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Contact lasse:

pat: steph: brook:

Description BER is the village of various berlin hackerspaces and similar groups like CCCB, Raumfahrtagentur, AFRA, Telekommunisten, Lichtpiraten, Trockendock, 3D Headquarter.

Our schedule can be found here:

Members Aprica, Benthor, Cbass, Derpeter, Fightling, Frau lutzn, Gglnx, H01ger, Jaseg, Lynxis, Maha, MarBle, Mxa, N-te, Nylki, Sepf, Sirec, Tasmo, Tec, Verena, Vgrass, Wabu, XenGi, Yrrsinn, Zeltophil
Projects 3D Headquarter, ALUHUT workshop, AfRA electronics lab at BER workshop tent, Coreboot, Crash, Hufeisenbar, Refugee Action Day, Trainquilizer, Useless building lots
Self-organized Sessions BER für Eilige, C-base birthday event, Church of SubBass, CiTiZEN KiNO, Das Junge Angebot von ARD und ZDF – lässt sich darüber das öffentlich-rechtliche System hacken?, Deep Dream Dome, Detecting IMSI-catchers and other mobile network attacks, Exchange of ideas about Continous Glucose monitoring,, Freak Show, German Parlamentary Inquiry on Mass Surveillance, Hackerfleet - what happend?, Hackerschnitzeljagd, Hacking Science, Informationsfreiheit für Hacker, Jolla/Sailfish Hacking Session, Jugend hackt Meetup, Lesung: .NEUSTART, LiCHTPiRATEN & Friends, LiCHTPiRATEN presents Noisy Lines, Lila Podcast, Methodisch Inkorrekt! Folge 57, Not Safe For Work, Omnidome Chillout, Omnidome Tech Demo, Pgp crypto hardware, Pirate Radio, RefugeeToRefugeeEmpowerment, Solargrafie Workshop,, The Neo900 open smartphone
Related to village Village:C-base, Village:ChaosHamburg
Tags hackerspace, chaos, lounge, 3d printing
Registered on
Location for self-organized sessions Yes
Other villages by tags...
Location 161.12460, 151.08674
Orga contact
Citizens 250
Needs network 2) normal wired Villages describe network needs
Needs power 5) Other (describe below)
Power comment We will have at about 200 to 300 people in our village. We have several big tents and installations. At the moment we don't have concrete numbers, but we will probably need all power we can get:
  • Dome Tent run by the Lichtpiraten and open for workshops as well (4 projectors, PA)
  • BER Landebahn (outside stage for bands, podcasts, talks.., will need a PA as well)
  • c-base / BER Workshop tent (~10 3D printers, ElectroLab..)
  • BER kitchen (equipment is described in the wiki)
  • 2 real big tippis as "Living room"
  • for sure we want to put lights and stuff everywhere..
Village plans ... bring light installations, ... build up a big tent, ... install a fridge or a freezer, ... have any other unusual installations, ... run a kitchen for our citizens
Village constraints We are playing music and like to party, We will provide space to hang out for other camp participants on our village, We would like to have trees on our village area, We like to show the stuff we do
Village comments plans see our wiki page and power description.
Likes to rent a tent No
Descibing tents to rent
Likes to rent chairs 40
Likes to rent tables 10
Provides transport for goods
Has plans with tracks
Size needed 2000 4000
Has order interest Yes
Planning notes we will have a least a kitchen and workshop tent together with the c-base, would be great to share a boarder. The Sendezentrum should be located quite near as well.

We will (probably together with the c-base) organize trucks from Berlin to the camp and back.


BER is the village of various berlin hackerspaces and similar groups like CCCB, Raumfahrtagentur, AFRA, Telekommunisten, Lichtpiraten, Trockendock, 3D Headquarter. We want to set up a Dome tent as lounge location with DJs and a small bar (mostly Tschunk) and would like to host a public workshop area on the second floor of the building next to the space. We also plan to have a small kitchen to cook mostly for us but also for friends and others that will drop by.

BER Schedule

Browser: Public Frab schedule

iOS: Chaos Communication Camp App (all schedules of #cccamp15)

Android: Giggity


The BER will host several talks, podcasts and other kinds of entertainment.

Providing a Talk / Workshop / Performance .. in the BER Village

If you are interested in providing a self-organized session at the c-base / BER Village please create an event in our frab (scheduling system): or write to mail AT


c-base / BER

Canteen kitchen for the c-base and BER village members. Designed to cook meals for ~300 persons.

The kitchen depends on your assistance. There will be a professional cook guiding all helpers. Detailed information will be available on-site.


BER Galley - may be used by all village members. The kitchen is designed to cook meals for ~15 persons.

Due to the power situation we decided to switch to gas driven equipment.

Thats what we have so far:

Anwesenheit / Attendance

Who DECT Arrival Departure Language Accommodation Community meals Comments
jadzia Aug 5(?) Aug 20 De/En big but not best tent (6p), not planned anything about it sometimes available for help / at your service :)
pat (fightling) Aug 4 Aug 20 De/En/C++ Just organizing - living in FamVille :/
lasse Aug 5(?) Aug 20 De/En 6p tent with saabln, pat, carina, derpeter, frapzzt, starbug... sometimes will be busy with BOC
N-te (Carina) 3683 Aug 7 Aug 16 De/En Tent Sometimes
starbug Aug 3 Aug 20 De/En
frapzzt Aug 2 Aug 20 De/En
Yrrsinn Aug 12 Aug 17 De/En
kotarak Aug 12 Aug 17 DE/EN/BG I'd like to help setting up the village around the 07.08-09.08. Can somebody share a ride?
frau_lutzn Aug Aug DE/EN/NL Still need to figure out the dates.
Loofmann Aug 11 Aug 18 DE/EN own tent sometimes
tec 2313 Aug 02 Aug 20 DE/EN/RU/RS
MarBle Aug 05, Aug 11 Aug 16 Aug 08, Aug 14, Aug 19 DE/EN own tent Will be absent from Aug 08 to Aug 11 and from Aug 14 to Aug 16
benthor 8467 Aug 08 Aug 18 DE/EN RV (Wohnmobil) yes Would like to park the RV somewhere in the village tent area if space allows
Telekommunisten Daniel & the Chileans, Dmytri Aug 08 Aug 17 EN/SP they can help with various set up things, Baruch can help generate the OCTO but can't be there until the evening of the 15th hoping to build an OCTO_BER pneumatic messaging system... budget and details [[1]]
annskaja Aug 07 Aug 20 DE/EN/PT vw bus jep would like to park the vw bus if possible
moburkhardt 9442 Aug 07 Aug 12 DE/EN/SE zelt gerne muss leider vor Campbeginn wieder weg da ich kein Ticket bekommen hab :,,(
h01ger Aug 11 Aug 17 DE/EN/ES bus oder zelt gerne, aber ich mach ja nur Debian foo ;) bin wg DebConf leider nicht so lange da, wie ich gern würde...
nylki Aug 11 Aug 18 DE/EN own tent sure organizing one workshop. happy to help with any remaining buildup/work
mxa Aug 11 Aug 17 DE/EN own tent sometimes some new guy; trying to help

Technical Stuff



Hier eine erste Karte des Aufbaus, sieht in der Wahrheit jetzt komplett anders aus:


Rot: Große Zelte

  • Sendezentrum (Claudia, Krell, Ralf Stockmann, Tim Pritlove)
  • Dome (abends: Projektion Lichtpiraten, tagsüber: Workshops)
  • Bühnenzelt (Talks, Workshops, Podcast)
  • Duo Tipi (Wohnzimmer, FoH, )

Cyan: Besucherzelte

1692 m² (abzüglich Baumwurzeln)





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