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Description How to provide some congress feeling to your people at home ?

Congress Everywhere events in hackerspaces usually happen at evening as public viewing of congress talks. Such a livestream-only link provides very limited "congress feelings". In your local timezone, the events do start with a major break, where no talk happens and therefore no livestream is sent out

Let's fill this break with meet and greet between your congress site and your hackerspace at home.

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Keyword(s) social
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de - German
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Subtitle IceBreaker Day 1
Starts at 2016/12/27 19:00
Ends at 2016/12/27 19:40
Duration 40 minutes
Location Hall 13-14
Subtitle IceBreaker Day 2
Starts at 2016/12/28 19:00
Ends at 2016/12/28 20:30
Duration 90 minutes
Location Hall A.1
Subtitle IceBreaker Day 3
Starts at 2016/12/29 19:00
Ends at 2016/12/29 19:40
Duration 40 minutes
Location Hall 13-14

How to provide some real congress feeling to your people at home ?

Let's fill the "Fahrplan" break with an opportunity to meet and greet your hackerspace at home. For details how this might happen, see our last year session description

This year, we will continue working on an improved "We" experience to integrate our Freiburg hackerspace as one of the "Congress Everywhere" remote sites, which should not left behind the common talk livestream's "break signal"

We will bring some stuff for webRTC conferencing to build a kind of congress reporter live studio condition open for anyone willing to contribute.