Description self-made cocktail robot
Has website
Persons working on DEvil0000, FiveF, Xythobuz
Self-organized sessions create self-organized session
Tags Village:Frubar, cocktails, drinks, robot
Located at village Village:Frubar
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We provide fully autonomously created, cooled cocktails at the camp. The menu of our machine is reachable on the public interwebs at You can create an account and preorder you drink to collect it later. Position (Google Maps) GPS Position: 53°01'52.8"N 13°18'18.4"E. We are located at frubar village in Singularity City at N10 via Rainbow Road, above POC/Blinken Area, southwest from the Fairydust Rocket at the foodstalls.

github the github repo is not up to date. I will push the latest code during the next hackaday feature during the camp, the cocktail automat was featured on hackaday.

some statistics

Here are some statistics for you

What Money Comments
Ingredients 919 Thats what we paied in the supermarkets & metro
drinks made 594 drinks 118.4Liters
donated money 978,3 € (some in crypto currencies) 106% of the costs !THANKS!