Description Lets swap seeds at the seedexchange!
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Located at village Village:Haecksen
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All Seeds are Welcome

You can bring all your seeds to the seed exchange! Open-source seeds, rare species, your own special variety, but also leftovers from supermarket seeds are fine!

Label Your Seeds

If possible, please bring small batches (10-20 seeds per bag) and lable them with:

  • Cultivar / variety
  • Origin
  • Year
  • Any hints on:
    • when and how to sow
    • best environment to grow
    • harvest
    • utilization

...will help! Please keep in mind that exchange partners with less experience might depend on your hints =)

I Forgot About the Labels

There will be some small bags and pens available at the seedexchange, so if needed, you can do the labelling right there.


At the cccamp2019 the seedexchange is located in the Haecksen village. They are a group of female and non-binary Hackers, but the village is open for everyone who is interested in having a more diverse tech scene (and in swapping seeds ofc!).