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Contact Jeremie Z, < old yet active and English-speaking mailing-list :)

Description La Quadra'teahouse is a warm space to chill out, drink and share tea, ideas and time. As we take our shoes off to enter this space, we hope to leave our armors of stress and anxieties outside of this harbor... Initiated by La Quadrature du Net, it shall receive participation and contributions by many! Come and join us for goodol' analogue cozyness! Hacking with Care, for massages and more! A workshop space will be run with Tactical Tech, the Courage Foundation, Wikileaks, the Center for Investigative Journalism and others! <3
Members Adrienne, Benjamin, Dattaz, Dawning sun, Dnet, Emily, Fabien, Hellekin, Herdir, Houndbee, Jaromil, Jerezim, Ju, Klorydryk, Lamirale, Lunar, LynX, Maltman23, MeTA, Pandark, Qbi, Saint, Sanpi, Snip, Tarnefys, Tg, Vartaghan, YourUserName
Projects Hacking With Care, SmartCard, We'll Make Us A Gnu One
Self-organized Sessions (No) Privacy in Mobile Networks in Italy, 10 myths about TTIP and CETA (aka ACTA on steroids), An introduction to gender and sex sensitive medicine, Ask EFF: The Year in Digital Civil Liberties, Attent!on Som(t)a(c)tic: Body-Mind-Machine awareness, Citizens and Strangers, Climate Change & Hacktivism, Counter-balance sitting all day: Core Muscle Activation, CryptoParty, Data Exploitation, Decrypting Encryption, Deep Graphics, Digital Security: Hands-on, Exploration: Courage as a Body and Soul state, Exposing the Invisible, Filtrala: the spanish whistle-blowing concept, Freedom not Fear 15 preparation meeting, From Bad Public Data to Beautiful Open Narratives - The Brazilian Ministry of Culture case, GOIBlocks - Technical observations about recent internet censorship in India, Government Wiretapping System and Trojans, Hackers, Journalism and Investigation, Hacking the Freedom of Information Act, Hacking with Care, How not to be scared: Talking about tech with beginners, How to CryptoParty, IMSI Catcher Catcher, India's State of Surveillance, Keep it Tidy: Digital Security for Your Organization, Knowledge is Not Power: Turning Information into Action, Leveraging Data Protocols to Make for More Frictionless Collaboration and Research, Life drawing, Life drawing 2, Massage: Hack anxiety with deep breathing, Massage: How to calm a monkey mind, Mate DIY, FAQ & Ceremony Ettiquete, Net Neutrality and specialised services, Net neutrality in the EU and zero-rating in the global south, OpenPGP SmartCards, SmartCards: Keep your crypto off your computer, Surveillance : Data retention and administrative data access in the EU, Threat models, source protection and searching WikiLeaks, Why Reinvent the Internet Protocol Stack, Yoga, Yoga 2
Tags datalove, care, tea, chill, workshops, jam, teahouse, massage
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Location for self-organized sessions Yes
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Location 154.35583, 142.49636
Orga contact
Citizens 80
Needs network 2) normal wired Villages describe network needs
Needs power 4) Village with more than 60 citizens (63A CEE 400V)
Power comment TBD (sound system + projection + some kitchen equipment)
Village plans ... play loud music and party, ... bring light installations, ... build up a big tent, ... bring some special machines, ... install a fridge or a freezer, ... have any other unusual installations, ... run a kitchen for our citizens, ... run a bar for our citizens
Village constraints We do not make party but will make some noise., We are playing music and like to party, We will provide space to hang out for other camp participants on our village, We like to be placed on a non-central spot where less people are coming by, We would like to have trees on our village area, We would prefer a spot near the water, We do not like to be filmed or photographed
Village comments plans Tea House, Massage Salon, audio and video jamming spaces, more organized cooking spot and other to follow, TBD..

We need to be on grass, and have at least 10x20m of space

we would like if possible to be not far from noisy square, not far from cbase, yet have space for cozy bubbles (massage salon, etc.) delimited by our tents or so..

Likes to rent a tent No
Descibing tents to rent
Likes to rent chairs 0
Likes to rent tables 3
Provides transport for goods, people
Has plans with tracks maybe it helps us getting access to water, as it will be critical for us.
Size needed 200 1000
Has order interest Yes
Planning notes access to water will be critical (we need about 100L/day if not more)

We will share a Workshop area (and potentially other resources) with other organizations (Tactical Tech, Courage Foundation, Wikileaks, the Center for Investigative Journalism, X-Net)

We <3 you so much guyz!!

It's gonna be <3 <3 <3


La Quadra'teahouse is a warm space to chill out, drink and share tea, ideas and time. As we take our shoes off to enter this space, we hope to leave our armors of stress and anxieties outside of this harbor... Initiated by La Quadrature du Net, it shall receive participation and contributions by many! Come and join us for goodol' analogue cozyness! Hacking with Care, for massages and more! <3

La Quadra´Tea House


Do you want to join, sit down, relax, and have a warm cup of tea? Feel welcome, you can have as much as you want and need not to care about preparing it... Our friendly TeaMasters will provide!

Let's chill out in a cozy analogue space while drinking various delicious teas (with and without cafeine), sharing and playing with sounds, music, stories, massages, stories and strategies! Let datalove, love and tea flow! <3

The TeaHouse will be up for its 4½th edition (Ohm, 30C3, 31C3 and Camp++)! You may have enjoyed it already in the past, come and be part of it at CCCamp! \ó/

You too can become a TeaMaster!

It's easy, fun and rewarding! No skill required! Learning is p2p, from a TeaMaster, while you enjoy some warm tea!

Help keep the tea flowing!

While you pass by, on your way in or out, you could in less than 2 minutes help greatly by:

  • Checking if TeaMasters have enough warm water on the tea table, in their thermos bottles
  • Filling the electric kettle/boilers on the gear table with water
  • Making sure that the water tanks are not empty, and if so go and fill them at the nearest water source.

...also if you are into dish-washing... :)

Tea Inventory

Feel free to bring some of your most delicious tea leaves and share them around! <3

Check LaQuadratureduCamp_TeaHouse_Inventory to get an idea of the amazing diversity of the fine (caffeinated and non-caffeinated) leaves we bring!

Hacking with Care


Twinned with the Tea House is Hacking With Care corner !

Here you can receive, learn, give, Peer-to-Peer massages and other well-being wonders (surprises to be announced !!) consult resources compiled in our homemade folders, pick-up tips & tools for body & soul balance in general and in the specific contexts of hacking and activism. Look for our massage/movement/somatic awareness workshops, book (on site) an individual care sessions, or join us for tea time conversations: Let's explore what makes us feel good or bad and good again, spirited and strong - Let's take care of each other <3

General Guidelines and Precautions

IMPORTANT: Before anything, check the General Guidelines and Precautions!

Massages and physical therapy

Individual sessions & tutorials for two

There will be individual massage sessions in Hacking with Care tent next to the tea house. Alternatively to massage, you can book a tutorial / supervision for 2/3 people, and discover a few massage steps yourself ! Schedule will be shared between well-being masseuse Emily and physical therapist Sarah, and Shaman Flo Also, there will be moments when the massage corner will be open access (see guidelines below)

  • 30/40 minutes sessions
  • Booking on site, paper-pen
  • Free donations

Emily : Well-being massages, Freestyle combination of occidental and oriental techniques and body mind therapy, Gerda Boyesen Biodynamic massages,Tuina (traditional Chinese massage)...

Sarah: Physical therapy, Specialties: activation of core muscles, Soft and deep tissue massage, Body awareness and sensitivity training, Posture and alignment workshops...

Flo Aymana : see Shamanic healing, below

Open Access to the massage table

When Emily, Flo, Sarah are not giving sessions, the massage table and tent will be open access for everyone to get a chance to practise and offer massages to friends. Please read the general guidelines, or on site.

Become a Tea-House Hands !

Our hands are our tools, they transform our thoughts into actions, they connect us with the world and the beautiful beings in it. They also defend us and grab onto a lot of stress...

Discover some basics tips and moves to give nice hands massage to your peers at the tea-house, and everywhere you go (it's one of the most portable massage after all !). Look out for an introductory workshop with Emily, Sarah, other friends at the tea house, look up resources, then PASS IT ON ! So Massage will be flowing like tea :)

Shamanic Healing sessions

with Flo Aymana

Flo has been a shamanic practitionner for 8 years. She proposes an experience which can connect you to your unconscious mind, unblock toxic emotions, and help you find your inner healer within you. Active participation is required from the person, you engage in your own healing process. So, recommandation is to come if you really want to solve a problem that bothers you, to be open-minded, not judgmental,ready for an "experience". Flo's techniques include singing, drumming, energetic extraction, psycho-magic and what we call in Shamanism "Soul Retrieval". She practises in France and spent also 3 years in Egypt where she worked with revolutionary activists who got blinded and traumatized during the events.

Counter indications : NO intake of drugs or alcohol before the session, very important!

  • 90/100 minutes sessions
  • Booking on site, paper-pen
  • Free donations

Workshops and open discussions

A space will be provided for cozy analogue interactions around various militant/technical/care-related/otherwise strange topics.

We will give workshops in the common workshop space, in the HWC tent, around the table at the tea house, out in the open...

Here is a list of workshops we are planning to offer. If a topic you'd like to explore doesn't come up in a group workshop, you can ask Emily or another HWC volunteer about it. If you wish to offer a workshop related to care, come !! We'll make a cozy space and time for it !


  • Maozada / The Handshake (Hands massage workshop)
  • Hack anxiety/stress with deep breathing
  • How to calm a monkey mind with massage
  • Simple marvelous massage moves everyone already knows but forget ..

Movement, stillness, awareness

  • Attention Som(t)a(c)tic: Body-Mind-Machine awareness
  • Yoga
  • Core Muscles Activation (to counter balance sitting all day)
  • Guided relaxation

other Exploration

  • COURAGE as a body & soul state

The schedule will be published soon..

Arts of Movement & Serenity / Martial arts

People around Hacking with Care will likely be practising some arts of movement and/or martial arts during the camp days. Look out for improvised group workshops, come propose to give a workshop or facilitate a training, and/or come practise together.

  • Luohan Qi Gong
  • Taijiquan (Chen family)
  • Yoga

Discover our

  • Bootsequence: A sequence of warm up moves from head to toe.

Find a video tutorial of the bootsequence here :

Snail Mail To Our Friends

Bring pen papers scissors colors stamps stickers.. Let's write to Chelsea Manning, Jeremy Hammond, Barrett Brown, Julian Assange..

COURAGE provides addresses and general rules to remember when writing to Jeremy and other prisoners:


Selection of printed care resources

We are bringing a selection of printed articles, zines, handouts, that cover various aspects of well-being, in general, and in the contexts of hacking and activism. To read with your tea, start a conversation... They are for consultation on the village, please remember to put them back when you're done reading so others can enjoy ;)

Most of this selection is also on our wiki :

Relaxation scripts

We'll have scripts to help us guide relaxation sessions during camp ! In English and en Français, for 10 minutes lying down sessions or 5 minutes standing up. Find or make a calm cozy spot on the village, ground yourself like an old wise tree, get your loveliest voice and guide your friends to some peace, quiet and beautiful landscapes within.

Printed sheets with scripts on site and here online :

Brought to us by mmu_man <3


We would greatly accept contributions in form of:

  • Rugs/carpets: NEED MOAR!
  • blankets: MOAR!!
  • Cushions, to sit on and just be comfortable: MOAR!!
  • Soft lights: strips and MOAR!
  • Pieces of fabric (at least 2x2m) to build shade and more

Tea and games!

Because games have always been a fun way to meet people and chill, La Quadrature will have a few card games around at the tea house to play while sipping your pu-erh.

We plan on having the following on site :

Hanabi : a game for 2 to 5 players, cooperative (all the players play together to achieve the best score they can). All players know the cards of the others, but not their own. You have, though, to play your cards in a certain order, and only three mistakes are permitted. You can give clues to your partners about their hands, but they are restricted so it's all about metacommunication.

Take 6 (6 nimmt!) : formely called Category 5, this is a game for 2 players or more, where you have to play all your cards and limit as much as possible to take any back, as they will count as points. The winner is the one with the least points when someone reaches 66 points or more.

Skull & Roses / Skull : a game for 3 to 6 players, based on bluff. First, you pile a stack of cards (face down). Then, you can start a bid. Once it is started, do you raise it (based on the total number of cards on the table), or pass ? If you are the last who has not passed, try to realize the bid (flipping cards without revealing certain figures). If you can manage to realize two bids, you win the game. It is quit a common mechanism, but it has been refined to almost its purest form.

Dobble (Spot it!) : a game for 2 to 8 players. Made of 55 cards with 8 symbols on each, never twice the same, never twice the same card and never more than one common symbol in any pair of cards. Multiple types of games exist in this one, all revovlving around the fact of finding the one and only common symbol between two cards.

Timeline : a game for 2 to 8 players. Many cards representing historical events, inventions, pieces of art and such on their face, and the year it occured on their back. One after the others, players have to guess where one of their card goes in the ver growing Timeline made of the cards already played, and then check on the back if they were right. If wrong, draw a new card. The first to correctly play all of his hand wins.

Come Hack'em!

Playing game is fun. Homeruling them is funnier! So what would be a game which goal is the homerule other games ? This metagame can be played with the mechanicards made by @EggDestroyer from Prismatik and realeased under the Creative Common BY-NC 4.0 licence.

Various stuff to add to the game if needed (tokens, blank cards, hourglasses...) will be there and free to use. And of course, the whole Camp is there to help you make!

Another cool project...

edit me! :)

Join us!

Join our (English-speaking) orga mailing-list! (yes, its name does remind of a previous camp..:)

Support us!

You can donate BTC for MOAR cushions, cozy deco, lights and delicious tea!! Donate to 12ByeJeYs6R5K9sP3w9SfHV2LLWgLbrttx