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Description UnCivilization mailing list & friends meetup: join if you want to talk about utopian future where we share common planet with squirrels and ants. Contact BECHA @ / @Ms_Multicolor for more info.

VIDEO of the "lightning talk" (20 minutes into the video)

Website(s), tribes#Against Anthropocene
Type Meeting
Kids session No
Keyword(s) social, political, outside, network, web, hacking, food
Tags Anarchist, community, cooperation, commons, anarchy, utopia, anthropocene, collapse, squirrel, hacking, hacker, hackbase
Processing village Village:Family Village
Person organizing User:Becha
Language en - English
en - English
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Subtitle First Day 1PM
Starts at 2015/08/13 13:00
Ends at 2015/08/13 14:30
Duration 90 minutes
Location Village:Family Village

Today's culture (*) that demands unlimited growth is unsustainable.

(other problems are related to that: capitalism / patriarchy / centralization of production & wealth / globalisation/ consumerism ... )

Moving towards "commons" might be a solution -- except that there is still an anthropocentic focus on *humans*.

Since most of the people I know are from the hackers / engineering / Internet scene, we tent to be techno-fetishists and technocrats & techno-utopians.

I want us to CONSIDER THE SQUIRRELS and, in addition to being "Goddess of Spring", I want to be a "Speaker for the Squirrels" ;-) That's where the name of the meetup comes from.

Like-minded people have been talking for a year about this on the UnCivilization mailing list:

We will be in large numbers at CCCamp15 - join us! We are longing to meet each other outside of the cyber-space, and exchange hugs & stories & chocolate & tea!

Next summer there is a new meetup in preparation: in the wild mountains of Croatia, in the middle of nowhere:

We are still looking for a cool name, so maybe we'll brainstorm one at this camp :)

VIDEO of the "lightning talk" (20 minutes into the video)

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Notes from the meetup:

Second meetup canceled -- see you at one of the similar sessions!

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