Description drones mapping cccamp2019 in 3d from above with photogrammetry!
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We all like drones and making photos with them - why not using our drones to make a 3d map of the CCCamp2019?

We will deploy QRcodes as ground control points on the drone field that are geo-referenced. When you photograph them with your drone, you can use the Phython code from (github, open-source) and have an automatic process to find the qrcodes in your photos, make an [1] ground control point list, feed it to ODM and make your very own improvement to the 3D map. Or we all have one big map?

#CCCampmap - Call for Coordinated Mapping of CCCamp2019

Shall we map the CCCamp area? Only on the official fly zones of course? Would be cool to have an official 3d map of the camp. We can coordinate here and make a list of what and when we want to do. Are you in? Feel free to use this wiki for it.

If you did photogrammetry with the qrcodes, or other funy photos, please share your stuff with us here in this wiki, or use Mastodon[1] and Twitter[2] with the hashtag #CCCampmap so that we all can find them and enjoy watching our creative works.



Where to find it and Status

The ground control points are deployed on the airfield. Have fun using them! They Look like this

Quanten did a Lightning Talk about it that explains more

The GCPs are now georefferenced. quanten also used his RTK_GNSS to improve accuracy for the GCPs and also it can be used for improving your GNSS accuracy on Camp.

Contact and Join

Zulip Chat:

quanten will be at the camp. DECT 6626 or 7015 or twitter:


Project Page:

Repo for programme:

Repo for webpage:

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