How To Run A Bitcoin Node

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Description Bitcoin is among the world’s most widely deployed decentralized cryptographic systems. We will give a short introduction into why financial privacy and Bitcoin is a critical tool for activists and briefly discuss the mechanisms behind Bitcoin. We will then dive into configuring a Bitcoin Core node suitable for running at home. Topics that will be covered include:
  • How to get statistics from the network and how to interpret them.
  • How to use the RPC interface to create (multisig-)transactions.
  • How to set limits on resource usage.
  • How to make use of Tor.
  • How to securely store coins.
Type Workshop
Kids session No
Keyword(s) software
Tags Bitcoin
Processing assembly Proof of Fork, Bitcoin
Person organizing Nickler, BlueMatt
Language en - English
en - English
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Starts at 2016/12/28 16:00
Ends at 2016/12/28 17:00
Duration 60 minutes
Location Hall 13-14


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