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I am an enthusiastic Kiteflyer and Kitebuilder and on the camp we will build a kite from scratch and we show how kite metherials can be used for other projects. You can learn about this special super light Mathrials of Connectors, Spinnaker Fabric, Carbon Rods they are our basis for unlimited ideas for kites and arts.

Kites are designed for use with wind, but you can generate your wind through your kinetic energy and fly kites indoor or outdoor without wind. At the camp we can show how it works with kite from 10cm up to more than 2m. Our lanterns are made of kite material and can be illuminated. You see how a wind lantern is built and what it looks like when the light shines on the ground.

The Box Kite, which we will be building on the camp, shows the possibility for cross projects, which can be made of Carcon fiber and color-transparent fabric.

Kite flying is a very technical and logical hobby, they can combine kenetics and art into a estetic symbiotic. Kiteflying is also a very good counterpart to your work. So get infected and GO FLY A KITE!