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"My" software, like "my" hand or like "my car"? +Floridi argues that '...in favour of the interpretation of the protection of privacy as protection of personal identity: “my” in “my data” is not the same “my” as in “my car”, it is the same “my” as in “my hand”, because personal information plays a constitutive role of who I am and can become.” But when my hand is part of a prosthetic arm running on proprietary software, how “my” is “my hand” in this case? Is “my” the same as in “my car” or as in “my data”? Olga Gkotsopoulou is a FSFE trainee and holder of a Law Degree, a LL.M in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law and a M.A. in History and Theory of Law. In the past, Olga worked for various organizations, including the Hellenic Data Protection Authority, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Institute of International Relations and the Greek Council for Refugees. She is also co-founder of the pro bono organisation, Union for Children's Rights.  +


- Free timeslot - +This is a placeholder for a free timeslot. Do not edit!  +


/dev/zero +We are a small group of software developers doing some cool projects like automatic shooting of balloons, automatic playing of FlappyBird, playing 1D-games on LED-stripes,.... . Why /dev/zero? Because it is cool and contains an infinite amount of half of the electronic information in the world: Zeroes.  +


1 – Was ist das für 1 Assembly?! +Hello. We are two lonely riders, relatively new in the biz and looking for Anschluss. Working on the IoT and Glitzer and just soldering around. Currently RasPi based Infoscreens from scraps to control home automation devices and displaying useful information from the area. HomeKit and such maybe. Currently there is no fixed table to find us – working on that – give us a call and we shall meet.  +
12V SolarPower & Sound +kleiner Einblick in die 12V Solar Strom Versorgung und MPPT-Laderegler gebastel  +


2,3 oder 42 +1,2 oder 3 hacker edition. for kids and grownups  +


33c3 Regiotreffen +Das alljährliche Regiotreffen auf dem Congress  +
33c3ctf +33C3 Capture the Flag hacking competition - from 2016-12-27 20:00 UTC until 2016-12-29 20:00 UTC (48h)  +
33tea3 +Team page of 33tea3 or 33☕3.  +
3D Hackspace +Everything with 3D printing, 3D scanning etc. There will be 3D printers you can use to print out projects/spare parts and stuff. We'll also bring an industrial grade 3D scanner. There are several sessions where you can learn and participate!  +
3D Printing Hackspace +Everything about 3D printing, 3D scanning and CAD you always wanted to know.  +
3D Stereo Camera +3D Measurements with stereo camera system.  +
3D gedruckte Medikamente +Das Potential von 3D-Druckern für die Medizin kann kaum unterschätzt werden. Organe, Prothesen, aber auch Medikamente können individuell sowie passgenau hergestellt werden. In diesem Talk geht es um Medikamente, die direkt aus dem Drucker kommen. Dabei schauen wir uns nicht nur das auf dem Markt erhältliche Epilepsie-Medikament Spritam (Levetiracetam) an, sondern wagen einen Blick in die Zukunft.  +
3D printing +Everything about 3D printing, 3D scanning and CAD you always wanted to know.  +
3D printing for beginners +Never used a 3D printer? No idea how to use CAD? This workshops is for you. From ABS to Z-Axis, you'll learn basics of 3D printing.  +
3D printing for kids +Learn how to design 3D parts and print them!  +
3D scan yourself +REGISTRATION NEEDED: I'll bring an industrial grade 3D scanner and you'll be able to get free high resolution scans of yourself, your friends etc...  +
3D with OpenSCAD +Learn how to create 3D shapes with OpenSCAD. You'll learn how to create your own name tag or bottle clip with a few lines of code.  +
3D-Printing +3D printing Berlin, Hannover, Hamburg and Dresden We offer free 3D printing service and show several different printers and styles. Originally this was the 3d printing main assembly (not only Berlin), last year we became a sub assembly of obelix 3d printer station due to the location (split), now 3D printing Berlin represents also the others of the former group ( Hannover, Hamburg and Dresden ). Hope to be re-united this year again with obelix, if not we might re-structure and change name to more general 3d printing assembly.  +


42birds: Creative Coding with Processing +Processing is a flexible software sketchbook and a language for learning how to code within the context of the visual arts. In this workshop you'll make your first steps!  +
42birds: Learn Version Control with Git +If you'll ever attend a hackathon, hack day, hackfest or codefest sooner or later you'll have to deal with Git – a free version control system for coders / hackers.  +
42birds: Missing RSS Feed? Create Your Own! +If your favoured website / podcast misses an RSS feed this discussion is for you! I'll show how-to extract the necessary data from the page and build your very own feed with it.  +
42birds: Randomized Signature Block for Emails +For years I updated the signature for my emails manually – until I got fed up… That’s why I wrote a script to create a randomized signature block automatically from an RSS feed!  +


A Backdoor (/Bug?) in WhatsApp +I demonstrate that the WhatsApp client on Android automatically retransmits messages and encrypts them with newly announced public keys without user interaction. This makes it possible for WhatsApp to snoop on selected messages. WhatsApp is aware of this bug(?) since before April 2016 and did not fix it.  +