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Description During the whole length of this session (3 days, starting on the 13th morning) you will have the opportunity to see with your naked eyes what sort of bacteria are living on your/my body. While the bacteria are growing there will be plenty of time for discussion and questions about this micro-world living with us.
Type Other
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Keyword(s) social, art
Tags microbiome, bacteria, DIYbio, Groningen
Processing village Village:Foodhackingbase
Person organizing User:Yurtman, User:Janclod
Language en - English
en - English
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Location Village:Foodhackingbase

The session will last over 3 days. During the first day we will prepare the substrate for bacteria to grow (adapted from: At the end of the first day the substrate will be inoculated using a naked Italian guy. During the following two days the substrate will be incubated at room temperature to allow bacterial growth. There is no hands on for this session, because of the practical limitations (space, amount of substrate to be prepared,...), but during the second and third day (while the bacteria will grow on their own) we will show you how to prepare DIY Agar (see self-organized session) in your own kitchen and how to work in a sterile environment. You will be able to prepare your own Petri dish and see what it is living on your fingertip, armpit,... Moreover, you will be surprised to learn that are 10 times more bacterial cells in your body than human cells and many other information about bacteria living with and inside us. These skills (working sterile and preparing homemade agar) can be broadly applied to several activities, which involve the usage of bacteria cultures, such as fermentation,... Visitors are more than welcome at all time, we will be happy to talk you through the whole experiment! Donation are more than welcome since the project cost will be around 250 euros.