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To create a new page for an Assembly, just enter the name of the Assembly below. This will show you a form requesting some basic information about the Assembly like a short description. This year we have some changes so please check all fields and their descriptions!

You can also insert the name of an existing Assembly to edit it, but it might be easier to head over the Assemblies page and click "Edit with form".

For more information, see Assemblies.

Attention: Please be aware that creating your Assembly page here and stating your requirements does not guarantee you getting those requirements met or even any space for your Assembly. Unfortunately we are still limited to physical space (we are working on it) and other constraints. Help us by filling out the form with enough interesting information, but keep it real(istic).
We will send out an acceptance or decline notice, so please use a valid email address without any filtering or moderation!
If we decline your application for a reserved space: It does not necessarily mean you are not allowed to find a place to sit, please carefully read the mail we will send you.