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Description ChaosZone is a loose collaboration of hackspaces mostly from, but not limited to Eastern Germany.
Members Ajuvo, Cyroxx, Ehmry, Ma vo, Nos, Vv01f
Projects Erika3004, Genode, Hacker eG
Self-organized Sessions An introduction to the post-apocalyptic skill of spinning yarn, Hacker Coop Genossenschaft, Offene Werkstätten und Hackerspaces: eine Community?
Tags chaoszone, hebocon, lightingtalks, cyberwehr
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Location for self-organized sessions Yes
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Chaos Zone

Dear Hackers, Makers, galactic and pangalatic beings,

ChaosZone is a loose collaboration of hackspaces mostly from, but not limited to Eastern Germany. We want to share ressources and connect humans to bring more awesomeness to Chaos events. After a very enjoyable ChaosZone Assembly at 35C3 with 142 people from 13 hackspaces we want to bring this spirit to the great outdoors. And we are looking forward to you joining us!

By organizing shared facilities and projects everyone benefits: Less work for everyone, cosier spaces, improved awesomeness, more interaction with others and more time to enjoy the Camp. Activites in planning include a shared kitchen area, shared social spaces ("hack shelters") and several projects to light up the place and bring some fun.

We are currently in the planning phase and require a rough estimate for the number of people participating. So if you want to bring your projects or just like to join us and help us to organize and operate this village in whatever way you are able to contribute, please respond until May 15th 2019.

At [1] you will find a pad with an overview of current activities. Please "register" your space at [2] and follow the template to give us a contact person and some numbers we can work with.

We hope to meet you at Chaos Communication Camp 2019 in Neuland near Mildenberg!

The ChaosZone Orga Team



Statement of Intent

People and spaces who attended the gathering talk at 35C3 chaoszone and said that they want to be at the camp.

* Eigenbaukombinat (Halle) AnnaFuchs 15 Participants
* HATEOTU (Vogtland)ALH 7.5 Participants
* c3d2  bigalex  57 Participants
* dezentrale e.V. Leipzig  Georg  7-10 Participants
* TIF-IT e.V. Gotha   3 Participants
* ChaosTreff Potsdam  tzwenn 30 Participants
* Netz39 3 Participants
* Hackspace Jena Uwe 5 Participants
* Chaos Chemnitz simon 8 Participants

Current Participents: