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Description Germany stands with Hongkong! What is necessary, what can be done to support Hongkong?
Type Discussion
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Hi this is the Wiki. We try to update it regularly in order to update you on the current struggle for freedom and democracy and the ongoing protests in Hongkong. We want you to get as much involved in the cause as you would like, get connected, form your own political circles and stage events. Feel free to get in touch with us!

1. News / Updates

IMPORTANT - 19.01.2020
Am kommenden Sonntag findet in Berlin eine Demo zu Menschenrechten in China statt. Wie ihr vielleicht wisst werden religiöse Minderheiten wie beispielsweise die Uiguren in Xinjiang und auch Christen in ganz China verfolgt und teilweise in sog. "Umerziehungslagern" zu Hunderttausenden interniert. Wenn sich China nicht in die Karten gucken lässt, müssen wir umso genauer hingucken. Wir fragen was passiert in Tibet oder in Hongkong oder im südchinesische Meer? Uns darf nicht egal sein, wie mit Praktizieren Falun Gongs oder den Arbeiterinnen in den Minen des Kongos umgegangen wird. Und um auf diese Themen aufmerksam zu machen gehen wir diesen Sonntag auf die Straße. Wir freuen uns über jede zusätzliche Person. Los gehts um 13:30 Uhr. Mehr Infos findet ihr hier:
oder bei dem Welt-Uiguren-Zusammenschluss

11.01.2020 On saturday the Taiwanese will have their presidential election. Voters will either elect a new President and Vice President or re-elect the incumbents. Tsai Ing-wen is running for the democratic progressive party against a more pro Beijing leaning camp from the Kuomintang party.

If you happen to be in Berlin you are invited to the Taiwan Election Watch Party. INVITATION: YOU are invited to the vote counting party (with buffet) of the Taiwanese presidential and parliamentary elections on the 11th of January here at the Taipei Cultural Hall in Berlin ☮️ Entry will start at 11:30 German time.

Herzliche Einladung zur Taiwan Election Watch Party am Samstag den 11. Januar:

30.12.2019 / 36c3 in Leipzig has ended, thank you all for joining.
A big takeaway are these events
A) Katharin Tai - What the World can learn from Hongkong
B) Katharin Tai - Fernostwärts: Digitale Widerstandsstrategien in Hongkong
C) Raketenlurch - Die Ereignisse in Hong Kong - Der Versuch einer Zusammenfassung
This one hasn’t been put up on Media CCC. I will change it as soon as possible

01.12.2019 / Two most recent petitions to the German parliament have reached the necessary number of signatures to result in public hearings:
A) Stopp der humanitären Krise in Hongkong mit sofortigen konkreten Maßnahmen durch die Bundesregierung vom 23.09.2019
B) Einführung eines Gesetzes zur Anwendung des Global Magnitsky Act in Deutschland als Reaktion auf brutale Menschenrechtsverletzungen in China vom 01.10.2019

2. Get Informed

2.1 On The Protest in Hongkong

News / English

New York Times -
The Guardian -
Reuters -

News Hongkong
Hong Kong Free Press -
The Stand News -
Dimsumdaily -

News German
Taz -!t5012792/
Die Zeit -
Süddeutsche Zeitung -
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung -



Black Head Down -
Chilli Lucas -
Wir für Hongkong -

Wikipedia - 2019 Hongkong Protests -–2020_Hong_Kong_protest
Wikipedia - 2014 Umbrella Movement -

Podcast German
Katharina Tai - Fernostwärts -
Merics Analysen-

Podcast English
Hong Kong on the Brink -

2.2 On China / Asia – Material on labor unrest, migration, gender, and more in China (English, German, Chinese, etc.)br> – China-dossier with articles, interviews, and reviews (German, English)br> – Reports on the development of Chinese capitalism (English)br>


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China Unscripted -
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Podcast German
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3. Get involved

I suggest to get in Contact with the Hongkongers in Germany Concern Group via Email or form your own group. If you decide to set on up, edit the Wiki and add it at the bottom or write me on TG (Mx_pwr)

Hongkongers in Germany Concern Group
Germany stands with Hongkong
Umbrella Movement in Berlin
Munich Stands with Hongkong
Hongkong Kultur in Berlin
The Hong Kong Hamburgers - Stand with Hong kong
Frankfurt Stands with Hong Kong

Human Rights Watch Hongkong
Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor (HKHRM)
Hongkong Watch

4. Calender

07.01.2020 / Online / Die Grüne mit Joshua Wong
08.01.2020 / Berlin / die Taz - China und die Linke mit Ralf Ruckus!169967/
08.01.2020 / Berlin / korientation e.V. community screening "The Farewell"
19.01.2020 / Berlin / Freedom from Fear - Sanction the CCP Solidarity March / Weltweite Rallye
21.02.2020 / Berlin / neue deutsche organisationen e.V. - Bundeskongress

5. General contact information

Germany stands with Hongkong
TG: hkersingermanyconcerngroup

TG: mx_pwr
Wire: eisberge

J0, Mx



We would like to give you a quick overview of the current situation in Hongkong and about the work that the loose community of Hongkongers living in Germany have done so far. In the second part we will discuss on how to take part yourself.

Who are we?

Inspired by the strategy of the protest in Hongkong there is no single structure, no leader for the movement in Germany. We stand for ourselves and so can you!

To whom this may concern?

You know about the situation in HK and need someone to talk about it, you read the news but don't know how to show your support? Or maybe you have great ideas but you don't know how to get people together? You don't know how to be part of a leaderless movement? Join us - be like water.

This session might be repeated later this day if it resonates with people, we encourage you all to go out and start your own things as well, take this as an initial spark.

J0, Mx

Introduction of Germany Stands With Hongkong

On June 9, 2019, over 1 million people in Hong Kong gathered to protest against an extradition bill proposed by our government, in favor of the authoritarian Communist Party of China. Fast forward to today, the city is now under constant threat of deteriorating freedom and violation of human rights. More than 6000 People have been arrested as of now.

As a community of Hongkongers living in Germany, we share the worries and sobs with those living in our home town. With the mission to support the democratic movement, HongKongers in Germany Concern Group was therefore founded and has grown organically since then.

Our goal is to raise awareness and to support the ongoing democratic movement in Hong Kong. The group has no leader nor political background. All of us have gathered for one shared belief—Hong Kong is a place we call home.

We organize and support a diverse range of events in Germany such as rallies, educational programs, art exhibitions, and discussion panels. We also collaborate and align closely with Hongkonger in Deutschland e.V, with the goal to support and optimize resource utilization for facilitating relevant activities held in Germany.