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If you work on some project on 33C3 or just want to show on what you are usually working, you're encouraged to tell others about your presence and what you're doing.

So, if you like, create a page containing information about you and your project using the project form. You can also add a project section to your Assemblies page.

Reserving seats and table space for your project

This time there a lot will be different, as we want you to bring more of that Camp feeling to the Congress! There is this Assemblies thing, that should work much like Villages on the Camp, but not exactly the same way. So your project page will be for your project, but not for reserving seats.

But you feel your work will be interesting for others to come around and have a look at it or talk to you? Set up an Assembly as a home base for you and your fellow hackers and maybe even more of your projects.

List of projects

List of Projects

2,3 oder 421,2 oder 3 hacker edition. for kids and grownupsKidspace
33C3 Wiki CSS FixHackspaces MV
33c3ctf33C3 Capture the Flag hacking competition - from 2016-12-27 20:00 UTC until 2016-12-29 20:00 UTC (48h)
33tea3Team page of 33tea3 or 33☕3.Tea House
3D Printing HackspaceEverything about 3D printing, 3D scanning and CAD you always wanted to know.3D Printing
3D Stereo Camera3D Measurements with stereo camera system.Stratum 0
3D printingEverything about 3D printing, 3D scanning and CAD you always wanted to know.3D Hackspace
ADS-B Rpi Plane trackingADS-B Plane tracking and display.Darkscience
AMIAutomated deployment, continuous monitoring and inventory management of tor relay nodes.We are scientists!
All Creatures Welcome - the documentaryALL CREATURES WELCOME is an essayistic documentary on new paths and new perspectives in the digital age, using hacking as a mind-set to counter the atmosphere of fear and helplessness of the post-Snowden era.
All-Gender Unicorn Nailpolish Saloonthe traveling all-gender nailpolish saloon will be there to paint your nails colorful. everyone is welcome. tweet me to get an appointment, lets put some glitter on the world.
Altcoin ArchaeologyWe are rescuing important altcoins and storing their whitepapers as well as all existing materials to be available for researchers. Additionally we are strengthening the networks and create/deploy block explorers for important (almost dead) coins and chains.RIAT Crypto Lab
Android CustomROMsLooking for like minded people to talk about developing custom ROMs for new devices.Doubleoctothorpebuero
Antweight battlebot arenaBYOB !! (Bring Your Own Bots) or come to us with your Parts, we help you with building a Bot. Antweight battlebot arena after the Regulations of (most of the regulations)FabLab Nürnberg
Arcadei've brough my restored arcade with me and you're welcome to play some nintendo games on itC-base
AuthorizerTurn your (old) smartphone into a Hardware Password Manager! Authorizer is Password Manager for Android with USB Keyboard emulation.
BahnUhrRailway station clockC-base
BalloonShooterAutomatic detection and shooting of airballoons.

Detection via camera-analysis on laptop. Shooting and dirction control with servos over Arduino.

Currently shoots at everything that is red (cappys, T-Shirts, airballoons, balls,...).
BioReactorA few years ago we started building a small and portable BioReactor for our DIYBioLab.Aaaaaaaaaaaa
BlackBoxAn interactive DIY LED game table which invites to program and solve puzzles. Goal of the main game "Black Box" is to find out the position of unknown "atoms" by analysing the reflection pattern of "light beams" that are sent into the box. Besides, the 8x8 LED-board forms a versatile base to implement all sorts of different games.

Ein selbstgebauter, interaktiver LED-Spieletisch, der zum Programmieren und Knobeln einläd. Anhand des Reflektionsverhaltens von "Lichtstrahlen", die man in die Box schickt, kann man auf die Position unbekannter "Atome" schließen. Das 8x8 LED-Spielfeld mit Spielsteinerkennung bietet darüber hinaus eine vielseitige Grundlage zum Implementieren verschiedener Spiele ein.
Fairy Dust Forest
BorgbackupBorgBackup is a modern backup software with deduplication, authenticated encryption and compression.Python
BällebadsortiermaschineSort your Bällebad with our advanced color recognition technology!Chaostreff Flensburg
C3fotoboxBe the stock-image hacker you ever wanted to be, or dress up as a proud member of the cyberwehr and get your picture instantly thermoprinted.Chaostreff Flensburg
C3navIndoor navigation for the 33c3.
C3roc H
C3trocBeim CCC Camp 2015 im Ziegeleipark Mildenberg wurde die dort zum Zweck des Touristentransports betriebene Bahn von den Camp-Besuchern dekoriert und verschönert. Diese Bahn haben wir als Modellbahn im Maßstab 1:11 nachgebaut.Aaaaaaaaaaaa
CHICKEN SchemeA practical & portable scheme implementationThe (un)employed schemers & lispers guild
CHT / Totalism HackbaseLanzarote/Canary Islands/Spain hackbase open living infrastructure project since 2011.CHT / Totalism Hackbase
CWCAC (Cyber WIFI Cyber Analysis Cyber)Scan your fucking device!We are scientists!
CWCOC (Cyber WIFI Cyber Observe Cyber)Just listening!We are scientists!
CalliopeCalliope ermöglicht einen spielerischen Zugang zur digitalen Welt.Junghackertag
ChaosvermittlungThe Chaosvermittlungs project wants to connect up Assemblies and points of social interaction (Bars, Lounges, Smoking areas, etc) with Fieldphones.Chaosvermittlung
ClojitAn attempt in writing a compiler, bytecode virtual machine, and possibly JIT compiler for Clojure (for educational purposes mostly).Luxeria
CloserI made a game for you to play! Closer is a game for two people: to start you must stand close together, and to succeed you must work together.
CocktailroboterA cocktail-mixing robotWe are scientists!
Creepy Cama webcam that shows the congress in universe 0x000000234213373333434343
Cyb3r xpl0r3rA web service that crawls the FTP cyberspace™ and offers a browser and search engine for indexed files and directories. Built on Go, Ruby and ElasticSearch.Geheimorganisation
Cyberthingythe cyberthingy is a device that will let you surf the internet the way you dreamed of in your 1990s sci fi movies.Freiwurst
Damals(tm)Podcast über alte Technik und warum es kam dass es kam, so dass es ist wie es ist.Sendezentrum
Definitely NamelessWe are a commune of the bunches N0 Nam3 and Not a name.
DeziPixelLibrary for accessing FlipDotsCCC-CH
Die "LAZ0R" Banden CATSWe are the first comoona to exist. We are a fusion of Die Bande and "LAZ0R" CATS.Freifunk
Digitale SelbstverteidigungIT-Sicherheit, Datenschutz und digitale Mündigkeit sind Bedingungen für die informationelle Selbstbestimmung, also nicht nur wichtig für Nerds. Deshalb versuchen wir bei Digitalcourage, die nötigen Kenntnisse und Fertigkeiten so allgemeinverständlich wie möglich zu vermitteln – ganz ähnlich wie die CryptoParty-Bewegung.Digitalcourage
DjangoDjango - the Web Framework for perfectionists with deadlines.Python
DolphinDolphin is the most advanced Wii/GameCube emulator, featuring JIT compilation for x86_64 and AArch64, better-than-console high-res rendering for OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Vulkan, and DirectX 10-12, Internet multiplayer, as well as support for a wide variety of input devices including Wii remotes. Come by and ask how things work or just say hi!Selfnet e.V.
DruckschnubbelA medical "screenshot" printer from the times where digital-medical-imaging wasn't available, retrofitted with a printing-server written in Python running on a raspberry Pi.Warpzone
Chaos West
EC bootrom dumpRenesas EC from an old laptop meets ChipWhisperer.Warsaw Hackerspace & Friends
Elektronic WindowOne to One communication between different spaces into a closed network. Whenever you want you can open the E-window and refresh your brain, idea, project with someone into your same network.

Just imagine a window through the wall. You just go to the coffee-break area, or to the café, and you can see other people from another space (similar to yours), talk to them, exchange ideas, give and get suggestions on what you're doing. The e-window is part of a multi-level connectivity system between shared working environments: the Multifactory Network. The "electronic window" is a direct way to establish connections between people who work in different cities. In every space which is part of the network there is a window. After one year of "development" are are testing the Alfa version of the e-window in 4 spaces in Munich: MUnichMakerLab - hei Munich - werkbox3 - fablabmuenchen and one in Dresden rosenwerk. When we will be sure we can use a video chat system that is : SIMPLE, OPEN SOURCE, ENCRYPTED will join also : gowanusstudiospace in New York, Freiland Potsdam, Multifactory Mantova, Famo Cose Roma makerspace.

In order to develop it in an Open Source way (and make it available for everyone who want to use it in his own network) we are organizing Open Workshops in diffent sharedworkspaces that are members of the Verbund Offener Werkstaetten and involving different developers we meet in those spaces.
Verbund Offener Werkstaetten
Eloop ctfHelpdesk
EndlichkeitsmaschineA machine that destructs itself slowly over the course of the congress
Ergonomic Programmable DIY KeyboardI'am building and experimenting with an ergonomic physiological and fully programmably self-built keyboard. Watch my progress. Looking for input.Aaaaaaaaaaaa
Ethos-osProviding new operation-system semantics to make application programs more robust.Secure Desktops
Exegetes AmateursGroup of volunteers currently suing the French government in several challenges in France's highest courts; also suing the European Commission over the “Privacy Shield” decision. Part of La Quadrature du Net, French Data Network, and Federation FDN.TeaHouse
EyesForTheDomeSome quickly made, evil looking, decoration for the Metalab Dome. Will be interactive if the dome actually makes it to 33C3. If not, will be hung on the nearest wall.Aaaaaaaaaaaa
FTP ExplorerA web service that crawls FTP servers and offers a browser and search engine for indexed files and directories. Built on Go, Ruby and ElasticSearch.Geheimorganisation
FacedetectorCan you trick the face detection with makeup, hairstyling or accessories? Test your evasion skills in a safe manner. This system tries to detect a face. Can you hide? It does NOT record or store any data. It is NOT connected to any network. Camera is NOT pointed into the room.Aaaaaaaaaaaa
FallblattanzeigeFallblattanzeige (split-flap display)C-base
Feinstaub Sensor selber bauen - der günstige BaussatzDas OK Lab Stuttgart widmet sich mit dem Citizen Science Projekt der Feinstaub­messung. Wir installieren selbst gebaute Messgeräte an der Außenwand des Hauses. Aus den übermittelten Daten generiert eine sich ständig aktualisierende Karte für die gesamte Region. So wird Feinstaub sichtbar… Jeder kann mitmachen. Wir wollen ganz viele Sensoren in Deutschland und der Welt haben, offene Daten für jeden, das ist #opendata AUSGEBUCHT - trotzdem vorbeischauenOpen Knowledge Assembly
Fillygons20% cooler hinged polygons.CCC-CH
FlappyBotA Raspberry Pi which plays Flappy Bird via a servocontrolled touchpen and a camera. Bring your phine and we will increase your Highscore!/dev/zero
FlipdotFlipdot WallMuCCC
Follow-me-light (FML)Imagine a light that only illuminates the area near you. Realized with RGB-LEDs, Arduino, motion detection and pure source code madness.We are scientists!
FoxBOTLittle wifi controlled robot with possible self driving capabilitiesHackzogtum
FragDenStaatPortal zur InformationsfreiheitOpen Knowledge Assembly
Freifunk für Flüchtlinge
FreiwilligeCyberwehrFreiwillige Cyberwehr (voluntary cyber brigade)C-base
FrozenBottleEine modulare Lichtinstallation mit Hexeln statt Pixeln.Freies Labor
Gedächtnis Dr.Wir werden einem grossen Wissenschaftler unserer Zeit mit einem Schrein andacht halten, alle Kenner und Liebhaber sind eingeladen ein Elektroteelicht anzuschalten und mit uns seiner Arbeit zu gedenken.Geheimorganisation
GeheimkameraExhibition and Workshop: C.P. Stirns Geheim-Camera. A spy cam from 1885! The Deutsche Technikmuseum Berlin will loan us the original "C.P. Stirn's Photographische Geheimkamera" from 1885. It will be exhibited permanently during the 33c3! Wohoo! In the associated workshop we will build our own 'Geheimkamera' out of cardboard and glue including our smartphone. Join us on DAY2 !!Foyer
GenodeGenode is a secure operating system frameworkSecure Desktops
Golang User Groupi would like to meet other golang devs, so if you think golang is more than a programming language, if you think golang is a way of thinking, let's met (add this project to your user page)
Gǎi DàoGǎi Dào is the monthly magazine of the federation of german speaking anarchist.Föderation deutschsprachiger Anachist*innen (FdA)
Anarchist Village
HTC Vivebrought my gaming PC and my HTC Vive for VR fun with me
HackbasesHackbases are hackerspaces people can live in - stable for longer periods of time, or temporary just passing by.CHT / Totalism Hackbase
HackerfleetHackerfleet Operating System nears another important milestoneC-base
Hard-DJHomebrew DJ-Controller using Harddisks as jog wheelsAaaaaaaaaaaa
HardwareExchangeWant to find people interested into exchanging/trading electronics hardware?Anywhere
Haus das Verrückte macht - HAVERMAHaus das Verrückte macht, auch genannt das Amt.Thereisnogame
HerbstluftwmHerbstluftwm is an innovative manual tiling window manager for X11.CCC-CH
Human-Sized Faraday CageA human-sized faraday cage where you can escape the Big Eye from mordor. Also, it should be safe to do most of your crazy rf experimentation inside.Anarchist Village
I2PI2P is a mixed-license free and open source project building an anonymous network. The network is a simple layer that applications can use to anonymously and securely send messages to each other.I2P
IRC-SBCA cheap single-board computer aiming to lower the barrier to set up a persistent connection to IRC. Its features are similar to that of running an IRC bouncer or CLI client on a VPS, or having an irccloud subscription. The major advantage of IRC-SBC is that you have the infrastructure fully under your control, at a one-time cost of less than renting a VPS for two months.Darkscience
IT-KollektivWe're a solidarity-based economy collective within the antiauthoritarian movement, associated with the federation of german speaking anarchist.Föderation deutschsprachiger Anachist*innen (FdA)
Anarchist Village
IceStudioGraphic IDE for using IceStorm compatible FPGAs in educative contexts.OpenFPGA
IceZumA FPGA board in an Arduino formfactor for controlling robotsOpenFPGA
IcoBoardIts an RaspberryPi hat with an ICE40 FPGA.OpenFPGA
IdeaGeneratorA machine that helps you have better ideas faster.C-base
Imagimag is a personal information management (PIM) tool/suite for commandline/power users written in the lovely Rust programming language.FuWaR
Info-beamerRunning the information screensEntropolis
Intergalactic Traveller's PassportsTravelling through the galaxy? Be sure to have an appropriate passport! == Projekt ist abgesagt ==Toppoint e.V.
Interim OSDemonstration of and hacking on the Interim OS project, a minimal operating system combining the ideas of Plan 9 and Lisp machinesThe (un)employed schemers & lispers guild
Invisible HandsConnect people and jobs using i2p-bote.
IrisScannerAttempt to use a old LG Iris Scanner as Entrance Authentication for our Hackerspace.

And it looks really cool, too:
Js-fahrplanFahrplan as a Single Page Application with (some) Offline Features, work in progress but usable on desktop and mobile.
JunghackertagFür zahlreiche Workshops lädt "Chaos macht Schule" Kinder und Jugendliche bis einschließlich 14 Jahren am 28.12. auf den 33C3 ein. Das Programm ist vielfältig. Unbedingt Hinweise zur Anmeldung beachten!
Kids4IT Lego Mindstorms WorkshopWe do Lego Mindstorms with kids.
KrisenberatungJulia and Nils 'The professionals' offer help for people in hopeless situations. Feel free to talk to us, we solve your problem.TEST ASSEMBLY PLEASE IGNORE
LEAPLEAP is a non-profit dedicated to giving all internet users access to secure communication. Our focus is on adapting encryption technology to make it easy to use and widely available.Anarchist Village
LEDTableEin LED-Tisch, auf dem man Pong speilen kann.JugendHackt
Le KritzlerMinimal Plotter - drawing xkcdsAaaaaaaaaaaa
Led-GlobeHack with an (now old) Led Globe which was build during my studies as a project. The Dokumentation and Code for the project can be found in the linkElektroglitzer
LibgtkflowA library that enables you to integrate flow graphs (like blender's node editor) into Gtk+-based applications.OffByOneError
LibhttpseverywhereThis library is the glue that makes it possible to use EFF's HTTPSEverywhere-Rulesets in desktop applications.OffByOneError
LiboparlWith liboparl, you can access OParl endpoints. OParl is an up- and coming standard that allows governmental instances to make their debating protocols avaliable to the public. Liboparl is the client-side reference-implementation of OParl.OffByOneError
LichtgraffitiOpen source and cross-platform projection mapping.Chaostreff Flensburg
Light GroupThe "Light Group" project combines several subprojects. These are "lamps". LEDs (technical designation: WS 2812) are always used. These are very energy efficient. You can control the lamps via the PC, the editor "Eclipse" is required, there is also a terminal integrated. The computer sends color signals over a network to the ESP (NodeMCU Devboard), which then converts it. In each "lamp" is an ESP. The ESP is programmed with the programming language "Lua", the program on the PC is written in the editor Eclipse with "Java".Frama
Light and MovementProject that uses standard sensor components and Arduino as a platform for interactive art and expression.Bare Metal Arduino
Lightsdlightsd is a daemon that allows you to control your LIFX smart bulbs via a nice and local API.
LightsticksWe have built a larger number of luminous bars. In this case, one meter of light tube of type WS2812 should be controlled in a transparent plastic tube via the ESP8266 controller. The controllers allow individual control of each individual LED. In addition to the hardware, various software projects will ensure that we can make cool things with the bright tubes.Frama
Linux on the ZSUN WiFi SD card readerThe bestest, cheapest, smallest Linux device.Warsaw Hackerspace & Friends
LinuxHardeningI would like to consult with like-minded individuals on how to make linux hardening easier and more accessible
LoRaWAN hacking and moreWe're bringing hardware to have fun with one of the new IoT protocols for long range communication: LoRaWAN. During the Congress we'll try to develop new applications and make it easier to experiment with existing hardware. There'll also be plenty of modules and gateways to experiment with for everyone (some Arduinos may be required).Aaaaaaaaaaaa
Local Crop Processing ProjectThis project is focusing on optimization of crop growing, harvesting and processing in the country side using both new&old technologies and more.Foodhackingbase
LosFuzzysLosFuzzys ist a CTF team located in Graz, Europe.
Lsmountlsmount gives you a much more readable output of /proc/mounts with optional colorizing, alignment and a few more useful options.ICMP
MATELIGHTGiant 16x40 pixel display made from Club-Mate bottles and crates.C-base
MacPortsThe MacPorts Project, packaging open source software for macOSICMP
Mate holderMate holder for the chairs in CCH
Matrix Congress ServerProviding a temporary matrix server and interface for the congress!Hacksaar
Md380toolsMD380Tools is a collection of Python scripts and firmware patches the Tytera MD380 and related digital radios.
Me cleanerThis project aims to remove the code inside the ME firmware.

It started as a Python implementation of the Trammel Hudson's discovers published in the coreboot mailing list, and it is now focusing on removing the remaining parts. Currently it removes most of the code from any architecture from Nehalem to Skylake, leaving only some modules for basic initializazion of the ME hardware.

Future implementations may remove also the remaining Huffman compressed modules, resulting in a valid firmware image without non-free code.
Politecnico Open unix Labs
MeetlingWeb app for collaboratively preparing meetings.ICMP
MikuboxPseudo-holographic animation box.Warpzone
MyStormIts a 30 USD FPGA board with an onboard Microcontroller to manage the FPGA and offer USBOpenFPGA
NetzPATNach dem Vorbild der netzpolitischen Abende des deutschen Digitale Gesellschaft e. V. treffen sich in Wien am ersten Donnerstag im Monat netzpolitisch Interessierte um sich drei bis vier kurze Vorträge anzuhören, zu diskutieren und einen gemeinsamen Abend zu verbringen. Hashtag um via Twitter über den Netzpolitischen Abend AT am Laufenden zu bleiben ist #NetzPAT.Aaaaaaaaaaaa
NixOSThe purely functional Linux distributionNixOS is dynamic DNS software / service.Python
Nyannyan - yet another notation: typesafe hierarchical key-value database with inheritance and dynamic patchingStuStaNet
OSINTOSINT stands for Open Source INTelligence which is about mining, analyzation and visualization (and thus making use of) freely available data from the internet.Luxeria
OpenageFree reimplementation of the Age of Empires II engine.StuStaNet
Openism: Conversations in Open HardwareOPENISM is a book and a research series about the culture and history of Open Hardware as well as open technology projects on the intersection of art+technology. During 33c3 we are continuing our research, discuss and write texts for future publications.RIAT Crypto Lab
OpenmfiWorking towards an open, OpenWRT-based firmware for the Ubiquiti mFi mPower series. Community project.
Owasp Bug BountyThe purpose of the Bug Bounty is to provide a platform for stable and mature defender projects as a form of Quality assurance. The Bounty is also available for Tool projects such as OWASP ZAP or OWASP Seraphimdroid which require installation on the client device or computer that can represent a security risk to them.
PCB printingWe've received a Voltera One PCB printer and reflow oven in recent weeks. We'll have it on site to showcase a few things about PCB design and production.Mozilla
PEp -- pretty Easy privacyp≡p stands for pretty Easy privacy: p≡p wants to radically ease the use of well-known and established end-to-end cryptographic tools for already existing and widely used written digital communication channels (like e-mail, SMS or chat). Ultimately, p≡p wants to change the default in written digital communications: from unencrypted, unverified and unanonymized to encrypted, verified and anonymized.GNUnet & pEp
PanopticonPanopticon is a libre cross platform disassemblerChaos West
Pcb milling
PhpListphpList is a Free Software email newsletter and marketing platform developed over 15 years, used to send 24bn messages each year
PixelatedPixelated is a modern privacy-preserving webmail solution for organizations.
PlutoPluto is a programmable digital watch that re-uses case and LCD panel of the Casio® F-91W.Selfnet e.V.
PoPCoinGet an anonymized, verifiable cryptographic token.GNUnet & pEp
PokefansBuilding Pokefans: a pokemon fanpage with 10 years history.H4x0rPsch0rr
Proof-of-PersonhoodProof-of-Personhood tokens can link an account to an anonymous physical person.
PyneoThe pyneo project collects many different aproaches for developing software for mobile devices. In the end it's a learning projects for the members. It started on the greenphone, jumped over to the openmoko when that arrived and is now using android as a platform to develop some helpful add-ons and concepts.Python
Quanta LB4M UnbrickingWe bricked a Quanta LB4M switch by misflashing it. It's time to fix it. JTAG? Parallel reflash? Flash emulation?Warsaw Hackerspace & Friends
QubesQubes is a security- and privacy-focused operating system. Come by and chat!Secure Desktops
Qutebrowserqutebrowser is a keyboard-focused browser with a minimal GUI. It’s based on Python, PyQt5 and QtWebEngine/QtWebKit and free software, licensed under the GPL. It was inspired by other browsers/addons like dwb and Vimperator/Pentadactyl.CCC-CH
Radare2unix-like reverse engineering framework and commandline toolsICMP
Refugees Emancipation Donation BoxCurrently we're especially looking for: Headsets, tablets, chargers and smartphones.Freifunk
Respond-collectorCollects data from respondd instances in a Freifunk network.Freifunk
SFYW'software freedom your way' AKA the Little Purpy Book. Technical advisory: sensible content.
SHA2017We bring a lot of knowledge about the SHA2017 outdoor hacker camp next summer! Feel free to drop by and ask questions. You are welcome! :)
SHABadgeWe want to make an awesome badge.

We have an irc channel at #sha2017-badge on freenode and a mailing list at

The idea is that everyone gets a badge that is primarily useful during the event, and also fun and easy to tinker with. The badge will be able to display information like a talk schedule, fahrplan, angel shifts.

In list form:

  • Provide information during the event
  • Talk schedule + fahrplan
  • Angel shift information
  • Information on places (tracks, villages) you're near
SHArterzugTo rent a train picking up participants of SHA 2017 within Germany. (And bring them back again, of course) The project is still in a very early planning stage.
SchleuderSchleuder is a gpg-enabled mailinglist with remailing-capabilities.
SchwebedrahtWe will try to set up a giant "Hot wire game" at the Kidspace area with wireless handsets and a highscore system.Chaos Bodensee
Scottish Consulate BBSOur consular bbs is back in action - telnet://bbs.scottishconsulate.orgScottish Consulate
Screen Printing workshopDas Labor screen printing workshopChaos West
SeidenstrasseLong yellow tubes with air flowing thru itSeidenstrasse is a web service that helps you to request your personal data from companies and public institutions.Geheimorganisation
SelbstdatenschutzDatensparsamkeit, Datenschutz und Verschlüsseln in Eigenregie
Shitty RobotsRobotik für Jung und Alt. Roboterworkshop+Competition (Sumoringen)Openlab Augsburg
SidechannelSidechannel is the project to connect all Seidenstrassen endnodes with the main Router, to enable easy communication and operation of the Seidenstrassen NetworkChaosvermittlung
Slow TVWe plan to run a slow TV station, both streaming and over the air.Scottish Consulate
SpaceAPIWe'll work on SpaceAPI related projects.CCC-CH
SpacecookieGopher Server written in HaskellOffByOneError
SpeachJammerPlease delete me. I'm a duplicate of 'SpeechJammer'.
SpeechJammerParametric Ultrasonic Speaker, can be used to Jam Human speech using phases-shifted Audio Playback.Entropolis
Sweet ( up ) angelsAngels help is all arround this Place. Several people gave them donuts or other expressions of a thank you. It's been told us: this year, there are maaaany angels. So, let's sweet them up :) come together in the morning, by donuts and other sweets and distribute it among our angels!!Everywhere
SyncryptSyncrypt is a fully encrypted file storage system we've been developing for over a year. We have a CLI as well as a GUI client. The code is open source and available at GitHub.
T.A.R.D.I.S.M.Are you seeing double? No. Don't worry, the Doctor will explain. Now, run for your life.Milliways
TOTA📡🚽📡🚽 After the success of the last TOTA at the 32c3, we are motivated to reiterate the famous TOTA radio activity. TOTA is the acronym for "Toilets on the Air" and tries to encourage ham radio operation from the various toilets in the CCH. It will help us to train operation and you even might to get an entertaining pile-up. QRG 430.200 MHz. Stay tuned for more information.Chaoswelle
TailsTails is a live operating system that you can start on almost any computer from a DVD, USB stick, or SD card.

It aims at preserving your privacy and anonymity, and helps you to:

  • use the Internet anonymously and circumvent censorship;
  • all connections to the Internet are forced to go through the Tor network;
  • leave no trace on the computer you are using unless you ask it explicitly;
  • use state-of-the-art cryptographic tools to encrypt your files, emails and instant messaging.
Secure Desktops
Taler instructionWe shall teach visitors to integrate the GNU Taler merchant software for anonymous web payments into existing web platforms. We're happy to advise visitors interested in setting up GNU Taler exchanges as well, including discussions about integrating the exchange with blockchain based currencies. We will not have teaching materials handy for the exchange software however.GNUnet & pEp
TardisThe third time is a charm. This will be the last year we will be bringing a life sized Tardis - the iconic blue POLICE public call BOX - with us for others to see and enjoy. It might also be usable as a public phone.Milliways
TeX-stuffIm going to work (a little) on a few TeX-presentations, making them more modular than they are.Embassy of Duckburg
TetriboxModular boxes for your stuffCCC-CH
There Is No GameNo game will beginn at 33C3.
TimVideos & HDMI2USBFOSS Software and Hardware for doing recording and live streaming of events. The HDMI2USB project develops affordable hardware options to record and stream HD videos (from HDMI & DisplayPort sources) for conferences, meetings and user groups.Fail0verflow
TimeSlimeLapSlime molds are interesting creatures. In a Petri-dish they grow in all directions in search for food (think breath-first-search algorithm) and once the've found it, recede to from a strong shortest path between between their kernel and the food source. Over the course of 33C3 we will live-time-lapse observe a slime-mold in a contained petri-dish do it's work and perform it's breath-first-search algorithm.Aaaaaaaaaaaa
TomuA tiny ARM microprocessor which hides *inside* your USB port. Has a BOM of $10 in individual quantities when ordered off Digikey, constructable by hobbyists! Designed for 2factor authentication or anything else you can think of.RIAT Crypto Lab
TorcontrolOCaml library for the tor control portOffByOneError
TraitorWiFiTraitorWiFi is a project to gather information about you by using information your devices readily offer - your saved access points.
Tuxtron: GNU/Linux on Bay Trail based tabletsWie weit kommt man mit GNU/Linux auf einem Intel Atom/Bay Trail basierten Tablet?CCCFr
Tweeti-kiritweeti-kiri is your social media vacuum cleaner, a python application to help with housekeeping on Twitter.
UMIDIThe swiss army knife for quick and easy developement of MIDI applications. Possible applications are everything that uses MIDI.Chaos West
UNOPlay UNO all night long!Haquium Marburgensis
UbirchOpen Source IoT stack based on low power sensor boards, cryptographic identities and blockchain anchoring
Virtual beachLife is a beach, or at least it would be if it wasn't also a pile of crap. Beaches should represent the best of times - resting, walking, bathing; and the sights and sounds therein invoke all things positive and affirming. Join us as we roll up our overly-worn jeans and attempt to recreate that joyful place without the hassle of getting sand in your ebook or sewage on your oh-so-pale feet. Like any beach, all you need is a towel - the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have - to sit on. Lastly, bring tea leaves if you have them -beach smokey beach-bonfire flavoured tea will be provided :)Scottish Consulate
Volunteer-PlannerWe will code for - fix bugs, describe and implement features.

Description of the website: "You are a volunteer and want to help refugees? shows you where, when and how to help directly in the field. This platform is non-commercial and ads-free. An international team of field workers, programmers, project managers and designers are volunteering for this project and bring in their professional experience to make a difference."

Its a shift planning tool like Engelsystem - but with a more decentralized focus (main usage: for shelters for #refugees).
WLAN LED-Stripes GamesWe have 3 LED-Stripes with ESP8266. We will develop and offer games on these WLAN-LED-Stripes.

Due to the onedimensionality of LED-Stripes these Games might be different than anything else!

==> Play and develop 1D-WLAN-RGB-LED-STRIPE-GAMES!!!
Wau Holland FoundationNoisy Square
WikidataWikidata is the world's largest free general purpose knowledge base. As a Wikimedia-run sister project of Wikipedia, it provides machine readable information about just about anything. It's the encyclopedia by bots, for bots.Open Knowledge Assembly
WurstshooterWurstshooter an automated Freiwurst dispenserFreiwurst
Wurstvotethis is the Freiwurst voting machineFreiwurst
Yakboxstats display, message wall and public cjdns node plus lots moreDarkscience
Zentralwerk NetzwerkDieses Projekt umfasst die Daten und Skripte zur automatischen Replikation des Netzwerk-Setups im Zentralwerk.
ΜMIDIThe swiss army knife for quick and easy developement of MIDI applications. Possible applications are everything that uses MIDI.Chaos West

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