The user-friendly guide to mobile freedom

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Description This is a user-friendly guide for those who like to use their multiple devices (PC, Laptop, Phone, Tablet) with Free Software and to sync their data between these devices with Free Software as well. Liberate your devices and sync your data in freedom without the need of third-party accounts or services!

For example, use your phone with full usage-spectrum but without a Google account or any other account. Or create your own cloud and IT infrastructure to host your data on your own devices solely.

And the best: You do not need to be a hacker for this! I will show you a user-friendly way to achieve freedom - all tools and software presented come with graphical interfaces and with no coding skills required.

Self-empowerment never was so easy!

Type Talk
Kids session No
Keyword(s) hardware, software
Tags Android, F-Droid, Sync, Root
Processing assembly Free Software Foundation Europe
Person organizing Eal
Language en - English
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Starts at 2016/12/28 18:00
Ends at 2016/12/28 18:45
Duration 45 minutes
Location Hall 13-14