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Self-organized sessions used to be called "workshops", but we changed the naming to include everything - even if it's not hands-on or about making things - as long as it's done by YOU!

Such an event can be...

  • ... a gathering of a project group or on a special topic,
  • ... a contest or a game
  • ... something happening outside of the building
  • ... a small talk or lecture
  • ... a screening of a movie
  • ... something with music, literature and art
  • ... a follow-up-discussion on one ob the "big talks" or another topic that happened rencently
  • ... everything else you think that needs to take place at the congress!

Your Self-organized Session goes 33C3

On this page you can find a list of planned self-organized sessions by participants of the 33C3 and you'll find the necessary information to create your own one.

The idea is to provide a global workshop and talk calendar: Everyone being at the 33C3 can look at this calendar to find out what self-organized sessions are currently running besides the "big" talks in the halls.

Registering own workshops or talks

To register your self-organized sessions just use the self-organized session form.

For now, the crucial information are

  • Name of the self-organized session (which will be used as the site name)
  • A short description
  • A valid email address that might be used by the orga team to contact you

It might even be great, if you give some information about the person and assembly performing the self-organized session and a rough start- and end-time for the schedule, as well as a location. You can always update this information later.

For a detailed description, you can use the Free text field. This field allows the usual mediawiki syntax, and it will be the body of your page at the end.


You can also select a location for your self-organized. There will be again special rooms and places for this, they will be added here soon.

At the moment valid locations are all assemblies that have selected maybe or yes in their local lectures field, as well as the the following locations:

  • Hall 13-14 with 138 square meters and 90 seats; tables (in classroom layout) – with projector, microphone on tripod and audio jack for computers
  • Hall A.1 with 100 square meters and 82 seats, no tables – with projector, microphone on tripod and audio jack for computers
  • Hall B with 287 square meters and 264 seats; no tables – with projector, microphone on tripod and audio jack for computers
  • Hall C.1 with 73 square meters and 50 seats; no tables – with projector
  • Hall C.2 with 73 square meters and 50 seats; no tables – without projector
  • Hall C.3 with 73 square meters and 17 seats; tables (in U-layout) – without projector
  • Hall C.4 with 73 square meters and 21 seats; tables (in classroom layout) – with projector
  • Hall F with 289 square meters and 264 seats; no tables – with projector, microphone on tripod and audio jack for computers

Please book a room with tables only if you really need tables for your session!

Planning self-organized sessions within the workshop rooms works on a "fair use policy":

  • You can plan any time slot that is still free (FCFS). Take a look into our Calendar or the timelines on the workshop location pages.
  • You may register self-organized sessions in one of the workshop rooms with a maximum duration of 3 hours. If you need more time, you might kindly want to ask one of the Assemblies that provide space for workshops, if you can perform your workshop there.
  • Give a valid contact on your self-organized session page. If no name given, we are not able to contact you in case of questions.
  • Session Announce Lists available at the Infodesk and on most shared tables

Registered Self-organized Sessions

Already registered self-organized sessions are available as list or calendar. You can use the existing self-organized sessions as a reference, if you do not yet know where to start.

The calendar is updated using the semantics feature of the self-organized sessions form and template. This may take some time, so be patient …


There are 329 registered self-organized sessions.

"My" software, like "my" hand or like "my car"?Floridi argues that ' favour of the interpretation of the protection of privacy as protection of personal identity: “my” in “my data” is not the same “my” as in “my car”, it is the same “my” as in “my hand”, because personal information plays a constitutive role of who I am and can become.” But when my hand is part of a prosthetic arm running on proprietary software, how “my” is “my hand” in this case? Is “my” the same as in “my car” or as in “my data”? Olga Gkotsopoulou is a FSFE trainee and holder of a Law Degree, a LL.M in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law and a M.A. in History and Theory of Law. In the past, Olga worked for various organizations, including the Hellenic Data Protection Authority, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Institute of International Relations and the Greek Council for Refugees. She is also co-founder of the pro bono organisation, Union for Children's Rights.
12V SolarPower & Soundkleiner Einblick in die 12V Solar Strom Versorgung und MPPT-Laderegler gebastel
33c3 RegiotreffenDas alljährliche Regiotreffen auf dem Congress
3D printing for beginnersNever used a 3D printer? No idea how to use CAD? This workshops is for you. From ABS to Z-Axis, you'll learn basics of 3D printing.
3D printing for kidsLearn how to design 3D parts and print them!
3D scan yourselfREGISTRATION NEEDED: I'll bring an industrial grade 3D scanner and you'll be able to get free high resolution scans of yourself, your friends etc...
3D with OpenSCADLearn how to create 3D shapes with OpenSCAD. You'll learn how to create your own name tag or bottle clip with a few lines of code.
42birds: Creative Coding with ProcessingProcessing is a flexible software sketchbook and a language for learning how to code within the context of the visual arts. In this workshop you'll make your first steps!
42birds: Learn Version Control with GitIf you'll ever attend a hackathon, hack day, hackfest or codefest sooner or later you'll have to deal with Git – a free version control system for coders / hackers.
42birds: Missing RSS Feed? Create Your Own!If your favoured website / podcast misses an RSS feed this discussion is for you! I'll show how-to extract the necessary data from the page and build your very own feed with it.
42birds: Randomized Signature Block for EmailsFor years I updated the signature for my emails manually – until I got fed up… That’s why I wrote a script to create a randomized signature block automatically from an RSS feed!
A Primer on Quantum Computation and CryptographyIn the recent years quantum cryptography as well as computation has several times gained public attention. Sentences like "today crypto will be broken by quantum computers" or "quantum computers can compute exponentially faster than normal computers" can be read on many media articles and blog. But are those those statements actually true?
A walk through the inner core of pEpA p≡p engine developer gives a tour through the inner workings of the p≡p engine, the core which is used to drive the crypto used in p≡p, message transport, and automatic key management and synchronization. Discussed will be fundamental features and functionality of the engine core and how that relates to the apps and adapters using p≡p, as well as some discussion of upcoming near-term and longer-term future developmens of the p≡p technology.
A-NOCNOC for activist camps.

We mount radio links in trees and dig ethernet cabled into the ground =) On activist camps it often is essential to have a good, stable internet connection, not only for the press team. We want to support those activist camps, with our knowledge and manpower.

Whoever wants to help is welcome!
AI: He will be amazed if he stays dead! - Der wird sich wundern, wenn er tot bleibt!Discussion on AI as mental reformatting - Diskussion ueber KI als mentale Neuformatierung
All Creatures WelcomeALL CREATURES WELCOME is an essayistic documentary on new paths and new perspectives in the digital age, using hacking as a mind-set to counter the atmosphere of fear and helplessness of the post-Snowden era.

I will introduce you to the project and let you see behind the curtain of an independent movie production. Let's talk about the difficulties of financing, creative commons and artistic freedom.
An Introduction to Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX)Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX) are a new extension of the x86 instruction set allowing the creation of so-called enclaves. Enclaves are isolated, secure parts of normal applications

This talk gives an overview about SGX, how it can be used to secure existing applications, what are its limitations and pitfalls and technical details about its implementation.

Slides are available here:
An Introduction to the Fedora ProjectThis talk will serve as a short introduction to the Fedora Project. Our mission is to lead the advancement of free and open source software and content as a collaborative community. We produce a well-known GNU/Linux distribution, Fedora. Get to know more about us as well as explore contribution opportunities!
An UnCivilization Commune ReWilded Life Shared with SquirrelsLooking forward to meet new and old friends interested in UnCivilization!

We are a group of people interested in intersection of technology & society, politics, activism, art, and critical of techno-optimism. We share a mailing list since 2012, called UnCivilization, inspired (but not otherwise connected to) Dark Mountain "Uncivilization Manifesto", as well as Ursula LeGuin, Derrick Jensen, Heather Marsh, John Zerzan, Naomi Klein, Daniel Quinn, Ursula Franklin, and other feminist, anarchist, anti-supremacist authors.

Goal of this meetup is to catch-up, give each other hugs & support, and plan our activities for the next months & years (e.g. another LikaCamp?!)
An introduction to - An open network for secure, decentralized communicationMatrix is an open standard for decentralised communication. Riot is a messenger built on top of Matrix that supports group chats, multiple devices, persistent history and end to end encryption among other features.

You can run your own server and bridge to other platforms like IRC, Gitter, Slack and more. In this talk I'll introduce you to Matrix and Riot, show you how it works, what you can do with it and why it is awesome.

Note that I'm not a team member.
Angewandte konsensdemokratiethesen: gruppen von menschen lassen sich oft weiter demokratisieren als "nur" basisdemokratie zu machen. konsensdemokratie ist nicht nur möglich, sondern mittelfristig sogar effizienter und stressfreier. mehr spaß macht sie auch :-)
Antennas an Wave Propagation* Some Theory on radio propagation and antennas
  • Which antenna is suitable for which scenario
  • Examples: calculation the virtual wireless backbone in Munich
  • Analysing Wifi signals (RF) with the and different antennas.Bring your Rad1o with running firmware and a SMA connector (I will bring SMA/RP-SMA apaptors). Install e.g. Gqrx.
ArduinoForTotalNewbiesLearn Arduino using TV-B-Gone as an example project

You've probably heard lots about Arduino. But if you don't know what it is, or how you can use it to do all sorts of cool things, then this fun and easy workshop is for you. As an example project, we'll be creating a TV-B-Gone remote control out of an Arduino you can take home with you.

(This is one of many cool things happening throughout 33C3 in the huge Hardware Hacking Area!)

This workshop will be given twice
(both identical):
   Day 2: 28-Dec, 1pm - 4:30pm

   Day 3: 29-Dec, 1pm - 4:30pm
Are decentralized services unable to innovate?On Signal, XMPP and the future of decentralized services.
Attraktor Lötworkshop
BBS EnthusiastsThe web is bullshit, let's go back to the internet! Get together for those who are interested in BBSes. There will be a short intro to the commonly used software packages, and chat about what BBSes can do, can't do, what our favorites are and why we insist on still using them.
Beer TastingWe'll be tasting homebrewed and commercial beers.
Beweise ohne Worte (Wondrous Mathematics)In der Schule besteht Mathematik zu einem großen Teil aus Rechnungen. Das ist aber nicht das, was Mathematik wirklich ausmacht! Dazu gehören nämlich ergreifende Aha-Momente beim Verstehen von Zusammenhängen. Mathematik ist die Kunst, das Verborgene auf das Offensichtliche zurückzuführen!
Binärgewitter HörertreffenBinärgewitter Hörertreffen auf dem 33c3
Boat instruments hackingSession for meeting up and discussing all things around electronics in boats.
BoulderingLet's climb some walls!
Breaking Bad CryptoAre you a programmer? Do you want to learn cryptography? Well the best way to do it is by breaking some!

We will walk through some badly implemented piece of cryptography and tear it apart together.

Brewing beer for beginnersA short 2 hour session introducing you to the basics of all grain brewing
Browsing JS on EmbeddedIn this hour, we introduce and explore JavaScript and Rust programming on low power embedded computers. Turning our attention to telemetry (sensors), and telecommand (actuators), we create a minimal but realistic IoT system using building blocks on loan for the duration of the workshop.
CCC-CH GettogetherDas Gettogether des CCC-CH am 33c3
CTF AftershowA small get-together of all on-site CTF Teams which participated in the 33C3 CTF.
Calliope WorkshopWir werden bis zum 20 Kindern das Experimentieren mit dem Calliope Board zeigen. Mit dem Calliope Editor werden wir die ersten Schritte zum eigenen Programm machen.

Was werden wir tun: a. Schrittzähler b. Melodie bei Lichteinfall c. Orakel mit Knete

Geeignet für Kinder von 8-16.
Can't touch this: Introduction to self defense for womenClick for a German and an English description.

Learn the legal frame of self defence in Germany/Switzerland, and five easy techniques to avoid sexual harassment and to counter physical attacks, including an optional hands-on-experience.

Note: This workshop is of course open to all creatures. It is however not an introduction on how to become Rambo and beat up other people, so please do not expect something like this. It was labeled "for women" as it was usually done by that name for different audiences which were women-focused. On following the instructions closely, it is practically impossible to hurt yourself during the workshop so don't be afraid!
Chanukka and DreidelChanukka at 33c3 \o/, Dreidel, music and so on
CiTiZEN KiNO: Strategies For Turtle IslandsThis CiTiZEN KiNO episode (#59) "Strategies For Turtle Islands" we examine the ways of seeing all our global struggles through the native americans' current resistance to the fossil fuels industry, climate terror and various aspects of a technotopian society disconnected from the environments and resources we require for autonomous being. In an interviews with the indigenous drone pilots at Standing Rock in Dakota we begin to hear a new language evolving around the use of technology to "defend the sacred" and reclaim physical territories! Other curated media will link the new technological colonialism to our own reservations of displaced spirits and disembodied times. Mini Waconi / Water is Life !
Cider FlowsCome and fall in love with cider! You will learn more about cider by tasting wide selection of samples including highest quality ones with people who are into it.
CmS Lötworkshop Vorbesprechung für HelferVorbesprechung für die Helfer des Chaos macht Schule-Lötworkshops
Coder DojoDas CoderDojo richtet sich an Kinder und Jugendliche zwischen 6 und 17 Jahren, die gerne Software und Hardware programmieren und hacken möchten.

Für unsere Workshops braucht man keine Erfahrungen oder Vorkenntnisse: Mentoren untersützen alle Teilnehmer. Sie entwickeln mit Dir Projekte und stehen Dir während des kompletten Workshops zur Verfügung.

Info: Wir stellen Dir kostenlos einen Leihcomputer für den Workshop zur Verfügung. Wenn Du einen eigenen hast, dann kannst du Deinen natürlich gerne mitbringen (dann hast du deine Projekte direkt auf deinem Computer abgespeichert).
CoderDojoLearn Programming or at least get in touch with it.
Coffee BreakCalm down and have a chat with us
ComputerSaysNoI breathed the promise of liberation through IT technology for three decades, yet now can't help but notice different trajectories in our brave new software driven world. I was the odd nerd bringing internet, mail, google, mobile phone usage to friends and communities. Instruments of liberty, as the still strong going Sillicon Valley narratives pitch it. Now i see more and more people regulated and alienated by what what others allow them (i.e. software), be they waiters in Cafe's, people working in customer support, cashiers at supermarkets, and the other hundreds of millions who sit in front of screens. However, human freedom luckily keeps creeping in and there are examples and opportunities for autonomous uses of technology. It must begin with a slowdown, un-busying ourselves, because it is the increasing speed of movement and information flows which stabilize the grip of cybernetic capitalism.
Congress Everywhere Greet & MeetHow to provide some congress feeling to your people at home ?

Congress Everywhere events in hackerspaces usually happen at evening as public viewing of congress talks. Such a livestream-only link provides very limited "congress feelings". In your local timezone, the events do start with a major break, where no talk happens and therefore no livestream is sent out

Let's fill this break with meet and greet between your congress site and your hackerspace at home.
CooTourHat bei Jugend hacktIn der Assembly von Jugend hackt werden wir „CoolTourHats“ bauen. Die Idee entstand bei Jugend hackt Südkorea: um Menschen aus anderen Kulturen in der eigenen Stadt kennenzulernen hilft mit ein Hut mit Arduino drin. Befinden sich interessante Menschen in der direkten Umgebung, leuchten ihre Hüte bunt (oder tun andere Dinge). So erkennen sie sich gegenseitig und haben die Chance sich kennenzulernen.
Coreboot WorkshopIn this workshop we will help you to flash your own laptop/pc with coreboot.
Create a rocket and reach orbitWant to build it and search for people to collaborate
Crypto MeetupJust a social meeting of people interested in chatting about cryptography.
CryptoParty für Kinder und JugendlicheDie alten Leute erklären den jungen Leuten wie das Internet so funktioniert und was man tun kann, um sich dort sicherer zu bewegen. ... und dann erklären die jungen Leute den alten Leuten, was _wirklich_ abgeht (-;
Cyberthingycome over to the Freiwurst assembly, play with our cyberthingy and enjoy some Freiwurst.
DDJ-Chaos-MeetupHackers, Designers, Journalists in Newsrooms unite! Present your latest work, discuss your plans for 2017 and connect!
DIY Duct-Tape WalletsWe will make wallets out of duct-tape allday at our assembly. Join us and make your own in just a few minutes!
DIY ReligionThis is a cultural experiment and ongoing project to develop an open source toolkit for creating ‘new religions’.
DNS und ICVPN - .freifunk.freifunk - und andere Dienste im Freifunk ICVPN. DNS-Resolver auf Plaste-Routern
DNS und ICVPN - .freifunk und .ff.freifunk - und andere Dienste im Freifunk ICVPN. DNS-Resolver auf Plaste-Routern
DNS und ICVPN: .freifunk und .ff
DSM, EIF, RED: Acronyms on the EU level and why they matter for software freedomIn the coming years, the EU is determined to bring its industries to the digital market and acquire a leading position on the global tech market. In order to achieve this ambitious goal of allowing Europe's "own Google or Facebook" to emerge, the EU has come up with several political and legislative proposals that obviously cannot overlook software. Three or more magic letters combined in an acronym have, therefore, the power to either support innovation and fair competition, or drown the EU in its vendor lock-in completely. The terms "open standards", "open platforms", and Free Software are being used more and more often but does it mean that the EU is "opening" up for software freedom for real? My talk will explain how several current EU digital policies interact with Free Software, and each other, and what does it mean to software freedom in Europe. Polina Malaja is the policy analyst of the Free Software Foundation Europe.
DVB-S: Pirate or Amateur Digital TV StationsDVB-S is the core technology behind Digital Satellite Television. This will be a look into the technical aspects of how Satellite TV is transmitted, received, how the standard works and how to abuse it for your own entertainment. Low Power and Low Cost hardware is now capable of both transmitting and receiving DVB - a Raspberry Pi and an SDR are all you need to get started.

We'll look at setting up a DVB-S station and what parts are required.

Expect a presentation, demonstration and then discussion to share ideas.
Der 33 Jahrerückblick: Technology and Politics in Congress Talks, from 1984 to now -- Post-Lecture DiscussionThis workshop is a follow-up on our talk where we present preliminary results from our research. We will talk about data collection, analyses and especially want to invite everyone who has first-hand experiences, memory, evidence, etc from the early congresses. The workshop is open to everyone and will take place in ine female space in room A.2:
Der 33 Jahrerückblick: Technology and Politics in Congress Talks, from 1984 to now -- Post-Lecture Discussion!This is the follow-up discussion on the lecture in the official program: The proper relationship of technology and politics and thereby the percentage each covers in the Congress schedule have been the subject of an evergreen debate at the floor and in the corridors of the Chaos Communication Congress. Rather than taking a position in this debate, we are asking how the two have been co-articulated in talks so far by CCC participants? In order to answer this question, we are analysing the available titles and abstracts of Congress talks from 1984 until now. This ongoing research seeks to identify changing trends, significant outliers, apparent patterns and common threads throughout the years. We also wonder if it is possible to identify turning points in the narrative. The empirical data is contextualised by reflections on the shifting ground of technology, politics and society in the world during the long history of the CCC, as well as by qualitative reflections of attendants. We are inviting the audience to help us with the latter by joining in a follow-up discussion after the presentation.
Design in Free Software & Open SourceDesign in free software & open source is improving in recent years, but we still have a lot to do. If we want people to use free software, it needs to be as simple & easy to use as proprietary counterparts. The Open Source Design collective pushes design in free software. We organize design tracks at well-known events like FOSDEM and FOSSASIA, have a job board to get designers involved, provide open design resources to developers and designers and more.
Developing CaranaThis little talk and big discussion is about ways to evaluate and assess the outcomes of teaching games.
Digitale ArmutSeit Jahren schreitet die Digitalisierung weltweit rasant voran und erfasst die Gesellschaften in ausnahmslos allen Lebens- und Arbeitsbereichen. Dennoch sind gerade in hochentwickelten und reichen Ländern wie Deutschland nicht alle in Bezug auf die digitale Infrastruktur gleich gut versorgt. Die Gefällenlage ist kreuz und quer durch die Gesellschaft festzustellen: zwischen Stadt und Land, Jung und Alt, Arm und Reich, Oben und Unten. Welche Strukturen, Folgen, Auswirkungen, aber auch neue Chancen für kollektives Denken und Handeln umfasst die "digitale Armut" in einer Wohlstandsgesellschaft, die seit den Sozialreformen von vor über 10 Jahren noch nie so gespalten scheint wie heute?
Discussing Postcolonial ComputingFrom artificial intolerance to decolonizing our programming: We want to discuss who is speaking? who is writing the code and what do we have to do about it? Ever heard of „My friend's not a gorilla“ and google photos? we gonna provide some twisted examples…
Dn42: Decentralised Network 42dn42 is a big dynamic VPN, which employs Internet technologies (BGP, whois database, DNS, etc). Participants connect to each other using network tunnels (GRE, OpenVPN, Tinc, IPsec) and exchange routes thanks to the Border Gateway Protocol. dn42 can be used to learn networking and to connect private networks, such as hackerspaces or community networks. But above all, experimenting with routing in dn42 is fun! This session will start with an introduction to dn42, followed by some short presentations from participants about their projects with dn42 and will finish with free-form discussion about where to take the network in the future.
Do Butterflies have bordersFilmvorführung: Do Butterflies have Borders? Politisches Theater als Weg zur Bewältigung von Fluchterfahrungen
Documentation SprintLet's get together and work on improving our project documentation. If you aren't currently working on any projects, we will help you find a project to contribute to and guide you with tips and advice on how to write good documentation.
E-Voting: Defend our right to vote!Let's build an international network against e-voting and discuss/analyze the current political agenda on the subject.
EDH / Commander roundplay a game of edh/commander with me and whoever else! hope you brought a deck :)
EGP Meetup: From Tree-Huggers to WiFi-LoversAn informal meetup for the members of the EGP and associated parliamentary groups who made it to 33C3.

No formal topics as of yet, just a meet and greet / networking type of meeting.

Please refrain from display insignia/merchandise of the EGP
EITI Extractive Industries Transparency & Open DataShort overview from the state of the extractive industries transparency initiative around the world and germany.
Eine Botschaft an Außerirdische (Wondrous Mathematics)Vor etwa 15 Jahren schickte die Menschheit eine Radiobotschaft an ausgewählte Sterne, in der Hoffnung, dass die Nachricht Außerirdische erreicht, diese die Nachricht verstehen und uns antworten. Die Nachricht ist nicht auf Deutsch oder Englisch verfasst, sondern bedient sich einer eigens entwickelten Symbolsprache. Schaffen wenigstens wir Menschen, die Botschaft zu entziffern? Das wollen wir in dem Workshop an uns selbst testen und herausfinden!
Einstieg in App-Programmierung und Scratch (für Kids)Einstieg in App-Programmierung und Scratch, 2 Workshops mit jeweils 90 Minuten für bis zu 10 Kids, organisiert von App Camps und Code+Design
Emacs rehab center (vim workshop)
Emotional Labor – What is it good for?There is lots of good work being done all over the place, lots of it is emotional labor. But often it does not get the recognition it deserves, even though it is integral to establishing and maintaining communities.
Engeleinführung KasseEinführung ins Kassenengeling.
Entscheidungsfindung/KonsensHerausforderung Konsensentscheid

Wie es sein sollte. Wie es nicht sein sollte.

Wie es dann trotzdem klappt.
Eris RisingWhy hack machines, when you can hack people? A talk postulating a new type of hacker, the 'Eris': a blackhat sociologist who social engineers groups rather than individuals. Certain group ideologies or behaviors allow easy manipulation, and politically active communities like the hacker community will be in the targets in the coming era.
Erklärt Technik den Menschen?Hilft uns Technologie, uns besser zu verstehen? Oder sind Mensch und Technik nicht vergleichbar? Wir präsentieren eine Theorie des US-amerikanischen Philosophen Daniel Dennett, die "intuition pumps". Er geht davon aus, dass technologische Phänomene dabei helfen, den menschlichen Geist zu veranschaulichen und ihn immer besser zu erklären. Diesen intuition pump möchten wir zunächst erklären und Möglichkeiten und Grenzen dieser Theorie aufzeigen, um anschließend zur Diskussion überzugehen.
Experimental Incubator Set UpYou can learn why we build the incubator up and why you should do the same!
Exploring alternate mathematical universes with hypercomputation (Wondrous Mathematics)This talk gives a leisurely introduction to constructive mathematics, a variant of classical mathematics where we drop some of the standard axioms of ordinary reasoning. This allows us to adopt classically inconsistent "dream axioms" and explore curious alternate mathematical universes. In the talk we'll focus on a wondrous connection to models of computation, both standard ones such as ordinary programming languages and exotic models such as hypercomputation which allow for infinitely many steps in finite time and which push the laws of physics to their limits. The special properties of these alternative universes then depend on the nature of our physical reality.
FHB Cheese Rendezvous 33c3If you love cheese this event will make you very very happy!
FSaaS: Challenges for 'Free Software as a Service' in businessOf all the Free Software business models, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is one of the most appealing. Wordpresss blazed a path over a decade ago that few have managed to follow. How do Free Software businesses of this nature work? What are their biggest challenges? And why aren't there more of them? Bring your ideas for a discussion.
Fiction Writers' SessionMeet-up for all fiction-writing entities: Share your experiences over mate & coffee.
Film-AbendBlocked for Film Screenings by Content Team
Film-BlockerBlocked for Film Screenings by Content Team
FlunkyballPlaying Flunkyball together. Organized by the UPB Flunkyteam. Flunkyball is a common german drinking game for all ages.
Freedom fries - a discussion about Big-Data, Facebook and cambridge analytica claiming to have made Trump president of the USIn December the online magazine published an article in which it describes scientist drawing conclusions from what people like on facebook. These studies seem to be used for voter manipulation during the last US elections. We describe the methods used, the claims made and what the effect on activist policies might be.
Freifunk Hamburg JahresrückblickFreifunk Hamburg berichtet über Fortschritte beim Ausbau des Richtfunknetzes, Herausforderungen bei der Versorgung Geflüchteter mit freiem WLAN, die Zusammenarbeit mit der Stadt und Peering in Hamburg.
Freifunk Webteam MeetupViele der unter angebotenen Dienste benötigen Wartung und Weiterentwicklung. Wer sich hier engagieren möchte, kommt einfach vorbei.
Freifunk hilft* Exchange with Imma & Eben from Refugees Emancipation e.V. about learnings/experiences
  • Freifunk für Flüchtlinge - Erfahrungen, Vorgehen, Umsetzung, Tuning, Sponsoren (pkoerner81929)
  • Ideas regarding
Freifunk und die VDSPhilip von Freifunk Rheinland gibt einen Ein- und Überblick über die aktuellen Entwicklungen zur VDS, den aktuellen Status der Klage sowie Infos zu unserem Antrag auf Aussetzung und den Konsequenzen für unseren Backbone (AS201701).
Freifunk@GSoC2016Freifunk was an Organisation at GSoC2016. We'll show the results of our 8 students. And we want to start collection ideas for GSoC 2017
Freiraumfiebel - Manual for self-organisation in urban spaceDie Freiraumfibel ist ein Handbuch über Aneignungsformen von urbanen Räumen und ihren rechtlichen Frameworks. Wir werden das Handbuch und seine Inhalte vorstellen, erzählen wie und warum wir das Buch erstellt haben und zu einer kritischen Diskussion über die Fibel einladen. Dabei interessieren uns folgende Fragen: Braucht es solche Handbücher und wenn ja warum? Was kann die Fibel und was nicht? Was bedeutet "kreative Aneignung von Freiräumen"? etc. Mehr Infos siehe auch unter: oder unter
Fucked-up For A CauseGrampa is telling tales from dark past. When looking at the documentation of the Atari 2600 VCS (one of the first console for video games), you'll notice a lot of fuck ups. These are there for a cause. Let me show you some of them and explain w y they are a more clever than you might expect.
Full schedule test sessionjust for testing, ignore me
Fun with infinitely large numbers (Wondrous Mathematics)Is infinity plus one bigger than infinity? Or is it still just infinity? If you were bothered by this question at some point in your life, this talk is for you. It gives you the graphical tools to decide this question for yourself without any remaining doubt. Absolutely no mathematical prerequisites needed.
GNUNet e.V. meetingGNUNet e.V. meeting
GPG SchlüsselverteilungUm EndeZuEnde-Verschlüsselung für die breite Masse nutzbar zu machen, benötigen wir Verfahren, welche mit möglichst geringen Aufwand und wenig Vorkenntnisse auch von Laien nutzbar sind. Als Einführung in das Thema, stellt ein kurzer Vortrag die aktuellen Entwicklungen vor, um eine Grundlage für die anschließende Diskussion zu bereiten.
Geheimkamera WorkshopIn the Geheimkamera Workshop we rebuild the secret spy cam "C.P. Stirn's Photographische Geheimkamera" from 1890 out of cardboard with our smartphones, because High Tech from the next to last century is still up to date and looks pretty cool!

The workshop is done, but you can still build a secret spy cam and download the coolest manual + stencil here:
GemeinnuetzigkeitWir wollen über die Gemeinnützigkeit im Umfeld von Freifunk sprechen. Insbesondere über Infrastrukturvereine. Mit kurzem update vom F3 Netze e.V.
GemeinnützigkeitInfos und Erfahrungsaustausch zur Anerkennung der Gemeinnützigkeit der einzelnen Communities.
Gemeinnützigkeit im Freifunk UmfeldWir wollen über die Gemeinnützigkeit im Umfeld von Freifunk sprechen. Insbesondere über Infrastrukturvereine. Mit kurzem update vom F3 Netze e.V.
Gender diversity in the Free Software communityOnly about 3% of contributors in free software are women (even though 25% of software developers are) – a considerable gap compared to male contributors. There are many reasons for this, and some we want to talk about are: - Is the environment friendly enough? - What can free software projects & companies do to fix the gap? - Why do we need the diversity? Greta Doçi is an ICT engineer, active in Wikimedia and the Albanian open source community. Jan-Christoph Borchardt is an interaction designer working on Nextcloud and Open Source Design. They both want to push gender diversity in free & open source software.
Gentoo e.V. MitgliederversammlungMitgliederversammlung des Gentoo e.V.
German PrisonPlaceholder for now.
GetMyFotosBackA friend of mine did a bad mistake on his NAS - format two disks in linear RAID mode. Then one of the disks crashed and the data on the second disk is not accessible anymore. In this sessions I call for help to find someone who can support in recovering the data from the disk that I have here. The partition data is also available as a dd image file.
Getting started with ESP8266 and IoTLearn about the ESP8266, a very small and cheap microcontroller with builtin WiFi. Bring your Laptop, ESP8266-Dev-Boards and some sensors are available for donations.
Gettogether Radio LockdownLet's talk about the radio lockdown directive which got law in Germany this year.
Goldsmithing 101 by SawuGoGoldsmithing workshop, teaching art and metalworkingskills, make happy people! As seen on Maker Faires, Hackerspaces and summer hacker camps. unfairly stopped by the "33C3 serious business" team (core-orga) oldsmithing during congress will now be done in Amsterdam (either at Techinc, or at my workshop), all are invited to join (anytime), contact me for details.
Hackademia MeetupThis is a gathering for academic researchers who are a part of Hackademia (the listserv, IRC channel, summer school, etc). We will gather together to share our work, exchange ideas about methods, challenges, and gaps, and discuss recent developments in research involving hacker communities. Though this is a meant to be a private session for people already involved in the group, please contact us beforehand if you’d like to join!
Hackbases 5 yearsHackbases are similar to hackerspaces but people also live in them.
Hacker workflowsWHAT DO YOU USE FOR X?

Call out the best and worst open source software, websites, and practices. Relaxed get-together + Pad note-taking + Learn.

Focus: Groupware / Collaboration / "Workflow".
Hackerjeopardy - A New ApproachInspiriert vom gewachsenen Konzept von Sec und Ray haben wir unsere eigene Hard- und Software gebaut. Wir können zwar keine teuren Preise bereitstellen, haben uns aber einige neue Kategorien überlegt, damit euch nicht langweilig wird.
Hackers without bordersDuring 31C3 we founded Hackers Without Borders e.V. for a reason, but then we lost the main reason. This is the first MV since then, and we'll figure out how and if we go on. Please join us with your ideas!

The e.V. is about creating events (and HowTo create such events) in the C3 "free and open source way" all over the world. Examples are and and their "kids" anthillhacks (no website) and

Find a 7-min-intro on what this is about on:
Hackerspace in a graphic novelHacker movement in popculture has been reduced to black-hat cliches and even technologically plausible representations like Mr Robot fail to draw its complexities. I'd like to change that with my next project: an online graphic novel featuring a realistic hackerspace community, showcasing people with different and varied approaches to hacking. I'd love to hear your ideas, learn about new sources and existing representations I haven't heard of to create something really worthwhile!
Hacking Tomu and 2FAWe are working on the Tomu devices and will discuss current issues and todos for future development, such as bootloader optimization and implementing different 2FA (2-Factor-Authentication) methods for use with the device. We will look at existing code and implementations of 2FA and we will work on implementations.
Hacking democracy with MEP Marietje SchaakeMember of the European Parliament Marietje Schaake wants to talk about a number of laws that are currently being contemplated in the European Union which might affect the work of hackers, and get your input in order to make them right.
HaecksenraumRoom A.2: Dedicated workshop area for women* and other minorities. Meet people, learn new things, discuss topics, host your own workshop here! We still have open slots :)
Haftung für Devices und Software gestaltenBillige Webcams, Plasterouter und Glühbirnen in Bonnets bedrohen die Internet-Infrastruktur, für einen Update-Pfad hat der Hersteller keine Kostenstelle vorgesehen. Als Lösung wird von vielen Seiten eine Herstellerhaftung für Sicherheitslücken vorgeschlagen. Wir wollen uns Gedanken machen, wie diese ausgestaltet werden können, ohne dass unerwünschte Nebenwirkungen wie millionenschwere Haftungsrisiken Open Source-Software oder Endverbraucher bedrohen. Wer soll überhaupt haftbar sein, die chinesische Fabrik, der Distributor, der sein Logo draufklebt, der Autor des letzten Commits der Firmware (oder der Software, von der sie abgeleitet ist) oder der Benutzer, der eine alternative Software installiert oder nur die Standardkonfiguration verändert hat?
Hebocon Registration and testfightsBefore the Hebocon we will offer some space build robots and we will do the official registration at the Aaaaaaaaaaaa Assembly.
Herbal brewingAn informal get together to exchange ideas on brewing with herbs.
How To Run A Bitcoin NodeBitcoin is among the world’s most widely deployed decentralized cryptographic systems. We will give a short introduction into why financial privacy and Bitcoin is a critical tool for activists and briefly discuss the mechanisms behind Bitcoin. We will then dive into configuring a Bitcoin Core node suitable for running at home. Topics that will be covered include:
  • How to get statistics from the network and how to interpret them.
  • How to use the RPC interface to create (multisig-)transactions.
  • How to set limits on resource usage.
  • How to make use of Tor.
  • How to securely store coins.
How space travel is revolutionized with this one weird trick from chaos theory (Wondrous Mathematics)"The easy part is getting to space. The hard part is staying there." Crash course on orbital mechanics and introduction to low-energy transfers.
How to Make Humanoid RobotsWe will share our knowledge in making humanoid robots with you.

The workshop will cover mostly hardware but also software. We will bring some of our robots with us for a hands on. If you want you can also just stop by to ask questions.

We will speak mainly in English, but we speak also German and French.
How to Organize a CryptoParty**How to CryptoParty** CryptoParties have been organized all over the world for more than four years. The goal of this session is to help anyone interested to organize one themselves.
How to Survive 33C3 CryptoPartyIn this workshop we will teach the basics of digital security and how to use tools that allow us to maintain our privacy, anonymity and security with an emphasis on attendees of a hackers conference.
How to integrate pEp into your development environmentIf you are interested in learning how to integrate pEp into your development environment, have questions on this topic or want to understand better how pEp developments can be connected with different environments, we'd love to welcome you in this session. Meeting point is at the GNUnet & pEp assembly.
How to train - and reprogram - your quadcopterThis talk will be about how I hacked a nano quadcopter, and how (and why) you should too ! This is a small introduction to hardware reverse engineering and embedded programming, from a newby in the hacker world.
IPFS MeetupIPFS is a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol to make the web faster, safer, and more open. This meet up is open to anyone who is interested in it.
IT-solutions for humanitarian crisis problemsSyrien, ein Land welches innerhalb von 5 Jahren von einem hohen technischen Level zurück in die Steinzeit gebombt wurde. Weite Teile des Landes sind ohne Internet. Telefonnetze sind von unterschiedlicher Qualität und Verfügbarkeit. Viele Regionen des Landes sind auf Grund der Vorherrschaft unterschiedlichster Milizen nicht passierbar für Helfer*innen in der humanitären Arbeit.

Nur ein Beispiel, wo es neue Lösungen braucht für humanitäre Notlagen. Wenn wir die Betroffenen nicht selbst erreichen können, wie können wir dann doch mit innovativen Methoden vor Ort Hilfe leisten?

CADUS e.V. arbeitet seit über 2 Jahren in verschiedenen Krisenregionen. In dem Workshop dient CADUS als Fallgeberin für akute Problemstellungen in den Regionen vor Ort. In Arbeitsgruppen wollen wir Lösungsmöglichkeiten für (Teil-)Probleme erarbeiten, und deren Durchführbarkeit direkt mit Menschen diskutieren, die den Bogen von der Theorie zur Praxis schlagen können.
Implications of the EU copyright reform on Free SoftwareThe session is designed to discuss and exchange the views about the implications of on-going copyright reform on Free Software, in particular the inclusion of far-reaching DRM measures in the latest proposal for the directive and how this can have an impact on Free Software. The session will start with a small presentation on the topic, followed by the discussion with the participants.
In kurzer Zeit zur SchlüsselwurstWir knoten uns mithilfe von Paracord eigene kleine Schlüsselanhänger. Es ist nicht sonderlich schwierig und es gibt nur eine begrenzte Anzahl von Material, aber was soll's. Bei Bedarf könnt ihr auch gerne einfach so vorbeikommen.
Inflation in MMORPGsHere is a short Talk about Inflation in MMORPGs, with discussion at the end. Slides can be found at
Informal Pirate meetupInformal meetup of Pirates present on 33c3.
Instant Matrix GamesInstant Matrix Games is a framework for the rapid development of an educational or analytical environment.
Internet cencorship in BelarusBelarus is a small Kolkhoz ruled by the authoritarian president Alexander Lukashenko since 1994. Several years ago Belarussian government have discovered the Internet and the danger that it poses to the status quo existing in the country. Since than Belarus made its first steps towards making the Internet a safe and secure space for dictatorship to flourish in the country. What were those steps and how the economy in crisis is creating infrastructure to block the dissent online?
Intro to Qubes OS: A reasonably secure operating systermCome by to learn about Qubes OS, the privacy- & security-focused operating system!
Introduction Into AnarchismIdeas of the anarchism existed before the network, however hacker's community willingly took anarchism appreciating its dedication to individual and collective freedom. With this session we will have a quick look on history of anarchism and the present of the anarchist struggle in the social and political sphere around the world. This is a short presentation with a discussion round.
Introduction to LEAP encryption access project and PixelatedWe talk about the current state of VPN and encrypted email services and the use cases for providers and end users.
Introduction to Soy Bean Fermentation - Tempeh MakingThis workshop will teach you how to start your own batch of tempeh using commercial starting culture tasting your own creation before the congress is over!
Introduction to the LEAP encryption access projectmerged with can get deleted without further notice (don't know how)
IoT by beginners for beginners: Getting started with NodeMCUGetting started with the Internet of Things using the ESP8266 WiFi SoC. A basic how-to for beginners by beginners: - which software you need to install - how to flash the NoceMCU Firmware - how to start with your first small LUA script, connecting the WiFi module to the world - bring your laptop with you and try out ... Prerequisites: Java (all), Python2.7 (Linux & OS X)
JAZ HRODoku über das JAZ in rostock, rock on.
Jolla usersEin Treffen für an Jolla und/oder Jolla interssierten Menschen, natürlich auch für Leute die bereits SFOS haben und sich gerne austauschen wollen. A meeting for people which a interessted in Jolla or/and Sailfish OS, also for users which are allready running SFOS, to talk.
Juggling FlashmobLet's juggle! Everyone is welcome, no matter if you never touched a juggling ball or if you are a professional stage juggler – let's teach each other! MEETING POINT: In front of the ball pit in the Kidspace (Floor 3, in front of Hall 1. Yes, we asked.) PLEASE be careful not to step on children!
Kefir MakingYou will learn how to take care about milk kefir grain culture preparing lovely fermented foods and drinks.
Keysigning partyWe will check each other's identity papers and sign each other's OpenPGP keys. This builds the OpenPGP Web of Trust, and it's also just a nice get-together.
KiCad PCB Design for Eagle-UsersA short introduction into KiCad for users experienced with other PCB design software (eagle). This Workshop will cover the design-flow from schematics to gerber files.
Kids4IT Lego Mindstorms WorkshopWir möchten Kindern kreativeren Umgang mit Computern zu ermöglichen, ihnen mit Spaß das Programmieren beizubringen. Es geht um das gemeinsame Programmieren, Basteln, den Umgang mit Hard- und Software
Kinky Geeks Bondage WorkshopBeginner's bondage workshop organized by the Kinky Geeks Assembly. We will discuss the basic safety and materials for bondage and will then practice basic ties with rope. No fancy stuff, but a good and solid foundation for safe and fun ropework. Bring your own rope if you have it, but we'll also have a limited amount of rope that we can share.
KlangteppichCome over and meet us at our cozy music lounge in hall 4! Proudly presented by Chaos West, c-base & friends
Klingon War of SuccessionNEW SESSION Scheduled! strategic game in the star trek universe. Also a demonstration of serious games as teaching and/or analysis tool.
Kombucha is EasyDuring this Hands on Workshop you will learn how to properly take care about your kombucha culture brewing lovely beverage of your preferred taste.
Kopf aus dem Sand - Wie du ohne Parteien die Politik beeinflussen kannst!#KopfausdemSand - Wenn du denkst Unterschriftenlisten und nie beachtete Demos sind die einzigen Methoden um die Politik in Österreich, Deutschland oder der EU zu beeinflussen, dann möchte ich dir hier einen Überblick geben welche Möglichkeiten es noch gibt um die Gesetzgebung und Verwaltung zu unseren Gunsten zu beeinflussen.

Man kann zwar Gesetze selbst nicht schaffen, aber der Einfluss ist noch lange nicht bei 0! Wir haben sowohl die Netzneutralität Großteils gerettet als auch schon einmal die Vorratsdatenspeicherung gekippt.

Für Neueinsteiger, Menschen und andere Lebensformen die meinen sie könnten noch etwas Neues lernen.
Kreatives beschimpfenAngewandte malediktion
Kurzfilm-Screening: "61-Tage" Deutschland auf der FluchtKurzfilm-Screening 61 Tage - Deutschland auf der Flucht - Was wäre, wenn WIR fliehen müssten!?
LEAP Platform for vpn + LEAP and Pixelated platform for email providersWe'll show you how to setup a LEAP provider to self-host a vpn and/or encrypted email service.
LEAP Platform for vpn/email providersmerged with can get deleted without further notice (don't know how)
LEAP/Bitmask Hand-on WorkshopWe'll hack on Bitmask, the LEAP client for VPN and encrypted Email.
LOC Teardown MeetingLOC Teardown Meeting.
LearnToSolderLearn to Solder! A large variety of way cool kits are available, all designed for total beginners to complete successfully -- and intriguing enough for the total hardware geek.

This ongoing workshop will be happening concurrently with lots of other way cool workshops at the Hardware Hacking Area!

Teacher's meeting!

Auf der Suche nach Kollegen rufe ich hiermit den ersten CCC-Lehrerstammtisch aus! Wir treffen uns an Tag 3 um 16:00 Uhr am MuCCC-Assebly. Je nachdem, wie viele kommen, suchen wir uns dann spontan einen besseren Ort.

Looking for colleages, I hereby create the CCC Teacher's-meeting. We'll meet at day 3 at 4pm at the MuCCC-Assembly. Depending on the number of people we might then look for a better place.
Lehrmaterial-Plattform entwerfenFortsetzung der Diskussion vom Lehrerstammtisch
Let's sing together the Free Software SongJoin us now and sing together the Free Software song!

Everyday at another time at the Assembly of the Free Software Foundation Europe.

We have the lyrics and conductor. Simply come and we form an ad-hoc choir and sing together the Free Software Song!

"You'll be Free hackers, Freeee!"
LightPainting (Kidspace)Tanzt mit euren selbstgebastelten LED-Throwies vor einer Kamera rum und malt Lichtbilder in die Luft und aufs Foto! Die Bilder werden anschließend im KidSpace auf einem Monitor ausgestellt :)
Line-of-sight visualizerThe Freifunk Berlin Line-of-Sight visualiser is a tool to see which long-distance wireless connections to existing larger Freifunk sites in Berlin can be expected from a given location. It can augment or sometimes even replace standing on the roof and seeing what is visible from there. It takes the form of a script that presents custom KML format sight lines over the network to the user running Google Earth Pro, which combines these lines with the Google 3D-buildings layer so the user can easily see if there is something interrupting a line of sight.
Linux Kernel Ninja Comment KaraokeDo you have it what it takes to be a Linux kernel hacker? This is your chance to prove it: At random a function (max 100 LoC) is selected from the +15M LoC of Linux kernel code and it is your task to karaoke that code snippets comments. If it has comments: Good for you. If not, show your inner (comment) ninja.
LoRaWAN–Freifunk der DingeAn introduction to a crowd-sourced long-range radio network for autonomous devices.
Lötworkshop von Chaos macht SchuleLötworkshop von Chaos Macht Schule für Junghacker
MAKE-IT: Interactive presentation of the EU research project about the Maker MovementThis interactive session consists of a 10 minute presentation to present the EU research project MAKE-IT, followed by a 20 minute discussion with the participants about similarities, differences and interactions between the maker movement and the hacker scene.

MAKE-IT is a Horizon2020 European research project focused on how the role of Collective Awareness Platforms (CAPS) enables the growth and governance of the Maker movement, particularly in relation to Information Technology, using and creating social innovations and achieving sustainability.

The international research consortium investigates ten makerspaces in eight different countries to learn about their "organisation and governance", "peer and collaborative activities" and "value creation and impact".

I would like to present research findings of the ongoing project (2016-2017) and critically assess, enrich and validate them in an interactive discussion with the session participants. In particular, I am interested to discuss how the 'maker movement' is similar or different from and interacts with the 'hacker scene'.

I wish to keep this workshop as informal and accessible as possible and look forward to your input!
Maritime HackersCome and present your idea/software/hardware/... or get inspired by other hackers' projects!
MateYou probably know Club Mate and Flora Mate, as they are available at the

33c3. But there are more kinds of Mate and we will taste them! You can bring own bottles by yourself, too. It is possible that we will

not have all existing brands.
Mate MakingCome and drink a round of mate in between talks or any other time during Day 1 & 2 and learn a about the main ingredient in your favourite limo
Mechanical Keyboard Meetup & TryoutTry out different mechanical keyboards and bring your own to show it off!
Meet the Computertruhe e. V.Die Computertruhe sammelt gespendete, gebrauchte Computer, um sie wieder instand zu setzen und an Menschen weiterzugeben, die sich selbst keine leisten können.
Meier 3Ich glaube an konflikt sonst glaube ich an nichts.
Meine erste IFG-AnfrageWie bekomme ich schnell und einfach Informationen, die bei Behörden lagern - Verträge, Vermerke und E-Mails zwischen Beamten? Wie kann ich sie für politisches Engagement nutzen? Und was mache ich, wenn Behörden mich mit Gebühren und Gesetzestexten abschrecken wollen? Ich stelle die Plattform FragDenStaat vor und einige wirksame Werkzeuge, mit denen ihr genau die Infos bekommt, die ihr haben wollt.
More than you ever wanted to know about date/time handlingAn introduction to date/time handling in software and libraries. Every programmer who has had to deal with timezones or the likes knows the pain. This talk gives insight in how to handle these problems in your software properly, how to work around common problems and will show common gotchas.
More then you ever wanted to know about date/time handlingAn introduction to date/time handling in software and libraries. Every programmer who has had to deal with timezones or the likes knows the pain. This talk gives insight in how to handle these problems in your software properly, how to work around common problems and will show common gotchas.
Movie Night18:00 Zero Days

20:00 61 Tage

21:00 Traceroute

23:30 National Bird

Music production and studio technologyI'm a professional music producer and teacher (as well as studio builder and tech guy). You want to know anything about music software? Which interface to use for which job (from entry-level music recording / podcasting to hi-end Thunderbolt/Dante/AVB etc.)? What microphone to get? How to create that special effect? Improve your recordings and mixes? DM me on Twitter @zenephant or drop me a mail: and lets meet up!
NerfgunBattleTired of egoshooters? Feeling the need for better graphics, realistic physics and surround sound? Join the big Nerf-Gun Battle at 33c3! Come around - bring your own device - get shot!
Network concepts introduction & wireshark workshopEver wondered how webpages arrive in your browser? How zmap works? Want to get your first hands-on experience using wireshark? To learn all that you need to learn the basic networking concepts. You're in luck as this is a hands-on networking workshop preceded by a lecture. We will cover such topics as the ISO/OSI model, Ethernet, IP, TCP, UDP, routing, and wireshark.
Netzpolitik in der Schweiz 2017Das ausgehende Jahr war ein schwieriges Jahr auch für die Netzpolitik in der Schweiz. Wir stecken den Kopf deswegen jedoch nicht in den Sand. Nach dem Talk zur «Netzpolitik in der Schweiz 2016» (27.12.16, 20:30 Uhr, Saal 6) treffen wir uns daher zu einer ausgedehnten Diskussions-, Frage und Planungssession.
Neuropilmaking and breaking of neuropil :-) we would like to set up an neuropil network together with the participants and try to identify vulnerabilities ...
NewPipeNewPipe is a Free Youtube/Streaming app for Android. This talk will be about how NewPipe works, and what the features of NewPipe will be. The app was created as a hobby project one year ago, but slowly evolves.
News vom Förderverein freie Netzwerke e.V.Was hat der Förderverein in diesem Jahr getan, was haben wir erreicht, welche Neuigkeiten gibt es?
NibbleTronic: Next GenerationIn my talk I introduced the Nibbletronic, a DIY MIDI wind instrument. In this session I want to discuss the next iteration with you.
Ninux - an italian wireless communityLeandro introduces ninux
NofightclubNo Fight Club
NootropicsNootropics (also called smart drugs, neuro enhancers ...) are substances that improve one or more aspects of cognitive performance. Bring your noots, notes, and laptops.
Numerical Weather Prediction TutorialA workshop about running your own Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) model.
OParl: Politik vor Ort maschinenlesbarOParl ist eine Initiative zur Standardisierung des offenen Zugriffs auf parlamentarische Informationssysteme in Deutschland. Das Ziel von OParl ist die Schaffung einer Standard-API für den Zugang zu öffentlichen Inhalten in kommunalen Ratsinformationssystemen, damit die Inhalte daraus im Sinne von Open Data für möglichst viele verschiedene Zwecke eingesetzt werden können.
Off Grid: a videogame about hacking, data privacy, and surveillance'Off Grid' is a videogame where you have to hack into networks and exfiltrate data by manipulating vulnerable IoT devices and socially engineering other characters. Come to Milliways and play an early build of the game!
Off flavours in homebrewed beerWe'll have a Siebel off flavour kit for beer with us. You'll learn which off flavours you can perceive, what causes them, and how to remedy them.
OffeneFahrplanDatenWie bekommen wir mehr Fahrplandaten von Verkehrsbünden, mehr GTFS von ÖPNV-Anbietern ...
Offenes Chaos Macht Schule TreffenChaos macht Schule trifft sich. Wenn ihr Interesse an dem Projekt habt oder selber im Bildungsbereich aktiv seid, kommt vorbei und vernetzt euch!
Onionmxonionmx is a proposal to have email transport via tor onion services. it is not about having .onion domain email addresses but rather about email providers making their smtp transport available as an onion service to each other. there is a working implementation out there and we have some months of successful operations behind us. now we'd like to meet more like minded mail providers to join the effort. lets discuss what we have and how to move forward.
Open Data Gesetz DeutschlandIn dieser Session arbeiten wir die letzten Kommentare zum Open Data Gesetz Entwurf bis 30.12 ein. Siehe
Open Education WorkshopDespite high expectations, "digital education" has not much advanced beyond sharing single-purpose worksheets as pdf. Existing Open Educational Resources (OER) often tend to reinforce current teaching scenarios and top-down structures, missing out on the potential for new forms of participation. To prepare new education projects, we invite you to share your experiences and ideas: How can digital methods / concepts / tools contribute to a more inclusive pedagogy, enabling and motivating learners for co-creation? What else can we do within existing frameworks, and how to approach it effectively in class?

Links: - Padlet: - EtherPad - Gdrive

- My link page:
Open Science WorkshopDo you think science is as open, transparent and reproducible as it could be? Are we using the full potential of digitalization and the internet for our research. Are non-scientist sufficiently aware of and embedded into the scientific process? We want to discuss all this and want to hear your voice and experiences! Open Access, Open Data, Open Notebooks, Open Source, Open Educational Resources Citizen science - those topics and more will be in the center of this participant-driven meeting. More importantly we want to connect people interested in a more open and better science.
Open Source in Amateur RadioNo one wants to turn out like Ham Radio Deluxe users - blacklisted from using their favourite software


Let's get together and talk about our favourite hobby and how to do it with real freedom!

The conversation will focus mostly on Debian's Hamradio Blend ( and the software contained within as that's what the organiser is most familiar with, but I'm more than happy to talk about all things radio, not just the DFSG.
OpenOversightOpenOversight aims to maintain a database of police officers and provide a digital gallery that allows the public to identify the name and badge number of a police officer they would like to file a misconduct complaint about.
OpenPGP use cases beyond emailOpenPGP use cases beyond email encryption and authentication.
* monkeysphere for ssh: checking sshd fingerprints automatically
* monkeysphere for sshd: replacing ssh key-based authentication
* schleuder2, schleuder3, webschleuder: encrypted mailing list software (incl. CLI and web GUI)
* pass: flat-file based personal password manager
* keyringer: flat-file based password manager for groups
* mandos: LUKS passphrase server on local networks
* Bring Your Own: if you know about other use cases of OpenPGP (apart from encrypting files), come and say...
The workshop will start with a small intro on the tools, and we can go deeper into one or the other depending on the interest from the audience. Some developers of some tools mentioned above will be probably at the workshop, or available on IRC.
Owasp Bug BountyThe purpose of the Bug Bounty is to provide a platform for stable and mature defender projects as a form of Quality assurance. The Bounty is also available for Tool projects such as OWASP ZAP or OWASP Seraphimdroid which require installation on the client device or computer that can represent a security risk to them.
PCB design for beginners using KiCadYou will learn how to create basic schematics, select footprints and finally design the actual PCB using KiCad.
PEp KeySyncWe will discuss technical questions related to the pEp - pretty Easy privacy KeySynchronization process. Meeting Point is at the GNUnet & pEp assembly.
PEp User Interface DesignIf you are interested in pEp's design principles (since it is a User Interface Design Project), have suggestions, questions or ideas, please come to this session! Meeting point is at the GNUnet & pEp assembly.
PEp for Java ScriptIn this session we will cover technical details, how to use pEp with Java Script. You are welcome to ask any (related) questions! Meeting point is at the GNUnet & pEp assembly.
PEp tech troubleshooting, e.g. Android and IMAP problemsWe are interested in learning which problems you ran into while working with, developing or integrating pEp solutions. In this session we are here to answer your questions and collect your reports. Meeting point is at the GNUnet & pEp assembly.
Pcb milling with the othermillOpen Milling - Mill your PCB Design, Learn PCB Milling
Pixel Art WorkshopLet's paint *very* tiny pictures! I'll give you an introduction to the techniques and principles of pixel art, as well as useful hints, learning resources and software recommendations. After that, we'll paint a few 16x16 pixel-sized pictures together. If you use Twitter, you'll like this format, as well! :)
Pixelated hands-on--- session will be in English, German and some Brazilian Portuguese ---

We are organising this hands-on session to invite people to learn about Pixelated, an open source solution for easy email encryption, your own indie email provider and client with privacy and encryption <3 Anyone who is able to send an email is welcome!

In the session we will invite you too try things out, to give us feedback, and we will show you how to install and set up Pixelated on your machine or on a remote server.

Looking forward to see you there and as a future contributor. ;)
Plaintext accounting for hackerspacesI'll present the crazy system we use in our hackerspace to do accounting and Finance controlling. Almost no gui, just plaintext files, hledger, many Python Scripts and some js visualization experiments. If you dislike gnucash because its too easy or too inflexible, this session is for you.
PoPartyCome and fetch the first PoPCoin at 33c3! Often on the internet there is a trade-off between anonymity and accountability. For privacy and security reasons, a lot of users want to stay anonymous. But this contradicts services like Wikipedia who want to make sure that their content is of high quality and so need a certain kind of accountability of the users.
Polyamory and Relationship AnarchyPolyamory and Relationship Anarchy - Exchange
Polyamory and Relationship Anarchy - ExchangePolyamory and Relationship Anarchy - Exchange
Post-Colonial Computing: in between Code, Race, Art and Power.placeholder
Postapocalyptic jewellerywe make jewellery from found objects from the congress, leftovers of other workshops or provided stuff as electronic scrap. wir stellen schmuck aus überresten der zivilisation her, aus fundstücken von kongress selbst, aus resten anderer workshops oder mitgebrachtem (elektro-)schrott.
Privacy by default with pretty Easy privacy (p≡p)The pretty Easy privacy project (p≡p) is a project to turn the cyberpunk movement's dream into reality that everyone should be able to protect his/her privacy using technical tools. Overall p≡p is about changing today's default of digital written communications from unencrypted, unanonymized and unverified to encrypted, anonymized and verified. p≡p's vision is to offer an automatic and easy to use solution to make all end-to-end written digital communications over the Internet ‘Private and Secure by Default and Design‘. With that 'unencrypted' e-mails become the exception not the norm. The p≡p project aims at encrypting existing written digital communications and does not force users to switch to platform-centric or other crypto solutions, in which users are likely to be locked.
Prototype Fund - 1.2 Million Euros for Free Software ProjectsThe Prototype Fund supports the implementation of ideas in civic tech, data literacy, data security and software infrastructure. With a grant of up to €30,000, software developers, hackers and creatives can write code and develop open source prototypes over a period of six months. Applying is as easy as possible and the next deadline at the begin of February. Come, hear and ask us everything about the Prototype Fund.
Public key cryptography and PGP for beginnersRoom A.2, Haecksenraum. Public key cryptography (= asymmetric encryption) and PGP. For beginners, but progressing quickly.
Punished by the robot teacher? - Role of technology in educationHow will your children be educated? Come and learn more about global education policy on IT and contribute with your own vision.

In 2015 the global education market was estimated $4.9 (USD) trillion. Technology giants other private enterprises or philanthropists increasingly influence education policy in order to sell their products. I work for Education International, the global federation of education unions and do believe that it is essential to bring experts from IT and education together in order to promote a truly innovative use of technology in education - not driven by profit interests, but by a bigger vision of inclusive and just societies. In this participatory workshop I will provide a brief introduction to what is happening in the global policy sphere to then discuss your ideas and critique.

Additionally, we are looking for concrete feedback from critical thinkers in the areas of privacy and copyrights. We are starting with a pilot phase to create a global not-for-profit online network that links already existing teacher networks on a global scale.
Queer Feminist Geeks GatheringA meetup for all the queer feminist geek folk.

We will talk a bit about our assembly and what we are doing there, exchange projects and ideas, and network with each other. This meetup is open to people of all genders, but please be mindful of how much space you are taking up. Especially if you are white, male, straight and cis, please try to actively listen instead of talking.

This is our Code of Conduct:
ROS users meetingThis is a spontaneous(ly organized) get-together for users of ROS(.org) - the Robot Operating System - and similar lifeforms.

Let's come together, exchange use-cases, experience, flames and praise and your favorite software bug. At least one PCL and one MoveIt maintainer will be around.

We will meet in front of Workshop Halls A and B.
Radio Lockdown Directive: coordinating future stepsThis will be a meeting for political organisations and individuals who work on the Radio Lockdown Directive.
Radio Lockdown: Community WiFis unite!The Radio Equipment Directive (2014/53/EU) contains a provision requiring hardware manufacturers to check all software installable on their devices. Community WiFi projects heavily rely on (free software) firmware they modify for their purposes and install on consumer-grade hardware. Action is needed to mitigate this threat, but there's a promising course of action: Community WiFi initiatives of Europe, unite!
Reverse-engineering the DR05 audio recorderWe reverse-engineered a digital audio recorder, called the Tascam DR05. We can run our own code!
Rust on the rad1oWrite code in Rust, run on the rad1o from CCCamp15
SIM-KartentauschSIM-Karten (auch gerne Handys) tauschen gegen den Überwachungswahn und für mehr Privatsphäre!
SOSDF(H)B: Salt-Orchestrated Software Defined Freifunk (Hochstift) Backbone: DataCenter und Carrier Techniken für Freifunk abgucken
Scapy in 15 minutesScapy is a powerful Python-based interactive packet manipulation program and library. It can be used to forge or decode packets for a wide number of protocols, send them on the wire, capture them, match requests and replies, and much more. This talk will show you Scapy basics in 15 minutes !
Schiko-MeetingInternal Schiko-Meeting
Schleuder v3Short workshop on the new version of Schleuder, the crypto mailinglist manager: what's new, what's different, how to set it up, etc. Also a possibility to shoot questions at or get help from the developers.
Schmalbart DevsDas frisch geschlüpfte Schmalbart Netzwerk sucht Entwickler für Projekte gegen Populismus in Medien aller Art. Wir haben da ein paar erste Ideen... Diese würde ich gerne vorstellen und Mitstreiter suchen.
Screening & discussion NBupcoming screening of NB, with director and presenters of 33c3 session
Security Confessional: Why and How We Make Security Compromises
ShadowrunA short introductory session for the cyberpunk role-playing game of Shadowrun.
Shitty Robot - WorkshopWorkshop für die Shitty Robots/Vorbereitung auf Shitty Robot /Hebocon Battle. Für das Sumo battle siehe:
Shitty Robot /Hebocon Battlefür den workshop siehe:
Shitty Robotssee project/siehe Projekt Anmerkung: Kinderfreundlich, aber auch für Erwachsene
Simple Nomic4 simple rules:
  1. The name of the game is Nomic.
  2. The rules are to be applied in the order as written here.
  3. The rules can be changed.
  4. The first to reach 100 points wins.

Takes place in Room E in the right back.

Hat super Spaß gebracht.
Skillconvention aall travelers with a certain skill will be invited to these sessions.
Skillconvention ball travelers of a certain skill will be invented to join their respective session
Skillconvention call travelers of a certain skill will be invited to join their respective convention
Skull Radio WorkshopA soldering workshop where people make a bone conduction kit. It allows the user to bite a medal rod, that sends vibrations via their teeth, jawbone into their inner ear. It allows people to listen to music without the sound travelling via the air. Its a through hole soldering kit.

This Kit will cost €12 + €1 for a battery

Day 2: 28-Dec, 5.30pm - 6:30pm
So who are the rioters ?36 min. film. Insiders' views on the wave of protests that have punctuated spring and early summer in France.
Social Engineering Poetry SlamListen to social engineering attack stories from fellow hackers. Presented in a poetry slam style! Or present your social engineering experience or fictional story on how to deceive or manipulate people.
Solar powered freifunk mastElektra presents her latest project, designing a mpp tracker to support solar powered wifi routers.
Soziale Bewegung als PlattformFilter Bubbles und Elitenhass sorgen dafür, dass große Teile der Trump- & AfD-Wähler*innenschaft nicht mehr mit klassischem Campaigning politischer Institutionen demokratisch integriert werden können. Wir ahnen: Die soziale Bewegung der Zukunft, die sich gegen den alten Hass stellt, hört den Menschen zu, lässt sie teilhaben und mitbestimmen, erzählt positive Geschichten des Miteinanders und organisiert eigene Modelle des Zusammenlebens. Und: Sie ist vornehmlich digital.
Space HackingKulturKunstPartyPolitik!

Ein Schiff als Arena schwimmender Spontandemos, Wandbild-Brigaden für internationalistische Politikarbeit. Visuelle Grenzenüberschreitungen an scheinbar unzugänglichen Orten, Hausfassaden, die innerhalb weniger Minuten in Farbe getaucht werden…

Wie nehmen wir uns den öffentlichen Raum, umgehen seine Vorschriften und Reglementierungen? Wie schaffen wir Orte für Kollektivität und basisdemokratisches Zusammenleben?

mit den Freimeutern, Interbrigadas, .WAV, Graffitiarchiv, Überraschungsgästen und Mensch Meier.
Speaker's Sofa: IT-SicherheitWarum IT-Sicherheit & Datenschutz in der Praxis nicht funktionieren.
Speaker's Sofa: Kauft Euren ÖPNVSmart City meets Mobilitätssystem: "Kauft Euren ÖPNV" Warum?
Speaker's Sofa: TerrorbekämpfungWas man alles machen könnte, wenn man wirklich Terror bekämpfen wollte.
Speakers Sofa: Geheimdienste abschaffenGeheimdienste abschaffen! Aber wie? Ein konstruktiver Vorschlag.
Speakers' Sofa: Autonomes FahrenEthische Fragen zu autonomen Fahr- und Flugzeugen. Bernd Sieker gibt kurzen Vortrag und dann Diskussion, Fragerunde.
Speakers's Sofa: True Story of a native Turk in time of censorshipDecision making in times of censorship: True story of a native Turk in time of putsch and censorship
Special 33c3 preview screening - National BirdSpecial 33c3 preview screening - National Bird

with director Sonia Kennebeck
SpinalHDLSpinalHDL workshop to install tools and do some experiments with them.
Stage Manager Angel IntroductionStage Managers are responsible for a specific lecture hall (Saal) and all the talks within a 4 hour time slot. In short, stage managers make sure the talks go as smoothly as possible, including technical issues and crowd management. During this Session we will introduce you to your dutys as a stage manager and teach you all that you need to know to make the Talks during 33c3 run as smoothly as possible.
State of the InterNAT - Freifunk Rheinland AS201701 UpdateStatusupdate from Freifunk Rheinland Backbone (AS201701). Was war, was ist, was wird.
Strategien, Überwachungsskepsis in die Mitte der Gesellschaft zu tragen / Anti Surveillance Campaigning Targeted at the Masses*** Follow Up Session***

We want to follow up on the discussion about strategies to make "mainstream" people care about surveillance and privacy. (mainstream = outside of hacker community/tech bubble)

Everyone is welcome to join!
StudNetzTreffenStudents networks from all over Germany and Europe are present at 33C3. We want to meet up and talk, share DIY-ISP experience, and get more people to join SNT regularly.
SuSi-AngelmeetingsAngelmeeting for the Subtitle Coordinators.
Subtitle Coordinator AngelmeetingsAngelmeeting for the Subtitle Coordinators.
Subtitles-AngelmeetingsThe Angelmeeting for the subtitles Angels.

If you want to be approved as a subtitles Angel, please visit! If you are one already, this is the easiest way to meet and manage shifts etc.

Welcome to the Subtitles Angelmeeting!
Surface Mount Electronics Assembly for Terrified BeginnersSurface mount electronics for terrified beginners. Learn to assemble tiny parts on circuit boards by building a working power supply. Anyone can do it. Yes, even you who never touched anything electronic before. 90mins, 20€/kit, avoid caffeine immediately before.
Syncrypt User MeetupThe Syncrypt development team is at 33c3. Come by and ask us anything related to Syncrypt or encryption. If you have ideas for possible integrations with syncrypt and other software, we're open to your suggestions and feedback. Just want to chat and have a beer with us? No problem, we've got you covered!
Taler workshopWe shall teach visitors to integrate the GNU Taler merchant software for anonymous web payments into existing web platforms. We're happy to advise visitors interested in setting up GNU Taler exchanges as well, including discussions about integrating the exchange with blockchain based currencies. We will not have teaching materials handy for the exchange software however.
Tales from the TrenchesShare your five minute work-related rant with an audience, which is forbidden from suggesting you to use Linux and open$foo-ng instead of Windows and Active Directory. Alcohol is allowed and encouraged.


Lasst eurem arbeitsbezogenen Hass für 5 Minuten freien Lauf vor einem Publikum, das keine besserwisserischen Verbesserungsvorschläge machen darf. Alkohol ist erlaubt und empfohlen.
Teledildonics MeetupThere are quite a few teledildonic enthusiasts at congress this year. Let's get together and talk about our current projects, favourite projects and what we'd like to see happen as our field expands!
Territorios Digitais Livres - Free Digital Territories - Community Networks in Brazil
TestLötworkshop von Chaos Macht Schule für Junghacker
The Exegetes & strategic litigation in EuropeMembers of the French strategic litigation team "les Exegetes" (related to La Quadrature and the non-for-profit ISP French Data Network) would be keen on meeting people involved with strategic litigation to exchange dos and don'ts as well as to learn to know other initiatives around Europe (or elsewhere of course)!
The Federation
The curious world of four-dimensional geometry (Wondrous Mathematics)You couldn't tie your shoelaces if we lived in four dimensions! And spheres would be much smaller than you would think. We'll take you on a short tour of these and other curious phenomena which unfold in four dimensions.
The tech of current pEp releasesIf you are interested in technical details of current pEp releases come to this session. Meeting point is at the GNUnet & pEp assembly.
The user-friendly guide to mobile freedomThis is a user-friendly guide for those who like to use their multiple devices (PC, Laptop, Phone, Tablet) with Free Software and to sync their data between these devices with Free Software as well. Liberate your devices and sync your data in freedom without the need of third-party accounts or services!

For example, use your phone with full usage-spectrum but without a Google account or any other account. Or create your own cloud and IT infrastructure to host your data on your own devices solely.

And the best: You do not need to be a hacker for this! I will show you a user-friendly way to achieve freedom - all tools and software presented come with graphical interfaces and with no coding skills required.

Self-empowerment never was so easy!
There is no birthday partysee title
There is no network
Thermal pictures for kidsThey will be an infrared camera (detects heat). We can play around with warm and cold stuff and create nice pictures.
TorSession should be used to connect with all the people who work for the various projects within or related with tor.
Tor Relays Operators MeetupYou operate Tor relays?

You don't, but you have questions?

Come meet us!

Train the CryptoParty TrainerTraining our own trainers we can help grow the CryptoParty. In this session we'd like to share concepts and ideas on what works.
Translation meetingsThe translation angels (interpreters) meet twice per day to self-organise (day 0, evening to day 4, afternoon)
Type 1 Diabetes HackingHow to improve the therapy of type 1 diabetes.
UMUMMeeting of users and not-yet-users of MikroTik devices to get in contact and share their wisdom. This meeting is private organized!
Update on declaratory action (Feststellungsklagen)Bea gives us an update on our "Feststellungsklagen" we are running
VOC A/V Technican DebriefingDebriefing for VOC A/V Technicans
VOC EngelmeetingDaily meeting for all VOC Angels.
VOC Get to know DASH - Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTPTalk with us about the new open "standard" DASH - Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP.
VOC Get to know the Serial digital interface SDIGet to know the SDI - Serial digital interface. We have a test set-up deployed and try different new things with it. We talk about DASH and SDI etc.
VOC Video Post-Processing Cutting Videos with DonutsWe cut and post-process the recorded tracks LIVE, come by and join for discussion and small workshop panels in German or English.
VRHow it is to work with weird, hyped, fascinating and highly commercialized technology such as virtual reality?

Short talk (30min) about the headaches which working and playing with VR brings (no, motion sickness that is not the topic). In this frustrating talk I would like to propose VR as an affective medium operating within so called "immersive capitalism"; I would like to discuss VR and its surveillance potential and the experience of producing and consuming VR (a.k.a. "enter through the gift shop"). There is also a possibility to test out my last project (work in progress) "Metaphors for Software Visualization" (room-scale VR). Happy to get your input and feedback.

Questions for the discussion:

Is there a place (a space) for subversive usage of VR? What is (and can be) subversive in this context?

What is VR for you?
ValueShuffle: Mixing Confidential Transactions for Full Privacy in BitcoinI'll talk about one of our research projects to improve anonymity in Bitcoin by peer-to-peer coin mixing. In particular, I'll present ValueShuffle, the first coin mixing protocol that is compatible with Confidential Transactions, a proposal to hide monetary values in Bitcoin transactions. Combined together, ValueShuffle and Confidential Transaction provide strong privacy on the blockchain. I'll also explain CoinShuffle++, a very efficient peer-to-peer coin mixing protocol which forms the basis for ValueShuffle.
Vegan Replacements – Hacking Food TraditionsWe want to share our favourite ways to satisfy our cravings for childhood-memory-food through vegan substitutes. We won’t cook that much but, share and taste visions and experiences.

Come, if you want to share your favourite substitute, bring a sample or recipe.

Come, if you search for a vegan alternative for your favourite dish and pose a challenge.
Veripeditus AR Game FrameworkVeripeditus is the first free and open source framework that enables everyone to develop augmented reality mobile games like Ingress or Pokémon Go. It brings the creative side of such games to everyone, including, but not limited to, class rooms, along with a great new way of learning programming skills with Python. Presented by Nik, a 26 year-old software developer and network admin from Bonn, but better known as head of Teckids e.V., a youth organisation establishing a FOSS community among children.
Vibrobots basteln für KidsWir basteln Vibrobots! Ein Vibrobot ist wahrscheinlich der einfachste und schnellste Weg einen "Roboter" zu basteln. Ohne viel Aufwand hast Du einen kleines Wesen gebaut, das sich selbständig über den Fußboden bewegt.
Video Production in your Hackspace
Vitamin C und HexenverbrennungPresented by Hans-Georg Schaaf, owner of the Zaubertrank. Presentation will be in German.

Vitamin C und Ascorbinsäure. Dasselbe? Desselbengleichen? Gibt es Unterschiede und welche Folgen haben diese? Dauer etwa 1/2 Stunde

Wein, Bier und Hexenverbrennung. Warum? Wie verhindern? Dauer etwa 1/2 Stunde.
VoctomixGStreamer based application mixing/compositing live video and audio from various sources. Successor of DVswitch and gst-switch. Tailored to the needs of the C3VOC. In German or English. You can find the source here: (GitHub - voc/voctomix: Full-HD Software Live-Video-Mixer in python)
We Fix the NetWe Fix the Net session will include talks on developing secure alternatives to current internet protocols. We might hold an organized discussion or panel as well. This session is organized by GNUnet and pEp, and acts as a successor to the YBTI sessions of previous years.
Welcome & IcebreakerCome to the freifunk Assembly, say hello, introduce yourself, see who's there, get to know others...
Werewolf Party GameIf we attract at least six players, we'll sit down and play a round (or more) of the fun and easy to learn game commonly known as 'Werewolf.'
Werewolf the gamelets play together.
What makes a secure mobile messenger? -- A comparison of WhatsApp competitorsThere are an increasing number of mobile SMS-like applications that offer different levels of crypto and privacy features. This talk will give an overview over some popular and some less well known apps and discuss certain aspects that get too little attention in mainstream debates. Note that this talk is not about the details of crypto protocols or implementations, but more general issues like trust, integrity and availability in regard to the software, network infrastructure and the companies/projects behind them. The talk is 100% newbie-friendly.
WhiskyThis is the sixth incarnation of the popular whisky evening. It's fairly simple: If you enjoy good whisky with nice people, or are planing to do so, join us. We'll have the virtual chimney fire going.
WhiskyleaksAs always milliways is doing its nice whiskyleaks again.
Wikidata query and visualizationThis is a talk about visualization with wikidata, how wikidata​ works and how people can contribute​, also what are some of the project where people can get involve​​. We will learn what is a query and how you can use them to visualize and combine information of data from wikidata. Greta Doçi is an ICT engineer student who contributes to Open Source/Free Software since 2013. She is one of the board members of Wikimedians of Albanian User Group. Greta is currently working as an security support assistant at a government institution.
Wikidata, the encyclopedia by bots, for botsThis workshop aims to explain what Wikidata is, and how to use it. We'll explore the data mode, web API, and query interface. Wikidata is the world's largest free general purpose knowledge base. As a Wikimedia-run sister project of Wikipedia, it provides machine readable information about just about anything. It's the encyclopedia by bots, for bots.
Wizard of Berlin's Freifunk FirmwareWe'll present our new wizard for configuring Freifunk routers
XTRX PCIe SDRThis workshop/meeting is a follow-up to the "Building a high throughput low-latency PCIe based SDR: Lessons learnt implementing PCIe on FPGA for XTRX Software Defined Radio" talk ( There will be two parts:

1) Demo of XTRX SDR

2) In-depth discussion about high-throughput PCIe implementation
YBTI Berlin January invites you to join a meeting of GNU internet developers and innovators at Berlin's Onionspace on January 2nd, 14:00
You've hardened your OS- now harden your hacker communityHackers don't thoughtlessly trust the mechanics of their computer, apps, or in general the world around them........So why would we trust the mechanics of the governments' justice system? In this workshop we'll discuss alternatives using texts and exercises.
Your own Glowing Micropet!Enter this Workshop to get a sample of your very own glow-in-the-dark pet! We will be playing around with Aliibvibrio Fischeri, a bioluminescent bacterium living all over the world's oceans.
§43Während des Congresses biete ich eine Gastro-Hygieneschulung an.
Öffentliche Förderung für FreifunkWie sieht die Förderung von Freifunk in den einzelnen Bundesländern aus? Ein Erfahrungsaustausch. u.A. über Berlin, NDS, Sachsen-Anhalt, NRW, Thüringen


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