Thermal pictures for kids

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Description They will be an infrared camera (detects heat). We can play around with warm and cold stuff and create nice pictures.
Type Hands-On
Kids session Yes
Keyword(s) art
Tags 3D Hackspace, Infrared, Thermal imaging, Thermography
Processing assembly 3D Hackspace
Person organizing Obelix
Language de - German
de - German
Related to Junghackertag
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Subtitle Group 1
Starts at 2016/12/28 12:00
Ends at 2016/12/28 12:30
Duration 30 minutes
Location 3D Hackspace
Subtitle Group 2
Starts at 2016/12/28 12:30
Ends at 2016/12/28 13:00
Duration 30 minutes
Location 3D Hackspace

This sessions will be held in German.


Until now, there's no limit. Children will be split up in groups, maybe at slightly different times (you will get a notification).

Please do not edit this table. See below for information on how to participate!

Nr. Teilnehmer / Participants
1 Lillian
2 Helena
3 Momo
4 Timek
5 Imam
6 Adam
7 Salma
8 Sara
9 Arnd
10 Lucas
11 Oscar

How do i participate ?

Please write me an email with first name and age of the participant. You can get my contact information here if you're logged in.