A village is a distinct area of the Camp that is run by a certain group or community. Please browse through this list, but even more important: Browse through the camp-site and have a chat with the villages around!

Some villages are just a bunch of normal sleeping tents whose inhabitants feel a sense of community. Most of them have a public space to hang out together, work on a shared project, and present what they are doing. Many of them organize their own workshops or other events, everybody can participate and visit!

If you plan to cooperate with other villages, you should form a cluster. A cluster is a more or less close group of villages that share a common interest or background and thus are placed next to each other on the Campsite.


If you want to bring something big, like tents bigger than usual sleep tents, please mention it on your village registration so that we can get an idea of the size of your village. We will rent out big tents, tables, and chairs, more informations will come soon!.

A village is a distinct area of the Camp that is run by a certain group or community. Please browse through this list, but even more important: Browse through the camp-site and have a chat with the villages around!

Some villages are just a bunch of normal sleeping tents whose inhabitants feel a sense of community. Most of them have a public space to hang out together, work on a shared project, and present what they are doing. Many of them organize their own workshops or other events, everybody can participate and visit!

The deadline to get an assigned space for your village is 30.06.2019, 23:42 UTC. If you register in time we will try to find a spot on the campsite that meets all your requirements.


If you have a ticket for the camp, you can register your village at

For any village related questions please don't hestitate to contact us via Email

Public village pages

You can create a public village page on the wiki by using the form, Please only do so if your village is already registered. Keep in mind that the village orga will not conduct entries on the public wiki.

List of villages


List of Villages

/dev/baseA hackerspace from Unterzeitlbach, Germany
/dev/lolHackerspace from Linz/Austria (+ SIGFLAG CTF Team + Salzamt)
1komonaif you are komona you can make it work
402 Payment Requireda place for all Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and alike
528 Hz"Da regt mich ja die Frage schon auf." - One small village of indomitable podcasters.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAmalgamut assembly of Austrian and close by Hackerspaces
AFRADie Abteilung-für-Redundanz-Abteilung (AfRA) ist ein offener Hackerspace in Berlin.
About:freedomabout:freedom is a cluster with a focus on digital (human) rights politics, freedom of information and Free Software. At this camp we extend our focus with the struggle for a social-ecological transformation.
Anarchist VillageVillage of anarchists
BackspaceThis is the village of the backspace which is the hackerspace and CCC Erfa in Bamberg, Germany.
Belgian EmbassyA warm and welcoming village that will house many projects, several hackerspaces, the Hardware Hacking Area, Belgian beers, and evil garden gn'OHMs.
BigWhoopA hackerspace from Göttingen, Germany, Europe, Earth, Milky-Way
Bits&BäumeSustainability village with self-organised sessions and workshops.
BlackHatDect GSM 2701
BlinkenAreaThe BlinkenArea is a village in the cluster Singularity City and a project group of people who are interested in computers and electronics and in a creative handling of both of it. We offer kits in different levels of difficulty and will also provide space and equipment for soldering.
BmOPBundesministerium für Otter und Pfotentiere
BornHackA village full of BornHack organisers and participants
BytewerkThe bytewerk is Ingolstadt's first hackerspace, It also serves as a home for the local chaostreff,
C-basec-base, a crashed spacestation. Mission: Science (c-lab), chilling (nerd area) and fun (everything)
C3H -- Außenstelle 511Collection point for the Hannoveraner Chaos
C3pbHackerspace of Paderborn
CCC DarmstadtChaos Computer Club Darmstadt
CCC-CHPeople from all around Switzerland and neighboring countries.
CCC-CH-OutpostSome CCC-CH People with Campervans
CCC-HHChaos Computer Club Hamburg
Chaos BalconyBalkonien for old hackers - Waldorf & Statler style.
Chaos Ballett Bett (Drahti Trampolin)Argumente fühlen statt gefühlter Argumente
Chaos-WestThe wild west of the German hackerspaces.
ChaosZoneChaosZone is a loose collaboration of hackspaces mostly from, but not limited to Eastern Germany.
ChaospottWir sind da was am hacken dran!
ChaosvermittlungAs we have seen on the CCCamp2015, power cuts can happen. Therefore a power independent communication channel is a must have. Furthermore would it be nice to have a way to communicate from one Seidenstraßen Node to another one. All of this and a lot more is the Chaosvermittlung.
ChaoswelleAmateur Radio Operators of the CCC. We are those with the big antennas and who talk to the world without network infrastructure.
Cool-villageSHARE-A-FRIDGE without transport hassle and much greener
Cuddly Catgirl CollectiveCollection of soft people from the internet
DarksystemThis is just a Darksystem village.
Das LaborDas Labor - Hackerspace Bochum
DigitalcourageComing together, exchanging, hacking and discussing - with Digitalcourage.
Digitale Gesellschaft SchweizThe Digitale Gesellschaft Schweiz (Digital Society) is a charitable organization that is committed to fundamental and human rights, an open knowledge culture, as well as transparency and participation in social decision-making processes.
Dolphin Emulator 🐬A small village of Dolphin Emulator friends and retro gaming
Dragon Sleep Pwn SectorA joint village of Eat, Sleep, Pwn, Repeat and Dragon Sector.
EDRiThe EDRi assembly is a representation of every member of a diverse and wide network of digital rights defenders. We welcome you to pass by and meet us, exchange and discuss about the upcoming challenges for digital rights.
EMFEMF orga and other UK folks
Ecohackerfarmwe mix permaculture with hackerculture for sustainable living
European Safe Space AgencyFlying UAVs in a Safe and Secure manner
Extinction RebellionWir sind Teil dieses Planeten. Genau wie ihr. Wir stehen vor einer beispiellosen globalen Klimakatastrophe. Unsere Regierung tut nicht, was nötig wäre, um uns zu schützen, obwohl die Lösungen auf dem Tisch liegen. Das Überleben der Menschheit zu sichern, wird von uns nun alles abverlangen. Ihr braucht keine Erlaubnis, um mitzumachen und Aktionen durchzuführen. Ihr müsst lediglich unseren Prinzipien und Werten zustimmen und diesen folgen.
Faken bis es rultadmins aus karlsruhe
FeMForschungsgemeinschaft elektronische Medien e.V.
Flying ObjectsAll about those flying thingies, fun and food. But also fun.
FoodhackingbasePlace for food, beverage and bio hacking enthusiasts.
Forum Informatik für Frieden & gesellschaftliche Verantwortung (FIfF)Das Forum InformatikerInnen für Frieden und gesellschaftliche Verantwortung (FIfF) e. V. ist ein deutschlandweiter Zusammenschluss von gut 700 Menschen, die sich kritisch mit Auswirkungen des Einsatzes der Informatik und Informationstechnik auf die Gesellschaft auseinandersetzen.
FraMaFraMa = CCC-Frankfurt + CCC Mannheim
Franconian Villagecolocation of franconian spaces and chaostreffs
Free Software Foundation EuropeAll you need is software freedom! We do lobbying & public relations and we offer legal guidance and interest representation in favor of Free Software. Let's put the hacking back into politics!
Freie Maker e.V.Freie Maker e.V. is a maker community mostly centered in Aachen, running a Makerspace in Lemiers (yay, European Idea). Mostly for building stupid things, some of these things can be found at this village, either complete or in the process of building.
Fri3d CampBelgian Fri3d Camp crew
Fridays For Future (FFF)Wir sind eine Bewegung von jungen Menschen, die aus eigenem Interesse heraus die Aktion Fridays For Future in Deutschland umsetzen und verbreiten.
FrubarWe are a Network of People who do some more or less creative projects to supply the digital community with new mindsets. While keeping balance between art and science we never forget the fun. The name Frubar is a mixture of foo bar and the german word for copious (fruchtbar). We thought it would describe best what we are doing. ;-)
Geeks on vacationA group of german speaking geeks
GeheimorganisationThe Geheimorganisation is a secret organization of secret conspiracy. Open for all.
GeraffelGeraffel (orig. russ.: “БзґѳЎЎэф”) makes a lot of noise in the middle of the camp so you won't sleep at night. AKA a bunch of veteran nerds with a nasty setup, hosting a hacker camp every 2 years since 1999.
Gold@ccc /devgroup of students of the Gymnasium Oldenfelde in Hamburg
Graz@CCCamp2019Alternate Name of realVille
HSNLDutch hackerspaces
HackLemanA group of friendly geeks primarily from the Geneva area, many with a loose or tight connection to CERN.
HackerietHackerspace in Oslo
HacksaarHacksaar and Friends: TKS, LUGSaar, Ministerium für Landnerdschaft, syn2cat, Maschinendeck. A bunch of friendly nerds from Luxembourg, Saarlouis, Saarbrücken, Trier, Saarland.
HaecksenHaecksen is a group of female and non-binary Hackers. Curious? Come and talk to us!
HarborTeam Harbor - Boating Enthusiasts Hackers - Water Taxi Service - in Neuer Hafen
HardwareHackingAreaThe Hardware Hacking Area is a huge area in the Belgian Embassy Village / Milliways for people of all ages and skill levels to come together and play, teach, learn, and share in many and diverse realms of making all sorts of physical things.
HaxkoA hackerspace and makerspace from Koblenz, Germany, Europe, Earth, Milky Way
HelferleinHelferlein - Rediscover your Limits!
HispagatosHispagatos is an Anarchist hacker collective that promotes hacker ethics and anarchism
HowlNetDecentralisation, warez, and howls.
ICMPIntergalaktische Club Mate Party - Every two years the ICMP takes place at the source of all Mate and we have a great time. So why not have fun the other years as well?
IT-KollektivIf you're looking for information on collaborative economy, wonder what role cooperatives could play in changing our economic system or want to join/found a tech-cooperative then this is the place for you.
IX SthlmComputer club from Stockholm
IXPAn internet exchange point. Kinda.
InfuanfuFood. Drink. Sleep. Cook. Repeat. The future eats now! Free tea since 2016!
Irish EmbassyA place people who live in Ireland or want to make friends with people who live in Ireland
It-syndikatHackerspace from Innsbruck/Austria
Italian Hackers' EmbassyItalian hacker community: Contents, Pasta, Grappa, Coffee and much more
Jewelry HackersDIY Electronics Jewelry making workshop.
KidspaceIt's for the whole family, so bring your kids!
KinkyGeeksKinky geeks meet here. We are just some people that are somewhat kinky and like to combine that with being a geek (about it).
Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie (KNOE)Wir stehen für eine neue Wirtschaft. Von allen, für alle. Ökologisch und sozial.
Kraut.spaceYour friendly hackerspace in Jena. We will be part of the ChaosZone village.
Königlich Bayerisches AmtsvillageSome friendly $humans from south Germany. We have beer, music, hacking and soldering stuff
LaTeXJoint Village of Dante e.V. & ConTeXt Group. Users of TeX/LaTeX/ConTeXt interested in Typography
LabitatHackerspace in Copenhagen
LeiwandVilleThe "urleiwand" Village provided by Metalab and friends from all over Austria and the Solar System
LemanicusPeople from Romandie region in Switzerland (Lausanne, Geneva, etc)
Librehosterslibrehosters is a network of cooperation and solidarity that uses free software to encourage decentralisation through federation and distributed platforms. Our values connect transparency, fairness and privacy with a culture of data portability and public contributions to the commons.
LockpickingThe big secret of lockpicking is that it's easy. Anyone can learn how to pick locks. Ted the tool (MIT-Guide to Lockpicking) Give it a try - learn basic lockpicking techniques - open your first lock - learn how to help yourself when you locked yourself out - what is a pin tumbler lock? - why is it working?
LosFuzzysCTF Team from Graz, Europe
Luxembourgish Embassy hackyardA bunch of hackers from Luxembourg.
MOiNVillage von mehreren Orten aus dem Norden
Maglab - Magrathea LaboratoriesWe are some random hackers from Fulda, Germany. Here to meet, learn, teach, share, drink
MainframeHAckerspace from Oldenburg
Metalab DomeThe Aluminium Dome of Metalab
Milliwaysmilliways - the restaurant at the end of the universe.
MittelabMittelab village - hackerspace in Trieste, Italy
Mobile InfoshopWe got Zines, Books, Stickers, T-Shirts, Mate, Coffee, Choco & Energy Balls and a nice place to hang out and read.
Moose HillhackersWe are just a bunch of people that got connected by crazy and various circumstances
Munich Maker VillageCollective of people from Munich
NOPThree Cycles of Nothingness
NeighbourhoodNerdsA bunch of friendly nerds from Karlsruhe.
Nerd2NerdNerds from Würzburg and Friends
NixOSfunctional, declarative operating system
NomnomHacktivists from Berlin and hamburg. Kabelsalat, tofu freshly roasted over firewall and potatoes au aluhüt.
OONIGlobal community uncovering evidence of internet censorship around the world every day.
Open VillageWikipaka WG and friends
OsmocomPeople associated with Open Source Mobile Communications and SDR
QueerFeministGeeksThis assembly is home to all queer/feminist/trans*/intersectional people who want to meet each other, hang out, feel safe, and make friends.
RealVilleVillage of realraum and Friends aka Graz@CCCamp2019
Reclaim Club CultureWir wollen: #sichere Vernetzung, Kommunikation und Rerssourcenteilung mit anderen Gruppen, gemeinsamer Aktivismus und Antifaschismus, praktisch, vernetzt, effektiv.
RoboVillagePeople who are involved in research on all kinds of intelligent robots, like soccer playing robots, autonomous cars, and various self built robot prototypes.
SchaffenburgKehret ein in die Abtei der Brüder der perpetuellen Prokrastination!
Scottish ConsulateWe're a travelling hacker collective from Scotland who represent ourselves and our country at events round the world.
SelfnetNetwork for Students made by Students (and other technical things)
Sft / pwnda village™
Singularity CityDie Reinkarnation des Qualitätsvillage aus 2015
Social Dist0rtion ProtocolSocial people, distorted interests. And the other way around.
Solare EinsatzleitungSolare Einsatzleitung
Spanish villageYour friendly spaniards on the camp :D
SplineStudentisches Projekt Linux Netzwerke - Hackerspace der FU Berlin
Stratum 0
TDvenloThe Hackerspace in Venlo. Hacking since the '70s.
TEUrCampThe American Hacker Camp (at CCCamp!)
Tea HouseCome and drink refreshing hot beverages with others
The Cold NorthA cluster of assemblies from the cold north
The CommonsWelcome to "The Comedy of the Commons" -- short "The Commons (Village)", where we discuss, work and hack on blockchains, decentralised and p2p technology, encryption, privacy and security as well as social systems of coordination, like consensus, economics, game theory, elections and voting.Aside from a few social gathering formats, we are also offering a range of workshops and hands-on coding, hacking and making session. Stay tuned for updated.
Three Headed MonkeyStage, Workshop, Schiffsbar, Party
TkkrLabHackerspace Enschede
Tor ProjectDefend yourself against tracking and surveillance. Circumvent censorship.
Trainshed Shared Office SpaceWe camp next to the long lorry shed and use it as a shared office space.
Uchuuchuu Onsen 宇宙中温泉A small village from Japan (& elsewhere), creating a small onsen-style footbath. We'll be serving various hot & cold teas, please come for a sip and a soak! Also bringing and building a 4'x8' Maslow CNC--come by for routing needs or if you'd like to come help build!
V01dv01d is the new sh1t. We are a bunch of people around the world participating in Hacker Camps since HAL 2001.
VerschwörhausDas Haus, das Verschwörungen macht. Ein Ort für Civic Tech, Back und Hack und Make, Retrofernmeldedinge und anderen Unsinn mitten in Ulm
Video ClusterA place for everything Video, hosted by FeM and C3VOC
Warpzonewarpzone e.V. Hackerspace Münster
WaternetOnly a loose union of people
WestwoodlabsA hackerspace and makerspace from Westerwald, Germany, Europe, Earth, Milky Way
XHain hack+makespaceHack+Makespace aus Berlin Friedrichshain
XMPPThe open standard for messaging and presence
Xil.seHackerspace from Malmö and friends.
ZSH - Zelt Stadt HessenThe glorious hackerspaces from Darmstadt, Fulda , Gießen, Kassel, Marburg and Wetzlar join forces to rock the camp.
जुगाड़जुगाड़ Hardware Hackers from India