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Description A workshop for feminist, queer, and LGBT* activists, as well as for people who feel that their online activities may be jeopardized by harassment and hate-speech campaigns.

Some of the threats we face in the web, especially (but not only) as women's rights, feminist or LGBTQ activists, are connected to our use of online services. They can only be addressed by analysing and understanding what visible and invisible traces we leave behind and by mapping our social domains. By separating our private and public identities, through an assessment of our different social relationships and through some technical solutions that make it easier to partition our social life into several separate domains, we can protect ourselves and have fun at the same time.

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Type Workshop
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Keyword(s) social, political, web, security, safety
Tags feminism, self-defense, queer, harassment, trolling, hate speech, identity management, pseudonyms
Processing village Village:Queer Feminist Geeks
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Subtitle Create your own superhero_in(s) to prevent harassment and have fun!
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Ends at 2021/07/03 16:07
Duration 90 minutes
Location Village:Queer Feminist Geeks

Managing different identities online in an effective way is hard: there are many people who give up, but it is possible and useful. It can be a particularly helpful strategy for women and queer people who engage with traditionally-male oriented topics from a feminist point of view and are more often exposed to harassment and "ruin-life campaigns", as well as for activists who use several social networks and online services both for their engagement and for their personal life.

Using examples of multiple and collective identities as a parallel story, this workshop will try to encourage and empower feminist activists to reflect on their networking activities and to separate some of these in order to protect themselves from attacks by harassers, phishing and other threats connected to the use of multiple online services for different purposes.