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Description Recycling station where you can get rid of your electronic waste and learn how to disassemble it. Read the project page to see what waste we can accept.
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Located at village Village:About:freedom, Village:Open Village, Village:Bits&Bäume
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Recycling of electronic devices is actually not hard, just very badly paid. If you do it yourself, as a learning experience, you do not need to care about the low wage. We show you how to do it, and we'll handle the recycling. We'll also try to preserve some parts that could be useful for the maker scene. Reuse is better than recycling.


The digital society produces electronic waste. It consists of plastics, metals, and circuit boards, that need to be recycled in different ways. The best way to separate them still is manual work. During disassembly, we can extract useful components for direct reuse. This is ecologically sound, but not very economic. However, this is not important in a Dismantling Café, where we show you how to recycle and reuse your electronic waste. Additionally, you can be assured that your devices will not show up in a documentary about Agbotbloshie, the big electronic waste yard in Ghana.

Our booth will not look like a waste dump. Disassembled material will be carefully sorted such that they can actually be reused. This is the spirit of Urban Mining. Our project is supported by a college from Kiel, who works as an independent in electronic waste recycling. The parts that are collected and disassembled during camp will be recycled by him – this means: don't worry, the waste will leave the campground.

The idea is to make people aware of the value of their electronic waste, that's why we do not need/accept money donations. We will responsibly handle data storage that might contain undeleted data and happily explain all the steps in the recycling process. The work happens without fire or hammers, our tools are screwdrivers and fine soldering irons.

By the way, this is the shredder we'll use to break up the leftover plastic: The shredder is actually not loud.

This summary is mainly a translation of parts of the Republica'19 announcement of this project.

What we can accept

Devices that contain relatively many circuit boards, for example

  • computers
  • plug-in cards, graphics cards
  • drives
  • switches
  • routers
  • printers and fax if they are 20 years old (better to check with us before)

If you are unsure, please ask us beforehand!

What we cannot accept

Please do not bring

  • home appliances (Haushaltsgeräte, weiße Ware) like fridges, washing machines, dish washers, water boilers, coffee machines
  • CRT sreens (Röhrenmonitor)
  • TFT/LCD screens
  • printers
  • laser printers

If you are unsure, please ask us beforehand!

Contact and Location

This station is run by Lasermax. Contact preferably via Twitter, this way other people can learn from your question. If you don't have a Twitter account, his email address is his nickname at me dot com.

Location: between Village:about:freedom and Village:Open_Village at around the border between S11 and T11.

Past incarnations of this project

We ran a station like this at Republica 2019, see the announcement, and here are two pictures

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