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Description Have you ever wondered about bacteria living on and inside you? Come by to discover this with us! You will learn how to prepare substrate to grow bacteria using kitchen ingredients.
Type Hands-On
Kids session No
Keyword(s) social, art, hacking, food
Tags agar, bacteria, microbiome, DIYbio, Groningen
Processing village Village:Foodhackingbase
Person organizing User:Yurtman, User:Janclod
Language en - English
en - English
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Subtitle Session 1
Starts at 2015/08/14 14:00
Ends at 2015/08/14 17:00
Duration 180 minutes
Location Village:Foodhackingbase

Subtitle Session 2
Starts at 2015/08/15 14:00
Ends at 2015/08/15 17:00
Duration 180 minutes
Location Village:Foodhackingbase

We will teach you, how to prepare DIY Agar, which is a substrate where you can grow bacteria. DIY Agar can be prepared using simple ingredients you can source in your own kitchen: potatos, sugar, agar-agar. The homemade agar can be used for inoculating anything: soil, kombucha culture, fingertips swab,... Furthermore you will learn how to work in a sterile environment. Chip in 4 euros for covering the expenses, further donation we will be used to cover the expenses of other projects running in parallel to the workshop, which you can see at the same location (