunt, gravity falls, malduino, malware, pcb, wifi, wifiduck
NATO - Nerdy Augspurgian Technomant's Organization All people that feel augsburg-related gather here. [

], haskell, netzwerk, ocaml, python, software, t. spurdo, vala
Nerd2Nerd franconia, würzburg
Netzwerk für Effektiven Altruismus Deutschland We are a network of people in Germany that aspire to use reason and evidence to help each other to do the most good given the resources that we have. We care about the long term future and especially risks emerging from future technologies. altruism, future, science, social responsibility
Nibble Area A soldering hacking area with a lot of blinking LEDs and Nibble-Pegs blinking, diy, hardware, hardware hacking, led, solder, soldering area
NixOS functional linux distribution linux, nixos, open source IT kolektiv is an activist IT collective based in the so-called Czech Republic. No logs, no masters! anarchism, decentralisation
OWASP We're a worldwide not-for-profit charitable organization focused on improving the security of software. Our mission is to make software security visible, so that individuals and organizations are able to make informed decisions. Come talk to us about security automation, secure features and all things application security. appsec, security
Open Infrastructure Orbit The Open Infrastructure Orbit (OIO) is a cluster of many assemblies.
Open Source Firmware Open Source Firmware community coreboot, firmware, linuxboot, open source, osfc, u-root
Open Source Initiative safeguard open source definition and review open source licenses community, licenses, open standards, opensource
OpenTechSchool Co-learning community coaching, code, community, diverse, education, free, learn, open, peer-driven, programming, school, teach, tech
Origasmi – 紙の変態 Come here for bad dating advice or to have fun consentacle, dating, durian, lego, magic the gathering, origami, plate spinning, polyamory, safer sex
Placeholder for Komona Cinopolis This is a placeholder assembly for sessions to appear in the Fahrplan.
Pseudoroom Placeholder assembly to mark where several sessions of the JHT will take place
Python Python programming language and projects micropython, programming, python, software
Qubes OS Assembly Qubes OS devs, users and other friendly beings os, security
RIAT RIAT is an independent institute working with future cryptoeconomics, privacy technologies and open hardware. We are researching and designing the future of decentralisation. crypto, open hardware, privacy, riat
Raum fuer Mutation (or Boredome) Part of Komona. By: freie Klasse* Offenbach; Frauen Und Computer Kram Offenbach (F.U.C.K Off.) art, celluloid, design, synthesizer, tea, zine
RaumZeitLabor The RaumZeitLabor is a Hackerspace in Mannheim, Germany.
Replicant Replicant is a fully free software Android distribution that puts emphasis on freedom, privacy and security. android, free software, fsdg, linux, mesa3d, mobile, modem, privacy, smartphone, tablet
Retronetworking / BBS-Revival Retronetworking, BBS, Dialup bbs, dialup, modem, retro, telecom
Schaffenburg Kehret ein in die Abtei der Schwestern und Brüder der perpetuellen Prokrastination! aschaffenburg, chaostreff, makerspace, schaffen, teilen, treffen
Science Communication Center Wissenschaftskommunikation und offene Wissenschaft open science, scicomm, wisskomm
Scottish Consulate We're a travelling hacker collective from Scotland who represent ourselves and our country at events round the world. hubgubnality, open borders, whisky
Selfnet e.V. Selfnet runs a high-bandwith network in the Stuttgart student dorms. hackerspace, isp, student network, stuttgart, university
Sendezentrum - Podcasting DE: Das Sendezentrum ist DER Treffpunkt für Podcast- und Audiobegeisterte
EN: Sendezentrum is THE meeting point for podcast and audio enthusiasts
audio, podcasting Community of a large citizen science air quallity measurement network (aka luftdaten) air quality, citizen science, fine dust, low-cost sensors, luftdaten, noise, open data, sensor network, sensors,,
Shadow copy of M3 Placeholder assembly to facilitate cooperative sharing of the rather large room M3
Sigsegv Norwegian Technoweenie Conglomerate arch linux, chess, cisco, foss, norwegian
Social Dist0rtion Protocol Social Dist0rtion Protocol is a collective intelligence spawned in the waste products of social media virtual realities and psychedelic drugs. arduino, berlin, blockchain, climate change, dapp, ethereum, leds, midi, music, peyote, synthesizer, weed
Space in front of M1 Placeholder assembly to mark where the pi memorizing session takes place
Spline Spline is the free software hackerspace at FUB berlin, foss, free software, linux,
TAMI T.A.M.I is an indie hackerspace located in israel hackerspace, hardware
Telekommunisten telekommunisten is a technology and art collective based in Berlin distributed systems, e2e, networks
Telnet Telnet - Klartext Reden arduino, leds, späti, sticker, t-shirts, telnet challenge, winkekatze
The Things Freewaves Assembly for LoRaWAN and Low Power wireless sensors arduino, energy harvesting, iot, lorawan, low power, sensors
The Tinkering To Come - bstly The Tinkering To Come annually invites to The Congress of The Tinkering To Come. digital sustainability, sustainability, tinkering
Toppoint We are Kiel's hackerspace art, creativity, electronics, freifunk, hackerspace, intergalactic passports, kiel, opensource
Tor Assembly open to anyone related to or interested in Tor censorship, freedom, freiheit, privacy, safety, tor, zensur
Triplo-X-Base Base for people with Triplo-X syndrome genetik, sozialprojekt, treffen, triple-x
UAVP-NG This is a community-driven open source project building a modern autonomously flying multicopter. diy, flying, multicopter, quadcopter
VCF@Congress Teilnehmer der Vintage Computing Festivals (VCF) Berlin, München, Zürich, … / Participants of the Vintage Computing Festivals (VCF) Berlin, Munich, Zürich, … amiga, atari, c64, dec, retro, robotron, vcf, vintage
VR-Assembly VR Assembly, we provide 2 VR Stations for programming your own virtual reality vr, http://487.59, http://380.33, http://5
Vintage Computing Wir sind ein Zusammenschluss von Leuten, die alte Technik am Leben halten. / We are a cluster of people who keep old tech alive. demoscene, elektroschrott, hardware, operating systems, retro, telephony, vintage
Virtual Outlaws All the gud™ stuff. uwu! breaking, hacking, linux, making
WikipakaWG This cozy flat is made up of flat mates who share their love for free knowledge, open data and open minded offspring for the next generation of hackers.
XMPP XMPP is a standard for decentralized and secure messaging chat, decentralisation, federated, iot, jabber, security, xmpp hackerspace located in malmö
Z-Labor Hackerspace, makerspace and Chaostreff from Zwickau. chaostreff, hackspace
ZSH Zusammenschluss mehrerer Hackspaces aus Hessen
\:shrug\:space A table for friends, drinks and strange tech projects. friends, gin, shrug
咱是台灣人: Delicacies and Democracies from Taiwan and Hong Kong We will distribute some foods, stickers and share some stories and our view to Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. hong kong, politics, taiwan

There are 194 assemblies.

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