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Self-organized Sessions

Usually we called this section "workshops". Then we told you on this page, that a workshop doesn't need to be an event with hands-on and making – but sure it could! We said that a "workshop" is just something, that happens at a special time and place. Therefore we changed the name to "Self-organized Sessions" that includes everything - everything that is organized by you!

Such an event can be...

  • ... a gathering of a project group or on a special topic,
  • ... a contest or a game
  • ... a small talk or lecture
  • ... a screening of a movie
  • ... something with music, literature and art
  • ... a follow-up-discussion on one ob the "big talks" or another topic that happened rencently
  • ... everything else you think that needs to take place at the camp
  • ... and hey, it might even be a workshop!

Your Self-organized Session goes Camp

On this page you can find a list of planned self-organized sessions by participants of the Camp and you'll find the necessary information to create your own one.

The idea is, that we will be able to provide a global workshop and talk calendar: Everyone being at the Camp is able to look at this Static:calendar and will find out what self-organized sessions are currently running besides the talks.


To register your self-organized sessions just use the self-organized session form.

For now, the crucial information are
  • Name of the self-organized session (which will be used as the site name)
  • Abstract (short description, 1-3 sentences)
  • valid email address (might be used by the orga team to contact you)
The following information can also be added later
  • detailed description, it will be the main body of your session page (that's the Free text field: This field allows the usual mediawiki syntax, feel free to add URLs, pictures etc)
  • some information about the person and village performing the self-organized session
  • rough start- and end-time for the schedule
  • location


Please select a location for your self-organized Session while filling the form.

Session tents

We provide a corner (around 1/3rd of the whole area) of the three hackcenter/workshop tents for your self-organized sessions:


All villages that have selected maybe or yes in the section "Provides location for sessions" in the village form will show up as a location. Please get in touch with the village concerned, if you want to use their location for your session.

Some villages are happy to host "external" sessions, eg:

Registered Self-organized Sessions

Already registered self-organized sessions are available as list or calendar. You can use the existing self-organized sessions as a reference, if you are unsure how it should look like.

The calendar is updated using the semantics feature of the self-organized sessions form and template. This may take some time, so be patient...


There are 298 registered self-organized sessions.

List of Sessions

"OpenGL doesn't work that way…" an informal look at how popular toolkits impair the use of OpenGLOpenGL is old. The specification of the first version of the API has been published over 20 years ago. Yet the major toolkits still don't get the very basics right, making it unnecessarily hard to do advanced stuff. In this session you'll learn how to do it right. If you're a GUI toolkit dev, you're warmly invited.
(No) Privacy in Mobile Networks in ItalyItalian mobile operators may share your mobile number with the sites you visit. There is no way to know the list of partner sites. Does the regulation of cookies sound like a joke now? Any thoughts about net neutrality?
10 myths about TTIP and CETA (aka ACTA on steroids)Those secretly negotiated "trade" deals can be put under political pressure in the coming months. If they pass unopposed they will change democracy as we know it for ever. Democracy and the rule of law will effectively be thrown out of the window by putting transnational investors on an even footing with democratically elected governments of sovereign states. These Trojan treaties undermine our fundamental rights (including digital rights). We're faced by a propaganda campaign by the European Commission, corporate lobbyists and their useful idiots which is spreading a lot of misinformation about these treaties. Let's talk about these myths and about real threats for democracy, digital rights, climate and everything dear to your hearts. We will start from short intro about TTIP and CETA so don't worry if you have never heard about them before :)
128 GPIOs on my RasPIDir sind die GPIOs auf deinem RasPI ausgegangen? Ich will zeigen, wie man mit wenig Aufwand und sehr günstigen Komponenten bis zu 128 Kanäle mit dem RasPI steuern kann.
@endarken's Diary of a Person of InterestKiwi activist, journalist & Occupier @endarken discusses what it's like to be a "Person of Interest".

In the FVEY countries, surveillance & police systems are now being used to stalk and torture journalists and dissidents. These used to be considered Third World problems. Now the so-called First World imitates those practices.

This talk is a chance to hear about it from the perspective of someone who has been extensively targeted in this way.

Topics to be discussed listed in the tags.
Advanced Probiotic BrewingThis event is focused on tasting variety of probiotic beverages, demo of preparations and importantly discussion on related topics. Beginners are welcome but it may be hard to fallow, it is targeted to more advanced audience.
Advanced gowinng Cannabis WeedAdvanced Hydroponic - Aeroponic - Growing information's. And open cannabis training center startup.
Alcoholic Fruit Beverages Tasting&OtherWe will bring variety of brews if possible mostly homemade which differ in alcoholic percentage.
Amateurfunk SchnupperkursDie ersten Lektionen aus dem Amateurfunkkurs von DK0TU von der Tu-Berlin
An introduction to gender and sex sensitive medicineHow come that a heart attack is defined by the symptoms most men experience?

Why has medication mostly been tested on healthy young males and then been given to old multi-morbid women? Is it possible that people express their symptoms differently? Is it possible that people act differently to different situations? Why do these aspects matter and why do they have such little impact on the treatment of patients in modern western medicine? Or do these aspects matter already?

There will be an short input about the system of medicine which hopefully will develop into a group discussion. Bring questions and an open mind
Anarchaserver: a feminist server
Android user to developer migrationA very rough introduction to getting started with Android development.
Antennen Simulation mit Xnec2cVortrag mit Einführung in das open source Antennen Simulationsprogramm xnec2c
Antennen verstehen 101Lerne verschiedene Antennen kennen. Und was ist eig EIRP, dBd und lambda.
Ants and Squirrels UnCivilization ReUnionUnCivilization mailing list & friends meetup: join if you want to talk about utopian future where we share common planet with squirrels and ants. Contact BECHA @ / @Ms_Multicolor for more info.

VIDEO of the "lightning talk" (20 minutes into the video)
Arduino 101 with temperature sensorIntroduction to arduino using a temperature sensor
ArduinoForTotalNewbiesLearn Arduino using TV-B-Gone as an example project

You've probably heard lots about Arduino. But if you don't know what it is, or how you can use it to do all sorts of cool things, then this fun and easy workshop is for you. As an example project, we'll be creating a TV-B-Gone remote control out of an Arduino you can take home with you.

(This is one of many cool things happening throughout CCCamp 2015 in the Hardware Hacking Area!)

This workshop will be given two times
(both identical):
   Day 2: 14-Aug, 12:30pm - 4pm
   Day 4: 16-Aug, 12:30pm - 4pm

Location: in the Hardware Hacking Area, inside the Belgian Village, on the west side of CCCamp.
Art of Kimbab making and Rice Paper WrappingWe will prepare Korean piknin food kimbab (Japanese has similar version called sushi) and do also extra rice paper wrapes.
Ask EFF: The Year in Digital Civil LibertiesGet the latest information about how the law is racing to catch up with technological change from staffers at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the leading digital civil liberties group fighting for freedom and privacy in the digital age.

This session will include updates on current EFF projects from online censorship to street level surveillance, and from our work in the United States to the Middle East and Latin America. Half the session will include questions-and-answers, so it's your chance to ask EFF questions about technology policy and activism issues that are important to you.

Speakers: Jillian York, Katitza Rodriguez, Nadia Kayyali, Mark Burdett and Noah Swartz (Electronic Frontier Foundation)
Attent!on Som(t)a(c)tic: Body-Mind-Machine awarenessAttent!ion Som(t)a(c)tic is a workshop that reflects upon the somatic, material and spiritual relationships to our communication tools and collects inspirations and tactics to nourish a collective re-embodied empowerment.

Participants are invited to share about the intimacy and friendship they nourish toward their bodies and mind when living with computers and other electronic companions. The workshop encompasses somatic, cognitive and ritualistic suggestions that will guide participants to explore desirable relations toward themselves and their machine. It opens an opportunity to gather tactics for joyful, mindful re-embodiment and empowerment.

Bring your dearest laptop, cell and radio.

Session facilitator: Goldjian from Hacking with Care
AuphonicIntroduction to the automatic audio post production system Auphonic, We will introduce the basic concept for newbies and then go into more technical discussions, according to the interest of visitors: Auphonic API, which tools we use, how to build similar services, future ideas, etc.
Authority-free Onion Routing with BRAHMSGNUnet announced that the implementation of Byzantine Resilient Random Membership Sampling is only months away from today. This is the building block that should allow pk-routing networks to create onion circuits without depending on directory authorities and the implicit trust graph.
BER für Eiligesee
BGVA3Seit 1. Juli 2015 fallen Vereine (potentiell) unter Arbeitsstättenregelungen der BG. Lasst uns die Implikationen diskutieren und ggf nächste Schritte planen.
Basic Structures of Matter - Supergravitation Unified Theory (BSM-SG) WorkshopWe will go through an alternative concept of physics, published 2001 by Stoyan Sarg. This unified model provides a complete new perspective on matter and energy in the physical world we live in and gives us tools to access the hidden energy of the universe, in cosmology often called 'dark energy'.

The workshop will start at the smallest part and will work itself up, through protons/neutrons/electrons/positrons to atoms, chemical bindings, molecules till cosmological phenomena. We will answer questions contemporary physics fails to answer like what is Dark Energy/Dark Matter, what are Gravitational Waves and gravity itself, how does the Q-Thruster work, LENR, Whats the origin of our galaxy/universe (,...

As a final goody, we will go into the physics and how to build a faster-then-light spacecraft, that is in total alignment with special and general relativity utilizing the electro-gravitational effect (SARG Effect/Q-Thruster/EM-Thruster).
BatikGood weather, much fun, cool Shirts, join us! We'll create some wonderful hippie-style shirts here :-) We've (hopefully) enough hot water, colours and free white t-shirts in different sizes.
Binärgewitter HörertreffenHörertreffen des Podcasts Binärgewitter
Bitcoin-Blockchain and Anonymitysession with meetupCalling for contributors to Podcast distribution via BitTorrent P2P
BlockchainsMuch digital ink has been spilled over the past couple of years concerning the relevance, necessity, use cases, and definition of the blockchain. We start this session with just basics of blockchain tech and then look at existing projects working with this data structure and tools existing to a date which allow us to do stuff with blockchains. It wont be about bitcoin, but rather about chains built for contracts and contract systems.
BootcampLow tech body hacking: We'll use the surrounding of the camp for a small bootcamp session. A bit of running, bodyweight exercises, stretching and so on.
Bretzen-WorkshopNeingeist bringt uns bei echt gute Bretzen zu machen
Build our camp internal Castor transportwe will transform one of the trains wagons into a castor transport - any help is appreciated! Bring materials like roof laths or similar stuff .. white, black, yellow color, cardboard, etc.
Build your own Antenna WorkshopWe will provide a hands-on workshop on how to build your own antenna for a frequency of your choice, equipped with an SMA connector, suitable for your rad1o.
C-base birthday eventsee
Camp CTFThis is a beginner level CTF organized by the CCCAC.
Camp macht SchuleThe camp will have school kids, no doubt about that. While Chaos macht Schule will not be officially organizing events at camp, some of us are looking into creating a few sessions aimed at the next generation of hackers. We want to use camp to give some perspective to the up and coming. If you want to contribute a session, workshop, lecture or anything else, please let us know.
CampCTFPresentation about some of the CTF Challenges of the simultaneously happening CampCTF
Cap'tain CrochetAwesome crochet workshop, but limited space. Come make your own project (phone/laptop pouch, bag, ...)
Cheese Tasting RendezvousThis is our "classic". We gather cheeses and ourselves around them, some wine, olives and just enjoy!
Church of SubBasssee
Citizens and StrangersA talk about how governments use data and paperwork to exclude troublesome minorities. Speaker: Hannah Smith (Tactical Tech)
Climate Change & HacktivismEnvironmental and social movements over the past decade have embraced online campaigning and digital activism, but many still need hackers to build their technological capacity. This workshop will be a discussion of what opportunities there are for crossover between these two groups. Activists from grassroots movements such as Occupy, street protests in Brazil and the current anti-TTIP campaign will talk about their experiences and their needs from digital security, to creative online campaigning – hackers, if you're looking for new movements to work with, and activists, if you're looking for a forum to voice your experience working with hackers and future needs, come along.
CoderDojo @ CampWe will do a CoderDojo for all kids attending the camp.
CoderDojo @ Camp/Kids
CoderDojo @ Camp/Mentors
Comparing Architectures for a new InternetInviting Maidsafe, Ethereum, GNUnet and (you?) to compare strengths and weaknesses of each of the approaches and explore potentials of collaboration.
Configurable throw-away blockchainsThis is a "make your own blockchain" workshop. What you can do with it? Run smart contracts on it, for example, whether write your own, or use the existing ones (written in solidity) and experiment.
Consumer protection in the murky world of phone permissionsIt seems like every few months a story breaks about a certain phone app misusing its permissions to collect user data without their knowledge. The result is users become fearful of certain apps, but have no way to comprehensively get a sense of how protected their phone is. It seems that there should be a resource for users to get a listing of what specific versions of specific apps are doing with phone data in order to decide whether to install them. This session will discuss the feasibility of such a resource, and how one might go about constructing it.
Counter-balance sitting all day: Core Muscle ActivationSession facilitator: Sarah from Hacking with Care (HWC)
Creating Queer Feminist Geek SpacesWe think that it is important to create spaces that are explicitly welcoming to people who are queer, feminist and geeky. We would like to talk about how this can be done, not only on the Camp but also in our home towns, our hackerspaces, our daily lives. We may talk about queer feminist hackerspaces, meetup groups and other kinds of physical and virtual spaces where people can connect.
Crypto meetingJust an informal meeting of people interested in crypto. Want to talk about the latest TLS attacks, how we finally can get post-quantum cryptography or how we can make pgp usable for normal people? Come join us.
CryptoPartyJoin us at a large open-air cryptoparty! Learn to encrypt your emails and instant messages, to browse the internet anonymously and much more!
Cryptographic ContractsHands-on session on cryptocontracts.
Cryptographic Contracts & JS LibraryCryptographic contracts are scripts which run on the blockchain, either public one - like Ethereum, or a private one - like tendermint design blockchains. Contracts themselves are typically written in Solidity, but one can also use Javascript to interact with the contracts. We will be playing with Eris' blockchain-client - basically using ur own throw away blockchains consisting of a Tendermint node wrapped by a simple server. The server allows requests to be made over HTTP - either using JSON-RPC 2.0 or a RESTlike web-api - and websocket (JSON-RPC 2.0). There are also javascript bindings for the RPC methods
Cylinder pinning WorkshopIn this workshop we take apart standard ABUS euro profile cylinder locks and learn how to reassemble them, change the key code, or build masterkey systems. We have an ABUS pinning kit and tools on location. It would be ideal if you could bring your own cylinder, and we also have a few of them for playing.
DIY AgarHave you ever wondered about bacteria living on and inside you? Come by to discover this with us! You will learn how to prepare substrate to grow bacteria using kitchen ingredients.
DIY bend your own tension tools for lockpickingLearn how to bend your own tension tools for lockpicking.
DIY sushiThe workshop will be a hands-on lesson on how to make sushi in various forms.
DMR ErfahrungsaustauschEin Treffen, um sich über DMR auszutauschen
DNA BioHackingOpen-source genomics on your computer and in your garage! In recent years, collaborative scientific efforts such as the Human Genome Project, have generate a wealth of information about the genome of humans and other organisms. Most of this information is now publicly available online. As the role of 'genomics' is now central to many research fields, such as medicine and evolutionary biology, the impact of genetic information on everyday life is growing. Here we will present, discuss, and play around with publicly available genomic information, mostly focussing on the human genome. We will go through multiple open-source tools that can be use to explore and analyse genomic data with nothing more than your own computer. We will also discuss what are the options if you want to build a DNA sequencing laboratory in your garage.
DVB with SDR - a practical approachTransmitting digital video with your favorite SDR and FFMPEG
Das Junge Angebot von ARD und ZDF – lässt sich darüber das öffentlich-rechtliche System hacken?Die Politik hat die Anstalten mit einem online-only Angebot für die U30 beauftragt, damit sie sich digitalisieren und verjüngen. Dieses unterfinanzierte Wagnis wird nur gelingen with a little help from some friends. Umgekehrt ist es im ureigensten Interesse des Jungen Angebots, sich für netzpolitische Anliegen wie Breitbandausbau, Netzneutralität, Datenschutz, Suchneutralität, freies Wissen, offene Standards und offene Daten einzusetzen.
Data ExploitationOur laws, technologies and societies are not ready for the future that is being built. Technology is becoming further embedded into the fabric of society at a time when our devices, networks and services are collecting and generating vast quantities of data on us. The implications for privacy are enormous, particularly when other actors can gain access to this data and exploit it. The legal and technological protections of yesterday are ill prepared for the data fuelled future. Unfortunately civil society is also unprepared.

This new area of focus for Privacy International aims to arrest the continued exploitation of our data. Our objective is to build the foundations for legal protections and identify the technical measures to strictly control the new forms of intelligence generation, gathering, and analysis so that individuals are empowered to prevent their data being exploited. This will be conducted in collaboration with existing organisations in this field and encouraging new participation on this important issue.

In this talk we will explore the problem as it currently exists, new technologies on the horizon and some of the measures we will employ to bring about change.

Speaker: Richard Tynan, Privacy International
Decrypting EncryptionCome and check out Tactical Tech's short film series which explain how encryption works.
Deep Dream Domesee
Deep GraphicsUPDATE: we are now integrating with "From Bad Public Data to Beautiful Open Narratives - The Brazilian Ministry of Culture case". All information below still valid. We will present a visualization performance of graphics made by data analysis on Tor hidden services, explaining how the scraping tool works and what is the definition of the so called "deep web".
Demohandydemohandy is the approach to help people getting cheap phones for demonstrations and activism ehich are without relation to the respective bearer. Swap stations in Hackerspaces and squads help swapping phones and SIM cards befor and after demonstrations. We try to collect ideas to make the thing better and include more people and hackerspaces. The Session will be a place to swap old and used phones and sim cards.
Detecting IMSI-catchers and other mobile network attacksIn this workshop, we explain common attacks on mobile phones, and how these attacks can be detected.
DevuanDevuan is a fork of Debian which removes its new dependency on systemd.
Diaspora MeetupDiaspora Meetup - for diaspora* users and everybody who is interested in the project.
Digital DJ WorkshopMix, push some buttons and feel the vibe!
Digital Security: Hands-onHands-on digital security training.
Digitale KommunikationskulturDiese Seesion wird ersetz durch:
Dogecoin Moon Bounce: Mission Briefingcreate dogecoin transaction and send it to the moon with a little help from Project Moonbounce during the camp ... let us know if you know someone from Project Moonbounce. would be wow to make this happen - come join the mission briefing
Dogecoin core developers Video-Hangoutwith langer_hans, rnicoll, patricklodder (in English)
Dome building for kidsBuildung a geodesic dome out of slatted bed frame

for kids age 5/6+

starting around noon, join whenever you like
Dr. Strangethumb or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love BiometricsIn this workshop, we'll discuss and learn how to use and abuse biometric authentication in our daily lives.
Droid Hacking for the InnocentA gentle hands-on introduction to hacking Android apps to see what data they transmit. Bring a laptop, (20) rooted 'phones are provided, as is a virtual machine with all the software you'll need on a very snazzy flash-drive for you to keep and treasure.
EDN meets GNUnet and OpenWRTWeeks ahead of the Camp, EDN activists are teaming up to get GNUnet running on Freifunk hardware with the intention of trying out its new self-organizing authority-free mesh routing algorithms.
Edacoreedacore is an open source project to fulfill the part library needs of all open source Electronic Design Automation tools, and ideally the rest of the EDA industry. This is an ambitious project with high quality standards and long term goals. The project is still in an early stage.
Einführung zu AmateurfunkWas ist überhaupt Amateurfunk? Die Chaoswelle zeigt in einem kurzen Vortrag das riesige Feld des Amateurfunks.
Ethereum WorkshopWe will create some cool decentralised applications on the Ethereum blockchain together!
Exchange of ideas about Continous Glucose monitoringsee
Exploration: Courage as a Body and Soul stateHacking with Care Session facilitator: Emily from Hacking with Care (HWC)
Exponential Growth: A full Body ExperienceGrowth of things is driving our whole planet. There do exist different things where you can observe growth everyday, e.g. on plants, kids, buildings, etc. We will execute & experience a colorful exponential growth.
Exposing the InvisibleTactical Tech's 3-part series of short films examining some of the most inspiring and provocative investigative cases, those that go further than traditional journalistic investigations.

We spoke to hackers, activists and investigators from the UK, to Lebanon, Israel and Pakistan to find how they work with evidence, data and visualisation.

After watching each film, you can find out more about the tools and tactics used by the protagonists to expose the hidden layers behind problems in their societies. Each film comes with extensive interviews telling the story of each activist or investigator, divided into thematic chapters, as well as a bank of to help you follow in their footsteps.

Tweets at #exposingtheinvisible & folow us at @info_activism
Extract DNA from strawberriesHave you ever wondered how DNA looks like? Come by to extract strawberries DNA with your own hands and see it with your own eyes. You will learn how to extract DNA from any source using kitchen ingredients. Kids and adults are more than welcome!
FHB: Preserving near-bad food with a Pressure CannerJennifer will show how to preserve food before it goes bad with her pressure canner. The food will be sterilized in the process and can be stored for a very long time after that. Estimated duration: 60-90 minutes.
FLONS Drink-UpWe invite all initiatives dealing with free and libre open networks to our Freifunk Village. You can find Mate and Beer.
Field Telephone WorkshopField telephone and switchboard Howto
Filmvorführung -- Desinformation -- und anschließende Diskussion mit der investigativen Journalistin Gaby WeberWir zeigen den Film "Desinformation - Ein Lehrstück über die erwünschte Geschichte" von Gaby Weber und veranstalten anschließend eine Diskussionsrunde mit der Filmemacherin persönlich.

In dem 90-minütigen Film wird beschrieben, wie die sog. „historische Deutungshoheit“ entsteht, wie geschichtliche Ereignisse verfälscht werden und mit welchen Methoden die Geheimdienste Desinformation betreiben und Historiker und Journalisten sich an der Nase herum führen lassen.

ORT: OMNIDOME, Weizenbaum Weg Ecke Russel Route.

Map-Koordinaten: S10
Filtrala: the spanish whistle-blowing concept@Filtrala is a spanish whistleblowing platform, based on GlobaLeaks source code adapted to our country. We will explain how it works, our peculiarities and the legal structure used.
Flash your Freifunk RouterMembers from different German communities will show how to flash their firmware on routers. At the end you'll all be Freifunkers.
Flubber.berlinWe want to empower people to use software tools for secure communication and file transfer at schools. Wir wollen Schulen und Eltern sensibilisieren und empowern, Open Source Software-Tools für sichere Kommunikation und Datentransfer zu nutzen.
Foobar nightsHack'n'party!
Freak Showsee
Freedom not Fear 15 preparation meetingFrom 16th - 19th October 2015 the Freedom not Fear Action Days will happen in Brussels. It's a possibility to come together with other activists for digital rights all around Europe. In this meeting we will prepare the weekend. Feel free to join if you don't know us yet and get in touch.
Freifunk BreminaleDie Freifunker aus Bremen haben das Kulturfestival Breminale mit Freifunk versorgt. Das Netz mit Gbit-Uplink wurde zeitglich von bis zu 3200 Clients genutzt. Wir erklären die verwendete Software und Hardware und freuen uns auf Diskussionen.
Freifunk Gateway WorkshopIntroduction to the Puppet script developed by Freifunk Kiel and Freifunk Hamburg, which can be used to set up gateways for a Freifunk Network. We will give an introduction to the script in general, to our vagrant test setup and there will be the possibility (if time permits) to setup a gateway together.
From Bad Public Data to Beautiful Open Narratives - The Brazilian Ministry of Culture caseUPDATE: we are now integrating with the self-organized session "Deep Graphics".

How to create tools to turn people aware of their governments spends and evidence their bad public policies?

This session presents the knowledge related to the development of Mostre!me, an open source platform which daily crawls and scrapes data from the last 15 years of Cultural funding in Brazil to today, structuring all entities as filters to provide relevant visualizations and exploratory pattern-finding narratives.
Fun with SmartcardsI'll be bringing a blank OpenPGP smartcard, a blank smartcard-HSM, a PCMCIA card reader, and a (contact&-less) smartcard reader with me.
Funix double feature picture showA screening of "Intrafluxing the Matrix" by Crissilida and a film about tenyen.
Funkamateur werdenDer Weg zum Funkamateur (in Deutschland)
Fuzzing mit AFLNichts ist unfuzzbar! Software mit AFL automatisch zerlegen.
GNUMPFs DemoshowWatch nice demoscene productions (c64, pc) with us in GNUMPFhausen!
GOIBlocks - Technical observations about recent internet censorship in IndiaSpeakers: Kaustubh Srikanth & Claudio Guarnieri

On 17th December 2014, the Government of India's Ministry of Communications and Information Technology issued an order to all licensed Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the country to block access to 32 websites, effective immediately. The basis of this was a claim that the targeted web services were being used for "Jihadi Propaganda" by "Anti-National groups".

As a response to this, a few technologists in Berlin got together and thought it would be a good idea to do some research using free and accessible tools and to look at how censorship has been implemented, as well as the various techniques that could be used to circumvent this censorship. This talk will discuss our findings and make recommendations about how ISPs can handle such censorship requests better, while being fair and transparent to their customers.
Gasman ConcertGasman (UK) is playing a concert at the Chaos West village, starting at 22:00. ZX Spectrum inspired chiptune-pop with live accompaniment and vocals.
Gedenkfeier szaraWir wollen der kürzlich Verstorbenen noch einmal gemeinsam Gedenken und unsere Gedanken und Geschichten austauschen und auf sie anstoßen. ( wer möchte kann gerne länger bleiben - wir machen dann open end weiter )
Geocaching Event Book Exchange Mildenberg (GC5ZTX2)Meetup for all people who like Geocaching. Meeting is outside the camp grounds, so people who not participate at CCCamp can come as well (required by Groundspeak for an official Geocaching event).

Fellow readers, please bring your dead trees that you might want to exchange for some other dead tree, bring stories of book related caches or just bring yourself and hang out with fellow souls!

Physical Log Book will be provided and I guess there will be opportunities to exchange trackables and perhaps some mystery solutions or hints for puzzles. Any suggestions are welcome in the comments. Event time is 14.00 to 16.00 (local time), but maybe longer depending on attendance and atmosphere ;-)
German Parlamentary Inquiry on Mass Surveillancesee
GnuRad1o workshopBeginners workshop how to use your rad1o badge with GnuRadio to receive and transmit everything
Google Cardboard VR workshopSign up below to build your own Google Cardboard virtual reality headset.
Government Wiretapping System and TrojansIn this session, Andreas Ghirardini will discuss how law enforcement agencies use technology for surveillance and censorship.
HEBOCONCompetition for shitty robots. Everyone welcome!
HackademiaThis is a gathering for all researchers, game developers, designers, artists, journalists, academics, students, and hackers who research and write about hackers and related worlds (or are interested in doing so). We will come together to exchange ideas about a host of topics including methods, challenges, and lacunas. We will discuss the possibility about hosting a stand alone conference on this topic in the future. Everyone welcome! Speaker: Gabriella Coleman
Hackbases meetup (live-in hackerspaces)All related to hackbases on CCC:

Bring a chair or a blanket, fresh mate and a good smoke!

Join our journey through movie-history and see a great HackerMovie from 1982.
HackerYogaMal ehrlich? Das Hocken/Hacken am Rechner ist evolutionstheoretisch vom gestandenen Menschen mit Rückgrat und Haltung ein Rückschritt. Gerade in Zeiten von Clicktivism ist das Politische schon fast an der Tastatur kleben geblieben. Körper und Geist sind aber eins, wer das eine vernachlässigt, schädigt das andere.. Eine kolumbianische Tänzerin und Yoga-Lehrerin zeigt euch den Weg der Fusion.

Ort: Weizenbaum Weg Ecke Russel Route.

Map-Koordinaten: S10
Hackerfleet - what happend?see
Hackers, Journalism and InvestigationSpeaker: Gavin McFayden (tbc) - Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ)
HackerschnitzeljagdPlay Crash! A scavenger hunt (hackerschnitzeljagd) for space tarvelers with a wonderful story.

Start anytime, pause anytime, play alone or in group. While Communicating and solving riddles drinking a lot of alcohol is strongly recommended. Get the App on and start the game in the rescue pod at the corner of BER.

follow @play_toto for updates.
Hackerspace Design Patterns 2.0 WorkshopThis workshop/Discussion takes place immediately following the Hackerspace Design Patterns 2.0 talk
     on Day 3 (Saturday), 10:30am to 11am in Project 2501 Tent (aka: Tent A).

The intent of this workshop/Discussion is to share and brainstorm and compile new Patterns that have emerged from hackerspaces around the world over the past 8 years.

All are welcome to attend and join in the discussion (or just listen in and learn).

Location: NOPE Village (Norton's Obscure Phoggy Embassy), in the middle of CCCamp.

The original Hackerspace Design Patterns were presented at 24C3 in 2007 to show what works well, and what doesn't work so well for creating hackerspace communities. It started the hackerspace movement! Now, 8 years later, with over 2,000 hackerspaces listed on the website, let's get together and add our treasure trove of collective experience to the Hackerspace Design Patterns to further benefit all who want to create or run a hackerspace.
Hackerspace History CollectionHave a story to share about how you started your space,

I'm looking to track he evolution of Hackerspaces around the world particularly those founded prior to 2011.

We will have a audio recorder and questions also looking for other volunteers if you have a good video camera or a digital recorder.
HackerspacesDotOrg Revitalization DiscussionCreated in 2008, the website was a vital part of the growth of the hackerspace movement. is still a great resource for people wanting to start or run a hackerspace anywhere in the world.

As a wiki, it allows anyone, anywhere in the world, to add their hackerspace. It attracts new people and visitors. It is what comes up when you search for a hackerspace (or makerspace or fablab, etc) on your favorite search engines. It provides many tools and resources for starting and running a hackerspace. Along with its email lists, it provides easy networking for existing hackerspaces to help each other, as well as help people who want to start hackerspaces.

It's a great resource! But what can we do to update it, and keep it relevant for the years to come? Let's get together and brainstorm and discuss how to do this.

Location: NOPE Village (Norton's Obscure Phoggy Embassy), in the middle of CCCamp.
Hacking Sciencesee
Hacking Z-Wave protocol
Hacking hardware like a pro.If you liked our presentation “Low cost hardware attacks” and you wonder how professional labs break into microchips security, you are lucky! WE WILL SHOW YOU!
Hacking the Freedom of Information ActCode is law and law is code. Both can be hacked to do things that the

owners never expected or wanted. Learn how to take advantage of the legal loopholes to get all the information you could ever want from your

Hacking the Z-Wave protocolHack the Z-Wave Protocol Contest.

Control Z-Wave home automation devices from your Rad1o badge.

First three winners will get a batch of Z-Wave devices as a reward.
Hacking with CareWondering what Hacking with Care is? Come to the presentation! Session facilitator: Emily from Hacking with Care (HWC)
Henna Tattoonice henna tattoos
Hobelschlunzen CinemaWe will show episodic video documentaries about the cultural history of the Hobelschlunzen movement.
Hobelschlunzen-SpeedDating SessionWe're developing a speed-dating procedure for speed-dating sessions at the Hobelschlunzen-Village.

The matching of participants will work in a somewhat “queer” manner: instead of the usual boy-meets-girl, everyone gets to know everyone, no matter the sex or sexual orientation. We want to facilitate romantic/sexual as well as non-romantic/non-sexual contact interests, so that speed dating someone outside of the target sex of one's sexual orientation won't be a waste of time either.

Source code and example output for the speed dating software can be found at <>.

How not to be scared: Talking about tech with beginnersAn open space for discussion about how to help technophobes get past their fears in a training situation and in life. Speaker: Hannah Smith (Tactical Tech)
How to CryptoPartyWant to know how to throw your own CryptoParty? We do it all the time all over the world. You're very much welcome to join the movement.
How to butcher small livestockWe will show how to kill and dress a cock (rooster/haenchen)
How to do mail, social and secure multicast over GNUnetWhat is still missing to enjoy a GNUnet-based mail system? How would it compare to other „secure“ mail alternatives like Bitmessage, Retroshare, I2P-Bote, Pond? Does it make sense to plan a mail system without taking the entire social networking use case in consideration? What about the scalability challenge… how can the way cloud technology scales be translated into a distributed architecture? secushare has been working on GNUnet's multicast & pubsub implementation, but many details are still to be worked out.
Hyperbolic crochetWe will learn how to crochet hyperbolic forms - creating cool 3 dimensional shapes. Yarn and needles will be provided. If you want to take them away to go on crocheting (or joining the guerilla knitting crew), a small donation will be appreciated.
IMSI Catcher CatcherMany of the existing IMSI Catcher Catcher systems attempt to detect IMSI catchers after the IMSI has been surrendered to the tower. The goal of this project is to see if IMSI catchers can be detected before connection. Speakers: Richard Tynan & Mustafa Al-Bassam, Privacy International
IP für AnfängerWas sind diese komischen Adressen mit den Punkten und den Doppelpunkten dazwischen? Was ist eigentlich dieses TCP oder dieses UDP von dem alle sprechen? Und was bedeuten diese T-Shirts mit dem "SYN" drauf? Keine Ahnung wie deine Daten in diesem Computernetz von A nach B kommen? Vielleicht gibt es hier ein paar Antworten..
IPFS Permanent WebThe InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a peer-to-peer distributed file system that seeks to connect all computing devices with the same system of files. In some ways, IPFS is similar to the Web, but IPFS could be seen as a single BitTorrent swarm, exchanging objects within one Git repository. In other words, IPFS provides a high throughput content-addressed block storage model, with content-addressed hyperlinks. This forms a generalized Merkle DAG, a data structure upon which one can build versioned file systems, blockchains, and even a Permanent Web. IPFS combines a distributed hashtable, an incentivized block exchange, and a self-certifying namespace. IPFS has no single point of failure, and nodes do not need to trust each other.
IPFS: The Permanent WebThis workshop will guide the user through IPFS

- What is IPFS?

- Installing IPFS

- Installing IPFS on a VPS.

- Transferring files with IPFS

- Publishing websites with IPFS (inc IPNS and DNS)

- Video streaming with IPFS

- Docker on IPFS

- Writing small programs to use IPFS as a database

The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a peer-to-peer distributed file system that seeks to connect all computing devices with the same system of files. In some ways, IPFS is similar to the Web, but IPFS could be seen as a single BitTorrent swarm, exchanging objects within one Git repository. In other words, IPFS provides a high throughput content-addressed block storage model, with content-addressed hyperlinks. This forms a generalized Merkle DAG, a data structure upon which one can build versioned file systems, blockchains, and even a Permanent Web. IPFS combines a distributed hashtable, an incentivized block exchange, and a self-certifying namespace. IPFS has no single point of failure, and nodes do not need to trust each other.
IncreaseGenderDiversityThere is a gender gap in the hackerspaces and hackers community -- there is a lack of female / woman participation.

Increased diversity would benefit all hackers and make conferences, hackerspaces, and projects more awesome.

There have been some activities and ideas that help improve diversity - let's share tips & ideas!
India's State of SurveillanceSpeaker: Kaustubh Srikanth (@houndbee)
Informationsfreiheit für Hackersee
Intelligent LEDs (ws2812, apa102)This Session is about LEDs with integrated controller ICs (ws2812(b), apa102). Topics are gamma correction, color math, Algorithms for smooth transitions etc.
Internet Alarm SystemIn this workshop we present, discuss, and hack on the Internet Alarm System -- a portable intrusion detection system for human rights defenders and civil society orgs.
Interplanetary Federated Wiki (FedWiki+IPFS)The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a peer-to-peer distributed file system that seeks to connect all computing devices with the same system of files. Federated Wiki is a software platform developed by Ward Cunningham which adds forking features found in software development tools like GitHub to wikis. Interplanetary Federated Wiki is when the files added to the wiki, and perhaps the json of the wiki pages themselves are served through IPFS. At this session we will be playing with that. It will be streamed as a podcast, so if you're dropping by, please make sure that you're ok to be recorded and eventually put on permanent interplanetary web.
Introduction to soybean fermentation - Tempeh makingYou will learn what the tempeh is, bit about it's history and origin, taste samples of this dish and importantly you will prepare your own batch of tempeh using soy beans and commercial starter culture.
It's Press TimeReserved Time for Press, come and ask Robert, Karsten and Michael from the Core Team of Part-Time Scientists your Questions about our Mission To The Moon and see the Rover.
Jolla/Sailfish Hacking Sessionsee
Jolla/Sailfish User MeetingThere are many users of the Jolla Phones or the Sailfish OS out there. Lets gather to discuss ideas or your customization of your phone/OS. For example wo could do some TOH hacking.
Jugend hackt MeetupJugend hackt ist ein Programm zur Förderung des Programmiernachwuchses.

Wer Lust hat, kann uns - Teile des Orgateams und einige erfahrene MentorInnen - treffen. Wir freuen uns auf spannende Menschen, ihr könnt uns löchern, Fragen zu Mentoring bei Jugend hackt oder für euren eigenen Nachwuchs loswerden und in netter Runde Ideen zur Förderung des Hacker-Nachwuchses weiter entwickeln.

ab 18:30 Uhr im BER Dome (auch wenn das nicht in allen Programmen auftaucht)
Keep it Tidy: Digital Security for Your OrganizationHow should organisations approach the protection of their data and communications?

In this session we will dive into how Tactical Tech treats organisational security and our plans to make it even better.

Speaker: Kaustubh Srikanth (@houndbee)
Kite mappingAt the moment it looks like there is not enough wind, sorry :( We'll attach a camera to a kite and go map the CCC campsite :D
Knowledge is Not Power: Turning Information into ActionWe can collect and release information on human rights abuses, surveillance, and corruption, but this information alone is useless.

How can we build better pipelines and processes for turning data into concrete changes and results?

This is a discussion and brainstorming session about the goals, technical processes, and collaborative social structures that could help us more easily turn information into action.

Speaker: MC McGrath
Kombucha is easyDuring this workshop you will learn what the kombucha is, how a proper brew taste like, how to make it by yourself and importantly you will walk away with your own culture to infect your home&local hackerspace, congratulations!
Kommunikation hackenWie können wir unsere kommunikativen Skills verbessern, um uns selbst und den Anderen besser zu verstehen? Oft laufen Gespräche, Diskussionen und Kommunikation zwischen Menschen schief. Wie können wir die größten Stolpersteine umschiffen? Ich werde ein paar Modelle vorstellen, die hilfreich sein können, die eigenen Annahmen und Reaktionen zu reflektieren und besser zu verstehen.
Korean Healing Table DinnerThis is a thematic dinner focused on traditional Korean cuisine (possibly with few fusion recipes) and you are invited to join us and by your contribution support Dancing Drops past and future activities.
Korean Healing Table PreparationTogether we will prepare Korean traditional food in larger quantities so we can all eat inviting also people who can, by their participation at the dinner table contribute and support Dancing Drops past and future activities.
LearnToSolderLearn to Solder! A large variety of way cool kits are available, many of them designed specifically for total beginners to complete successfully -- and intriguing enough for the total hardware geek.

All day, all night, every day of Camp!
All ages, all welcome!

This ongoing workshop will be happening concurrently with lots of other way cool workshops at the Hardware Hacking Area!

Location: in the Hardware Hacking Area, inside the Belgian Village, on the west side of CCCamp.
Lesen gegen ÜberwachungLies mit uns Texte gegen Überwachung.
Lesung: .NEUSTARTsee
Let's Netz - der Chaos-Talk Technik Web PolitikLive-Podcast
Leveraging Data Protocols to Make for More Frictionless Collaboration and ResearchWhen collaborating on large data dumps like the recent Hacking Team archive, there are lots of details and complexity to the data such as creating & configuring tools for analysis and research. Organizing & sharing this data with collaborators is often cumbersome and rife with inefficient workflows such as emailing spreadsheets or copying & pasting things in chat. DataProtocols, created by OKFN, is an interesting standard for "packaging" CSV and JSON data and offers some huge potentials in improving the status quo of collaboration and research. Brennan Novak will share his experiences using dataprotocols while working Transparency Toolkit.
LiCHTPiRATEN & Friendssee
LiCHTPiRATEN presents Noisy Linessee
Liberland, a Micronation of Liberty, and How To Create Your Own CountryEVENT WILL START AT 21:45!! Why 300k+ people already applied for LIBERLAND citizenship, what is Libertarianism and and How to Create Your Own Real Country! EVENT WILL START AT 21:45!!
Life drawingSession facilitator: Jarrah from the Courage Foundation
Life drawing 2Invitation only.
Lila Podcastsee
Linux Podcasting HacksErfahrungsaustausch Podcastproduktion unter Linux.
   Hacks mit Wiimotes
Seit ppw15a gibt es die linux-podcasting-hacks auf Github. Während des Workshops können wir diese erweitern und mit nützlichen Dingen füllen, die so gebraucht werden.
Liquid Democracy und die PIRATENSind die PIRATEN *die* Liquid-Democracy-Partei oder ist eine Neugründung nötig?
MEGA65 Hands OnLay your hands on a prototype of the MEGA65, a FPGA based reimplementation of the legandary Commodore 65, as introduced in the lightning talk on day 3.
MaidSafe - A Decentralised Internet built in RustAn overview of MaidSafe infrastructure and path towards building a private, secure and decentralised Internet. Humans interested in decentralised networks, Internet security or projects using the promising Rust language should join!
Make your own skin creamThis workshop will be about skin creams, their contents, how they can be made with basic tools and ingredients.
Makgeolli brewingMakgeolli is traditional Korean alcoholic beverage made from rice fermented by nuruk culture. You will get basic info on this art, taste the samples and learn at hands on workshop to prepare your own.
Making Z-Wave devices with Z-UnoZ-Uno workshop: create your own Z-Wave device using Z-Uno
Massage: Hack anxiety with deep breathingHacking with Care Session facilitator: Emily from Hacking with Care
Massage: How to calm a monkey mind
Mate DIY, FAQ & Ceremony EttiqueteFabricio from Meta Mate presents the origins of Mate, including the philosophy of sharing mate and informations around a mate, speak about contemporary consumption, and show some upcoming technologies. The Mate Circle and Ceremony would be emphasized as a co-participative experience in this mixture between a lecture and workshop. There will be 3 sessions each one focused on a specific theme: 1. Fair drinks 2. Hack Economy 3. Hack Farm in Brazil
Meet and Greet mit Ralph CaspersRalph Caspers (Wissen macht Ah!, Sendung mit der Maus) steht für die Kids und ihre Fragen bereit. Im Family Village an der großen Rutsche kannst du ihm Hallo sagen!
Methodisch Inkorrekt! Folge 57see
Miracle berry tastingMiracle berries causes sour foods (such as lemons and limes) subsequently consumed to taste sweet...
Model RocketsWe build Rocket Models for Young and Old Kids.
Model Rockets for KidsWe build and launch model rockets with Kids. The propellant is blackpowder, the rockets reach 200-300 meters altitude and are re-usable. Younger kids may need assistance by a grown up when gluing the parts. We have parts for 19 rockets, each kit will cost € 20. It takes about 45 mins to build one rocket. On day two we'll paint the rockets and on day three is launch day.
MonowheelLearn to ride an electric Mono-Wheel in 15 minutes. We have an Airwheel X3 - let's have a test ride :-)
Montag F2F eBooksWe'd like to introduce you to a small piece of software called Montag.

It's a browser based ebook library to he hosted on your own servers. Besides viewing and managing your ebook needs it can also sync with your friends: Metadata for cooperative editing and content - if you choose to do so.

In the second part we'd like to set up an experiment: How well does is scale? We'll bring a (very) small library of Creative Commons books and set up a network with willing participants. So please bring your laptops. Win/Lin/Mac are supported - a virtual machine is recommended.

Please help to spread the word!
Movie-Screening: Bitcoin: The End of Money (as we know it)award winning documentary by Torsten Hoffmann
Multiple identity managementA workshop for feminist, queer, and LGBT* activists, as well as for people who feel that their online activities may be jeopardized by harassment and hate-speech campaigns. Some of the threats we face in the web, especially (but not only) as women's rights, feminist or LGBTQ activists, are connected to our use of online services. They can only be addressed by analysing and understanding what visible and invisible traces we leave behind and by mapping our social domains. By separating our private and public identities, through an assessment of our different social relationships and through some technical solutions that make it easier to partition our social life into several separate domains, we can protect ourselves and have fun at the same time.
Naked LoungeNude lovers of camp unite a last time.
Neo900 - the smartphone against backdoorsNeo900 is a project that aims to make an open linux based smartphone that incorporates a number of novel security features that can help to detect and/or suppress rogue behaviour of untrusted subsystems. This talk will briefly introduce the eventful past of the project and its predecessors, give an overview of the general hardware architecture, and then describe the novel security concepts in detail.
Net Neutrality and specialised servicesThis session aims to be a discussion on specialised services to have an overview of specialised services in the different countries, and anticipate the loopholes of the EU regulation. Speaker: La Quadrature du Net / Agnès de Cornulier
Net neutrality in the EU and zero-rating in the global southEverybody interested in the ongoing negotiations about the net neutrality regulation in the European Union, the global situation on net neutrality and maybe even in zero-rating in developing countries (, wikipedia zero, google freezone) should participate in this workshop. We are trying to give you an update and discuss our strategy to get real net neutrality protection.


The workshop will be a discussion around one of the LQDN tea house tables on Day 2 Fr 14.8. at 17:00.
Neural Networks on the Ethereum-BlockchainDemo and Talk - HandsOn if you like
News nerds meetupDo you work in or around a newsroom or would like to? News-nerds of CCC unite! Lets get together for an informal chat Friday eve
NixOSNixOS is a very cool new operating system design and we like to host several workshops at the camp2015 to get you into it!

you will find here the NixOS related workshops, which include:

for schedule and room-planning, see the schedule below.

for details on what we are going to do and requirements, see the nixos wiki here:
if you have further questions, please contact joachim schiele <>
NodeBotsLearn how to run cat bots with JavaScript
NodeSchool: Learn JavaScript
NodeSchool: Learn JavaScript!Come with a computer and learn JavaScript, Node.js or other related technologies using free open source workshop curriculum provided by the NodeSchool community.

No previous coding experience required. There will be mentors available to help teach topics. There are different workshops to choose from based on your skill level, including absolute beginner.

ALSO there will be NodeSchool hexagon stickers :)
Nopp´n Roll SumoWir haben das duplo zwar aus bislang nicht ganz geklärten gründen an die kids area abgetreten, aber das lego robotics ist jetzt wieder bei uns.

wir machen ab donnerstag wieder das allseits beliebte lego-sumo-deathmatch für groß und klein:

  • bau + programmier nen lego-roboter
  • der die anderen vom tisch schubst
  • ohne selber runterzufallen

natürlich könnt ihr auch einfach so einen lego-roboter bauen.

Programmierung mit klicki-bunti, Brickos, NQC, ... (siehe unten)

wir sitzen am ende vom bardeen boulevard, hinter der kurve, wo die bahn kreuzt. auf dem plan L13.

aprospos: kids welcome - aber wir können/wollen keine kinder-betreuung leisten...
Not Safe For Worksee
Omnidome Chilloutsee
Omnidome Tech Demosee
Open Science WorkshopOpen Science meetup
OpenPGP SmartCardsSmartCard OpenPGP card use with PGP & TAILS, X.509 Certificates, and turning your Smart phone into a SmartCard reader.

Keep all your crypto material off your computer.

Speaker: Adam Burns
OpenSCADInformal meetup of OpenSCAD developers, users and others curious about design for 3D printing. Organized by the primary author of OpenSCAD, Marius Kintel. Main session Friday 14th @ 16:00. If there is interest, we'll add subsequent sessions for OpenSCAD introduction workshop and OpenSCAD hack session.
OscailteDiscussion around Irish anti-censorship/data-privacy non-profit.
OsmocomBB beginner workshopThis is a workshop related to getting started with OsmocomBB, the Open Source GSM baseband protocol stack.
PSPKAWe show a new way of dealing with passwords and introduce a special password-hash that allows asymmetric password verification with a number of attractive features.
PTS Space PartyCome to the SpaceVillage to have some nice conversations, drinks and snacks. Chat with us about our Moon Mission and space. Because space is awesome!
Peering up the GNUnet for DataloveCreate easy to install packages of the now available GNUnet protocol stack, put them onto your computers and OpenWRTs. Try out its anonymous file sharing (hey! it actually works!) and Social VPN features.
Pgp crypto hardwaresee
PhotogrammetryHands on photogrammetry processing pipelines.
Pirate Radiosee
Playing with FPGAsInformal session to play with FPGA development boards. All levels welcome, from beginner to expert. There will be a bunch of loaner hardware available to play with.
PodigeePodigee stellt sich vor.
Podlove Web PlayerDer Podlove Web Player stellt sich vor.
Polyamory discussionPolyamory is the practice (or even theory) of being in multiple romantic and/or sexual relationships at the same time, with the full knowledge and consent of all persons who are involved. We will have a discussion and meetup of people who identify as polyamorous or are just interested in alternative forms of relationships.
PoolpartyWe will have a Pool Party in our Pool Simulator. After the party (after sunset), we might do a more extensive pool simulation. Bring your own water and duck (3D prints preferred).
Post-Quantum CADETCADET is GNUnet's public-key based routing system. What if quantum computing isn't just abstract theory? How would we make GNUnet resistant against that? Some people have already thought about that…
Postapocalyptic schmuckworkshop postapokalyptic jewellery
Programming pronouns, gender identities and titlesThere are more than just male & female, Mr. & Mrs. Dealing with a multitude of different genders, identities and pronouns can be learned in everyday practice, but how do you implement it in your software? How to encode it in the database, generate text, deal with localization, asking the users for their pronouns? This will be an open discussion which might also lead to some ad-hoc specificaiton or implementation, possibly even a new open-source project.
Progress on Taxable Anonymous MicropaymentAnonymous electronic micropayment that integrates with the existing economy rather than trying to bypass it. This is what it takes to migrate Internet's capitalism away from paying with your data (the „Wild West Web“ mentioned in the other session) to an Internet where you either get the things really for free or you pay sums that can be so moderate that it doesn't mean anything to you but it still sums up for the author of an article, resource or work of art. Needless to say, GNU Taler is designed to integrate with a „GNU Internet.“ Watch the TALER video.
QTC-Net Message InfrastructureQTC Net provides a decentralized store n forward shortmessage and microblogging infrastructure to Amateur Radio.
Quad-Antennen basteln und Einführung in WellenausbreitungEine Richtantenne ist für einige Fälle im Freifunk-Netz hilfreich um einen Link hinzubekommen. Einführung in Wellenausbreitung, wann macht ne Richtantenne überhaupt Sinn, was muss man dabei beachten, Antennentechnik (dBi, dB, ERP, das Richtdiagramm und was ist das SWR...) + Quadantennen bauen in einer CD-Spindel.
Queer Feminist Geek Manifesto DiscussionThis is the session to discuss creating a queer feminist geek manifesto!
Queer Feminist Geeks GatheringQueer Feminist Geeks unite! This session is meant to be a meetup for everyone who is interested, not only people camping with our village. We will explain some stuff about the Queer Feminist Geeks village, do an introduction round, and talk about the workshops that we have planned.
Refugee Action DayWe are dedicating the resources of our village for workshops, talks and gatherings on topics related to one of the most important topics of our time: finding solutions for helping a surge of people on the run from war and conflict, famine and poverty and other disastrous conditions. Lets gather to discuss how the technical community can provide support for people in dire need. Refugee Action Day has teamed up with BER village and moved to the 16th of August.
RefugeeToRefugeeEmpowermentBrief introduction

My name is Fatuma/Fadhumo, 25 years old and Refugee in German.I'm currently doing a tour called SOLIDARITY MOTIVATIONAL SPEECH TOUR FOR REFUGEES IN GERMAN.

Short thesis about the activity

Refugees come to German without information about asylum procedure and process, they are required to prepare themselves on how to survive in this difficult moment. Material support alone does not help. Most of the Refugees are very much disappointed and discouraged. Motivation is basically a psychological support which helps people to go forward to the desired goals and dreams. Motivation is part of an essential progress that contributes to better human development. Change Agent is required.

Fatuma Mu - How to get up on your feet
Replicant: software freedom and privacy/security on mobile devicesAn overview of privacy/security and software freedom issues on mobile devices
Reproducible Linux distributed via GNUnet File SharingSounds surreal? Well that is what some GNU Guix developers are working on. Not only we get to have trustworthy GNU/Linux without the burden of recompilation, we even get it anonymously!
RoboCup - Soccer Playing RobotsDrop by and see humanoid robots playing soccer! Our team Berlin United just returned from the world championship in robot soccer - RoboCup in China, where we made it to the quarter finals. We will give an introduction into the hardware we use - humanoid robot Nao by Aldebaran Robotics, and give some insights in our software as well as challenges of the robot soccer. And of course we will have real robots playing soccer :)
Runing your own GSM network with OpenBSCHands-on workshop on the steps required to run (and monitor) your own GSM network using OpenBSC and related Osmocom projects.
Running for HackersCome join us for a 5k run outside the camp. Put on your trainers and let's do this thing!
Rust Beginners WorkshopLearn to program with Rust
Rust Bring Your Own ProjectBring your own Rust project and come by!
Rust Meetup
SIMtrace getting startedGetting started with Osmocom SIM trace to trace your SIM - Phone communication.
Satoshi-SquareMeetup to buy & sell Bitcoin/Dogecoin person-2-person
SawuGo, the One Ring, goldsmithinggoldsmithing/forging a silver or golden ring from a piece of metal, with a nice hammered and faceted look, using ancient goldsmithing techniques, or any other piece you can imagine, I will bring my mobile goldsmith workshop
SchLAu - Queer EducationA workshop in German about queer identities
SchLAu - Queer Education (English)A workshop in English about queer identities
Schlauchboot Lightning TalksLightning Talks im Schlauchboot halt.
Screening session hacker culture to broader audiencesquick talk and discussions about bringing aspects of hacker culture to broader audiences.
Screenprinting on Shirts/TextilesWe are screenprint on your shirts. CCCamp15 related designs als well as general hacker related designs.
Secure ScuttlebuttSecure Scuttlebutt is a cryptographically secure mesh database.

On top of that we have built "patchwork" -- the secure, private, decentralized alternative to fb/twitter you have been waiting for!

I'll demonstrate the system and talk about how the various elements of the design fit together. This will cover topics ranging from distributed systems and cryptography,

to moderation and user interfaces.
Secured, Private Computing with Whonix in QubesQubes is a free and open source operating system focused on security and anonymity. Come check it out, provide feedback, and get involved!
Security Treff Graz (STG)Welcome to STG's outpost at Camp15!
Selfdefense for womenlesbiantrans*you'll get in touch with different kinds of self-assertion and selfdefense techniques.

ihr lernt möglichkeiten kennen, euch selbst zu behaupten und zu verteidigen.

          • the workshop takes place between goldwasser gateway and bardeen boulevard - between the "lager"tent and the train wagons *****
          • der workshop findet zwischen goldwasser gateway und bardeen boulevard statt - zwischen "lager"zelt und den bahnwaggons *****
ShownotesWir stellen das vor.
SiebdruckWir werden mit Kindern t-shirts bedrucken. Dafür schneiden wir Schablonen aus papier.
Sind/werden die PIRATEN *die* "Liquid-Democracy"-Partei oder ist eine Neugründung nötig?Sind/werden die PIRATEN *die* "Liquid-Democracy"-Partei oder ist eine Neugründung nötig?
Sketchnotes and DrawingWe are going to show you some basic tricks to do beautiful sketchnotes(= notes that combine writing and drawing) when learning things or listening to talks. After some exercises you will see that everybody can draw and turn information into nice info charts. Moreover we will do a 15 min speeddrawing from a random list of things everyday.
Sketchup workshopI will give a tour around Google Sketchup and we'll try to build a small logo with it. Maybe we can 3d print our results afterwards.
Skull Radio WorkshopHave you ever wanted to listen to music without using your ears? Turn your own head into a speaker? The skull radio allows you to listen in total silence, by sending sound waves through your teeth! Assemble a kit that allows you to hear sounds directly, using vibration.
Slackers on holidayDedicated to bringing back the Chaos in Chaos Communication Camp.
Smart Tiny SpacesBased on experiences from creating and living in luxury 'smart' tiny spaces during recent years I will give insight to challenges I faced and how to solve them with architectural design and deep integration of hacked technology.
SmartCards: Keep your crypto off your computerSmartCard OpenPGP card use with PGP & TAILS, X.509 Certificates, and turning your Smart phone into a SmartCard reader.

Keep all your crypto material off your computer.

20 smartcards will be available and some android phones can be used as readers.

Speaker: Adam Burns
Solargrafie WorkshopWir werden Lochkameras bauen (Prinzip Camera Obscura) und damit die täglichen Bahnen der Sonne aufzeichnen. Bildträger ist lichtempfindliches S/W-Fotopapier, ein Entwicklungsprozess mit flüssiger Chemie oder Dunkelkammer ist nicht notwendig. Wenn ihr wissen wollt wir das funktionieren kann und was es in der Fotografiegeschichte bisher an teilweise sehr beeindruckenden Sonnenbahnfotografien gab, kommt vorbei! BER Village (im Dome) -> Donnerstag um 17:00 :)
Source protection
SpaceteamLet's play "Spaceteam"!
Spacevillage SpaceVR Launch PartyCome to the SpaceVillage for free food & drink, and help us celebrate the launch of the SpaceVR crowdfunding project! Chat with satellite makers, rocketeers, and DIY space hackers!
Spotting Uncle Sam's CabinsAnalyse des Wireless NSA/SCS Networks anhand der Antennen
Spy Hard with a VengeanceThis talk will cover the reign of surveillance that has secretly taken over the United States, and offer suggestions on how we can fight back. It’s the story of how the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) tried to create a fusion center in Oakland California. In particular, I’ll be sharing details of the Oakland privacy policy I helped create in response to this intrusive spy system. My hope is to teach the framework we created, shed light on how these issues affect both Americans and Europeans, and how businesses and governments can find a balance between security and privacy.
Stoatin' Scottish ScranLearn to smoke fish, pickle beetroot, griddle Scottish oat cakes, cook cullen skink and stovies. All common scran from the Scotland. We are quite friendly, honest. And mostly harmless.
Stopping the Wild West WebA hyperlink is a conscious choice to move from one website to the next. The web was not meant to collect stuff from all sorts of places and be an ideal surveillance platform in the process. Can we make third party HTML-include blockers so pervasive that the business model of cartographing humanity no longer works, or should we consider legal action: forbidding third party includes by law so that businesses understand they have to monetize more reasonably than by abusing once well-intended HTML features. That is the approach our legislation initiative for a constitutional Internet is currently taking, but maybe you have better ideas.
Surveillance : Data retention and administrative data access in the EUThis session includes a discussion which aims to get an overview of EU (and other) legislations on data retention and administrative data access. Speakers: La Quadrature du Net / Adrienne Charmet, Agnès de Cornulier and Félix Tregue
Sutra of Innovation SpacesWe are a team of hackers and makers ( involved in maker communities through out the world. With our work through out the world we have built an comprehensive wiki map of all the global innovation spaces (makerspaces, tech hubs, etc) . It is an open tool that would be helpful for all the maker communities to find collaborations and to showcase themselves. The 800+ spaces we are talking about are across India , Africa, Arab world and Latin America. Europe, North America, and parts of Asia. These spaces are defined based on their utility and how communities interact with them. In this talk we would like to talk about how communities can use this to represent themselves and also can be used to collaborate with a counterpart in another part of the world.
Tails Roadmap - plans for the next yearA walk through Tails future plans
TanzteeSerious tea time from out of space.

Music and dance. No electro! Finest conversation and cookies.

No extra pants required.
Technologist Code of EthicsTechnology is repeatedly being misused around the world. Whether this is people working for companies like Hacking Team or sys admins at companies like Uber not putting enough protections on their databases, the result is that technologists do, or are asked to do things that are immoral.

Currently there's very little leverage available to and little repercussion for a technologists that goes against basic morality. If instead there was a sort of 'Hippocratic Oath' for hackers/developers/admins not only would there be something you could push back with, but you'd also have a code that you could gauge your actions against.

In this session we'll discuss the need for this type of code, and what should be included in it, and how it should be drafted.
TeledildonicsLearn how to play with GNUradio a bit, using a cheap 433MHz gadget.
The DarkChannel ProtocolLet's discuss the DarkChannel Relay Chat protocol, it's reference implementation and possible applications. Help us build a IRC-like protocol based on known secure building blocks without reinventing the wheel or trying to implement a new cryptographic system!
The Neo900 open smartphonesee
Threat models, source protection and searching WikiLeaksThis session will include a series of lightning talks from WikiLeaks' Sarah Harrison on threat models, source protection and on searching WikiLeaks. Join the discussion!
Tor Relay Operators MeetupA meetup/info exchange without agenda for current and future Tor relay operators.
Tor Services using GNSSo the Tor Hidden services DHT is prone to plenty of attacks. Some Tor developers have begun integrating the GNU Name System as an alternative hidden service strategy. How's progress? How do concepts like Web of Trust and Social Graph play into this? We had long discussions on the Tor mailing lists that we should continue in person.
Traditional Kimchi MakingThis workshop will teach you bases of traditional kimchi preparation and it's history, taught by native Korean, true hands on.
Ultraschall 1.3 Release-PartyUltraschall, das Werkzeug zum Podcasten, erscheint auf dem Camp in Version 1.3. Es gibt einen Überblick und eine kleine Release-Party \o/
UraniumWe are going to build uranium necklaces.

In its current state it is a DIY kit with some SMD components. I provide a reflow oven as well as the other required tools.

Please bring your own FINE tweezers if possible,
Usability of SecurityLet's brainstorm!
User Interface SketchingCreating & sketching user interfaces. AOK for level-0 designers.
User-XP Meetup on TREZORUser-XP Meetup on TREZOR / with Skaverat - Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Show&Tell
Vitruvian ManDuring the whole length of this session (3 days, starting on the 13th morning) you will have the opportunity to see with your naked eyes what sort of bacteria are living on your/my body. While the bacteria are growing there will be plenty of time for discussion and questions about this micro-world living with us.
Vortragsaufzeichnung in Hackerspaces
WSPR und WSJTMit 5W um die Welt und darüber hinaus
Wednesday Berlin YoubroketheGrill Chill OutAftercamp Chill & Grill in a Neukölln Backyard Garden… if you don't know where it is, please meet us in the youbroketheinternet chatroom…
WhiskyleaksWhisk(e)yleaks. We shall all gather at milliways to bring our awesome most favorite whisk(e)ys. Happens on Friday, August 14th 2015 at milliways
Why Reinvent the Internet Protocol StackIPv6 is history. Here come cryptographic routing systems (Freenet, Netsukuku, cjdns, GNUnet...) that allow for a GNU Internet that has no authorities to ask for IP numbers, domains, certificates. We choose end-to-end authenticity and security, anonymous and invisible to surveillance agents. We coded ourselves more than one such routing system, now it is time to explain…
  • how would a new Internet work
  • why it is the answer
  • how to get started using it
  • how to adapt applications to operate in distributed thinking
  • how to get people onto the streets asking for an Internet upgrade
  • how to shut down the mass surveillance nightmare and get back to having fun again
  • how to get our opponents to like our plan
Wimmel PersonalizedGet yourself drawn into your copy of the camp poster.
Wish you were heredetails here:
XenimXenim ist eine Streaming-Plattform für Podcasts. Es gibt eine kurze Einführung in die Features und in ein paar neue Dinge. Außerdem bleibt noch Zeit für Fragen und Antworten.
YogaStart your day with an amazing yoga session! Session facilitator: Sarah from Hacking with Care (HWC)
Yoga 2Session facilitator: Sarah from Hacking with Care (HWC)


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