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OpenGL is old. The specification of the first version of the API has been published over 20 years ago. Yet the major toolkits still don't get the very basics right, making it unnecessarily hard to do advanced stuff. In this session you'll learn how to do it right. If you're a GUI toolkit dev, you're warmly invited.  +
Italian mobile operators may share your mobile number with the sites you visit. There is no way to know the list of partner sites. Does the regulation of cookies sound like a joke now? Any thoughts about net neutrality?  +
DevLoL is a Hackerspace located in Linz/Austria  +
Those secretly negotiated "trade" deals can be put under political pressure in the coming months. If they pass unopposed they will change democracy as we know it for ever. Democracy and the rule of law will effectively be thrown out of the window by putting transnational investors on an even footing with democratically elected governments of sovereign states. These Trojan treaties undermine our fundamental rights (including digital rights). We're faced by a propaganda campaign by the European Commission, corporate lobbyists and their useful idiots which is spreading a lot of misinformation about these treaties. Let's talk about these myths and about real threats for democracy, digital rights, climate and everything dear to your hearts. We will start from short intro about TTIP and CETA so don't worry if you have never heard about them before :)  +
Dir sind die GPIOs auf deinem RasPI ausgegangen? Ich will zeigen, wie man mit wenig Aufwand und sehr günstigen Komponenten bis zu 128 Kanäle mit dem RasPI steuern kann.  +
I launched my kickstarter campaign on 14.08 (Camp day 2). Let's review the work, that was done to get it online and discuss some funny and unexpected things that happened after launching.  +
Just a couple of friendly nerds who happen to be members of the DrWhax fanclub. PRACTICE SAFE HAX!  +
We bring 3D printing service with two i3 Berlin printers provided from our lovely small 3D Headquarter hackerspace in Berlin Mitte.  +
Chat about 3d printing, see printers and/or get help.  +
Kiwi activist, journalist & Occupier @endarken discusses what it's like to be a "Person of Interest". In the FVEY countries, surveillance & police systems are now being used to stalk and torture journalists and dissidents. These used to be considered Third World problems. Now the so-called First World imitates those practices. This talk is a chance to hear about it from the perspective of someone who has been extensively targeted in this way. Topics to be discussed listed in the tags.  +
Workshop to make your own Aluhut - tin foil hat.  +
Adaptive Systems Group at HU Berlin and friends. Science nerds. We'll bring some robots.  +
This event is focused on tasting variety of probiotic beverages, demo of preparations and importantly discussion on related topics. Beginners are welcome but it may be hard to fallow, it is targeted to more advanced audience.  +
Advanced Hydroponic - Aeroponic - Growing information's. And open cannabis training center startup.  +
Village of the hackerspace Abteilung-für-Redundanz-Abteilung  +
AfRA has brought and set up (almost) its entire electronics lab at the BER workshop tent (in the c-base village).  +
We will bring variety of brews if possible mostly homemade which differ in alcoholic percentage.  +
Allemannen  +
nomz making robots!  +
Chaoswelle, Metafunk and amateur radio operators in one spot – we use the waves!  +