A project is a collaborative enterprise that brings together certain people, groups or communities. A project is normally connected to one or multiple Villages. You can use a project page to describe the different things which go on in your village, besides Self-organized Sessions and regular camping.

Please browse through this list to find interesting projects, but even more important: Browse through the camp-site and and have a chat with the people from the projects you found interesting!

If you work on some project on Camp or just want to show on what you are usually working, you're encouraged to tell others about your presence and what you're doing.

So, if you like, create a page containing information about you and your project using the project form. You can also add a project section to your Village page.

List of projects

List of Projects

2m FoxoringFind small hidden radio transmitters
3d printing metalLooking for makers who want to join building a low-cost open-hardware metal 3d printer
4BFTkite manufacturingC-base
A Plant Grow Controll Box with GhostRider functions, Community hardware research dev and ghosts.Controllbox with import export for all data from the system.C-base
ADSB Ground StationAn ADS-B ground station to monitor and visualize air traffic above the camp
ATX Breakoutboard Workshop - Solder your own Power SupplyBuild your own 3.3-12V power supply (moderate soldering experience needed)Königlich Bayerisches Amtsvillage
AltPwrAlternative Power Network (info only, no physical grid)HSNL
Anger Exchange PointAre you bored by your anger and want a new one? Exchange it!Haecksen
Antenna RotatorA small antenna rotator to follow your favourite spacecraft with a directional
Arch LinuxArch Linux Distro Project
ArtYou can create art and beauty on a computer. Every human being is an artist (Joseph Beuys). Every artist is human being (Martin Kippenberger). Every human being can be a hacker (Wau Holland). Every hacker is an artist. (ST)BlinkenArea
Automatic Panorama HeadA DIY device for taking panoramic images.C3pb
BalloonytoonWriting balloonsNOP
Beer TastingTasting of ~50 kind of Craft Beers from Franconia, GermanyBackspace
BikesharingTesting & developing an open source bikesharing stack. Bring your bike!Open Village
BlinkenAreaThe BlinkenArea is a village in the cluster Singularity City and a project group of people who are interested in computers and electronics and in a creative handling of both of it. We offer kits in different levels of difficulty and will also provide space and equipment for soldering.
BlinkenSpaghettiMonsterBlinking lights on the back of the railway cart
BlinkenpoiBuild your own BlinkenPoiLeiwandVille
BlinkenrocketLearn to solder with the BlinkenrocketLeiwandVille
Book ExchangeOpen shelves library for swapping booksNomnom
Chaos Balcony
C-Keens kleiner VorleseserviceLittle reading session of child books for all humans starting age 3Kidspace
C3DeXCamp/Congress precious friends and memories personal tracker
C3antidustWe are providing professiona anti-dust services
Camp PrideTo celebrate, dress up, have fun and be visible.CCCamp
Chaos PostPostal services within CCCamp19 and towards the default world
Chaos-infusionprovide chaos infusions at campC-base
Coffee: Ada's CafeCoffee and Tea for everyone!Milliways
Crowdsinging Free Software SongLove is all you need - and software freedom! Join us in celebrating our love for Free Software by crowdsinging the Free Software song!About:freedom
Free Software Foundation Europe
DAB+ Digital RadioDAB+ Digital Radio Transmission using Opendigitalradio open source tools. Low power transmission over the Camp (licence from ROC).Lemanicus
DIY Ice Cream Maker"simple" homemade prototype for an ice cream maker build from refrigiator componentsC3pb
Data seeks serious hackingWill PAY for results.BlackHat
DinoModern XMPP ("Jabber") Chat Client for the DesktopXMPP
E-waste studyUmweltpsychologische Studie über unseren Umgang mit BauteilschrottBits&Bäume
Electronic Waste Recycling StationRecycling station where you can get rid of your electronic waste and learn how to disassemble it. Read the project page to see what waste we can accept.Bits&Bäume
Open Village
Erika3004hacking for electronic typewriters - printing the chaos, games, all that fun stuff ;)ChaosZone
EscapeRoomGadgetsLets make Escape Room Gadgets!HSNL
FOSSASIAFree and Open Tech Community in Asia
FabScanPiFabScanPi - Open Source 3D ScannerKidspace
Freie Maker
Fancy RGB-LED Cube WorkshopA very simple but fancy RGB LED Cube especially made for learning how to solder.Königlich Bayerisches Amtsvillage
FeM XMPPJust rebuild our XMPP server from scratch
Fem.socialBuilding useful tools for the mastodon instance of the FeM
Feminist LibraryThe start of a feminist libraryHaecksen
File PartyFile Party (aka Pile Farty)Harbor
FirefoxLightbeamFirefox Lightbeam (Extension) visualizes website trackingCCC-CH
FoCThe Fix operation Center. A place where you can get help with fixing stuff that breaks at the camp
Fri3s Operating CenterBelgian fri3s for all!Fri3d Camp
FruitRadarFruit Radar - Map and find Fruit trees, berries and nutsKidspace
Fundususeful stuff for digital hoardersHarbor
GNURadioGNU Radio ProjectSingularity City
GenodeGenode Operating System FrameworkChaosZone
Gigatron TTL ComputerGigatron TTL computer introduction and workshop
Hacker eGA hacker cooperativeChaosZone
HackerfleetOpensource maritime development community - we're hacking sailors!C-base
HackerfunkHackerfunk is a Swiss-German podcast about everything a computer geek might be interested in — and moreCCC-CH
HackersforfutureHackersForFuture: Think about climate within hackspacesKöniglich Bayerisches Amtsvillage
Hacking LicenceYour daily basic hacking learning lesson.Digitalcourage
Hackinthackint is a communication network for the hacker communityZSH - Zelt Stadt Hessen
Holy PangolinGames based on Free SoftwareCool-village
Home Assistant IntegrationsBuild custom components for Home-AssistantCCC-CH
Horizon EDAOpen source from scratch PCB design software.Selfnet
Hyper-PiA usable handheld device using a Raspberry Pi Zero and a HyperPixel 4" capacitive touch screen
IXPLet's run an IXP for fun and zero profit! Bring your own ASN and IP space. plz no hijackIXP
Illumosillumos hacking session, including working on illumos distributionsFrubar
Inkcut toolchainImprove inkcut standaloneInfuanfu
IsomerIsomer is a framework for building distributed applicationsC-base
Kidspace-Schnitzeljagd(Vorab-)organisation Schnitzeljagd für Kinder. SPOILER-WARNING!Kidspace
Kuehlsharerent a fridge, 6 crates and more per stackCool-village
Learn to drive an electric unicycleI have am electric unicycle with me and I’d like to teach you drive itBackspace
LoRaWANLorwan - Gateway and NodesHelferlein
Lochraster.orgMess und Steuereinheit als Erweiterung des RaspberryPI / DIY electronic gadgets for fun and education / Elektronikbausätze für Spass Spiel und zum lernenSingularity City
Mastodon HotlineA hotline telling you the newest mastodon posts about the campFeM
Mate Display (c3RE - Chaos West)Mate Display to Play withChaos west
Metalab DomeThe big silver dome located at ChaosWestAAAAAAAAAAAA
Metalab Dome
MicroBerghainMicro Berhain is the place to be!Lemanicus
MicroGA free-as-in-freedom re-implementation of Google’s proprietary Android user space apps and libraries.About:freedom
MicrogridForum to discuss microgrid efforts to make the camp more sustainable/dev/lol
Munich Maker Village
Naked CampLets get naked, shall we?
Nibble++ - A very (!) hard Soldering ChallengeA simple PCB to test your SMD hand-soldering skills. Going down to sand grain sized 01005 SMD parts, this button is a challenge for experienced "soldiers" and those who want to become one.Königlich Bayerisches Amtsvillage
NixOSfunctional, declarative operating systemNixOS
NothingToTeaHerego away.
Off-Grid CamperCamping without generator power (i hope)CCC-CH-Outpost
Osm.todrones mapping cccamp2019 in 3d from above with photogrammetry!
OsmocomOpen Source Mobile CommunicationsOsmocom
PDP11 RetrocomputingPDP11 running 2.11BSD, RSTS/E and/or RSX-11M+Frubar
Pam panicA PAM module that protects sensitive data and provides a panic function for emergency situations. Authentication through passwords or removable media.Chaospott
Planet A — The Tragedy of the CO₂mmonsPlanet A is a serious social game that is meant to educate players about the effects of climate changeSocial Dist0rtion Protocol
PoezioXMPP console clientXMPP
Powerplantan open source software that allows anyone planning a garden to utilize companion planting and other permaculture practicesEcohackerfarm
P≡pp≡p hackersCCC-CH
RTK GNSS - High Precision GPSraw data gnss basestation for rtk high precision
Reproducible BuildsReproducible builds are a set of software development practices that create an independently-verifiable path from source to binary code
RocketsModel Rockets, small Satellites, telemetry, fun, etcSpaceVillage
SalzamtMinistery for complaints and grievances/dev/lol
Chaos West
SeedexchangeLets swap seeds at the seedexchange!Haecksen
Self-taught cuddlersHugs, cuddles and physical closeness between people who want to
SingerundeIf you like singing, playing guitar or other instruments or just want to listen, you are very welcome.ZSH - Zelt Stadt Hessen
Solar MPPTDIY Maximum Power Point Tracker for Solar and Wind
Speech Assistant on RPI (without big 5)Speech-Assistant on RPI without the big 5Hacksaar
Spotify DownloaderWanna listen to your favorite music from spotify offline?
SumoRobotDECT 7866 - Open-source SumoRobot platformRoboVillage
TeaFree tea if you bring your own cup!Infuanfu
Tent and Mattress RepairHelp people fix holes, rips and tears in their tents and mattresses. Material provided while stocks last. Some material and tools for bike repair is available as well.Bits&Bäume
Tesla hackingWe'll be playing around a rooted model s and open source autopilotItalian Hackers' Embassy
TheBorderlandThe Borderland is not a festival and you can't buy tickets for it.
Thermal news printerThe idea is to create a thermal news printer that will release us from staring at the screen in some cases
Throat singingLearn throat singing and/or overtone singing
UbaBotself-made cocktail robotFrubar
Unlikely tricycle who would like to become autonomousCustom built tricycle upgradeLemanicus
UnterbodenbeleuchtungConcurrent subfloor illumination for the handcartInfuanfu
Volksentscheid TransparenzA Transparency Law for Berlin! Help us by signing our petition for a referendum.Open Village
XMPPThe open standard for messaging and presenceXMPP
Xmpp-rsRust XMPP libraryXMPP
Z-WaveHacking around home automation with Z-Wave

There are 116 announced projects.