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Please note that the deadline for assembly registration is on December 1st, 23:59h! But you make everyone's life easier if you apply before that.

Create an Assembly

Over the last years we've seen a shift in focus away from group meetings and discussing topics at hand towards lectures and workshops. For many groups it was hard to find a decent home base to store their equipment and to get new folks interested in their community. On the other hand, for new hackers it became harder to find someone to talk to, as everybody was wandering around.

At the Chaos Communication Camp, we had a solution for that: Villages. Groups of people sharing ideas, from hackerspaces or projects come together in what is called an Assembly.

So, if you're a group of hackers that likes to work and hang out together, bring your toys, work on projects, have fun, let others participate in what you're doing, and present yourself to new hackers! See also the blog post from 29C3 on this, and especially the update from this year's blogpost.

We want to have workshops or talks at our Assembly!

This is great! The Assemblies are an integral part of the congress and make up a lot of the programme: Sharing knowledge and presenting your projects is central for the conference. If your Assembly also wants to offer workshops, sessions and other activities like lectures on a small scale, state that in your Assembly registration page.

If you want to have a separate place in your Assembly for ongoing sessions, tell us what your plans are and how many people you want to accommodate. Please be as specific as possible. We will probably not allocate extra workshop space for your Assembly if your registration doesn't really show the requirement for large space. Publishing a schedule in advance, topics and speakers will definitely help to convince us.

For bigger self-organized sessions there will be separate smaller and larger workshop rooms you can register for on-site. If you are not planning to have many events, please use them instead of requiring extra space at your Assembly.

What should we consider when registering?

Read the Blogpost!

The more you tell us about your plans, the better your chances are that you'll actually get what you want and need. Please let us know what you are planning to do, how much space you'll need, what you'll like to bring with you, how much power your gear will consume, etc. You should also mention what kind of space you want. If you only want to hang out with a few friends, you might be ambiguous about your space, but if you want to present your Assembly and discuss with people passing-by, you might want a public space. Be as specific and realistic with your plans and requirements as possible. Please note that we won't allocate space for every Assembly this year: We will reserve space for the Assemblies actively adding value to our community on site and leave it to you to share the rest of the space. Also consider organizing yourselves in clusters.

What should we bring, what will be there?

The only infrastructure provided by the congress will be:

  • tables and chairs,
  • a power line and a maybe a network cable.

Though there will be a large number of power outlets and switches, you cannot rely on them being available to you. This means that you have to bring all equipment yourself, which is:

  • power multipliers and strips,
  • switches and network cables,
  • projectors and hackerspace/project swag.

Assemblies are invited to bring their toys and also to decorate their spots on the congress and its environment, as long as whatever you bring is not inflammable or blocks exit paths (This is required! Otherwise we are forced to remove them!). But please be aware that the location still has only limited space! If you want to bring bigger things or other uncommon stuff, please contact us. There is also a special wiki site for large things you bring but cannot maintain yourself, so somebody else might take care of it during the congress.

Shared Spaces

Shared Spaces are tables that must not be permanently occupied. They are intended for those who don't have an Assembly, but want to sit down for a moment, and for workshops of the surrounding Assemblies. If you plan a workshop at a shared space, be fair and let the people sitting there know in advance (easiest is to place a sign). Workshops do have prio, if they have been announced before.

List of already registered Assemblies

The list below is automatically filled using semantic information on the Assembly pages. If you want to add your Assembly to the list, just create it using the Assembly form. If you like to update the corresponding information below, head to your Assembly page and update it using the edit button. Note that it might take some time until the information below gets updated as the list contains cached information.

Be aware that this is only the list of registered Assemblies - some of them might not have an allocated spot in the house!

List of Assemblies

Name Description Tags Website
/dev/zero We are a small group of software developers doing some cool projects like automatic shooting of balloons, automatic playing of FlappyBird, playing 1D-games on LED-stripes,.... .

Why /dev/zero? Because it is cool and contains an infinite amount of half of the electronic information in the world: Zeroes.

flappybird, balloons, raspberrypi, arduino, esp8266, linux
1 – Was ist das für 1 Assembly?! Hello. We are two lonely riders, relatively new in the biz and looking for Anschluss.

Working on the IoT and Glitzer and just soldering around. Currently RasPi based Infoscreens from scraps to control home automation devices and displaying useful information from the area. HomeKit and such maybe.

Currently there is no fixed table to find us – working on that – give us a call and we shall meet.

iot, led, home automation, glitzer, homekit, alcoholics, tschunk, raspberrypi
3D Hackspace Everything with 3D printing, 3D scanning etc. There will be 3D printers you can use to print out projects/spare parts and stuff. We'll also bring an industrial grade 3D scanner. There are several sessions where you can learn and participate! 3d, 3d printing, 3d scanning, making, cad, workshop
3D-Printing 3D printing Berlin, Hannover, Hamburg and Dresden

We offer free 3D printing service and show several different printers and styles. Originally this was the 3d printing main assembly (not only Berlin), last year we became a sub assembly of obelix 3d printer station due to the location (split), now 3D printing Berlin represents also the others of the former group ( Hannover, Hamburg and Dresden ). Hope to be re-united this year again with obelix, if not we might re-structure and change name to more general 3d printing assembly.

3d, 3d printing, 3d scanning, 3d-printing, blender
AG DSN We run a FTTB and radio based gigabit network for 3000 users. students, internet, university, free networks, networking, net neutrality
ALLES CTF Team The ALLES CTF team will be at 33C3, looking forward to meet all of you (and win the CTF, of course!) ctf
Aaaaaaaaaaaa All Awesome Assemblies Aus Austria, Auch Aus'm Angrenzenden Ausland. (Auch Aus Augsburg)

Beteiligte Spaces: Chaostreff Salzburg; It-Syndikat, Innsbruck; C3W, Wien; /dev/lol, Linz; realraum + spektral, Graz

austria, c3w, devlol, chaostreff_salzburg, it-syndikat, realraum, spektral, c3troc, dome, schleimpilz, raubkopierer, hackerspace, hackspace, feldtelefon, feldtelefonie, netzpat, otelo gmunden
Acab we are meeting twice a month helping people to deal with their broken computers., http://wl45dop5wjdvysos.onion/
Amnesty International Germany Human rights are increasingly threatened by digitization. The disproportionate collection and processing of personal data by the state itself or by private actors on which the state does not impose sufficient legal restrictions, censorship and restrictions on access to the Internet endanger the exercise of human rights in the digital world. We do not want to accept that. Are we only talking about things? No: Just recently the German section Amnesty International together with the Gesellschaft für Freiheitsrechtehas (GFF) filed a constitutional complaint against a law that allows the German secret service BND the broad surveillance of telecommunication data (G10-Gesetz zur Telekommunikationsüberwachung)- thus threatening the fundamental rights of each individual. Come over, learn, participate! amnesty international, human rights, privacy, freedom, politics
Anagrom Ataf Sanctuary for some Muggs from Germany. Thou shalt not finkle backwards!
Anarchist Black Cross Anarchist Black Cross is organization existing in different parts of the world to support anarchist and antiuthoritarian movement in their struggle against state and capitalism. ABC is involved in support of prisoners and struggle against the prison system in general. This includes penalties against anarchist hacktivists and criticism of development of antihacking legislatins. solidarity, anarchism, acab
Anarchist Village A place to come for (Crypto-) Anarchists and Cypherpunks from all over the world. We love politics, tech, discussion, friendship and everything in between. anarchism, politics, linux, noisy square, punk, antifa, crypto, cypher punk, crypto anarchist, digital rights, anticapitalism
Arbeitskreis Vorratsdatenspeicherung / Datenschutzraum e.V. We're a German working group against data retention of telecommunications data, pls see website for many information about many projects / Datenschutzraum is the local group of AK Vorrat in Dusseldorf surveillance, privacy, politics, activism, privatsphäre, überwachung,,
Assembly der Informatikfachschaften (AIF) We are a group of german-speaking computer science students who meet twice a year at the "Konferenz der Informatikfachschaften". We share interest in encouraging student participation in german universities, talking about interesting topics from our field of study, as well as fiddling with hardware such as colourful LED lights. We are an open community and every person sharing our interests is invited to join. kif, aif, fachschaft, informatik, computer science, students
Attraktor Attraktor e.V. - the local makerspace in Hamburg, Germany makerspace, gaming, soldering
Awp We will be discussing logistics, plans etc for the AWP. Also welcoming people willing to know more or start collaborating. It can also be a place to discuss leaking and ethical leaking topics and drink some beer! whistleblowing, leaking, free speech, beer
BSD RUN BSD – at congress and everywhere else

You find us in hall 3, stand in front of the Mate sale point, we are 10m to the left.

freebsd, netbsd, openbsd, dragonfly bsd, trueos, freenas, zfs, bsd, bsd license, gpl, gnu, linux, bsd jail, bhyve, vmm, virtualization, unix, security, free software, open source, illumos, openindiana, sfe, solaris, os, stickers
BalCCon balccon, hacking, congress, serbia, novi sad, lugons
Bare Metal Arduino We are a group of software engineers wanting to help anyone, particularly beginners and intermediates wanting to learn more about using and programming Arduino and ATMega micro-controllers. If you are interested in Arduino and want to get beyond the basics, visit us. If you are wanting to apply Arduino to a project in mind and need some help on how to make it happen, visit us. If you want to some bare metal programming, write your own C++ libraries, definitely drop by. arduino, c, hardware hacking, sensors
Basic Income Could an Unconditional Basic Income be the answer to the problems of our society?

Let's not discuss but give it a try! We found a way to create peer-to-peer communities that actually start paying basic incomes to each other. What should this community look like? Who's in and who's not? How high would you like your basic income to be?

basic income, money, politics
Bastelbude Some friends working IoT with RF(hw part) and scripting with ruby and python (sw part)
Berndcon Ein Highlight jedes Jahr. sexpositive, kids
Binary Kitchen hackerspace, regensburg
Bitcoin A place for all topic Bitcoin & Blockchain. We will have the Bitcoin-Sofa again for you to chill out and ask us all the questions. blockchain, bitcoin
BlinkenArea BlinkenArea is a project group that makes blinking projects, most using LEDs. For 33C3, we will bring a few medium-sized and a lot of small projects to show as well as construction kits for sale of some of the projects. The kits will be sold at cost. hardware hacking, leds, blinkenlights, soldering
Bogonauten An assembly by students from different faculties of goethe university frankfurt (m). We're gathering to meet students from other universities and delivering some self organized talks and workshops. students, university, aif, bembel, frankfurt, goethe
Bratzenamt beer, code, hardware, lötkolben, blinkenlights, slush dinge, 42, yolo, transformers sex, slush
Bytewerk We are a hackerspace in Ingolstadt/Germany that was transformed out of a 700 member Citicen networking union (Buergernetz Verein). We specialise on Electronics and Software tinkering with a strong automotive influence. hackerspace, can-bus
C-base Crashed spacestation below Berlin Mitte. c-base
C3D2 Der CCC Dresden (C3D2) ist eine Gruppe von Leuten, die Spaß am kreativen Umgang mit Informationstechnologie haben. chaos, erfa, code, network, linux, foss, bitcoin, it4r, cms, datenspuren, pentaradio, zentralwerk dresden, opendata, bsd, hackspace, ccc, gnu, okf, dn42,,
C3PB Erfa Paderborn + Friends. hackerspace, makerspace, subraum, paderborn
C3RE Der Chaostreff Recklinghausen aus dem Herzen des Ruhrgeiets !
C3S The Cultural Commons Collecting Society (C3S) is a European Cooperative (SCE) officially founded in 2013. We aim to become a pan-european collecting society/PRO for works of music, i.e., a modern alternative to GEMA in Germany, with full support for Creative Commons Licensing, amongst other things. The C3S project was launched in 2010 as the main project of e.V., a friendly society for the support of free and open art, culture and science. music, creative commons, c3s, free culture, gema, free software
C4 We are a hackerspace and ERFA from Cologne hackerspace, erfa, chaos west
CAGE UK We at CAGE have been advocating on behalf of families and survivors impacted adversely by the Global War on Terror for the past 13 years. We are a UK based NGO and we seek to uphold principles of due process and the rule of law for all citizens no matter their background or personal views. advocacy, war on terror, ngo, cage, due process, rule of law, privacy, surveillance
CCC-CH Chaos Computer Club Switzerland

Member organisations: CCCZH Zürich, Chaostreff Basel, Chaostreff Bern, Hackburg Freiburg, Ruum42 St. Gallen, Hackerfunk

chaostreff, schweiz, ccc-ch, electronics, hardware hacking, 3d-printing
CCCFr Chaos Computer Club Freiburg freifunk, radioactivity, augmented reality, knitting, crochet, beer
CCCMZ assembly of the CCCWI in wiesbaden
CCCS CCC Stuttgart e.V. stuttgart
CHT / Totalism Hackbase Lanzarote/Canary Islands/Spain hackbase open living infrastructure project since 2011. hackbases, postcapitalism, architecture, workflow, gnu, infrastructure
CONGRESS SEWING CIRCLE This is a working assembly dedicated to sewing. Sewing in order to do

upcycling, creating new clothing from existing ones. Or just create new things from fabrics.

sewing, making
CTDO chaos west
CTJB CTJB is a umbrella organization covering all Czechoslovak hackerspaces such as brmlab, Progressbar, Base48 and v01d. hackerspace, czech, slovak, czechoslovak
Cccac Wir sind die lokale Vertretung des Chaos Computer Club in Aachen. ctf, 33c3ctf, cyber
Chan Internet culture, free speech free speech, culture, friends
Chaos Bodensee Assembly of all the Lake Constance hackers including Chaostreff Konstanz, see-base, Toolbox Bodensee, some Freifunk Bodensee people etc. Home of the Schwebedraht. bodensee, hackerspace, chaostreff
Chaos Consulting A place for members of Chaos Consulting e.V. and friends hackerspace, ccc, iserlohn, makecybergreatagain
Chaos Darmstadt talk to us at hackerspace, freifunk, ctf, hacking
Chaos West The wild west of the German hackerspaces hackerspace, ccc
Chaos inKL. CCC-Erfa in Kaiserslautern erfa, hackerspace, kaiserslautern
Chaosdorf sub-assembly of chaos west
Chaospatinnen The Chaos Mentors take care of people that are completely new to the Chaos Communication Congress. mentee, mentor
Chaospott wir sind da wat am hacken dran ccc, hackerspace
Chaostal Chaostreff Wuppertal with outsourced members in Swiss, Austria, Berlin and Bavaria
Chaostreff Flensburg Original nordic Chaos presented by the Hackerspace & Makerplace from Flensburg.

Get an original Stockimage-Hacker Selfie on thermopaper, sort your Bällebad with advanced color recognition tech or make a DIY-Gewebeklebebandportmonaie (Duct-Tape Wallet).

flensburg, chaostreff, electronics, design, photobooth, gewebeklebeband
Chaostreff Osnabrück e.V. Der Chaostreff Osnabrück ist eine lockere Gruppe von Leuten mit Interesse in den Bereichen Sicherheit, Kryptografie, alternative Betriebssysteme, freie Software, Netzpolitik und vielen weiteren Themen.

Wir treffen uns jeweils am vierten Montag des Monats um 19:00 Uhr im Zauber von OS in Osnabrück. Interessierte sind jederzeit herzlich willkommen.

chaostreff, niedersachsen, assembly
Chaosvermittlung As we have seen on the CCCamp2015, power cuts can happen. Therefore a power independent communication channel is a must have. Furthermore would it be nice to have a way to communicate from one Seidenstraßen Node to another one. All of this and a lot more is the Chaosvermittlung feldtelefone, vermittlung, technik, retro, fieldphones
Chaoswelle ham radio assembly of D23, Chaoswelle and other friendly hams. radio, hamradio, hamnet, wireless community, hf, communication, sdr, electronics, dmr
ClojureBridge Berlin We organize free Clojure programming workshop for women and nonbinary people - especially for those with little to no programming experience. clojure, lisp, functional programming, learning, programming, emacs
CocktailBot We bring our cocktailbot which is based on the Raspberry Pi 3 and custom hardware. We want to connect to other robotics nerds as well as provide visitors with cocktail drinks. We wont charge any money though donations are welcome.
Coffeenerds coffee
Computerwerk Project for free used computers for people in need and community-based electronics repair workshop workshop, repair, charity, linux, education, students
Coreboot coreboot is an extended firmware platform that delivers a lightning fast and secure boot experience on modern computers and embedded systems. As an Open Source project it provides auditability and maximum control over technology. firmware, security, opensource, uefi, intel, amd, risc-v, power8
Courage Foundation The Courage Foundation is an international organisation that supports those who risk life or liberty to make significant contributions to the historical record. We fundraise for the legal and public defence of specific individuals who fit these criteria and are subject to serious prosecution or persecution. We also campaign for the protection of truthtellers and the public’s right to know generally.

Our current beneficiaries are Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Jeremy Hammond, Barrett Brown, Lauri Love, Matt DeHart and Emin Huseynov.

free speech, privacy, whistleblowing, truthtelling, digital rights, edward snowden, jeremy hammond, barrett brown, matt dehart, lauri love, chelsea manning, emin huseynov
Cryptoparty Privacy is the space in which ideas are developed, to retreat into whenever you want. This space is not only physical but digital as well. Governments and companies don't want to respect that so we become active ourselves. crypto, encryption, privacy, security
Curry Club Augsburg haskell, functional programming, isabelle, scala, rust, idris, agda, coq, software verification
Cyberia Café & Club Cyberia Café & Club IRC Network friends, tor, irc, security, programming, hacking, privacy
DIY Synths Anything related to DIY synthesizers and other DIY sound/music. music, music synthesis,
DL0MUC We are the Ham Radio Station of the Munich Chaos Computer Club. We like OpenSource, OpenHardware, and OpenHAM. hamradio, hamnet, digimode, rad1o
Darkscience A community that is an IRC network at its core but aims to provide the required components to create a platform where like-minded people can gather, collaborate and inspire each other. We tend to attract people with an interest in programming, administrating systems, electronics, digital freedom and related current events, privacy and FOSS. At the moment we offer secure IRC, shells with static site hosting, mail and gitlab access (with free private projects). We are constantly striving to offer more services that can help bring out the best in people and let them create awesome things together, much like what you could call a cyberhackerspace. irc, hacking, security, programming, electronics, hackerspace, freedom of communication, free speech, tor, cjdns,
Datenschmutz bemüht sich, Transparenz in die Datenhaltung der deutschen Polizei zu kriegen. datenschutz, polizei
Demoscene several people from the demoscene that did not make it to "under construction" watching demos, drinking bears...
Department of Hosting Service Supporting visitors and having fun in the network:
  • Virtual machine hosting
  • harddrive hosting/locker with own hardware based NAS for all who can't bring their own server
  • more servers and bandwidth than last year!
  • Tor relay configuration help and discussion
  • blinken lights, ESP8266, WS2812 LED stuff, Arduino
  • Jahreshauptversammlung of the Cyberwehr! ;-)
onion routing, hosting, tor, networking, arduino, virtual machines, vm
Diaspora Common space for all federated social networks, organized by the diaspora* community. Allows discussions with the users, developers and interested people. Possible cookies, some catcontent and a lot of club mate. diaspora, social networking, federated, opensource
Digitalcourage The booth of Digitalcourage with Shop, Lichtbildausweis (Identity Card) and "Speakers Sofa". anonymity, community, culture, freedom of communication, digital rights, freedom of expression, fundamental rights, privacy, surveillance, bielefeld
Doubleoctothorpebuero The ##buero. Provider of luck-as-a-service. esp8266, tea, coffee, winkekatze, mqtt, blinkenlights, juggling, 18650, android
EDRi (European Digital Rights) We are an association of civil and human rights organisations from across Europe. We defend rights and freedoms in the digital environment. politics, advocacy, digital rights, freedom of expression, fundamental rights, privacy, net neutrality, surveillance, censorship
EU-Datenschutzgrundverordnung Talk about all you will have to know about the new EU-Datenschutzgrundverordnung [/congress/2016/wiki/index.php?title=Special:SearchByProperty&property=Has+assembly+tag&value=%23dataprotection
  1. dataprotection], [/congress/2016/wiki/index.php?title=Special:SearchByProperty&property=Has+assembly+tag&value=%23law
  2. law],
Eindbazen We are Eindbazen, a Dutch CTF team. Like previous years we would like an assembly to play the 33C3-CTF ctf, security, hacking, competition, friends, education, eindbazen, 33c3ctf
Electronic Frontier Foundation The Electronic Frontier Foundation defends your civil liberties in a digital world. Our Assembly provides information on our projects and programs, and a membership booth. censorship, surveillance, stickers, swag, international, security, eff, privacy, communication, freedom of expression, free speech, intellectual property, trade agreements, digital rights
Electronic GeekBag We will show you how to make your own geeky bag with a cat, ghost or self designed motive and blinky LED-eyes (even programmable if you like).

No experience with sewing or electronics necessary – just bring some curiosity and a bit of time. We provide a quick and easy-to-make version but also a sophisticated version that is programmable if you like. Just drop by and have fun!

sewable electronics, arduino, sewing, lilypad, wearables
Elektroglitzer Group of happy friends working on LEDs, glitter, music, electronics, home automation, 3D-Printer projects.
Elektronic Window webrtc
Embassy of Duckburg The world of Duckburg is full of hackers and creative use of technology. We will show you and bring a lot of comics to read while you hang around. comics, donaldism
Entropolis Entropia Hackerspace / CCC Karlsruhe Erfa.

Ständige Vertretung des Entropias auf der Winter-GPN.

hackerspace, ccc, erfa, entropia
Ethos-os Subassembly of the ethos-os project at the Secure Desktops Assembly. os
European CERTs and CSIRTs Space for anyone working with a CERT, CSIRT or similiar organisation for "face-to-face" discussions after one year of digital contact. Defenders only, spies will be ratted out to their primary antagonist. cert, csirt, freedom of communication,,
F00DD00Ds (Nintendo) Console Hacking and stuff. hax, 3ds, wiiu, console hacking, vita,
FIfF e.V. At FIfF Assembly you will find discussion rounds about social consequences of technology and computer science. The Computer Scientists for Peace and Social Responsibility (FIfF e.V) is a german association that for 32 years has been advocating for liberty rights. In many cities of germany there are active local groups of FIfF. At the Congress there are members of the Groups from Hamburg, Berlin an Munich. This year we organized the three days Conference #FIfFKon16 in Berlin (1) dealing with "in.visible systems". Every three month FIfF publishes a magazine about computer science and society that can be read also at our little library at 33c3.


fiff, computer science, science, peace, fiffkon, cyberpeace
FabLab Nürnberg A FabLab on the way to become a Hackerspace, located in -you guessed it- Nuremberg hardware, chaostreff, freifunk, friends
Fachschaft MPI We are the student representatives for mathematics, physics and computer science at Technical University of Munich. We built some tools that help us with our projects - or just for fun. tum, computer science, fachschaft, free software, students
Fachschaft06 we are part of the student representatives from munich university of applied sciences, department for applied sciences and mechatronics. we like to build and hack stuff to improve our faculty and our lives (and of course for fun), and always have open ears for the concerns of our students. munich, friends, students
Fail0verflow Like the previous years, fail0verflow and friends, console and other hardware hackers are getting together for 33C3. We will set up our consoles, show off our hacks, and teach people about them! We will also work on new and existing projects. Non-exhaustive project list: Linux on PS4, NES Classic Hacking, OpenLase, Defeat Device Reversing, Dolphin Emulator 33c3ctf, hardware, hardware hacking, electronics, console hacking
FairLounge Location: Coffeenerds!

What could an exploitation-free future of electronic products look like? Nowadays, there are slavery-like labour conditions embedded into almost any device. We’re trying to change that! Join us for a chat about the real footprint of our electronic devices.

We’re providing a cosy space for you to explore the plentitude of material that’s out there, and to develop strategies forward. We’re looking for your input to figure out how we, as a community, can effect real change. We at FairLötet have spent a lot of time researching and thinking about this, and we’ll have members present at the assembly as frequently as possible. So come and discuss!

FairLötet is a non-profit organisation dedicated to social responsibility in the electronics sector. Founded in 2015, we cooperated with a company to develop a “fair” soldering wire which is largely free from human exploitation. Since then, we have been developing educational materials on social problems especially around resource extraction.

We believe in a pragmatic approach to fairness, where companies in the electronics sector, including startups and individual makers, can be partners and drivers towards improving the prevalent conditions throughout their supply chains. Our goal at 33C3 is therefore to engage the community in a dialogue about possible actions and challenges. Come visit us if you’re involved in electronics, or if you’re simply a user who wants to learn more!

fair, soldering
Fairy Dust Forest We, the CCC Göttingen, are planning to decorate our assembly in the theme of a forest. We'll have interactive games, nice visuals and nice people to hang out with. forest, visual effects, chillout area, interactive game, freifunk, hackerspace, ccc, erfa, ctf
Fedora Project The Fedora project is a large world-wide project with the primary goal of producing the Fedora Linux distribution. linux, open-source, foss, open source, os
Flipdot A bunch of members of flipdot hackerspace kassel, some quite hardware interested. hackerspace, ctf
Flunkyground The place in front of the CCH entrance outside
FlyingObjects Collaboration of PaparazziUAV and previous-years Assembly 'Multicopter-FPV'

Paparazzi UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is an open-source drone hardware and software project encompassing autopilot systems for multicopters/multirotors, fixedwing, helicopters and hybrid aircraft. Paparazzi, being open, enables users to add more features and improve the system. Using and improving Paparazzi is encouraged by the community.

'Multicopter-FPV' is a group of hobbyists from all over europe. We construct/build/program our multicopters (a.k.a. "drones") and follow the priciple "build-fly-crash-repeat".

opensource, uav, fpv, multicopter, autonomous
Foodhackingbase We are a platform dedicated to food, drink and bio activities promoting these fields in all their complexity under the open source paradigm. food, drink, bio, fermentation
Forth Gesellschaft Forth Gesellschaft e.V. is a not-for-profit organization promoting the programming language Forth.

We provide tutorials to get people started in Forth on the assembly, letting them program the Bitkanone LED array.

forth, blinkenlights, robot, microcontroller, programming
Frama Common Assembly from Frankfurt (CCC-FFM) and Mannheim (C3MA) at the 33rd Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg. eh17, easterhegg, frankfurt, mannheim, sarndbox, light group, lightsticks,
Free Software Foundation Europe The Free Software Foundation Europe is dedicated to spread software freedom as one way into a Free Society. We do lobbying & public relations and we offer legal advice and interest representation of and for every Free Software project. This assembly is hosted for and by our members, friends and supporters to offer a common space to discuss, meet, hack and organise. Let's put the hacking back into politics! free software, free society, europe, gnu, gpl, privacy, encryption, gnupg, free your android, open standards, politics, linux, crypto, internet,,,
Freies Labor Assembly of the Hildesheim-based hackspace "Freies Labor" hackerspace, ripeatlas, coffeenerds, blinkenlights, ipv6, hildesheim, hannover, niedersachsen, frozenbottle
Freifunk Freifunk steht für freie Kommunikation in digitalen Datennetzen

Wir verstehen frei als öffentlich zugänglich, nicht kommerziell, im Besitz der Gemeinschaft und unzensiert.

free networks, non commercial, open access, freedom of communication, wireless community, education, right to access
Freifunk-Dresden Freifunker aus Dresden sind mit dabei ;) freifunk, wlan, wifi, hotspot, funk, zugang, internet
Freiheitsfoo freiheitsfoo is a small experimental, non-profit, open and independent group in germany since 09/2013. our topic may be everything around privacy and human rights in a more and more digitalized world, that one or more of us care about. but we also try to focus on how to be, to work and live together. our core is our open mailinglist, but we also provide a wiki and a blog. update: this year we can only provide some kind of "passive" presence, as unfortunately some of us couldn't catch a ticket ... therefore we will not be able to offer workshops and actively driven projects. :( überwachung, privatsphäre, politics, activism, surveillance, offline, privacy
Freitagsrunde Studierendeninitiative an der Fakultät IV "Informatik und Elektrotechnik" der TU Berlin fachschaft, university
Freiwurst Freiwurst steht für freie Wurst in der realen Welt.

Wir verstehen frei als umsonst, nicht kommerziell, im Besitz der Freiwurst Assembly und unvegetarisch.

free networks, non commercial, open access, freedom of communication, wireless community, education, wurst, food, friends, programming, cyberthingy
FuWaR FuWaR - Furtwangen Research is a group of students, alumini and maybe even Professors from Furtwangen University in the very heart of the black forest.

Everyone is welcome to stop by and have a chat or Mate with us!

education, friends, security, hacking, students, computer science
Functional Hot-Pot We want to create a space for people interested in (/practicing the use of) functional programming to meet and share their ideas & knowledge.

Participating assemblies are sub-assemblies and are located in a cluster around the point of this “abstract” assembly.

functional programming, haskell, idris, lisp, f#, clojure, scala, curry, immutability
Föderation deutschsprachiger Anachist*innen (FdA) Assembly of the federation of german speaking anarchist. A place to meet, inform and talk about organizing anarchy in synthesist/pluralist, federal and non-hierarchical structures. anarchism, activism, anticapitalism, safer spaces, gai dao
GNUnet & pEp We from the GNUnet and p≡p projects seek to build privacy preserving secure alternatives to current internet protocols with the aim to preserve or increase freedom of speech, freedom of association, and freedom of the press.

We organize the We Fix the Net talks session on Wednesday, a successor to the YBTI sessions of previous years. We love to chat about privacy, cryptographic protocol, etc. anytime however!

privacy, freedom of information, freedom of speech, mass encryption, usability, open source, multiple platforms, interoperability, end-to-end, mobile services, peer-to-peer, encryption, key synchronization, free and open source software, innovation, meta data protection,
Geheimorganisation interne Kontrolleinrichtung des CCC in Fnordfragen
Genode This assembly is mainly about working and hacking with the Genode Operating System Framework. We have some showcases that we wanna use to teach interested people about Genode. We also want to use this assembly as a gathering for the Genode community and, hence, share ideas, and collaborate on some coding projects. os, security, software
Gentoo We will be there! Compiling all the way.

Drop by to have a chat, join fixing bugs, etc.

os, linux, distribution, compilation, free software, open source, free and open source software
GfUC Genossenschaft für Untrusted Computing - a group of nerds, mostly from munich. hamradio, ads-b, led, leds, stickers
Gn00bz We are a swiss/international CTF team - gn00bz - originally from ETH in Zurich. We would like an assembly so that we can team up and focus on playing the CTF. ctf, programming, coding, hacking, pwning, security
Goldsmithing 101 by SawuGo Goldsmithing workshop, teaching art and metalworkingskills, make happy people! As seen on Maker Faires, Hackerspaces and summer hacker camps.

unfairly stopped by the "33C3 serious business" team (core-orga) goldsmithing during congress will now be done in Amsterdam (either at Techinc hackerspace, or at my workshop), all are invited to join (anytime), contact me for details.

goldsmithing, art, make, skills, learning, metal, metalworking, makerspace
GroBe ElbstraBe GroBe ElbstraBe is a Hamburg based group of programmers, hackers and admins that work together to advance society. ipv6, hacking, sysadmins, java, whisky whiskey nancy whiskey
H4x0rPsch0rr CTF Team and TUM Chair for IT Security affiliates also guests from Fraunhofer Institute. Gathering of IT security related people that work @ or with TUM. 33c3ctf, security, non commercial, munich, tum, university, ctf
HOC The HOC braids, colors and does general nerdery with Hair. Born at 32C3, seen at GPN, MRMCD and other events. hair, braiding,
HaSi A fairly young medium-sized hackspace in Siegen. hackspace, chaos west
Hackeriet We are an autonomous hackerspace in Oslo.

Over the years we communally built our space and network, both physically and socially, and we're lucky enough to be economically independent and free to decide over our facilities and plans according to our members desires and initiative. We hack playfully and spontaneously, sharing ideas, knowledge and tools: we find inspiration and cooperation through human interaction, and experience tells us that either it happens this way, by tuning in and having fun, or probably it won't happen, after all.

What we do: free software, system administration, programming, information security, arduino hacking, electronics, professional audio, ham radio, lock picking, performance art, DIY, and crafting. Our community is very curious and is also interested / engaged in wearables, mechanics, fabrication, automatisation, creative recycling, socioeconomix, telecomix, heavy metal works, language wars, cipherpunk, cryptoparties, permaculture, social engineering, high and low voltage, robotics and data love.

hardware, security, ctf
Hackers on a Snowboard We mounted a Snowboard on a big steel spring, bolted an arduino to the board and started riding.

Come over and brake the highscore

hardware, hacking, programming, competition, sports, gaming, fun (aka HSGR) is a a physical space dedicated to creative code and hardware hacking in Athens. It is more than just a physical space: It is a dynamic community with ideas inspired by the Open Source philosophy. hackerspace, privacy, encryption, open source Dutch hackerspaces: ACKspace, Bitlair, Frack, Hack42, NURDspace, Pixelbar, RandomData, RevSpace, Sk1llz, TDvenlo, TechInc, TkkrLab. Also the place to be to meet SHA2017 orga :-) hackerspace, dutch, sha2017
Hackertours We provide tours to interesting places in Hamburg like the submarine in the harbor or St. Pauli. hackertours
Hacksaar We are a hackerspace located in Saarbrücken Germany hackerspace, freifunk
Hackspaces MV A shared assembly from hackerspaces in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Hack HRO (Rostock) and Hacklabor (Schwerin)

hackspace, hackerspace, 42, mecklenburg-vorpommern, mv, schwerin, rostock, robotic arm, leds, hacking, open source, free software, programming, hacklab, web,
Hackzogtum Hackerspace Coburg and friends. hackerspace
Haquium Marburgensis Ancient hackspace in Marburg hackspace, marburg, latin, freifunk, blind, accessibility, stupid name,
HardwareHackingArea The Hardware Hacking Area is a huge area in Saal 3/Hall 3 for people of all ages and skill levels to come together and play, teach, learn, and share in many and diverse realms of making all sorts of physical things. hardware, hardware hacking, solder, soldering, electronics, music synthesis, neuro hacking
Haskell Meeting place for Haskell enthusiasts. Show us your projects! Ask questions! Subassembly of the Functional Hot-Pot. haskell, functional programming, programming
Heart of Code We are the Heart of Code, a berlin based hackspace for women* haecksen, berlin http://http.//
Helferlein A gathering place for people connected in past congresses and camps, who are interested in RFID, contactless payments, network and of course coffee. h64, programming, networking, bright minds, debian, unix, rfid, nfc, django
I2P I2P is a mixed-license free and open source project building an anonymous network. The network is a simple layer that applications can use to anonymously and securely send messages to each other. anonymity, privacy, onion routing, open source
ICMP Intergalaktische Club Mate Party - Every two years the ICMP takes place at the source of all Mate and we have a great time :-)

This is an assembly of loosely related organizations from the Erlangen/Nuremberg area; We cover a broad range of topics, including programming projects, classic hacking, the maker-scene and organizing hacker events like the ICMP. If you're new in Franconia or already living there for some time and want to get in touch with the community matching your interests, just drop by and ask. We're procuring contacts and are always happy to show and discuss projects of our members with interested people.

students, making, fablab, hacking, erlangen, bavaria, franconia, nuremberg, 33c3ctf
Ignatz Bubis
Infrastructure Enthousiasts we are a group of g33ks building cool and oversized infrastructure to use on a daily basis. Some of us focus on super-secure aspects, some one the usability. We feed on mate and want to produce best practices on how to create automated, scalable and secure infrastrature (¿Eierlegende-Wollmischsau?) for small communities and households.
Infuanfu infuanfu - Institut für angewandte Futuristik. The institute is concerned with

applied future. For this to be RELEVANT, there needs to be a future. Which requires happy, healthy individuals. Several projects are occurring to further this.

We have "Cyber-Siegel" stickers.

tea, future, health, freedom of communication, space team, cyberseal, stickers
Internetwache && Friends presents their work and meets up with (internet) friends to chat, hack, drink and party hard ctf, hacking, bugbounty, cyber, internet, it-security, linux
Irish Embassy A place for Irish hackers to call home for Congress and space for people to meet Irish hackers. Cat lovers also welcome. ireland, hackerspace, hacker
Jugend hackt Everybody from the Jugend hackt family is welcome at our assembly: participants, mentors or helpers. Of course, you can also drop by, if you are interested in our programm and want to know more :) jugend, jugendhackt, okf, junghackertag
K4cg The Hackerspace from Nuremberg, Germany hackerspace, nuremberg, bavaria
KIKA Hacklab A group of guys from the only Macedonian hackerspace KIKA & the Free Software Macedonia NGO. Do want to meet new people, share experiences, stories and just hang around and drink Club Mate (which we don't have in MK!) hackerspace, hacklab, activism, macedonia
Kamaro Student robotics group from Karlsruhe robot, electronics
KinkyGeeks Kinky Geeks meet here, build toys and educate people. kinky, bdsm, sexpositive
Knight-Mozilla OpenNews Table OpenNews is a joint project of Mozilla and the Knight Foundation that supports the growing community of news developers, designers, and data reporters helping journalism thrive on the open web. This assembly is for a table to speak and network with conference-goers who want to learn more about OpenNews and opportunities to work together. privacy, security, news, journalism, free and open source software,
Kölner Kreis We are a regional community supported by a few small companies that provides a platform for IT-security-interested people to get to know each other and share knowledge and experience. köln, it-security, it-sicherheit
LABOR Bochums Hackerspace
Labitat We are a bunch of people from Labitat in Copenhagen that does mostly electronics, software and 3D printing. hackerspace, kicad, openscad, hacking, pcb, electronics
Labor23 Free Hackerspace Würzburg -
Leitstelle511 Der CCC-Erfa Hannover präsentiert seine portablen Bastelprojekte.
Linuxcafe Hamburg a bunch of people who meet once a month to talk about linux stuff.
Lisp-HH The Hamburg Lisp user group. common lisp, lisp, programming, language
LittleBitWeirdGroup Nice group. Little bit weird but basically cool. darmstadt, students, hashtag
Loaderror Group of hackers, located at the Geheimorganisation

Lots of flashy blinking things, servers, antennas and rad{i/1}os.

hackerspace, sdr, blinkenlights, hardware, ipv6, dn42, nasheed
Lockpicking The big secret of lockpicking is that it's easy. Anyone can learn how to pick locks.

Ted the tool (MIT-Guide to Lockpicking)

Give it a try - learn basic lockpicking techniques - open your first lock - learn how to help yourself when you locked yourself out - what is a pin tumbler lock? - why is it working?

lockpicking, ssdev
Lojban Lojban (pronounced ˈloʒban) is an experiment in human language – a constructed language based on formal logic. language, logic
Lokale Gruppe Eine lokale Gruppe von Leuten. Ungefährer Durchmesser: 5 bis 8 Millionen Lichtjahre.

We would like to bring a water boiler and serve tea in small amounts. You are welcome to join us!

seriousness, tea, local, hacking, c, hacknchill
Luxeria Hackerspace from Lucerne, Switzerland hackerspace, free and open source software, linux
Lübecker Clusterfuck We are a bunch of people from the greater Lübeck (Schleswig-Holstein) area including the two local hackerspaces. Some of us are very active with developing the gluon-software for Freifunk. Some others are deploying it in town. Beside Freifunk we like to play around with LEDs, especially the WS2812b. We also got a small CTF team.,,
Mafiasi A group of (former) (h)activists from the CS department of the university of hamburg. university, students, beer, privacy, free software, politics
Magic: The Assembly workshop: how to play magic: the gathering. and many more,

e.g. tschunk-kugeln

magic, making
Magrathea Laboratories (mag.lab) We are some random hackers from Fulda, Germany. freifunk, chaostreff, hackerspace
Mainframe This is the Assembly of Oldenburg's Hackspace AKA Mainframe and the related local Chaostreff ( hackspace, hackerspace, oldenburg, ccc-ol, fablab, chaostreff
Maschinendeck The hackerspace in Trier. hackerspace, make, cyber, pixelflut, neo
Mensch meier and friends We built a platform.
Metalab the coolest hackspace in vienna :3 hackerspace, hackspace, phonebooth, selfie bot, moodbar, papercraft, art
MiCROLABS We are a bunch of visualists, lightjockeys, hackers, musicians and electronics-geeks. We are planning to bring video projectors, microscopes and if possible also some music for live video sessions while drinking lots of mate and or beer - join us! Bring things we can inspect under the microscope and make use of them as visuals. video, microscope, hardware hacking, mate, midi, visuals, vj, osc, organic, hacking, vdmx, madmapper, art, music, kunst, forensics, tschunk
Milliways The restaurant at the end of the universe. Around since 2003.
Moose Bunch of geeks sharing a story about moose (or possibly meese) cooking, moose
Mozilla The Mozilla community uses, develops, spreads and supports Mozilla projects, thereby promoting exclusively free software and open standards for an open web.

Die Mozilla-Community hilft mit ihren Projekten wie dem Firefox-Browser auf Grundlage der Prinzipien des Offenen Webs Menschen, die Kontrolle über ihr Online-Leben zu erhalten.

free and open source software, web, browser, open standards, mozilla
MuCCC The local chapter of the CCC in Munich. Best known for ACAB, r0ket and rad1o. muccc, r0ket, rad1o, nixos, flipdot, dl0muc, db0muc, hamradio, acab, lockpicking, hackerspace
N0xy We are a group of people who met on IRC and like to discuss lots of stuff like "which video codec is the best and why is it vp9" or "why <Operation System XY> is the best/worst" in a sometimes serious or not so serious manner. irc
Narwals the narwals - a well-bound group of monodontids with polycuriosity, which got together the first time around 2009 in the impetuous seas of the Ostalb - once more will arrive in the hallow seas of the CCC to connect and hack with all the vital species thriving around our beloved hackerculture.

each individual in our band of narwals has various specializations which each will happily share with all other personalities, e.g. reverse engineering, hardware hacking (rfid, nfc), advanced networking, advanced linux hackery.

reverse engineering, hardware, hardware hacking, linux, ipv6, ip, kernel, stuttgart, hackery, hackerspace
Nerd2Nerd Erfa Würzburg and Friends hackerspace, fablab, erfa, game, cms
Netz39 1st and only Hackerspace in Magdeburg. hackerspace, magdeburg, freifunk, maker, raspberrypi, soldering, led, knitting, cnc, food hacking
Neurovillage Neuroscience Hobbyists, Brain Hackers, Dream Hackers hardware hacking, biohacking, eeg, neurotech, lucid dreaming
Nextcloud Place for Nextcloud hackers to meet&greet, hack and discuss. Nextcloud = the open source file sync and share solution, open for anyone interested in decentralization & controlling your data. decentralization, privacy, hosting, selfhosting
NixOS We will have a permanent NixOS hacking sprint in this assembly and it is open to anyone remotely interested in deployment or functional programming.

If you want to learn about Nix, NixOS or NixOps just come by and we will introduce you to it!

nixos, nix, functional deployment, os
No-Spy No-Spy e.V. is a non profit organisation based in Stuttgart. We organize events and reading sessions about privacy, data protection and free and open source software. no-spy, privacy, data protection, free and open source software
NoName hacking, friends, chaostreff, heidelberg
Noise Floor Synthesizer Lounge sound, music, synthesizer, bring your own synthesizer, lounge
Noisy Square Welcome to the Noisy Square, the central meeting space for politics involving technology and vice versa. We are differing political organisations that fight and stand together for users freedom, for the freedom of speech, thoughts and technology.

We are noisy to help channelling the voice of the people towards politics. We are noisy to produce background noise and help safeguard our individuals. We are noisy to stand up and show that we care. We are noisy because if we are not, no one else will be.

Come to our square and join us in being Noisy!

crypto, politics, critical, radical, discussion, censorship, activism, journalism, circumvention, security, privacy, freedom of information, freedom of speech, encryption, usability, open source, end-to-end, peer-to-peer, free software, free society, gnu, gpl, gnupg, open standards
Nonattached Network We run our own ISP and spread the idea of de-centralized ISPs. We do network-related OSS like LEDE/OpenWRT, ratools, WireGuard but also Linux kernel hacking. free networks, networking, net neutrality, ipv6, isp
Nordlab e. V. Der Flensburger Hackerspace, nordlab e. V. ist ein junger Hackerspace aus dem Norden. Wir sind eine kleine Gruppe von Leuten die sich jeden Montag treffen. Unser größtes Projekt ist Freifunk Flensburg.

Hacking und Basteln. Alles was Spaß an Elektronik und Computern macht, den Alltag erleichtert, beim Verstehen und Basteln rund um Elektronik hilft und so weiter. Wir sind die verschärften Durchschnittsfrickler mit einer dezenten Neigung zum Übertreiben.

freifunk, 3d printing, makerspace, hackerspace, fpga, flensburg, hardware hacking, avr, amateurfunk
Notfunk Digital Handynetze sind staatlich kontrolliert und abschaltbar, Amateurfunk ist stets unverschlüsselt und darf im Normalfall keine Nutzdaten übertragen.

Wir wollen basierend auf einem Verein repeater mit zugewiesenen exclusiven Frequenzen betreiben. Die Infrastruktur soll Stromnetzunabhängig sein und durch den Status "Betriebsfunk" sind es "unsere" Frequenzen. Sei ein Teil des Netzes!

funk, radio, emergency, blackout
Odenwilusenz We are a hackerspace from Schaffhausen, Switzerland named odenwilusenz. We are working on some robo-stuff and hardware projects. swiss, hackerspace, soldering, hardware, led
OffByOneError We're off by one. opendata, freesoftware, activism, digital rights
Open Knowledge Assembly This assembly is about open knowledge. Learn more about different projects around open knowledge: open data, civic tech, open government, freedom of information, data literacy, open source and more. Hang out with the Open Knowledge Foundation team, family and friends. Among our friends are also people from Wikimedia Germany and Wikidata. We are also planning some hands-on sessions. open knowledge, open data, open government, civic tech, freedom of information, data literacy, open source, wikidata
OpenFPGA We are the collection of all groups who play and work with FPGAs which can be programmed by open source tools. We re located in Hall 3 on the ground floor close to the hardware hacking zone where you can learn solder.

The map below does not display our location.

fpga, electronics, oss
OpenStreetMap We are supporters of the project openstreetmap & Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT), map the world, create maps, print maps, play with GPS, laser rangefinders, Newsletter Wochennotiz/weekly OSM, Podcast Radio-OSM opensource, opendata, maps,,
OpenUdE A bunch of CS-students from Hochschule RheinMain in Wiesbaden (Campus Unter den Eichen: UdE). We're interested in OpenSource development of FPGAs, Time-Sensitive-Networks and Crypto. And surely the usual blinking, noisy, experimental stuff too. opensource, fpga, tsn, crypto, yosys, spinalhdl
Openlab Augsburg The Openlab Augsburg has a wide range of topics. Beside shitty robot making, hardware hacking and software hacking every project is welcome. augsburg, hackerspace, openlab, fablab, makerspace
Operating Systems We all love all this blinking pixels on the screen! Operating Systems help to keep them blinking.

This assembly plans to host space for various Operating Systems.

operating system
PUSCII PUSCII is a radical tech collective. PUSCII was Utrechts first public internet workplace. Think of it as a proto-hackerspace/hacklab. As the web got boring, so did the city and our squat is now evicted. We make ad-hoc physical appearances at times, but mostly we run a server and hang on irc. If you still want to put stuff on the web, we might be able to help you. Or not. hacklab, anarchism
Pangasiuscafe A group of people producing and providing the finest classic coffee and hacking on everything related to infrastructure automation, mostly in ruby and golang. coffee, vienna, golang, ruby
Pasten We are a group of makers from Israel - we are coming to show some of our work, share some of our experience and of course - to play the CTF.

So come over and say Hello!

Podcastpat innen Wir geben angehenden Podcaster:innen Starthilfe, indem wir Patenschaften zwischen Anfänger:innen und Fortgeschrittenen arrangieren. Wir sind während des CCC im Sendezentrum ansprechbar, halten Workshops auf der Bühne und machen Liveaufnahmen am Podcastingtisch. podcast, tutorial, mentor, mentee, audio, workshop, hands-on, assistance
Podlove Das Podlove Projekt erarbeitet Software, die für Podcaster:innen einfach alles besser macht. Aktuell in Entwicklung befinden sich der Podlove Podcast Publisher, Podlove Web Player und der Podlove Subscribe Button. podcast, audio, software, subscribe, wordpress, webplayer, developer, design, publishing, coding
Politecnico Open unix Labs Hacker engineers from Milano, Italy. Our guests from "Tower Of Hanoi" Italian CTF team ( will be playing 33C3-CTF and try to reach top 10. unix, antani, privacy, bsd, engineering, security, students, programming, ctf
Pr0gramm Regel1 http://...
Proof of Fork Come by to check out our bitcoin node, our mobile wallet app and more crypto hardware. bitcoin, crypto
PwnThyBytes CTF team Romanian team playing the CCC CTF ctf
Pwnies We are a CTF and hardware hacking team from Copenhagen. ctf, hacking, reverse engineering
Python About the Python programming language and as meeting point for all projects using Python. python, programming, django, flask
Qubes Qubes is a security- and privacy-focused operating system. Come by and chat! tor, privacy, security, xen, fedora, debian, free software, os
QueerFeministGeeks This assembly is home to all queer/feminist/trans*/intersectional people who want to meet each other, hang out, feel safe, and make friends. feminism, politics, discussion, activism, queer
RIAT Crypto Lab RIAT Crypto Lab is one of the labs of the research institute for arts and technology in Vienna, Austria. We critically discuss consensus applications and social implications of the blockchain. Our assembly also brings together Open Hardware enthusiasts as well as artists/researchers to plan and work on current and future projects of the institute and of the larger network.


research, hardware hacking, blockchain, bitcoin, crypto, art
RaumZeitLabor Makerspace in Mannheim, famous for its Tschunk Slush.
Reverse Engineering Hackers interested in talking about reverse engineering / disassembling / decompiling anything. reverse engineering
Rubytown Interested in Ruby? Attended Rails Girls but then lost track of other Rubyists? Come by! ruby, programming, dynamic, rails, railsgirls, chunky, bacon
Rust The Rust programming language.

Safe, concurrent, fast - pick three ;-)


SCADACS SCADA hacking. We bring some industrial equipment and try to have fun with it. This covers reversing or hacking network protocols like PROFINET, S7comm, modbus or CIP. scada, hacking, reverse engineering
Schissr. Make Congress great again schissr, great again, anti-windows, linux, bsd
Science Hack and Communication We want to connect Scientists, Science Hackers, Open Knowledge Communicators in Science and Science Educators.

We invite people interested in upstream engagement, citizen science, science hacks, science movies, visualisation of research or something other interesting related to Science.

We plan to share a fix place to meet and discuss science hacking, communication issues and show some things.

science, sciencehack, science communication, science podcast, citizen science, research, networking, making
Scottish Consulate We're a travelling hacker collective from Scotland who represent ourselves and our country at events round the world.

We aim to provide a chilled out, primarily social workspace in the mania of hacker camps and conferences for people to visit, stay, contribute to and share.

We offer an asylum program for all who are interested, the License to Kilt, a certificate of True Scotsmanship. All refugees are welcome!

We run Scottish themed events in partnerships with other villages / assemblies we're friends with - whisky tastings, food nights, etc.

whisky whiskey nancy whiskey, bbs, rf, sdr, leeloo dallas, multicast, workspace, political allegory
Searchwing We are a collaboration between Berlin hackers and the Seawatch NGO. We are developing and building autonomous open-source long-range drones to help finding and rescuing refugees in the Mediterranean sea. drone, drones, searchwing, seawatch, refugees, politics, making, berlin, uav, autonomous
Secure Desktops The Secure Desktops mailing list and related projects. Qubes, Subgraph, Tails, Whonix, etc. privacy, security, free software
Seidenstrasse We are responsible for the yellow tubes.

We hang them, we run them, we tear them down.

if you have Questions, come to us and ask, we'll make it work for you.

seidenstrasse, silkroad, rohr, gelb, rohrpost, pneumatic, tube, system, dn100, capsule, pipe, station, silk, fomp, srrrrrr
Selfnet e.V. We are the ISP for Stuttgart's Student Dorms with ~4500 users. We maintain a city wide 10G network based on Juniper devices, with 1G uplinks for our users and some WiFi-enabled dorms. We're proud of our homemade IPTV solution, multicasting most satellite TV channels into our network. students, network, free networks, university, linux
Sendezentrum Live-Shows, Workshops und andere Veranstaltungen rund um das Medium "Podcast" auf der Bühne und am Podcastingtisch im Garderobenfoyer 1. podcast, sendezentrum, podlove, ultraschall, audio, workshop, show
Shackspace The stuttgart hackerspace! hackerspace, stuttgart, makerspace
Shownotes ist eine kollaborative Plattform, auf der Sendungsnotizen (engl. show notes) für Podcasts verfasst werden. Freiwillige Helfer (Shownoter) hören sich gemeinsam Sendungen an und schreiben Stichpunkte mit, sammeln Links oder suchen weitere Informationen. podcast, metadata
Sigsegv Small gathering of IRC people. Attended CCC since 2014
Spanish Assembly A bunch of Spaniards and Spanish speaking nerds addicted to camps and cons. es, español, spanish, spain
Speakers Sofa "Speakers Sofa" is an open space with a sofa on a small stage. You can give a talk or session here. During the time, without a session it is a comfy place where you can sit and meet.
Squirrel A group of friendly squirrels from an IRC channel aiming for world conquest. software, java, c++, bitcoin
Stratum 0 A Hackerspace Assembly, also the place to go for students from TU Braunschweig hackerspace, cyber, cyberwehr, ctf
Strings&Tea We are a small assembly of geeky people who want to teach people how to knit stuff like mate-condoms for cold days.

We will show you how to get your own name, or creative ideas on spoons, knifes etc. with your no longer used chargers. And last but not least... we do have some nice and hot tea for you.

knitting, tea
StuStaNet StuStaNet e. V. is the ISP of germany's largest student dorm: the Studentenstadt in Munich. isp, hackerspace, internet, linux, free software, university
Swedish house mafia Python, PHP, Perl, fuzzing, micropython, vanilla encryption and sandboxing! python, php, encryption, perl, micropython, yubikey, u2f, selinux, seccomp
Swiss.S Nerds from the German speaking parts of Switzerland. Interested in various things. We might be able to help you if you have trouble with electronics or microcontrollers, so come ask us. arduino, students, electronics, microcontroller
TEST ASSEMBLY PLEASE IGNORE Card games, drinking and online dating. #2DEEP4U magic, sexpositive, dating, art
TOG Hackerspace Representatives from TOG Dublin Hackerspace. 3d printing, lasersaur, lockpicking
TabVillage We're a bunch of people mostly from Berlin which want to have fun and some space for our hardware to play with. hardware, networking, tabs vs spaces
Tactical Tech Tactical Tech is a non-profit organisation, working since 2003 to advance the use of information and digital technologies by advocates and activists worldwide. Based in Berlin, we work with an international network of partners and collaborators to help rights, accountability and transparency advocates and the communities they work with to use information and digital technologies effectively in their work. digital rights, human rights, tech
TeaHouse La Quadra'teahouse is a warm space to chill out, drink and share tea, ideas and time. As we take our shoes off to enter this space, we hope to leave our armors of stress and anxieties outside of this harbor... Initiated by La Quadrature du Net, any participation and contributions is welcome! Come and join us for goodol' analogue cozyness! <3 tea, chill, analogue, relax, massage, hacking with care
Team23 We have the mate Server

Bunch of former Informatik Students. Project: FreiMate-Server, VereinsFnord (KassenChaos), RasperryPi teasing (OpenHab, AmbiLights, LCD Wall), NetBSD, pkgsrc

bsd, netbsd, pkgsrc, openhab
The (un)employed schemers & lispers guild Lisp and Scheme Hackers from all over the world gather and discuss the state of the union. lisp, scheme, clojure, common lisp, meetup, community, functional, racket,,,,
Tomorrowland - Gaming utopia dystopia We want to explore the possibilities of reality building and hacking with role-playing and serious games for (real-life) learning, strategy finding and evaluation. And, of course, for entertainment. anarchism, cyberpunk, gaming
Toppoint e.V. Toppoint - the hackerspace of Kiel freifunk, kiel, art, hackerspace, electronics, creativity, opensource, arduino, maps, open data
Tor Relay Operators As we had little time for general discussion and for new operators' questions at the Tor Relay Operators Meetup last year, this is a reminder that we are traditionally located at the Teehaus with Quadrature Du Net. There won't be any official booth or similar - just to all the people that don't know where to meet us, come to Teehaus to find Relay and Exit operators, for discussion, if you want to run a relay yourself and have questions, or if you already run one and want to meet other operators. Look out for people with onions on their T-Shirts. tor, relay, tea
UAVP-NG This is a community-driven open source project building a modern autonomously flying multicopter. multicopter, uavp, quadcopter, c, embedded, software
Ultraschall Forging a DAW for podcast producers podcast, daw, audio, reaper, software, plugin
Underground Enthusiast dev / netadmin / sysadmin flying to 33C3, hence bringing less stuffs. Open to techy talks! code, network, ctf
VOC Get to know what happens behind the scenes of the VOC. Talk to VOC-members and get in touch with us in a nice environment to talk about video, audio, live streaming, recording and other fun stuff. We migt have workshops to show the full pipeline from A/V setup, recording, live streaming, encoding, post-processing until the upload to voc, voc-lounge, voc-assembly
Verbund Offener Werkstaetten german umbrella organisation of open workshops, makerspaces, fablabs, hackerspaces and so on fablab, makerspace, diy, openworkshop
Vintage Telco We run 5 classic analogue mobile networks and have many classic mobile phones: A-Netz, B-Netz, C-Netz, NMT, AMPS. Yes, we have (software defined) base stations for all these networks.

As every year, we provide outside telephone connectivity for the congress. Also we provide helpdesk for telephone questions.
Vintage Thinkpads One of the most populair laptop being used at CCC is the (IBM) Thinkpad. We'll bring a number of our collection to CCC and show them to fellow visitors. Assembly of the Hackerspace, we will show some cool Light-Gadgets we build. hackerspace
WHF We are the community behind and the associated forum, which has been involved in historical operating systems and running Microsoft software on the smallest amount of resources possible. os archaelogy, retro, community
WOBspace raspberrypi, arduino, soldering
Warpzone Hackerspace Warpzone from Münster in Germany hackerspace
Warsaw Hackerspace & Friends Hackers from the {Warsaw, Cracow, ...} Hackerspace, CTFers from Dragon Sector. warsaw, poland, dragon sector, ctf, hackerspace, hardware, hardware hacking, electronics, coding
Wau Holland Stiftung Wau Holland Stiftung (Wau Holland Foundation) is the foundation taking care of Wau Hollands Inheritage and his political goals such as the freedom of information, unlimited communication and informational self-determination (aka privacy).
We are scientists! We are part of the official CTF Team, organizers and contributors of IT-SeCX, and friends from the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, located in Lower Austria.

Previously located all over the place, we want to keep all the lecturers, students and newbies in one place for new projects, small workshops, chatting and everything else!

We'll bring blinking stuff (mostly in combination with microcontrollers) and programming / general IT security knowledge. Come and talk with us! We don't bite (without requesting permission to do so).

33c3ctf, ctf, c3w, students, education, security, austria, arduino, led, programming, cocktail, robot, fhstp,
WordPress We are the WordPress Community and here to get in touch with you, please come by and join in. We will do some security related WordPress stuff. open-source, foss, php, cms, gpl, web, browser, apache, mysql, wordpress, security, podcast, programming
Write the Docs Write the Docs is a series of conferences and local meetups focused on all things related to software documentation.

We consider everyone who cares about communication, documentation, and their users to be a member of our community. This can be programmers, tech writers, customer support, marketers, and anyone else who wants people to have great experiences with software.

Our conferences create a time and a place for the global community of Documentarians to share information, discuss ideas, and work together to improve the art and science of documentation.

documentation, good code Hackerspace from the Sweden/Malmö-region. We do some hardware hacking such as building custom PCBs mostly for fun. CTF team as well. hardware, ctf, sweden, hackerspace, security, kicad, pcb, hacking, friends, webscale
ZaPF This is the Assembly of the national student representatives of physics in Germany, Austria and Switzerland ("ZaPF " for "Zusammenkunft aller Physik-Fachschaften"). We are having conferences two times a year in different places.

At the 33c3 are talking about interesting topics of our field of study as well as we are discussing about several topics of student representation at our universities.

physics, students, representatives, politics, university, education
Zamenhof Gathering place for those interested in the international language Esperanto. esperanto, linguistics, language, communication, international, equality

There are 271 registered assemblies. 235 of them registered before and 36 after the registration deadline on December, 1st (23:59:59.999 CET).