Type 1 Diabetes Hacking

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Description How to improve the therapy of type 1 diabetes.
Type Meeting
Kids session No
Keyword(s) hardware, software, embedded, food
Tags Type1, Diabetes, T1D, Type 1 Diabetes, DIY
Person organizing Melle, Iksypsilon
Language en - English
en - English
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Subtitle Diabetes Tech Meetup
Starts at 2016/12/29 14:00
Ends at 2016/12/29 14:30
Duration 30 minutes
Location Hall C.2

Let's hack type one diabetes. We would like to talk about the following topics:

  • Current state: continuous glucose monitoring and how to use the data (xDrip), pumps, closed loop systems (OpenAPS).
  • How it works, what needs to be improved
  • DIY Hardware, Software
  • Managing your device zoo

Disclaimer: You don't need to have any type of diabetes to join :-)