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Description Advanced Hydroponic - Aeroponic - Growing information's.

And open cannabis training center startup.

Type Talk
Kids session No
Keyword(s) social, software, web, coding, security
Tags Hydroponic, Aeroponics, Growing, Weed, Cannabis, Plants, Training, C-base
Processing village Village:C-base
Person organizing User:Buschi
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Advanced Hydroponic / Aeroponic / Growing information's. + "open_cannabis_training_center" startup.

I saw so many people into a "basic hydroponic" talk in the big tent yesterday, that i think, perhaps some of them like deeper information's about growing...?? You can talk to me till 18th on this camp. // Sorry no weed for sale! //

Links about me:

If YOU know anything about webdev or admin stuff, or hardware backdoor free server_foo, or security..

I need a lot of professional H_E_L_P and info`s please, to build and mange a "cannabis training center with chill-out zone".

      *Learn hard - chill harder* 

Please contact me over // Add user "Buschmanns"

Check out my basic idea, click after login on "Home" and "Courses"

// Ignore error report.. its clear...

My to-do list is endless, a PDF for next steps i can post in the chat.

!! P L E A S E !! i am a Cannabis specialist, not a Computer guru!

This is my first server, this-time it is only for testing and it is located in Germany!

So it CAN`T be secure! + please don`t kill it.. THX!!

Camp sim: 8372 Buschi Buschmann Village c-base Berlin DE/EN