Projects:Camp Pride

Description To celebrate, dress up, have fun and be visible.
Has website
Persons working on Jou
Self-organized sessions
Tags Camp Pride, Pride, Rainbow, Trans*, Queer, Queer*Feminist, A*Sexual, Inter*, Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Pan, Questioning, Asking, Non-Binary, Enby, A*romantic, Gray Spectrum, Kinky, Fetish, Demi
Located at village Village:CCCamp
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We (Kiki and jou) are looking for other people to organise a Camp Pride.

When and where shall it take place? How do we communicate it to possible participants? Which needs shall and can we consider? ...

We'll meet on Wednesday evening (1st day/21st August) to start planning. Please come around, you're welcome. Time and location for the first meeting will be published in the self-organised sessions. Watch out ;)