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Description Italian hacker community: Contents, Pasta, Grappa, Coffee and much more
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Self-organized Sessions Digital Services Act: The future of Internet in the next rules on Intermediary Liability, Information Overload e Social Overload, ItalianGrappa Party, Mastro Gippo's Ghost Talk, Portraits of Hackers - 2019
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IHF.png Italian Hackers' Embassy

Italian Hackers' Embassy is the point of aggregation and meeting of the Italian hacker community within European hacker camps and events since CCC2007.
The initiative is organized in a collaborative way and self-sustains through voluntary contributions.

Italian Hackers' Embassy's Contents

== Friday 23 August ===
16:00 - Information Overload e Social Overload Marco A. L. Calamari
== Saturday 24 August ===
10:30 - Talk
16:00 - Mastro Gippo's Ghost Talk

And every day don't forget our delicious pasta for lunch and dinner.
Have fun with us and our Italian Grappa!

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